Howard Stern, the professional shill/provocateur

Lately i have seen more links around the net, to this shill.

I have only a few times heard of this figure Howard Stern and those have been as he acted as a provocateur.

Provoking non Jewish culture, must be the most Jewish thing you can scoop up.

Wipe out all Palestinians, is also 100% Jewish.

Is Howard Stern a Jew - Do you wonder?

Lately I heard him say that he got a grandmother who's hole family was wiped out in the holocaust - Yes that is right - Let that sink in for a moment.

Then ask, so how did Howard Stern get born? Is it even possible - No - It's not possible.

Well then. Is Howard Stern LYING - Oh yes - All the way to the bank.

Was that story from his parents true? Did they die from the showering?
Could there be any money involved by a story, that a jew died in the shower?
Do a Goblin love gold?

Business as usual.

And a lot of people fall for it, as usual.

kind regards


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