den moderne slave (afsnit 1-8)

den_moderne_slave.jpg Gå ikke glip af disse videoer.

Videoerne prøver at beskrive betydningen i forståelsen af "menneske" og "person", i Sø- og handelsrettens perspektiv kontra dit og mit. Hvilket gøres rigtigt godt i disse videoer.
Om hvem der "må" definere hvad ord betyder og hvornår der er indgået samtykke, udfra definition af ord, vil jeg gerne tilføje - at da disse ord er en del af den fiktive begrebsverden, så er definitionen vel ligeså fiktiv.

videoer er lavet af bay area freedom league

længde ca. 10 x 10min.
det kan være rart at styre volume kontrollen ved afspilning.

Socialism, Climatism, Religion - How they do that

mind_control_made_easy_cult_leader.jpg How do the playwriters/media/politicians make a socialist agenda, climate change agenda, new age religion, agenda 21, sustainability, etc...

Grouping as in: Community, Organization, Climateplay, Club, Membership, Followers, Social-Security-Number, etc...

Grouping is Not: individual thoughts voted on in a group.

This video is to give a little idea of how it can be done, using grouping, also on a global scale.
The video is called: Mind Control Made Easy (12 min.)

Shakespeare's Climate Change - Chapter "Do or Die"

cop15_adapt_or_die.jpg Adapt or die - As COP15 write on their homepage

Well in this play, the criminals are legally, by their own definition, threatening the actors (You).

If you don't, do as COP15 tell you to, COP15 will kill you.

This play is getting so boring; it just resembles old plays anyway, like the play of the catholic inquisition, yet again out to sell salvation, now in a Global perspective.

Climateplay - How to create Climate

climate_faces.jpg Why do the main media not report the "email hack" at East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU).
There have only been very few of them and that's very odd, when it is suppose to be the biggest scandal in the modern scientific history and one of the pillars of their green agenda.

If the controllers really want a violent riot at the COP15 meeting in Copenhagen, is this not a typical script then. I mean maybe they are waiting for the right moment to bring the story as a BreakingNews story. Maybe the meeting will collapse and/or people outside will go crazy, probably staged with lots of followers.

De tavse medier - Climategate

Har kl. 13:15 snakket med klimaministeriet: Tavshed. Ingen vil udtale sig, eller også kendes sagen ikke. Underligt nok, så kender telefonpasser/receptionisten ordet Climategate, når det nævnes.

Jeg har i dag kl. 13:30 ringet til Danmarks medie blad, der som sagt "tør hvor andre tier", Ekstra Bladet.
Der var ingen af de 3 personer på Ekstra Bladet, jeg snakkede med, der vedkendte at de kendte til denne Climategate nyhed.


Farewell Philip Jones

It is with deep sorrow in my heart, that I have to tell the readers of these pages, that our dear friend and freedom fighter Philip Jones has passed away.
Seen from my eyes, it was way to early.

It did not take long for the cancer to get a hold on his body, from not long ago when he was diagnosed with cancer, until today. After an operation at the Odense Universitetshospital, the body of Philip was unable to hold on to life and gave in.

Philip was a freedom fighter from the heart, he has always looking for the truth. His search has resulted in lots of solid research and many writings about "the social construct".

Philip Jones articles will always be on this site for reading and research.

Thanks for you warm and joy for life, I will always be deeply thankful for that you have given me.

God be with you Philip - Rest in peace.

You will stay in my heart

Hovsa: Klima venner afsloeret

rockefeller_octopus.jpg Der er intet nyt i, at Elitens lakajer lyver. Kan du ikke lyve, så bliver du ikke ansat.

Hacking er ulovligt. Overvågning af Os og det at lyve over for hele planeten, er helt OK, sålænge det er menneskehedens værdier der gives til Eliten.

At lyve om klimaet for, at tjene penge og opbygge en ny verdensorden, der er helt anderledes end det "system" vi kender i dag. Intet nyt under stolen.

WHO og ormen


På WHO's logo kan man se slangen over verden.

og lad os så lige få den "Nordiske mytologi":

WHO = Midgårdsormen der omkredser verden og udspyr sin dårlige ånde og giftige dampe.

WHO publishes plans to take over the whole of society in pandemic emergency

Virker ligesom en computer "orm":
1. Får den igennem nogle uskyldige dokumenter.
2. Begynder at infestere indefra.
3. Sammenbrud etc...

The Nexus Of Evil : Part Ten - The Conclusion.

(A Pre-emptive Strike On Humanity).
By Philip Jones 16th September 2009.

“By wielding inordinate financial and political power, the plan of the Illuminati is to foment a global war, or World War III, from which will emerge, out of the ashes of the expired civilizations of our time, like a phoenix from the fire, a New World Order. The coming confrontation is being presented as a Clash of Civilizations, between the Liberal Democratic West and Islamic fundamentalism.” David Livingstone -Terrorism And The Illuminati.

The Nexus Of Evil : Part Nine

(A Pre-emptive Strike On Humanity).

By Philip Jones 28th August 2009.




For most of us, the events of September 11th 2001 may have changed the world as we knew it, but not the world that was! The Hidden Masters of that secret world which most know nothing about, took a quantum leap towards the attainment of their `Great Work Of Ages` that fateful Autumnal day, eight years ago. Ironically, and tragically, it took the loss of thousands of lives, the destruction of millions of dollars worth of property, and the sheer transparency of the official lie, to provide a shock sodden wake up call to humanity that not all was as it should be.

The End Of The Nation States Of Europe (The Irish Referendum On The Lisbon Treaty October 2nd 2009).

By Philip Jones 12th September 2009.

“Europe's nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.” Jean Monnet (Founding Father Of The EU in a letter to a friend 30th April 1952).).

HPV-The UK's Fascist Mask Slips.

By Philip Jones 9th September 2009.


PARENTS in the UK are being threatened with having their children taken into care after questioning doctors’ diagnoses or objecting to their medical care. John Hemming, a Liberal Democrat MP, who campaigns to stop injustices in the family court, said: “Very often care proceedings are used as retaliation by local authorities against ‘uppity’ people who dare to question the system.”

Many such cases are now emerging across the UK:

The Nexus Of Evil : Part Eight

(A Pre-emptive Strike On Humanity)

By Philip Jones 5th September 2009.







In Part eight, we will examine the events leading up to the tragedy of September 11th 2001[18], and the resulting consequences for the world at large, in the aftermath of the Illuminist's attack on the collective psyche of the American people. This article will not contain an in depth analysis of that fateful day some eight years ago, rather it will take a broad overview of the conspirators involved, the reasoning behind that cowardly and murderous act, and the crucial part it played in the lead up to the intended Third World War, which forms the very fulcrum around which the whole `One World Luciferian Agenda` revolves.

Firstly, let's look at those main personalities who though not the `architects` of the conspiracy, are the `Front Line` Officers ensuring that orders are obeyed and the overall strategy adhered to.

So, who or what are the `Neo Cons` we have heard so much about since 9/11?