The Ugly Face of Feminism.

By Philip Jones 28th July 2009.

Was this really what feminism was all about? According to Home Office statistics, to be published later this week, crimes committed by girls aged between ten and seventeen years of age have shot up by some 25 per cent over a three-year period.

Last week, a man died and a young woman was badly injured in an explosion in North London. It was thought to have been carried out by a girl gang which had previously been seen causing trouble in the street.

For several years, there has been a disturbing rise in the number of girls committing violent crimes at ever younger ages.

Last month, rival girl gangs used snooker balls in socks to batter each other in a mass brawl at a railway station at Shoreham, West Sussex. In March, a 15-year-old girl was jailed for using a mobile phone to film two drunken teenage male friends beating a man to death in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

Last October, a gang of teenage girls stoned a 72-year-old woman and forced her into a busy road, leaving her with a broken nose and two black eyes.

There has also been a string of murders committed by girls, often sickeningly sadistic. In 1999, for example, two 15-year-old girls murdered 71-year-old Lily Lilley, binding her mouth so tightly that her false teeth were pushed down her throat and giggling as they wheeled her body through the streets before throwing it into a canal.

In the same year, a girl gang was found guilty of murdering mentally-ill Angela Pearce after torturing her. And so on.

Of course, most girls live law-abiding lives. Nevertheless, it is highly disturbing that so many are now committing such acts of savagery.

What would once have been regarded as an aberration among a sex which was once (doubtless a touch misleadingly) a by-word for gentleness, order and self-discipline, has now become a shocking fact of life. So just what has gone wrong with girls?

Certainly, this has to be set in the context of rising crime in general. Only last weekend, a 16-year-old altar boy was killed when a fight broke out in a South London bakery shop, bringing the toll of teenagers killed in London so far this year to 13.

The UK Government’s claim that overall crime is falling, as recent statistics also reportedly show, bears scant relation to everyday life. Such figures — even in the supposedly authoritative British Crime Survey — are highly selective or manipulated.

The reality is that crime and disorder are rampant, along with a constant level of menace in many areas from people often fuelled by alcohol or drugs and whose aggression and hostility simmer just below the surface.

The reason for this parlous state of affairs lies in a combination of a collapse of family life and parenthood, depriving children of the love, security and discipline that are crucial in producing orderliness from within, and a parallel collapse in the willingness of the criminal justice system to impose orderliness from without.

On top of all this, however, modern feminism has added an extra and unforeseen twist. Little did those pioneers who fought for equal rights for women dream that one outcome would be equal wrongs by women. Yet that is precisely what has happened.

This is because, like the rest of the equality agenda, modern feminism recast equal rights as ‘identicality’. The notion that men and women behaved differently because they had different expectations and pressures was deemed to be sexist and discriminatory. Equality meant that men and women had to lead identical lives.

At the same time, however, feminism also held that masculinity was a problem. It was men, alone, who were held to be aggressive — crime was presented as intrinsically a male problem — as well as being emotionally illiterate and unfairly hogging the workplace, while women were chained to kitchen sink and family.

As a result of the feminist revolution, women have commandeered the freedoms and entitlements of the masculine world — while men themselves have now been largely reduced to sperm banks, walking wallets and occasional au pairs.

Women now claim to be equal breadwinners — but some of them will still go to court to fleece men for everything they have if their marriages break up.

Along with this has come an aggressive and self-centred approach to the world which apes the worst caricatures of male behaviour.

Whereas men were once associated with one-night stands, now women demand sex without strings and bring children into the world without a father as their ‘human right’. Told to be assertive, they have interpreted that as being aggressive. Female role models in movies, video games or rap music increasingly glorify violence too.

The outcome has been serious confusion among girls about their role in the world and how they should behave.

In the past, girls’ perception of where their interests lay meant curbing their own behaviour in order to attract men and safeguard the well-being of any children they might have.

But now they are told they can go it alone and have it all. So the brakes on their behaviour have been taken off. Assuming that to be equal means competing with boys on their own terms, girls try to prove themselves to be ‘one of the lads’ by drinking and drug-taking.

