Consciousness, the real scoop


Compiled by Rene' Descartes June 2009

Revelation of the hidden insight.

Many people write and talk about consciousness as if all their readers and listeners know exactly what Consciousness really is, or what it means. Just like when a priest says that you have a Soul that can go to heaven or hell. Well, most people don't have a clue of what Consciousness is, or what a Soul is. Do they?

If you ask 100 people what they think Consciousness or Soul is you will get 100 different answers. Most people don't even know what they really are. Sad, isn't it?


We stress that this short script is not about New Age or Religious mumbo-jumbo, it's about the reality, logic and reason, and unfortunately we had to use some religious phrases, words and terminology, but only to help you grasp the big picture better. 

So, here is the real scoop.

Consciousness and Life goes hand in hand. If you are alive you are consciously aware to a degree, and if you are consciously aware, at whatever level, you are alive. Your Consciousness, is your level of understanding, awareness, insight and grasp.

It has been called many things throughout history and time.

This is what you really are; you are not the primate body you look at in a mirror with a tie or a mini skirt, you are pure Conscious awareness and life.

Some people have more insight and understanding of this, some have less. The basis of all Consciousness is Life, and when Consciousness leaves your body, it dies. Without life, there is no Consciousness. Both Life and Consciousness are ‘eternal'. (Has always been, will always be).

There are three basic levels of mankind's conscious mind; this is not three separate conscious minds, but more like three levels or layers of awareness of the one universal consciousness. And life permeate all three layers totally.

The three levels are:
1. Physical consciousness/intellect;
2. Sub consciousness; and
3. Universal Consciousness.

Let us define each.


(Also called the separate selfish self, and Brain-power)

The physical conscious mind is the level with which we are most familiar. It is the level within which our personality and three-dimensional self develops and has much of its activity.

The physical, conscious mind, also called intelligence and intellect, is the accumulation of what has been learned in this life, even if you don't understand it, or your learning was wrong. It is accumulated and stored in memory cells in the brain of your primate body. This is a primate brain with a twist. It is all the knowledge your intellect possesses, but it is not the wisdom to use that knowledge in righteousness and with love. (‘Wisdom' is the old Biblical word for truthful and helpful information from the higher Consciousness)

The physical, conscious mind/intellect is dependent upon the activity experienced by our senses. All the sensory inputs directly influence your intellect and physical conscious mind. The conscious mind is good at focusing on details, discerning the finer facts of one pattern from another. It is capable of focusing on something in particular and ignoring what surrounds it. And when we focus our attention, we are performing an act of separation, saying yes to what we want to attend to and no to everything else. The conscious mind is the mind of sense discrimination. 

All misunderstandings, superstitions and erroneous thoughts are part of your intelligence, or lack thereof. We get it (our intelligence) from our life experiences, books, conversations, TV, the world around us etc.

The biggest problem with physical consciousness/intellect, in the brain, is that it can be polluted very easily with misinformation, no information, superstitions and lies, but worst of all, chemicals which impair the memory and function of the grey mush. If you, for example, brush your teeth with fluoride, your brain short circuits somewhat, you will get attention deficit disorder to a degree and you simply won't be able to figure things out as easily any longer. The same happens with MSG, Aspartame and all forms of vaccinations.

When you can't think clearly, or when your brain has been made to not think clearly with chemicals, then you regress.

The intellect can only look at, and find, potentials and possibilities of all your experiences and input, and can only work within the available physical capabilities of your brain, but from this physical experience only.

You must also be concerned with your physical, conscious thoughts, and redirect them if needs be. To do that, you need to use your free will. Your thoughts, right or wrong, truth or lies, are also registered in your subconscious. The twist is that many of your thoughts surface from your subconscious without your consent.

Your physical conscious mind and intellect contain your personality, which will die when your body does. But your individuality, which is of the Soul, will continue through many experiences.

Physical consciousness and intellect is what separates each of us from the other. It is physical in nature and is situated in the brain. Only that which was registered in your subconscious memory will survive. Your physical consciousness was symbolised by the outer court in the Temple of Solomon. (Solo-man = Only-man).


The subconscious mind is that part of our mind that bridges the outer self and the spiritual self. The subconscious is both in the body through the autonomic system, and beyond the body in the soul's realms of telepathy, non-physical life and timelessness. This subconscious mind is the mind of the soul. As the mind of our outer self is the conscious mind (intellect) and that portion containing slivers of our personality, so the subconscious mind contains our developing individuality, which is our true self.

