CNN Special Report of 1985 about Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons

People who trust the Main Stream Media, mostly call Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons a conspiracy theory.
Maybe they did not see this "news" clip from CNN
Oh well it's only 35 years ago.

Video length: 20 min.

So - Nothing to see here - Microwave technology cannot and will not ever be used as weapons - move along.

I found the video at:
And downloaded them from


So in this new age, you will never hear the following about mobile phones or mobile phone masts "Microwaves in EU countries cause release of same carbon dioxide as 7 million cars, study reveals"
No no, that quote is about microwave ovens. ( link )

So it's not that far fetched about Operation Crimson Mist 1994, Electronic Slaughter in Rwanda. ( )

Your mobile phone is a trojan horse against your mind and health.

But if you think a microwave oven is safe, your just ignorant - Just try and put an AM radio next to your VERY WELL SHIELDED microwave oven and listen to the sound when you turn on the microwave oven.

The heating effect of the phone radiation has very little todo with the danger.

And now to CNN 1985 reporting.

youtube link:


NB. Thomas Krogh and John Seiersen - Come over here and type some of your propaganda, so I can destroy your blind trust in authority and argumentation technic once again. Loser agents!


kind regards


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