Why orthodox Religion has failed?


In this material and intellectual world?

Compiled by Rene' Descartes  June 2009

What you will read below may upset many of you, but we have to cut to the chase and be blunt, and strait to the point, to avoid any misunderstandings, and to be diplomatic would only have obscured the truth. It is also to help you with your time restraint, because your time is running out, fast and you don't even know.

The word religion (re-ligament) means RE-BINDING, or AGAIN TIE TOGEATHER. This clearly indicate that the purpose and objective of religions is to somehow AGAIN-BIND MAN TO THE CREATOR or to guide us to become ONE with the Creator. Also called At-One-ment. Religion were ment to explain to us, show us and teach us the way to achieve this re-binding, or supposedly become One. On this issue, all religions have clearly and sadly been udder failures.

AGAIN-BINDING, also indicate that we once were bound together. That we once were One, and was subsequently separated, or parted our ways from each other and ‘the One', or was lost, or failed and now have to return, or be re-bound again for some totally unexplained reason. Just look at the world to day, if this is not a failure, then what is? Yes most Religions have sadly been failures, and it appears that they were made to be so.

To help you find the answers of how to become ‘One with' the Creator again, let's start looking at it in a totally different way.                                              Let's use reason and logic, be sensible, rational, constructive, uplifting, helpful, timely, kind and loving.

Let's ponder, wonder, contemplate and ask the relevant questions?

Let's be brave. Let's use Physics, philosophy, spirituality, Comparative religion, and our common sense and knowledge in our pursuit of understanding, reason and purpose for our existence and our Being and our life. Let's forget about the traditional dogma and theology, which has clearly and truly failed already.

We do not try, in any way, to negate the dogmatic religious teachings; we only try to clarify the purpose and meaning of Religion, and hopefully help you achieve what religion should have had, but didn't. That is, connecting you with your source, if that is what you want, as well as presenting the interesting and revealing truth we found.

Most religions have created so many useless rituals, traditions,  symbols and funny costumes, gowns and hats, that all the teachings of ‘re-binding' is totally lost, hidden, or forgotten.

The true purpose of most religious rituals and traditions, has apparently been to mesmerise (to hypnotic entertain) the ignorant masses, collect some loot, and making sure that the mob knew nothing about what religion was ment to do, of which most Christian denominations as well as many other belief systems have clearly, and sadly, been very, very successful.

How can anybody think that any rituals, traditions, symbols, costumes, hats, golden candle holders and cliché sayings can

"re-bind" Man and God? Get real. Only the truth can. The question is what truth is it that is needed in helping you to become ‘One' again?

There is a lot of irrelevant information that is the truth, ask any perfectionists, but what is the useful information we need to know? What can help you now? What truth is useful at this time in your life to achieve what you need to achieve?

So many religions amplify the teachers of old while minimizing their teachings, what travesty. They amplify the messenger, but totally forget to teach the message, of how to achieve this ‘Oneness'. The many different Christian denominations, if not most, worship Jesus, while totally forgetting his message to "Love one another "unselfishly" as I loved you"! That was one of his teachings, and clearly, only very few Christians do that.

Do you really think that the humble Galilean would want to be praised, worshipped and adored? He is not a golden calf and would reject this primitive pagan ritual in a split second. Would a brother want a brother to worship him? Certainly not. Love and kindness, friendliness, helpfulness and mercy and of cause honesty yes, but not any pagan worship and lib service, in a vain attempt to gain favours, which is what praise, worship and adoration really has become and is.

We also know that most people are truly well meaning, but many are misled and misguided by a few.

What is it you don't know? What is it they have not told you about? And if you do get to know what ‘it' is, will you do what it takes to achieve it? And become what religion was ment to help you become? What is it you have to learn, or do, or think, or say, or whatever, what attitude do you have to attain so you can be ‘One' again? If that truly is your real purpose for being here?  Only the truth can help you find out what it is. Only the truth will enlighten you and teach you what the purpose of life and love are all about, which then result in the proverbial re-binding.

To look in old books and scriptures, can help you learn from other people's many failures or few successes in the past, as well as a few words of wisdom that has been cleverly interwoven, (to make them believable), into the many otherwise unenlightened streams of useless information and lies, misinterpretations, mistranslations, misunderstandings, superstitions, outright deceits and misprints that so many scriptures entertain, both old and new scriptures.

But you are here now, and you will have to achieve something fast, to be able to meet the future as it was planed for you in the beginning. This should be your focus and objective, this is what religion should have taught you, but didn't, wouldn't or couldn't. 

If you ask the right questions, you shall find the truth, and it is only the truth can set you free from the deceptions and errors. The flip side of this is, if you don't ask the any questions you won't receive any truth, whatsoever, and you can never be set free from your ignorance.

You must also choose your teachers/priests/politicians or Sages, wisely, and if somebody tries to "Push" their insight and understanding like hot air down your neck, it is only their hopeful assumptions. The truth is always self-evident and provable, but it is not so with assumptions or wishful thinking.