The subconscious mind is subjective, while the conscious mind is objective. Our conscious mind focuses on external appearances. Its world is the objective reality of the senses.

The subconscious mind accepts internal appearances. What seems true to us from a subjective viewpoint is reality to the subconscious. While objective reality seems to be the master of the conscious mind, the subconscious is the servant of our subjective reality.

Your subconscious controls all automatic, physical reactions and systems in your body such as heartbeats, breathing etc. It is specific in its information; everything is either black or white, on or off, good or bad etc. In fact, it is something like a mindless robot; it only obeys and understands things literally. It doesn't figure things out, interpret or know what you mean. It is also where the memory of your lifetime of many experiences are stored, and includes superstitions, beliefs, errors, misconceptions etc. So, it is somewhat like a garbage bin.

The subconscious mind is very powerful, and constantly gives you impulsive reactions and a continuous stream of thoughts. These can include strong impulses for your emotions, likes, dislikes, hate, fears and already formed decisions and judgments, ideas, and physical actions of all kinds, like temper tantrums which are just one example of those physical emotional impulses. Most of what is in your subconscious mind has not been programmed by you, and would not have been your choice if you knew that you could choose. Whether thoughts or emotional promptings, they pass unnoticed from your subconscious into your physical, conscious awareness.

The subconscious mind does remember its past experiences but, as you shall see, (below) there is a very good reason why the conscious mind is spared that rather dubious privilege.

Your individuality is part of your subconscious mind, and continues after your body dies. The subconscious mind is connected to and is part of all other subconscious minds. It is also your dream domain, is metaphysical in nature and continues when the body dies. It symbolises the inner court in the temple of Solomon.


The Universal Conscious mind, by some called the super-Consciousness or the Christ Consciousness, is a very important concept to grasp. It is that awareness that exists within each and every soul. It is the pattern imprinted on the mind, waiting to be awakened by the free will, of the soul's oneness with the creator. This awareness is ingrained, or pre-built into the mind, and when awakened by the right use of free will, the person realises his oneness with the universal mind.  

This Universal consciousness, works something like an instinct? It is already there inside us; it just takes the right stimulus to bring it out. It is the same with the universal consciousness.

The Universal Conscious mind in all of us is the portion made in the image of the creator, as recorded in Genesis. It is that portion of us that is godlike. The Universal Conscious mind is separate from anything earthly, and only makes its presence known or is knowable when the soul-self lifts itself and portions of the conscious mind up into the vast, expansive level that is the Super-Conscious. If we want to awaken the imprinted pattern of that awareness, we just need the right stimulus. In this case, the right stimulus is the application of our free will in a specific way, by being unselfishly kind and loving. And this is what is so hard for most people. This is what we want from and expect of other people, but we seldom like to do it ourselves.

The Universal Consciousness is a soul pattern that exists within each soul because all souls, including the Christ soul, were created in the same mould. The Christ Consciousness, incidentally, was created as a pattern for all others. The Christ soul never forgot its oneness with the creator, yet voluntarily went through cycles of incarnations and got lost in materialism. It did this to be able to Consciously find its way back to a conscious relationship with the Creator. The Universal Consciousness symbolises the Holiest of Holies in the Temple of Solomon.

Soul is the developing portion of our whole nature. It is ever changing, growing and learning, and uses free will to explore, create, test, discover and more. Soul is the ultimate companion to the creator, a true companion, because it has the free will to choose whether to be a companion or not. The soul is also uniquely able to bridge the gulf between the spiritual realms and the physical realms, between our divine, godly self and our earthly self-consciousness. The mind of the soul is the subconscious. It may operate independently of the Universal Consciousness of the Creator. (At least, it is allowed to think it does. After all, there is no way to actually be outside of the whole) Or, it may act in harmony and conscious at-oneness with the Universal Consciousness.


It may be easier for you to understand Universal Consciousness if you first understand Separate Consciousness, which is what physical consciousness/intellect also is. You will then at least have an idea what Universal Consciousness is not. And you will be able to relate more to, and understand, Separate Consciousness-because that is what you have right now. 

