Brussel / Bruxelle - Yet another T-error hoax

brussel terror hoax - media /military propaganda
The power that be cannot stop making fear propaganda. The behaviour is just like an
addict, that can't stop when it feels so good - To make people fear.

The created fear in people will get the people to ask the power that be, for more protection from who ever the power that be will tell the people they need protection from.

Do NOT believe the fear propaganda.

See "picture" of "nail" "x-ray".

I can show you a "picture" that the power that be use to make you fear - And show you how FAKE it is.

Here is the "picture" of a "nail" photoshoped onto a "x-ray" of a supposed victim from brussel fear propaganda.

Try run it thrugh fotoforensic - But please a blind man can see a big black line around the "nail" that clearly is not a "nail" - I have never seen a nail without a peak/point - Must be very hard to hammer that one into some wood. Looks more like a bolt - So why do the media use the word nail? - Is it more fear creating to use nail?
And you can see a mouse cursor in the "picture" with a "photoshop" kinda tool attached to it.

And this photoshopped "picture" has been used by,,,,,,,,,,, etc...... the list is tooo long.

Update 30/03-2016:
Just to give you some links to where this image still can be found.

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