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If You think that microwaves have no effect on lifeforms, please watch First independent observation of the effect from microwave on lifeforms

Please keep Your critical thinking, microwaves are not good for You. Is 5G the cause of the so called coronavirus?

From my opinion, not exactly.
But when Your body get into a new invironment (Here in the form of microwave frequenzy / interval radiation) - It will try to adapt at the cost of energy and body/brain/signal etc.. functions - This will have an effect on the living body and will create a new kind of waste product - That can then be "tested" as a "new" virus.

What the medical industry normally refer to as a Virus is a form of waste product, created by a living body - In trying to adapt to the new invironment (eg. toxication) - It can of cause not handle overdoses of toxins eg. By injection - Just as Pasteur injected antrax into the brains of living dogs and the deadly symptoms of that poison, was by Pasteur called Rabies - A toxin created by bacteria in dying tissue - Do not get that stuff into your bloodstream.

These sick people, sick for fame - Public fame, fame for history or fame for their secret society. Are still here today, but with much more funding - Very dangerous.

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