Asch Conformity Experiment (and IHS)

asch_conformity.jpg Here we have a conformity experiment, that humans(dogs) has done on humans(dogs); Pavlov. (Behaviourism)

Video length: 4 min.
Found at: RecIceCreation

Goes well with the video: Socialism, Climatism, Religion - How they do that

Asch Conformity Experiment youtube link

And what you see in this video might be a version with a manuscript, so the experiment is even put on you. Behind the programming language is yet another programming language and behind that there might be another.
Behaviourisme comes far and goes wide.

Need more?
Here is a 20 min. video on Conformity - The Asch Studies:
(i have not seen this one, so be careful ;)

Wiki on Behaviourism: Dansk English
And iLL Jesuit "In Hoc Signes" IHS - Had always had lots of "knowledge" on Behaviourism.
And the Danish word for VAT (Value added tax) is no less than MOMS - SMOM.
wiki on SMOM iLL Jesuit. My guess on who gets/distribute the MOMS-SMOM money?

We borg or rather Viborg has always been very Jesuit. Viking.
Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.
wiki on Borg(star trek)



0 #1 Den rode Pimpernel 2010-01-23 05:45
Intellect and scocial conformity is a primate brain function, it is not a responce that come from the individual conscious awareness of the Soul. In other words, the responces were expected from a person that identify himself with his animal body and intellect which is mortal, and not his God given Soul, which is immortal.
0 #2 Nylonmanden 2010-01-24 12:53
Hello Den rode Pimpernel or should i say Rene Descartes.

Rene Descartes was a Jesuit wasn't he?

"primate brain function", why did God put that there, when it conflicts so much with the Soul?
-1 #3 Den rode pimpernel 2010-01-25 07:44
Yes, I was enrolled by my father to be educated in a Jesuit college, when I was 11 years old. Not as a theologian but as a mathematician. And I am not a Jesuit, and never have been. After my graduation I spend my life dismantling the errors of that organisation by separating the concept of reason from their kind of theology, which prior to that was combined with super glue. (Trust me) I was aware of the fact that Galileo was shown the glowing ambers by their favourite sister organisation, and they would not hesitate giving me a demonstration of their capabilities in their dark craft. Much of what I wrote was only published after I left that body, for the very same reason. However many of the things I wrote back then, such as ?the philosophy of duality? was clearly wrong. You know how it is; today we know a lot more than we did yesterday, or 300 years ago, but just imagine what we will know tomorrow or in 10 years from now? The beauty with wisdom is that it can only increase, you se, whatever you do, you learn from it, you can never get more stupid. (Unless you use intoxicating substances) Now imagine how stupid we all were back then? Back then most of the secrets were still hidden by the churches from the mob, but now they have all been revealed (since 1999). Then, as now, it is clear to me that theology and dogma does not have monopoly on God and our origin. In fact if you don?t get out of church and away from theology, you will never find God.
Ponder on this?
Only 3 questions matter above all others.
Only 3 answers must be found, and if you don?t find answers for the 3 questions, your life is a total waste, trust me.
The 3 questions are:

1) What am I? Not who, but what? The ?who?, is your personality? The ?What?, is your individuality or Soul. Then again, what is Soul? You don?t know, do you? If that is really what you are?

2) What is my real Purpose in life? Whatever you are doing in life, is it truly what you ultimately were ment to be doing with your life or whatever you supposedly are?

3) How do I achieve my true purpose? How can I achieve what I am supposed to achieve in life, or learn, or be, or do, or think, with whatever I am?

Simple isn?t it?
However, the 3 areas of learning and pretentious enlightenment, that is, Science, Religion and Philosophy are all silent on these most important questions, and do not provide any of the answers. Why. (The real conspiracy)
When it comes time for you to die, you will realise that these answers are of the greatest importance.
I am
Rene? Descartes
-1 #4 Den rode pimpernel 2010-01-25 12:39
If you truly are interested in me answering your question, ("primate brain function", why did God put that there, when it conflicts so much with the Soul?) It would my pleasure to do so.
And I will make as brief as I can.
The primates intellectual brain function was created (God put it there) for the earthly primates (Apes, pre-man) who had their own specific development and evolution. On this issue Darwin was right. Our conscious awareness (Souls created in Gods image) who now use those primates bodies was never ment to use physical the bodies or encase ourselves into the flesh, which is a totally unnatural abode for a Soul, but we did it ourselves simply to experience the sensations of the physical world. We wanted to smell the flowers, feel the wind, experience sex, taste the MSG in Kentucky fried chicken, but it is totally unnatural for a Soul to be using a primate body, and it was never what God wanted to happen. We, using our God given free will, dug the hole we are in (when Souls entered the primate bodies) and we have to dig ourselves out again by using our free will and following the Laws of the Universe, which most of you don't have a clue about what is.
When people say ?Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven? it is the will of God they talk about, also called the Universal Laws and Principles of how the entire Universe and the whole of Creation really works. Unfortunately most people don?t know these principles.
So to answer your question.
The primate?s intellectual function is an awareness given to the primate apes by God to be able to focus on specifics in the physical world and to survive and develop. It is not in conflict with the Soul, it is a totally different thing. Unfortunately Souls does function through the primate body, but only because the Souls chose to do so. It cannot be emphasised strongly enough that the knowledge of the Soul is the most important knowledge there are for mankind and should be the greatest study of man.
I hope that this answer your question
Science has theorised about how intellect started from molten lava 5 million years ago and has never explained it satisfactory.
Now imagine Conscious awareness, free will, creativity, the spiritual interests of people, love and kindness, caring and harmlessness etc. how did that evolve and come about? Molten lava??? Scientists can only speculate and theorise, but THEY DON?T KNOW. But they think they know, so they don?t ask any of the real important questions any longer.
I am humbly

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