Danes Told Anal Sex

Danes Told Anal Sex 'Healthy' For Men - 4/7-2008

The `Ekstra Bladet`, a daily `News` Paper here in Denmark ran an article in Sundays edition entitled 'Anal Sex is healthy for men'. The author, a Danish `Sexologist` Mr Robert Lubarski, writes that `men should surrender themselves to their sexuality, and that it was time that the social spotlight was shone on the `Male Orgasm`. He continues that 'Men who allow the accepted male role to dictate their habits in the bedroom are negatively affecting themselves' and that some men who have experienced Anal Sex worry that they might be Homosexual (a fair bet I think). He is concerned that today's man focus's too much on what he believes is his expected part to play sexually, instead of simply enjoying himself.

British State Sponsored Homosexualising

British State Sponsored Homosexualising and Corruption of Children Steps Up A Gear.

But to What End?

By Philip Jones 17 Sept 2008.
This morning, I was reading through the daily `Rusepapers` and happened upon an article in the London Daily Mail which simply defies belief. The headline read;

`Teach the pleasures Of `Gay` Sex to children as young as five say researchers`.

Once Were Vikings

In Defence of Danish Manhood?

I remember as a small boy being completely enthralled by the Hollywood Movie, `The Vikings` starring Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis and the beautiful Janet Leigh. I must have been around seven years old at the time I first viewed this epic, and in many ways, it stimulated in me a life long interest in history generally and that of Northern Europe particularly. Many books have been written about the `terrible` and fierce men of the north; The `Norsemen` or more famously, `The Vikings.`



"The most dangerous revolutions are not those which tear everything down, and cause the streets to run with blood, but those which leave everything standing, while cunningly emptying it of any significance"
. The Danish philosopher `Kierkegaard`.

London's Evening Standard Edition for 1st July 2008 reported in an article entitled `Happyland` that a recent opinion poll revealed that of all the peoples of the world, Danes were the happiest. This the poll stated was due to the country's peaceful atmosphere, Democracy and social equality