Humility, is what everybody hates


Humility, is what everybody hates.
Compiled by Rene' Descartes   July 2009

You cannot really learn unless you are humble. Period. You cannot grow unless you are humble. Period. To be humiliated, which is often looked at as a "bad" thing is actually a great goodness. Being appreciated, given attention to, glorified, praised - those are harmful to humility. Humiliation could be the greatest gift someone could give to you. To be willing to be a fool, and to really see and admit mistakes, and shortcomings, is what makes true greatness in anything.


Humility is the opposite of being egotistical, or self-centred. It is the way of true love, being receptive to God, surrendering to the Universal Spirit, the Universal Will, flowing, and being in harmony with the Universe. Humility is the most endearing and beautiful quality. It is the most important quality you could ever have, either as a student, or as a true teacher serving God.

To a person who lags humility, ‘appearing' to ‘be right' is more important than actually ‘being right' (which might require admitting making a mistake in order to correct one self so they can actually be right) A person who is humble, doesn't ‘personally' or ‘selfishly' care if they are right or wrong, they are just concerned with being right for the sake of helping others, thus they are more often right than wrong, and will more quickly correct mistakes if they find they are wrong.

They also seek perfection in the service of God, and welcome criticism of others, so that they may help correct mistakes they have missed.

Having the ‘attention' of others, is also important to those who lack humility.

Ego-ism, Self-centeredness, pride (in the sense of being personally proud), and its close relative, vanity, are the opposite qualities of humility. The egotistical and self-centered person wants to control everything ‘his or her way', and sees his or her self as the most important thing there is - and the thing which all other things, and all other beings, revolve around. The prideful person wants credit for their accomplishments.

The humble person attributes all of their successes, capabilities and accomplishments, to simple facts of reality, or God working through them, rather than to their own prideful abilities.

The person who gives importance to physical appearances also doesn't understand the beauty of humility.

Rather than the egotistical attitude of the separate self, which is one of being a great mountain, humility is having an attitude of being a receptive little valley. Nature wears down the great mountain, and fills the valley with rich topsoil, lakes, ands abundance. Thus a person who is truly humble, and in need, cannot be passed by, and is made great by God.

Nature abhors a vacuum. A cup must be empty before it can be filled. A humble person, who is not full of their own self-centered thoughts and information, is able to be filled with wisdom from the Universal Spirit.

A person with a humble attitude, learns very quickly, adapts to situations easily and quickly, ‘flows' with whatever changes presented to them by life or people, and can communicate and relate to others better than anyone else.  Why? Simply because they ‘get out of their own way'.  They get their ‘self' out of the way of dealing with the rest of the world and reality. Thus, their separateness doesn't wall off their openness to others, or anything in life, nature, or the Universe.

Rather than putting time and energy into ‘themselves', or defending themselves or their ideas, they keep an open mind and consider the input of others. They also don't wall off their own unselfish love and compassion for others.

Often, people, like animals, will seek to establish a ‘pecking order' amongst other people. Everyone wants to consider themselves more evolved or ‘higher', than the other. Generally, the ones that are most concerned with this are the least humble, and thus the least evolved. Jesus emphasized this at the last supper. It was the custom to wash the dust of a guest's feet, but the apostles were all too ‘important' to lower themselves to wash the other's feet.

So Jesus did it, shocking them, and driving home the important point of humility, reminding them that, ‘the greatest among you would be the servant to all'.

In the end, those who make it their priority to be ‘number one' will be the last, and those who's priority is to be humble, will be number one (and not care whether or not they are number one). The lag of humility is exactly what killed traditional Religion.

Their arrogance and self-importens became self-destructive.

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