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climate_faces.jpg Why do the main media not report the "email hack" at East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU).
There have only been very few of them and that's very odd, when it is suppose to be the biggest scandal in the modern scientific history and one of the pillars of their green agenda.

If the controllers really want a violent riot at the COP15 meeting in Copenhagen, is this not a typical script then. I mean maybe they are waiting for the right moment to bring the story as a BreakingNews story. Maybe the meeting will collapse and/or people outside will go crazy, probably staged with lots of followers.

I think it is weird that before the "email hack" the media reported that Obama was not coming to the COP15 meeting but everyone was hoping and just days after the "email hack" Obama is coming to the COP15.

First and last time Obama was in Copenhagen, the media reported on his security cortege "The Beast" security and security and a little about what he was doing here. I remember thinking about how the controllers will do a false flag attack on Obama in Copenhagen and how he then would be the first U.S. President puppet to be capped outside the U.S. (or tried to be capped). This would very probably create a scare and fear mongering never seen before, against who they will point their finger at. The "people" pointed at could be stage to tell it was because of the "email hack" data that came out.

The talking heads will go: "the evil doers don't want us to make this climate deal to save the planet."

My eyes can see that the stage is set for a "created Climate"(climate between people/countries) at the COP15 meeting in Copenhagen. Acting an old play, and we will presumably get the "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark".

Let's say that the "email hack" really is telling that the planet is cooling, and then it is still Climate Change. Just "change" it from warm to cold - but that is actually "climate change". Again if it is cooling, then the CO2 tax cap trade carbon circus will just make them even more money and/or people will freeze to death.

If the science is wrong, from both sides of the table - In my opinion that of course is very plausible, because science support it self through science, not to get to deep into my theory of science. Look at it this way, politic is a science - Talking heads molding the minds of listeners to make them accept outrages ideas, mostly from a script or from the time in political science school or some other influential secret/part-secret organization controlled by the bankers/Vatican.

News of the "email hack":
DR: (Danish)

Here are some News chosen pictures of Obama's last visit in Copenhagen, yellow, green, blue, red, black colors and the walking on the checkered floor of Christiansborg.

In Denmark there have been lots of writings about the "email hack" in the Bee-log community, both at, and other sites.

Maybe they will wait until after the COP15 meeting, to bring the story or again some, prepared "country" don't act upon their signing of the treaty, again "created Climate"(climate between people/countries). Maybe the leaders new "messiah" will arrive.

Up to this COP15 meeting - Denmark has gotten new laws enforced to protect the COP15 visitors.

Here is the official statement from the police:

Law and order in Copenhagen:

It is of great importance to the Copenhagen Police to see the Climate Change Conference take place in an orderly and peaceful manner. Therefore, the rules and regulations that apply to demonstrations and public meetings are set out below.

In Denmark, there is freedom of demonstration. It means that all people are, without previous permission, at liberty to assemble unarmed. However, open-air meetings may be prohibited when it is feared that they may constitute a danger to the public order.

The Copenhagen Police must be notified of processions of demonstrators and other meetings 24 hours before they are to take place.

In the event of riots, the police aren't allowed to take action, unless attacked, until after the crowd has three times been called upon to disperse in the name of the Queen and the law and such warnings have gone unheeded.

Gatherings that may disturb the public order must not take place.

It is a criminal offence to instigate a crowd with intent to exert or threaten violence to persons or property.

In Denmark, there is a ban on the wearing of masks. Consequently, participants in public meetings and demonstrations are not allowed to conceal their faces in whole or in part with a hood, a mask, paint, or similar in a manner which is likely to prevent identification.

Copenhagen Police, OPA, Tilladelseskontoret.

Tilladelseskontoret = Permission office.
(This must be the place where you get your air, water, food and speak ration permission.)

This one sentence: "Gatherings that may disturb the public order must not take place"

And COP15 is not a "Gathering that may disturb the public order"?, This is the word public, but COP15 is not public, it's private. And it will disturb the public/people globally.

I bet you will be able to watch the play on TV
Time will tell.

NB. This is not ment to be fear mongering, this is ment as information on a play performed and written by notorius playwriters ie. George Bernard Shaw.


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If I read Tony Blair's talkinghead.
My bold markings.

But perhaps the final thought should concern a British ex-Prime Minister, Tony Blair. There were some who expressed surprise at his comment just before the UN meeting that getting a deal on climate change could be even more difficult that resolving Northern Ireland. After the meeting, however, he looked as much on-the-money as his successor.

Found here:

Or take this one:
Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, said that the climate negotiations were ?possibly more difficult? than any other talks he had been involved in, including the Northern Ireland peace negotiations. ?Don?t make the best the enemy of the good,? he urged, in comments echoed by Mr. Stern and Jairam Ramesh, India?s environment and forests minister.

All happend here:

Btw. Obama said it like:
"Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good"

This "qoute" also used by Obama has been used many times and with different meaning. I think it's a Jesuit term, but im not sure.

And We all know how "resolving Northern Ireland" kinda means, don't we?
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