The number of women arrested for being drunk and disorderly has leapt tenfold over the past five years. And from alcohol and drugs, violent crime results as surely as night follows day. The original 19th-century feminist pioneers, who fought for women’s rights in a society where they really were second-class citizens, would surely have been appalled without measure had they been able to see into the future.

For their feminism was based on the belief that women were different from men — and worthier than them. Indeed, they wanted women to play an equal role in the public sphere precisely because they believed that women’s superior moral virtues — sobriety, chastity, self-discipline — would civilise public life.

Instead, just look at what we have done with their great legacy. Bob Geldof’s 19-year-old daughter Peaches has been reportedly filmed buying cocaine from a drug-dealer.

Photographs of Mick Jagger’s grandchildren published last weekend showed 12-year-old Amba clad in four-inch heels and a microdress posing with a sultry come-hither look at the camera; while her sister Assisi, at the ripe old age of 15, wore a skimpy little satin number and a knowing smile.

Even the likely future wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton, appears to spend half her life downing ‘Crack Daddy’ vodka and champagne cocktails at Boujis nightclub.

The solution to our crime problem must involve a ‘zero tolerance’ approach by the police. The instincts of London’s new Mayor, Boris Johnson, in outlawing alcohol from public transport and appointing apostles of this approach as his advisers, are admirable.

But we must have the same approach towards values. For too long we have made a fetish of tolerating the intolerable in the name of equality.

No one wants to turn the clock back to deprive women of equal rights. But we must recognise that equality is not ‘identicality’. Feminism never meant the degradation of women.

Somehow, we must restore the idea that women bring unique gifts and values to the national party. Reviving the traditional family would be a start. This would make men, women and children happier — and cut crime.

So what’s stopping us?

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0 #1 Rebecca Gingrich 2009-07-29 00:57
Philip--I just read your article re 'The Ugly Face of Feminism' on Rense. Yesterday Henry Makow had an article on the same subject, blaming feminism on 'communism'. I wrote to him stating that communism is a pseudonym for zionism and yes, it is the zionists that are promoting this behaviour to enhance our destruction. I didn't hear back from him so I hope I haven't angered him, but I had to be honest.
You mention Mick Jaeger's grandchildren in spike heels. We had a program on TV here that dressed children as young as 4 years old in slutty costumes as they performed on the stage. I forget the name of this abomination as I didn't watch it, but you know who owns the 'entertainment' business.
The State has become involved in the raising of our children. They dictate what a parent can and can't do. We have a 'kids help line' that children can call to report if their parents don't let them do what they want. We had Mennonite parents have their children removed from them for 'spanking' the children--not beating, but taping on the behind with a small stick. We are not allowed to teach our children acceptable behaviour--it is against State rules.
Equal rights is a misnomer and spin to suck women into the morass that has become our society. How can any woman be proud of her accomplishments if it can be pointed out that they possibly got where they are because of their gender? That is the stupidity of 'equality'. Unless the best are hired or in positions of power, we all pay the price, especially our children that you have outlined what is happening to them.
I have never wanted to be 'equal' to anyone. I am an individual and like it that way. None of us is perfect and that is the way the world is. But, again, we are easier to handle if we can be put into groups. Sadly, most people don't care to be themselves but have to act like everyone else is perceived to be. And Hollywierd is the promoter of this evil and the braindead follow the herd.
0 #2 Deltager 2009-07-30 22:43
Anonymous said...
What can be done? If someone mentions the facts, they are ridiculed. As we are moving into Satanism, we are ridiculed.
Praying to God is my only resource.
0 #3 Tony 2009-07-30 22:44
tony_teen said...

This is the same strategy being adopted in itlay as we speak .. they have raised the drinking to 16 now.... :-). but it seems that no one is really worried that the young crowd has lost all moral dignity.. at least here in italy it seems that they have succeeded in totally dumbing down a once intelligent population
0 #4 Philip Jones 2009-07-30 22:44
To Anonymous:

I agree; Prayer is a powerful comfort in these times. Perhaps we can help each other by the use of that other great comforter; communication. Feel free to leave feedback whenever and often.

I am grateful for your time and company.

To Tony,

Yes my friend, it is the same all over. They have separated man from his mate, and life just isn't the same without her.

There is hope Tony, and you are a testament to that hope.

