Når videnskaben "hjælper" os, nu med chemtrails

chemtrails_02_09_2008_dsc_8008.jpgBekæmper de Dig og Mig, leder du efter beviser ? De findes overalt ! - Tro ikke Militæret i form af (“It's not us.”) pludselig begynder at fortælle noget De helst ikke vil have ud i offentlig lys.

Vi mennesker tror ikke en fløjtende fis på De sindsyge videnskabsmænd. De kan finde på at kalde alt muligt gift for "Vi bevæger os i den rigtige retning" og samtigigt udvikler, tester og benytter de Flour, Atombomber, Agent Orange, Depleted Uranium, Biologiskevåben, Micrologiskevåben, Radiologiskevåben og Miljøpåvirkningsvåben.

Med inddirekte tilladelse fra ENMOD traktaten.

The Relentless March Of Danish Communism/Feminism.

By Philip Jones May 5, 2008


This morning, a highly politicized and thinly disguised Feminist `Action` paper (PDF File attached) was delivered in the mail along with the rest of the day's post.
The paper is entitled `Support Us` and it calls for strike action on behalf of those who work in the Danish Social Welfare Industry.

Britain Is Sliding Into Fascism.

By Philip Jones – January 16, 2008

Britain is sliding inexorably into Fascism. Of this there can be no doubt. The `land of my father's`, seems today like a foreign country to me . The once friendly `Bobby on the beat` is no more to be seen. In his place are legions of surveillance cameras, many fitted with loudspeakers to terrorize and shame pedestrians and shoppers publicly into abject conformity. Around the `Mother Of Parliaments`, an area of one square kilometre has been declared a `no protest zone`. This would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. Is this really the country of Byron, Shakespeare, Bronte and Charles Dickens ?

Mathematics : The Final Frontier In The Feminists War Against Boys Part Two.

By Philip Jones 26th July 2008.

Recap : Last week, The `Associated Press` proudly reported that in the `largest` study of it's kind, a survey found that girls are now as `tough` as boys in the field of Mathematics. and that this, the supposed last bastion of male dominance in education had been breached. Janet Hyde, of the University of Wisconsin Madison, who led the study said, " Girls have now achieved gender parity on standardised Maths Tests".

Mathematics : The Final Frontier In The Feminists War Against Boys Part One.

By Philip Jones 26th July 2008.

Last week, The Associated Press proudly reported that in the `largest` study of it's kind, where Mathematics is concerned, girls are now as `tough` as boys. This last bastion of male dominance in education has been breached. Janet Hyde, of the University of Wisconsin Madison, who led the study said, " Girls have now achieved gender parity on standardised Maths Tests".

The Silence Of The Lambs. (the true story)

By Philip Jones 29 Oct 2007.
This past weekend, MSN has been running a `Forum` entitled 'Should the 24 week Abortion Limit be reduced ?' referring to UK guidelines on the time limit up to what point an Abortion may be carried out. This `timescale` has been in effect since 1967. Pro Life campaigners in the UK are saying that owing to medical advances, babies of 24 weeks have a better chance of survival and this upper limit should be reduced. It also publishes a thought provoking statistic; 186,000 `legal` abortions were carried out last year in the UK.

The Danish Intifada.

Enemy Without Distracts from Enemy Within.
By Philip Jones February 21, 2008


There can't be too many people who consider themselves to be politically `aware` who have not seen, read or heard something about the `Muhammad` Cartoons, published a couple of years ago by the Danish `Newspaper` Jyllandsposten.

The Fascist European State Show's It's Teeth

By Philip Jones 6th October 2008.


"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all."
Jewish American writer , Noam Chomsky.

The European Union’s march towards the Totalitarian State it was always intended to be, moved another step closer to achieving it’s own `Final Solution` to those who will not bow down before it’s tyranny.
This week in the country of my birth, a London magistrates’ court will consider a bail application in an extradition case which should set alarm bells ringing across Europe.

DK Ultra - Constructing The Mind Controlled State

mind_control_dk_ultra.jpgDK Ultra - Constructing The Mind Controlled State.

By Philip Jones 3rd October 2008.
“The Mass Mind Control of a population can be defined as the sophisticated exercise of control by utilising the ability to keep people oppressed yet contented". The Tavistock Institute For Human Relations 1954.
The Hive:
Visiting Denmark and living in Denmark are two totally different states of mind. To the visitor, it is indeed a green and pleasant land. Small and tidy with an apparently happy and welcoming populace. One overlooks the small things, the little irritants and peculiarities because one is on `vacation`.

