Kjeld Heising : A letter from Africa.

Here is the letter I received yesterday from Kjeld's nearest, describing the events surrounding his death. Hannilie has given me permission to publish it in full here on the Nylonman site so that all might know the true circumstances.

It would be easy to infer at the very least incompetence on the part of the Medical team involved; but let's instead take Hannilies poignant account as being the only definitive source of truth in this tragedy.

The Letter:

Kjeld Heising was politically, economically,religously awake. A social being who loved fellow man,loved nature, enjoyed a
walk to the ocean, river or stream, a protector of what he believed in.. Kjeld hated injustice. And he remembered to live his life to the fullest.He was strong, kind, intelligent, wise, loved life and all its challenges. A gentalman. Kjeld was often neutral in situations he could not understand but sturbon as well.  Thus, he used a great amount of time searching for truth.

Whatever he found interesting he made use of it. His works are witness at his website www.heising.dk. He understood the saying; There shall not be cowards in the kingdom of heaven.

For Kjeld this was the kingdom of heaven and that we live on. So what happened to this remarkable man? I want to believe he suffered liver failure. But KH recieved wrong diagnose. You see, doctors and nurses coming to Africa and those trained in Africa are trained to believe that Yellow fever comes from Malaria. Thus to get rid of jaundice one must take malaria drugs in high dosage in order to heal. Furthermore, this may not only be an act of misinformation but a deliberate act in the race to do away with humans.

I quarrelled with about 4 doctors including an MD, and about 14 nurses just to get Kjeld off the malaria drugs. The drugs are forced on people. One doctor threatened me saying he did not do politics and came so close lifting his arm as if to hit me. All I saw in his face was one mis-informed doctor. In other words people have no say. A paper was brought before me to sign under in case Kjeld died and they had to take me to court through the World Health Organisation and United Nations. Ironically, when one visits the WHO site it explains that Malaria is another illness and Yellow fever is another. They must be treated differently though yellow fever needs vaccination, while malaria needs a drug course. In this case Kjeld had none.

Imagine watching a bunch of soldiers marching all day yet using only one style of step, would you sit 2 minutes to watch? No! It becomes boring, dead boring. Now imagine a bunch of doctors and nurses specialised only in Malaria? Every other disease is called malaria or if one is lucky it is called "AIDS".

According to my own understanding and observation of these things; there is no disease. And Yellow fever is toxicity which causes red blood cells to be under attack and die thus showing the yellow colour through out the human body. I want to belive that it is reason why the colour yellow symbolises poison as well.  But nurses were sent to teach me how a she-mosquito causes malaria. While they did my thoughts raced to the blame of the she -human being as the bringer of sin to this earth. Yes to hell with female power. But wait a minute! What about the very women going against their own gender, trying to teach me lies the matrix has taught them, have they been taught what self confidence really means? I doubt that. I doubt these women know who they are. Just zombies stealing souls for those that WANT to rule and own the matrix.

By force Kjeld was put on Quinine and within 2 hours of doing so, his whole body turned yellow. His eyes got a thick yellow colour which looked so unreal, so abnormal, that I ran to look for a doctor to get Kjeld of the quinine plus-plus drug. We fought but in the end he was free from it. Kjeld was in coma. He could not talk, eat, move and with the wrong medication he was recieving, Kjeld was giving up too quickly on himself both physically and spiritually.

My mother brought us different kinds of foods, so we waited for Kjeld to get back. I begged for a drip of sugar and water, it was given through arm needle. After a few hours Kjeld turned his head and asked for water. Kjeld drunk water, soup and yoghurt the first day at the hospital. He started talking but could not finish his sentences. He got out of bed for more than 6 times and I wrote his daughter in Denmark (sms) telling her Kjeld was going to be well. Kjeld's body returned to normal colour 4 hours after taking him off the quinine and putting him on food.

6 hours later the nightmare begins. Doctors arrive putting more pressure on me threatning to have me sued if I refuse Kjeld medication. They give him another malaria drug called Quoetem. A 3 days course. I remained observant. Each time Kjeld was given quotem drug his body returned to the yellow colour and he just got worse. Day 3 he started bleeding from his mouth and nose.

