Shakespeare's Climate Change - Chapter "Do or Die"

cop15_adapt_or_die.jpg Adapt or die - As COP15 write on their homepage

Well in this play, the criminals are legally, by their own definition, threatening the actors (You).

If you don't, do as COP15 tell you to, COP15 will kill you.

This play is getting so boring; it just resembles old plays anyway, like the play of the catholic inquisition, yet again out to sell salvation, now in a Global perspective.

By analyzing this old and repeated play, you will see that it is, no less perspectivated, than any of their other plays set in motion (7/7-England, 9/11-Amerika, etc.... very long history of plays...).

As I can see at the picture used by COP15, those portrayed in suits (herder) rule over those portrayed without (sheep). The Suits are looking after the sheeple and herding include slaughter. even quotes their actors/children/sheeples (child penguins) in the flash banner.

All starts with "Dear leaders of the World…" And could go on with something like: "Please leaders, save the Planet", "Please leaders, help us kill our parents and family", etc...

"leaders of the World", it is like when Children writes to santa claus.

In their article, the COP15 writes: "hundreds of billions of dollars, much of it going to countries that cannot afford it."

Why let billions of dollars go to countries that can't afford all those dollars? - Including the interest rates to the banks, securing all parts of this global scam.

Here is a picture from their page, taken 4. December 2009.

Do or Die
1. reflecting or characterized by an irrevocable decision to succeed at all costs; desperate; all-out: a do-or-die attempt to halt the invaders.

2. involving a potentially fatal crisis or crucial emergency.


"Do or die", "Adapt or die" and "Succeed at all costs", could resemble: "The end justifies the means." And where did all the Jesuits go?

And a little jump in the play.
We have Grace Jones singing "Do or die", telling us that "she" is an operator, never giving up, and how you're just a robot/zombie (calculator).
And "Her" video:
(with a "wolf in sheeps clothing" kinda theme and climping higher on jacobs ladder)

"Do or die" has been used in lots of music, especially the hiphop and rap. It's so gangstar i guess.


0 #1 michael m. 2009-12-05 00:40
nice , men hvordan vil du formidle det til dem der tror lederne vil os det godt ?
0 #2 Nylonmanden 2009-12-05 01:54
hej michael
Jeg ved det ikke rigtigt, det er svært at forklare verden i løbet af et par timer, det kan tage år, før man rigtigt begynder at forstå bare lidt, det har da om ikke andet taget tid for mig.

Jeg ved dog at medierne spiller en stor rolle i det der kommer til at blive portræterede. Der kommer ikke til at være meget sandhed, selvom det i manges øjne og øre vil være plausibelt, da der er stor sandsynlighed for en revolu-change.
Jeg vil lige skrive følgende:
At COP15 demonstrations; Don't follow agents that are used to agitate and build up a conflict, beware of the boots they are wearing(police,military type boots), beware of there attitude, etc.. It can be difficult to spot them.
Wait and Think individually and then think again, look at your surroundings and think again, before you act your part of their play to come.
Lets hope for a peaceful play, without a signed paper at the round table.
0 #3 Nylonmanden 2009-12-06 13:22
Just one other think about the "Do or Die".

It looks like Benjamin Franklin also used this slogan, again in another from.

He used the form "Join or Die",_or_Die

I actually spottet it looking at this video found here:
about the making of:

Looking at the video called "Virtual Reality, HDR, Photogrammetry at ICT" from the same youtube page.

And then wonder why Copenhagen was overflown by F-16 in July 2009. Only to photograph it with different light and different perspectives.
Here are some released video:
0 #4 Nylonmanden 2009-12-08 22:58
Just a little more about "Do or Die" and COP15 that i found.
Surviving Kyoto's 'do or die' summit
From: 15 September 2009

And here:
DENMARK - Do or die!
From: 8 December 2009

And here:
COP15 warms up
From: 7 December 2009
"It?s our last hope, all or nothing, do or die, the Final Countdown..."
0 #5 Nylonmanden 2009-12-10 16:32 Quote

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