Brave New Denmark

brave_new_world_cover.jpgBrave New Denmark

By Philip Jones November 2007.

Disclaimer: If you are Danish, this article might be seriously bad for your health.

Before I begin, perhaps I should tell you something about myself. I am a 49 year old British man, married to a Danish lady, and for the moment resident here in Denmark. Prior to first moving here back in 1996, I had spent 15 years as a Police Officer in London and before that 6 years in the military

Chemtrail Plakat

chem-busters_plakat_odense_lille.jpgDenne Chemtrail Plakat blev spottet på Odense Station d. 19/10-2008 og videre sendt her til Nylonmanden.dk

Nylonmanden siger mange tak for plakat aktionen - Opsat af ukendte - De ukendte skal være meget velkommene til at kontakte mig her på siden, så vi kan udveksle information om dette sundhedsmæssige problem, miljøpåvirkningsteknik og krigsførelsesteknik der går under navnet Chemtrails.

The Corporatists

The Corporatists :

By Philip Jones 16th October 2008

euccp300x.jpgCORPORATISTS of left, right and centre show a marked hostility to allegations that the European Union is fundamentally fascist. This is perhaps not surprising since they combine in their belief in supranational government, collective solutions, corporatist economics, State intervention and what Tony Blair often termed the “Third Way” most of the characteristics of fascism.
They must therefore seek to distance themselves from that discredited ideology. This is made easier if they can find an enemy to whom they can ascribe the values of “fascism” – they choose nationalists and those they term “the extreme right”.

Lovens Tyranni

eu-gendarmeri.jpgEuro-gendarmeriet og den Europæiske Arrestordre

Af Philip Jones 29. september 2008.

Mens vi sover trygt i vores senge om natten (nogle mere trygt end andre) indføres ’Forbundsrepublikken den Sovjetiske Europæisk Superstat’ fortsat uhæmmet, dråbe for dråbe. På trods af den Irske afstemning om Lissabon-traktaten i juni 2008.

The Tyranny Of The Law

The Euro Gendarmerie and the European Arrest Warrant.
Philip Jones 29th Sept 2008

eu-gendarmeri.jpgAs we sleep peacefully in our beds at night (some more than others) the drip by drip introduction of the Federal Soviet European Superstate continues apace. Regardless of the Irish `No` vote on the Lisbon Treaty last June.
The existence of an armed European Gendarmerie has been denied and refuted by the Europhile press and mass media across the member states and dismissed as a "Europhobe's Scaremongering Nightmare".

Danes Told Anal Sex

Danes Told Anal Sex 'Healthy' For Men - 4/7-2008

The `Ekstra Bladet`, a daily `News` Paper here in Denmark ran an article in Sundays edition entitled 'Anal Sex is healthy for men'. The author, a Danish `Sexologist` Mr Robert Lubarski, writes that `men should surrender themselves to their sexuality, and that it was time that the social spotlight was shone on the `Male Orgasm`. He continues that 'Men who allow the accepted male role to dictate their habits in the bedroom are negatively affecting themselves' and that some men who have experienced Anal Sex worry that they might be Homosexual (a fair bet I think). He is concerned that today's man focus's too much on what he believes is his expected part to play sexually, instead of simply enjoying himself.

British State Sponsored Homosexualising

British State Sponsored Homosexualising and Corruption of Children Steps Up A Gear.

But to What End?

By Philip Jones 17 Sept 2008.
This morning, I was reading through the daily `Rusepapers` and happened upon an article in the London Daily Mail which simply defies belief. The headline read;

`Teach the pleasures Of `Gay` Sex to children as young as five say researchers`.

Chemtrails billeder kl. 08:36 d.18/10-2008

chemtrails_danmark_cph_18_10_2008_08-36-03_small.jpgHer til morgen har jeg taget nogle billeder der meget tydeligt beskriver hvad Chemtrails er.
Man kan på billederne se et alm. fly lave en Contrail / Kondeserings stribe efter flyet og striben forsvinder hurtigt igen.
Man kan på et af billederne så "close up" som muligt se at flyet sprayer Chemtrail og at flyet flyer alt for lavt til at kunne være et alm. rute fly, de flyer nemlig normalt i tropopausen og disse Chemtrails fly flyer i max 7-8 Km. højde. Dvs. i Troposfæren.