I at times slept on a chair but I was 24 hours on, thus I felt severe fatigue. The 4th day at the adventist hospital was bad, more doctors and nurses, friends, family. People I didn't know walked into Kjeld's room and advised me to give Kjeld quinine drug as the Quotem drug was not strong enough to heal him. Was I the only being in this place that understood what this was all about??? People prayed and prayed  and they told me that doctors were right. I told them all that Kjeld was not for lab testing. Upon hearing this the MD came and told me Kjeld was a complicated case, and that she was transfering us to another hospital almost 100 kilometres from where we were. There was no ambulance so we had to use the personal car.We carefully helped Kjeld dress warmly and got him into the best comfortable sit we could. My brother drove us. It was a long trip and on that trip Kjeld awoke and looked out of the window many many times. I just had no idea what awaited us.

At the second hospital in Katete, We were given a smart but smooth doctor. The new doctor lad was too fast for me. He asked questions, I answered to the best of my knowledge but he did the opposite. Soon with authority he ordered quinine again for Kjeld. After I had explained he had recieved so much "medicines" without food and water and that he needed detoxicating instead. The lad gave Kjeld water but added quninine ++ to it. Good grief!!!. The matrix is really at work and it knows not how to play its cards. It casts them carelessly, everyone can tell something evil is going on here; depopulation at its worse. Instead I went to Kjeld and started apologising for bringing him to this place. I could hardly stand from fatigue and I heard not nor noticed the lad doctor push me from Kjeld's bed site. 'This was wrong... Earth whatever happened to you this is wrong' We were in another wrong place. I was screaming inside; 'this is wrong!!!' Sorry Kjeld!. 'The most intelligent friend', he often called me:

But I felt that I disappointed him. Why was this happening? Was I here to learn something? Was I willing to share it with anyone? After standing up against this  silent injustice people started calling me names; deamonic, satanist, and so forth. In Zambia if you think with your own mind you are called: satanist, if you drive a black car you are called: satanist, if you know more than others know, they call  you; satanist. Can someone please tell me where this leads? For those of us that have read Europe'sad history and its  nightmare of burning innocent women and girls for possessing knowledge that preserved societies, it becomes reality and easy to understand that this is mere hate for the human race. Thus, the ill need for a few to depopulate the earth.

The red hair english doctor lad seemed to portray honestness and kindness but I saw through him. At one time he said: "I am going to find out if this man has a life inssurance service, if he doesn't have he's out". I thought deeply. How was he going to find out? The internet?? Or am I just paranoid. So I turned to Kjeld and told him that we were leaving the hospital and going home following morning. But the doctor lad ordered more injections for KJeld. Turning to me the doctor said, you should take him to Lusaka or South Africa they will save him. It is 4000 danish crowns per night. I looked at Kjeld and at the lad, a thought told me these doctors earned hard cash by making people very ill through drugs and refering them to expensive clinics in bigger towns, where people got well, probably from a simple remedy; detoxicating. I told the lad I would drive off to Lusaka in the morning with Kjeld. But he added and he warned me that Kjeld might not make it. More "medicines" were injected into Kjeld's body and a young Zambian student nurse, who seem to be training for these things (giving deadly vaccines) came into the picture and stayed to observe Kjeld'stages. The male nurse left the room an hour to Kjeld's depature from his body. Luckly my mother and other siblings with my son had just arrived. I was speechless.
It is moments like this that one ceases to fear, to ignore injustice, where one picks the spiritual sword to claim those crushed rights back. This is a spiritual battle. It is real. To fight it we must first know why we are here. Why do people experience what I am going through without telling it to anyone? They fear death. Yet we are spirits, that's what they forget, that no one can kill a spirit for it lives on forever. Kjeld stepped out of the dress (body) but he lives on.

And behold, this whole system is cracking. I once heard a sage it went like this: 'There is a crack in everything that's how light go in." But this crack in the system is huge why I say the system has fallen. The system even fears death now. I shall be brief about how frightened the hospital morgue attendants reacted after Kjeld's spirit left his body.