Be safe,

0 #5 Philip Jones 2009-07-30 22:45
Dear Rebecca,

Thanks for you passionate reply which I concur with 100%.

When I was in the Police, and they were introducing all the affirmative action thing. I often wondered how the women officer and minority applicants could bear the condescension.

I just could not.

Divide and rule, it the crux of things, and they have split man from his mate, and we miss her so very much.


0 #6 Peter Sharpen 2009-07-30 22:45
Peter Sharpen said...
I agree with what you say, Philip.

Feminism is a political movement. It has nothing to do with being feminine or womanhood. It was design to denegrate male and female to produce humanoids.

Where have (nearly) all the women gone
0 #7 Philip Jones 2009-07-30 22:46
Dear Peter,

Exactly, and thanks for taking the time to write. I have just been explaining this to a friend from Italy, regarding a truly blatant piece of NWO propaganda regarding an Afghan woman who is supposedly fighting against all the `oppression` women suffer there.

I have close contacts with many Muslims here in Denmark, and several hail from Afghanistan. I have been given access to their wives and interviewed them, and one gets a very different picture when one hears their account of life as a Muslim woman. Furthermore, I know people involved in `Aid` work down there and they are all insistent that the stories of female victimisation are bogus.

My associate, Pervaiz Jamal who is a columnist on this site cmes from the Afghani border woth Pakistan and he has much to say about this one.

We are dealing with more NWO `bs` and people, especially female people suck it all up.

Anyway, I hope you will visit this site frequently and give us the benefit of your opinions.


0 #8 Kate 2009-07-30 22:47
Hello Philip

Nice to see your piece on Rense.

As a woman who believes passionately that women must not be counted as less than men, I completely agree with you. I am not and never have been a feminist. Just a humanist in the broadest sense.

Your article comes on a day when it's reported that very young girls are expelled from UK schools for violence and sexual assaults - and that the pay gap between men and women in the UK is actually growing.

What's going on here? Utter lunacy as far as I can see.

Badly behaved kids are the product of enforced nursery dumping by stupid mothers who believe that they MUST go to work a month after the baby is born. (Prove me wrong, naysayers. I am quoting recent, academic, formal research - and anecdotal evidence from a family member who struggles to teach nursery school children, many of whom have severe behavioural problems).

The pay gap? Well, that just tells us that the only reason governments and business have encouraged 'feminism' is to drive down wages, for both women and men. There is no genuine action for parity.

Oh yes, and Esther Rantzen's *&*$£ Childline was the worst thing that could have happened to us normal, caring parents (the vast majority of us Immediately one asked one's children to do some chore or other, out came the Childline card like a football referee's yellow card. Followed by a threat to call Childline because of 'abuse'. All parental discipline was out the window...

My sense is that this is all going to get much much worse...
0 #9 Philip Jones 2009-07-30 22:48
Dear Kate,

A letter from a British lady. How marvellous! Most of my correspondence seems to come from North America, which is of course just as welcome, but for a British man cast adrift as I am here in Denmark, it is nice to get a sense of home.

Feminism is and always was a `psy op` on the western nations designed to separate man from his mate. The old divide and rule ploy and hasn't it worked well?

I spent fifteen years in the Police Force, ten of them in London, three of those on the Central London Juvenile Burea, and can you imagine the things I have seen first hand?

In truth, out hearts are bleeding aren't they Kate. Bleeding for a country lost, and a sense of departed righteousness.

I hail from South Wales and grew up in fairly poor circumstances. My father was a steelworker and Mam raised us both. I left home at around 17rs and joined the Military, then later the `force.`

In 1995, I sustained a back injury on duty which ended my career, and caused my Danish wife to grasp at her chance to return home, and take me with her.

We both realised that was a mistake, but you know how it is. The years go by and one makes a life.

But Denmark gave me time; time to think, time to read and time to collect my thoughts, and then time to write them down.

There are few who can stay with me as I push ahead, not because I am particularly brilliant, or anything remotely like it, but because I have no regard for political correction at all, and most have been so inculcated with the thing, that they cannot help but balk at much of what I write.

We are in serious trouble, and it is only by speaking about it and sharing, forming alliances, and breaking down manipulated prejudices, that we can even begin to hope to avoid calamity, if indeed that ship hasn't already sailed.

