Crossing The Blood Brain Barrier - The Real Damage From Fluoride And Vaccine

Video Length: 1 Hour

Video by Dr. John Bergman


Fluorides will open the Blood Brain Barrier.

Got Fluorine? Well this got: Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Sarin gas (nerve gas). The list is very long.


I will also link to the worlds first public study of Fluorine compounds toxicity, by Kaj Roholm, from 1937 - The study was done because of many unexplained illness, death, birth defects, etc... Due to Denmark was using Cryolite to make Aluminium and this created a huge amount of Fluorine compounds.
The Initial research started because of unknown disease among workers at the Øresund Chemical Works, Copenhagen, was found in November 1932.




Video by Dr. John Bergman



Thanks to Dr. John Bergman, btw. Dr. Bergman, has many more interesting videoes.


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