When someone asks you to have faith in something, be cautious. Faith assumes the possibility of doubt; but knowledge implies certainty. To hope, really bad and sincerely, that some teaching, dogma, concept or belief system is the real and indisputable truth is what is called faith. It has nothing to do with knowledge or understanding what-so-ever. It may be truth, or it may not be the truth, but to hope really badly that something is the truth, is simply not good enough and it certainly does not make it the truth. In fact it can stunt you development to a large degree.

Faith is a form of wishful thinking.                                               For anybody, to specifically choose faith, instead of knowledge and understanding, is somewhat like escaping reality. They dear not ask the necessary questions, or they fear that the answers could possible make them feel foolish. Any way, it implies doubt and uncertainty, both of which are levels of ignorance and wishful thinking. They also hate to admit their own ignorance and that they don't have all the answers, so faith is the cheep way out. But worse of all, it stops you asking all the questions you need answers for.

If a Pastor or Politician asks you to have faith in something, it generally means that he cannot explain the subject due to his own lagging knowledge and his own doubt. If they could tell you the truth, we are sure that they would, in which case, no faith is needed, but sadly many times, a pastor or politician will assume that something is the truth, and then tell his assumption to his congregation as if it were the truth, instead of telling that it is only an assumption. Some of the craziest utterances throughout mankind's history were done in assumptious faith, not with knowledge. When the Witches were burned it was done in faith, and they assumed they were Witches. It was clearly not with knowledge.

The question is: Isn't it better to have knowledge and be certain of your insight and spiritual understanding, than whishing and hoping really bad that it is the truth, and having faith??  Surely, nobody would ever choose ignorance. However Faith does

To look in old books can help some times, but don't overestimate that by any stretch. In days of old, people were just as partial to record their assumptions and thoughts as if they were the cosmic truth, not knowing what it was, just as people do today. They do this because most people hate to admit that they don't know some things. But only the truth can set you free, not faith, so ask and you will receive.

They tell you: two thousand years ago a man by the name of Jesus Christ, who had no earthly father (immaculately conceived), who descended from David ("according to the flesh"???, Matt. 1:16) came "down" and "he died for your sins". By this they are telling you that God is a God of anger and he is a God of wrath and that he punishes the innocent and reward the guilty. What we are also being told is that because Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross, God is going to forgive everybody forever for everything they have ever done, and they are saying that God himself demanded it.

Are you confused?

This is pure priestcraft and these are the stories they tell. 

There are 13 friends and one of them is innocent and without sin; the rest of them are born in sin and are sinners. In order for the 12 to be saved and forgiven, the last one (the innocent one) will have to be sacrificed. This is what they say that God demands and only by sacrificing the innocent one will the rest be saved. Even our own legal system of justice, corrupt and flawed as it is at times, has not thought of punishing and executing the innocent for the crimes of the guilty so the sinners can go free. Well, do you still think they are telling you the truth, or do you think that their interpretations are misinterpretations?

No wonder that a Papal letter is called a Bull.                          

You don't go to heaven, you grow to heaven, carried on the shoulders of the people you have been compassionate, kind and loving towards. However, people are slowly getting smart enough to catch the trends of the dark, reptilian-like powers that dwell in high places. Political and religious dogma is not truth; it is simply an enthusiastically promoted understanding of truth according to the best of someone's belief based on the level of their comprehension at the time of input.

It does not matter where the truth comes from; the truth in Playboy magazine is just as valid as the truth from the Bible or from any other source. 

It is the erroneous information that we are given, intertwined with truth, that leads us down the path of confusion, error and which wastes our time and energy. Half truths are lies as well.

Give the following some thought.

There are about 34 very, very different versions of the Christian Bible in English at the present time, which we know of, and more get published all the time, each one of them translated, transliterated and explained by people with very different motives, insight and understanding.

Some call The Bible ‘The word of God', but the fact is that a multitude of unknown

How could some unknown scribes write the Bible which is now called the word of God? Would the 34 new scribes who wrote the new Bibles in English (and hundred others in other nationalities) of to day, be any better than the many original ones, or worse?

The question is which of the 34 very different versions are the most correct? Which one presents the most truths and relevant teachings, or the most misunderstandings and lies, of which all the versions have some of?

Every word of truth in the Bible as well as everywhere else is from the universal consciousness/God. Every thing else in the Bible as well as everywhere else, comes from lesser enlightened persons, and is not the word of God. What ever you read, Bible or Playboy, think about what you read, make up your own mind, don't just believe it if it doesn't make sense, don't be so gullible.

The teachings the Perfect or truly Enlightened ones gives give us, is always about the near future, and what we will have to do in the future to reach this same perfection, enlightenment, understanding and "Re-binding".

What ever you here from priests, politicians or whoever, think about what you here, don't just believe it if it doesn't make any sense, make up your own mind. That is what your mind is for. 