I hope this isn't the last time you come and visit, what is a small operation.

Some of what I write will startle you. Just remember; the words come from a man whose feet are planted very firmly, and who has seen life at the sharp end. No conspiracy theories here. If it isn't provable, at least to a high degree of probability, I don't write about it.

Thanks for writing,

0 #10 Elder George 2009-07-30 22:48
Hi Phil,

You STATED the problem but are counting on the government to REMEDY it. Thinking that crated an issue cannot be used to resolve that issue. Until Western man recognizes that patriarchy is the only natural societal relationship he will never be able to resolve his issues. I invite you to check our website at our website at It is receiving increased interest from the UK and perhaps we can work together to bring about change among those who understand the fundamental issue.

Elder George
0 #11 Deltager 2009-07-30 22:49
Anonymous said...
Gender equality is a fairy tale that is ungrounded in reality. Men are better than women in everything except a few specific biological things such as childbirth.

The original pioneer feminists were anything but altruistic: gender equality was the excuse, female supremacy was the objective.

The solution for men is to go their own way, and avoid marriage at all costs.

0 #12 Philip Jones 2009-07-30 22:49
Reply to `Elder George.`

I am aware of your site.

If you read my articles, you will realise I do not expect governnment, which is the visible face of the enemy to fix anything.

Reply to Anon.

Your idea is as ludicrous as feminism. Men and women were created to share each others lives and create new life. Can it be that you are unaware of the `Depopulation Agenda.`

We have problems enough reproducing ourselves without another `knee jerk` reaction separating us even more so.

What I have found during my years researching the Illuminati agenda is that one of the reasons for their success is that they are masters in the `divide and rule` stategy.

They have certainly done that with regards to men and women. Another aside to this is the way people tend to focus on one particular issue, rather than take in the `big picture.`

If you read this site, then you will get yourself a very `panoramic` overview on the war being conducted against mankind.

You are reacting to the dialectical trap which has been set for you, and are playing the puppet to the puppet masters.

Think a little first.

As for myself, the last thing I would wish for is a world where men `go their own way.`

It's bad enough as it is now. Think `depopulation agenda,` read my series `To Kill A Tree,` and awaken to the reality of our perilous situation.

Thanks to both for visiting.


PS. Mysogyny is a sickness.
+1 #13 Philip Jones 2009-07-30 22:50
Please read my `To Kill A Tree, ` series. then you will appreciate that nobody understands patriarchy clearly than this writer.

But the clock cannot be turned back, without armed revolution an imposed tyranny, which is what we are trying to avoid. No one would wish for a return to the kind of household I was raised in more than I.

But it's not going to happen.

What we must do is make women understand that there is no greater validation and life course, than being a wife and mother.

0 #14 Jean Bush 2009-07-30 22:51
Dear Philip,

Finally, I am getting back to you on this. I'm sorry I took so long. This is a very disturbing article.

Our young girls have lost the ability and the certainty of knowing who they really are. They are young ladies and as such should be being raised knowing what behavior is expected of them, act like a lady, dress nicely, not like a slut, don't be loud and aggressive, don't let the boys put their hands all over you, in other words be a lady, not one of the boys. I was raised with those simple admonitions and didn't turn out so bad.

But nowadays girls are being suckled at the bitter teat of radical feminism, that disastrous and "uneven" equality and competition with men. And the fathers, to their endless horror, are scrambling as far away from them as they can get.

The fathers of these young girls nowadays, what fathers that are left, being married to these feminist mothers, hesitate and cringe before the task of instructing their daughters in how a real man should treat them. This lack of guidance is having disastrous results.

As this killing agenda of the Illuminati continues to deny young girls their natural inclinations for love, marriage and family, too many girls are finding a gnawing and frightening anger simmering in them, and they become more and more inclined towards the behavior of the already out-of-control boys and young men, thinking that this is their only outlet.

Blood is flowing in the streets, Philip, and is being spilled by our own children. And you are right:

"What we must do is make women understand that there is no greater validation and life course, than being a wife and mother."

0 #15 Anon 2009-07-31 01:38
Anonymous said...
What can be done? If someone mentions the facts, they are ridiculed. As we are moving into Satanism, we are ridiculed.
Praying to God is my only resource.

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