They put ropes around Kjeld's body and bind him just before they got the body to the morgue. I asked several questions why the nurses did that. I was told it was their everyday procedure. I demanded them to untie the ropes, we followed to the morgue and there was war in there. (If you hear that people have been stopped from seeing their dead at the morgue it would be because we protested the evil acts of binding a dead body here) If any of you have studied ancient African history and I'll make it simple for you, you have seen how Egyptian people buried eachother, with jewel, dressed in splendor etc. Their bodies symbolised for the spirit what they wanted to become in the universe. Thus, mordern satanic rituals and beliefs order bodies to be binded in death so as to symbolise an enslaved soul or a slave spirit in the universe. We demanded Kjeld be untied until they cut those huge ropes free of his body. Amazingly I felt the ropes falling off me as well. I  felt so free.

I also want to believe that anyone who has been forced to die by drugs, will awake thus, the strong,tight,heavy,ugly binding of ropes on the dead body, so that if the spirit returns into the body, there won't be any chance for the body to reunite with the spirit but to leave again. I have done so much research on this and it confirms again and again that there are men working in the hospital morgues observing dead people. When people awake they are beaten back to death. Some relatives and friends of those that have parted have told me encounters of their dead having crushed teeth and missing teeth when they go to prepare the body for burial from the morgue. Broken skulls, jews falling when a person died from malaria? One man found his friend's head binded up in so many bandages when he removed to see there was only bone meat behind his friend's head.

Broken hands, fingers, etc. What's the explanation for all this? I don't believe anymore that the world is overpopulated for anyone to kill fellowman this way.
This has nothing to do with blame. Just telling things as they are. I know Kjeld's death is not new to these doctors and nurses, it is an everyday thing. Moreover if it could happen to Michael Jackson it means people are; doctors and nurses playgrounds. I have learnt that no matter how kind they may look they will walk all over you. I witnessed nurses who had just prayed for Kjeld's well being steal his drugs from his room.     

I wonder why Morpheus leaves out doctors and nurses in his famous Matrix 1 line where he says: 'The Matrix is a system, and that system is our enemy. When you are inside it, you look around and what do you see? Businessmen, Teachers, Lawyers, Carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are part of that system and that makes them our enemies. You have to understand that most of these people are not ready to be `unplugged`. And many are  so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to defend it'.

In Africa the system hasn't put people on dole, pension (very few), or any kind of help, but different kinds of religions replaces that. It is the cheapest way of stealing someone's brain making people brainless. When people talk it is not about the self or their surroundings or developing, its about religious stuff. I am not against religion I am against the fact that religius people´s acts are so different to what they preach. They steal,kill and plunder in the name of God.
Isn't that
disrespecting God? In addition the same believers judge all other people as half humans because they haven't accepted this or
that and the rest are Satanists.

In his last battle Kjeld showed he was 500% in disgust with the way the matrix functions. His anger was real, his sorrow was honest. He would have said in words: 'cry not for me but for yourselves this world is not a good place and you must do something to change it for I did my part.' His smile in his death is that of a challenger, a winner, a champion and one who overcame and gladly soured. That smile was so unique, loving, forgiving, and genuine. Kjeld was a free man and he was real. I shall always be here.

'If there is a power greater than the sun, the stars, the moon, all heavens and earth, this power will judge my Dad with kindness, love and fairness...' Said Kjeld Heising's son at his father's funeral.

I couldn't have said it better.

Mountains of love,

As above so let it be so below,



0 #1 Deltager 2009-09-14 14:53
i am honured that even in death, philip jones you have found it in your heart to publish this strong and truthful article writen by someone who was very strong to KH.
Yes even in death am beyond words.KH was one remarkable man there ever was and never will be.i loved his works and i love your works philip too.while the world want to sleep more, the more people die for lack of knowledge.
we all should wake up,learn from the work this remarkable Hannili did, try and save loved ones.i salut u philip.thanks
0 #2 Deltager 2009-09-18 13:25
Kære nylonmand - har for et par uger siden opdaget Kjeld Heisings utroligt kloge skriverier - læser nu at han er død. Dette berører mig dybt - må han hvile i fred.
At læse ovenstående brev er for mig en gentagelse af min elskede fars død for 1 1/2 år siden. Samme scenario, min far blev fyldt med morfin (jeg protesterede som Hanneli) og en nat kl. 4.10 kom en sygeplejerske ind til min far, gav ham en indsprøjtning og 3 minutter senere var han død. Jeg var som den eneste af familien der - og det er mit livs trauma. Læger og sygeplejersker er skræmmende.

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