Mapping the earth, atmosphere, light and perspective

google_maps_icod.jpgIn my article about the google maps image (this), several points was made, also by comments. This i have taken into consideration for writing this article.

I wrote this 6 month ago, so for fun sake, there it is.

How google maps may works
We are told that the images seen on google maps are made from the fact that the earth is a globe and mathematically converted into a flat piece of paper using the Mercator projection technique (, ascribed to Gerardus Mercator In wikipedia it states:
"He constructed a new chart and first used it in 1569. It had parallel lines of longitude to aid navigation by sea, as compass courses could be marked as straight lines."
- and -
"Mercator took the word atlas to describe a collection of maps, and encouraged Abraham Ortelius to compile the first modern world atlas --Theatrum Orbis Terrarum -- in 1570."

Did the map data come from compass measurement alone or with sextant use on both the sun, moon and stars or with the use of star mapping; both or all three?
Did Gerardus Mercator know of: by or or and

Atlas of course origin from Greek philosophy and Greek astronomy (in other words Greek mythology).
read about who ordered it:
"In 1536 he became Bishop of Monreale, Sicily; after he inherited estate after the murder of his father (1547), in 1552 he founded a Jesuit college there."

What's that about the dating of the original statue of Atlas?

Then there is the Myth about flat earth:(
"The myth that people of the Middle Ages believed that the Earth was flat entered the popular imagination in the 19th century, thanks largely to the publication of Washington Irving's fantasy The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus in 1828."

Who was this Washington Irving:(
"The Irving family was settled in Manhattan, New York City as part of the city's small vibrant merchant class when Washington Irving was born on April 3, 1783,[1] the same week city residents learned of the British ceasefire that ended the American Revolution. Consequently, Irving's mother named him after the hero of the revolution, George Washington.[2] At age six, with the help of a nanny, Irving met his namesake, who was then living in New York after his inauguration as president in 1789. The president blessed young Irving,[3] an encounter Irving later commemorated in a small watercolor painting, which still hangs in his home today."

Why fake it: The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus
(maybe it's all a lie or maybe Brdr.Grimm were telling true stories)

Shape of Earth and Mercator projection
When the Earth shape is said to be a sphere ("globe, ball"), the mercator map will come out in one way.
Now lets say than the Earth is not a sphere and it is shaped more like a "standing" egg. This way will make a different mercator map than in the first example.
Now lets presume the Earth is shaped like a squished sphere(Oblate spheroid), and it has been the same shape for at least the period of map drawings. (How oblate is it?)
Now lets presume the Earth is shaped like an American football(Prolate spheroid), and it has been the same shape for at least the period of map drawings. (How inflated is it?)
Now lets presume the Earth is shaped like a flat plane, and it has been the same shape for at least the period of map drawings. (What part is used?)

Math it's so funny, without constants it will crumble, just like the dogma/standard of what day it is today - Defining a "constant" is about Consensus/Dogma/Standard, sometimes through the use of Force and/or Torture/Indoctrination. Not to forget the generalization to make it work (the group thing).

"The shape of the Earth is very close to that of an oblate spheroid, a sphere squished along the orientation from pole to pole such that there is a bulge around the equator.[51] This bulge results from the rotation of the Earth, and causes the diameter at the equator to be 43 km larger than the pole to pole diameter"

Of course this Equatorial bulge ( is ascribed to the centrifugal froce.
But this must give errors, when calculating the shape of Earth own moon, as it travels at a speed just a little less than the Earth speed at Equator and gravitational effect of Earth must be seen on the Moon as well, this does not explain the shape of the Moon. Also some of the "moons" around Saturn has a "Polar bulge".
So maybe the Moon is very flat, as it is not rotating individual or shaped like the American football, with one of the poles turned towards Earth.

To try and explain the validity of drawings actuality from fraudulent data can be pretty hard.
My own visible "data" comes through an atmosphere with very good lens distortion capabilities can be as hard, as figuring out the object behind a kaleidoscope.

This NASA one made me laugh so much.
NASA Research Offers Explanation for Earth's Bulging Waistline
 "The answer, they found, appears to lie in the melting of sub-polar glaciers and mass shifts in the Southern, Pacific and Indian Oceans associated with global-scale climate changes."

( )

Today we are told that the mapping comes from GPS / satellite imagery, but why do they all look so fake then? Just like the supposed picture of Earth from the Moon.
"Photos of Earthrise from Apollo 8 changed the way we look at the world"

I know my sources are doubtful, so keep that in mind - it could all be balony.
Most of the sources probably comes from either a Jesuit, a Mason or a SMOM; both or all in one (trinity)?

Why do measuring comes before thinking in today's society?
Is it just because of economy?

1 pile of sand + 1 pile of sand = 1 pile of sand.

That's why it is proof able to say the following:
1 + 1 = 1

when will the mirror reflect the mirror.


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