Jesus called the scribes of his day for vipers and sons of Satan. He loaded their religion because they were misusing the truth in it, and using the lies in it. Even the Old Testament warns us and say, ‘behold, the false pen of the scribes has made it all into a lie'. The Bible also says, ‘The letter killeth, but the spirit gives life'. Man, the offspring of the creator, may diffuse writings, disseminate or alter some truth so as to cause half a truth to appear as a living truth. Most scriptures are documents made up by some scribes, well meaning but limited in comprehension. The people, who own the printing presses that print the Bible scriptures of to day, are highly suspect as well. As result, traditional religion has mostly failed, and most people are seeing religion through smoked mirrors, spiritually speaking. In fact, if you don't get out of church and synagogue, you will never find God. But don't get tempted to throw God out with the bath water. The truth, life and love come only from one source.

Truth, life and love are the only things that matters and you don't know what the truth is, or what life is about, or the power of love.

Don't get us wrong, the truths written in the Old and New Testament are from the universal consciousness of God, but not so with the many lies and claims, or the rituals and traditions of many of the followers and practitioners. They apparently, are somewhat un-enlightened. Even to day, they will amplify the personality of the spiritual teachers of old, and minimize what they said to enlighten us, and what their messages was. That is sadly, and clearly Idolizing. Christ also doesn't want worship or praise or other forms of Idolising gibberish. All he asks for is mercy, kindness and that we love one another. In the book of John, Christ said, "For this I was borne, for this I came into being, to bear witness to the truth", He did not come for his good looks, or to hang on the cross, and he did not want to be worshiped in any way, or start a new religion or have followers. He came to bear witness to the truth, because that is the only thing that can help you achieve the ‘re-binding. The other teachers of his day were clearly lying.

Ask yourselves if it makes sense to you that Christ can die for your sins, as "they" tell you?  Because, if he could and did, you will obviously not have to reap what you have sown in your life? Would you? And you will not have to be forgiven for anything from anybody either, would you??

Or did he die because of the sins of the Pharisee rabbis including Paul who demanded his arrest and his crucifixion? Read your Bible, what ever version you have.

There is no religion greater than the truth. And the truth never fears investigation. Be grateful for the Greatest Teacher ever, thank him in your prayers, but learn and try to understand his teachings, find out for yourself if the teachings are the truth, or not, otherwise his life was wasted, because he ‘came' so that we would know what the truth is. Try to understand the message and give thanks to the messenger.

He also said, "You are Gods, all of you are sons of the most high". This should make you think and look in a new direction.

Life progresses through a series of experiences and decision crossroads. When ever we have to make a decision or decide on choices, we really ought to ask our selves, "What would God want me to do? What would his choice be?"

And mean it. Then the universal consciousness, the spark of God within yourself, will give you the answer clearly. If you ask for a yes or a no answer, he will scream at you. When you se the homeless, the destitute, people in despair who need help, etc. why don't you ask yourself this question. What would God want me to do with his other children?  What would the Creator of all want me to do with the rest of his creation? Surely, you should not in any way ‘Des-carte' what he created, or his loving creation. Do you really want to become a loving companion and co-creator with God or stay separate from Him? And don't let your selfishness get in the way.                                                                                       

Others think they are telling the truth when they tell you their point of view and what is on their minds, but that is rarely the case.        If they can get you asking the wrong questions, then they don't have to worry about the real answers.                                                        You must truly cease to rely on all authority and start thinking for yourselves. The real authority is within yourself as conscious awareness.

All human nature has one thing in common; they only operate at full potential when their concerns are directed away from self-preoccupation and towards the assistance of their less fortunate brothers.

Knowledge not lived is sin, sin of omission. You will, in no uncertain terms, have to reap what you sow. If you know that you should do something and you don't do it, then you will be held accountable for it.

If the information you read is helpful, then give it a try; if not, leave it alone. We can only serve those who seek help. If you think that spirituality is static, and all about it has been revealed and that you know it all, then you have been indoctrinated. Please understand that most theologians, scientists, politicians, lawmakers and teachers are indoctrinators who only teach their own dogma, instead of the full spectrum of spiritual knowledge where every morally mature man must come to his own conclusions.

Originally it was their task to educate on spiritual matters, not to indoctrinate as they do now. In the hands of a skilful indoctrinator, the average seeker or student not only thinks what the indoctrinator wants him to think, but is positive that he has arrived at his thoughts by his own spiritual insight and intellectual means. Now don't waste your time finding out about things that do not help you get rid of your selfishness. Time, times and half time have long since gone, as has the end time. In the last few years we have been living in a dispensation. In fact, we will have to face no time shortly.

Without Love, the earth will die, trust me, and at the present time there isn't much of it around, is there? Love is the glue that is supposed to hold all of us together and do the re-binding, that is why he said; love one another, unselfishly as I love you.

For more insight, read "The Force of Destiny"

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