the British Council and Propaganda

british_propaganda-council.jpg The British Council is an organization of royals and the like.

The British Council was granted a royal charter back in 1934.

Workarea: British Propaganda.

Neil Kinnock is the head of the British Council.

Hear him roar his propaganda on their own youtube channel.

Opening Plenary Neil Kinnock
youtube link

Nice to have all those connections eh?
eg. also to Nick Butler, here is a link to dvindle upon,
the link mention some of the organizations Nick Butler is involved with: BP, British American Project, Young Fabians, Fabian Society, Royal institute for int. affairs, Labour Party, and many many more.
Ohh, yes and Nick Butler became the speech writer for (did you guess it?) Neil Kinnock.

Here some hypnotised EU PM dude that talks about Neil Kinnock's dealing with the Soviet Union during the cold-war period.

Is Lord Kinnock guilty of treason?
youtube link

Well then!

Neil's son Stephen Kinnock, happens to be married to Helle Thorning Smith the Leader of the Danish Socialreform Party (Socialdemokraterne) one of the largest political parties in Denmark.

A big story in the Danish press/media has been Stephen's taxation in Denmark, as he works in Suisse.
No one mention his workarea, British Propaganda and that he works for the World Economic Forum.

Stephen Kinnock have been a member of the British Council for more that 12 years.

Here is a little video about Stephen Kinnocks earlier raise to new degrees.
The Russian Spy-files (muhahaha)
External link to ITN news report on

Russia detains British Council director

Well then!

OK, i know that education and the press/media is propaganda!

But Music?

- Yes, especially music!

Just look at the workarea of the British Council, eg. this video tells it.
(Also from the British Council's own youtube channel)

Facts about the British Council
youtube link

No Theory here! "Facts".

need more?

'It's widely assumed that the British Council is a wing of our secret services'
(funny that the title is inside quotation marks)

Russia accuses brothers of being 'oil' spies

British Council youtube channel

British Council on wikipedia

in the end i can present a googoogle search on: british council propaganda, here is the first result:

Of course this was just 1-3 persons in this propaganda industry and the social control goes even further back in time.



0 #1 Jannick Carlsson 2010-11-16 12:21

Har du ikke luret den endnu ?

Antager at du vidste, at en af de agenter der blev kylet ud af rusland tilbage under litvinenko skandalen var helle thornings mand.

Han er nu chaf for Davos

Potato potato

til grin det hele.

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