Socialism, Climatism, Religion - How they do that

mind_control_made_easy_cult_leader.jpg How do the playwriters/media/politicians make a socialist agenda, climate change agenda, new age religion, agenda 21, sustainability, etc...

Grouping as in: Community, Organization, Climateplay, Club, Membership, Followers, Social-Security-Number, etc...

Grouping is Not: individual thoughts voted on in a group.

This video is to give a little idea of how it can be done, using grouping, also on a global scale.
The video is called: Mind Control Made Easy (12 min.)

It should be noted, if you don't get "it", that sarcasm is used in this movie made by Carey Burtt (Evil Films) <------

Mind Control Made Easy: youtube video


+3 #1 Den rode Pimpernel 2010-01-11 16:19
It's not what people don't know that hurts them, it?s what they know, that isn?t true,
that?s what hurts.
The greatest obstacle to enlightenment and discovery is not ignorance; it?s the illusion of knowledge.
And Truth never fears investigation, but lies do.
Part of what you write is sadly the truth, however it is not helpful to look backward. You cannot get ahead by looking in the rear view mirror. To enlighten People, you must explain to them about what to do now to achieve their goals for their future, forget the past, you cannot change it one iota, but the future is yours to mould

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