Let's begin with one of the fundamental effects of separate consciousness, a person's individual, separate point of view.  We've all heard phrases like "From where I sit ....",  or "Walk a mile in my shoes..." etc. These are common references to the significance of having separate and different points of view. A person's point of view can mean two things viz. 1) literally the point from which a person sees things or 2) a person's opinion. A person's opinion is based on a combination of #1 and the person's programmed beliefs. Let's first look closer at #1, the point aspect. Most individuals have a limited point of view dictated by the very fact that they are separate individuals. 

They each see things from a different place, a different point; and they only see from their separate individual place. There are as many places that a person will see from as there are people. The trouble is that seeing from one place only doesn't allow you to see the whole picture, or the big picture. This example, of course, is not one of even seeing things with universal consciousness - seeing from a universally broad point of view. However, in a small way, having a point of view that is as broad as possible allows us to better perceive reality, to see more truth.

A broad point of view can help us better understand others; better understand the world, and ultimately the entire universe. If our point of view is broad enough, we are better able to understand other points of view. We can then more easily communicate or interact with others and vice versa. The broader the reader's point of view, the more he will perceive what is really written (within limits). But still, it will affect the subconscious, and the inner being in each reader. And it may affect the consciousness of those with fertile ground for the seeds. Yet, it goes both ways.

When we talk about the state of a person's consciousness, we are essentially talking about the state of his awareness of the world around him.  And as such, a person's consciousness is directly related to the way he views, interprets, understands and interacts with everyone and everything around him. A person's point of view is affected by both the state of his consciousness, and his beliefs and programming. 

Beliefs and programming are usually in sync with a one's level of consciousness. However, consciousness is dominant, and if there is a shift to a higher or lower state, the new consciousness can alter and override one's beliefs and programming in order to match the new level of consciousness. Every human being is obviously an individual self. And most people are both conscious that they are an individual self, and believe that their individual self is separate from other people and everything else in the universe. Thus, people generally have separate self-consciousness, and live their lives based on this consciousness. So it is self-consciousness that creates separate consciousness.   

With regard to a point of view, having separate self-consciousness means having a point of view that is limited to seeing things from only one place, the place where the separate self is at. This can mean seeing things from an actual physical point of view that is limited to just the place where the person is located, or it can mean seeing things from a point of view that's limited by the person's beliefs and programming. In any case, when a person has separate self-consciousness the point of view is very limited and the perspective is narrow.

There are varying degrees of narrow-mindedness of course, but even the broadest point of view that comes from just one person with separate self-consciousness must be limited and incomplete, because it is a view that is still from only one place, only from that one separate self. Thus, it is a point of view that will have limited understanding. And if a person has such limited understanding, what kind of thoughts are they limited to? And if their thoughts are from such limited perception and understanding, what kind of action will they take regarding other people, and the world around them? For the answer to that, just look around at the world. The problem is that most people are too arrogant to know what they don't know.

Separate self-consciousness, because of its limitations and narrow- mindedness, compartmentalises its perceptions of the world into pieces that are extensions of itself. Everything in your immediate world becomes an extension of you, of your separate self. For instance, there is your neighbourhood, your town, your county, your province, your country, your part of the world (and, depending on your socio-economic status, possibly your gang's turf). Because the separate self relates to these as extensions of itself, most people support their country, for instance, just because it is their country. 

Sure, they come up with reasons why their country is the best or most important. But the problem is, many people believe that their country is IT, the best, the most important, the most right, regardless of any reason to think so or not. And by so doing, they care less about other countries, and the people of those other countries. And if everyone's country is the best, who's right?  They can't all be right. This phenomenon is even worse when it comes to a person's outlook on religion. Many people think theirs is the only right religion (and thus the only one that will provide salvation for anyone else) and actually hate other religions and their practitioners.

When there is more than one religion claiming to be the only right one, it creates a question of who's right and who's wrong, and the dilemma of choosing the right one, or facing the consequences of having chosen the wrong one (not getting into heaven, going to hell etc). What country starts a war thinking that they're in the wrong? All of these perceptions and beliefs originate from separate selves and the territories they consider extensions of themselves.

Almost everyone favours not just their country, but all the extensions of their separate selves - they favour their race, their ethnic group, their school, their local team, their political party etc. Although precious few people have begun to expand their self-consciousness to include bigger pictures, this still falls far short of universal consciousness. The efforts of such people can be a total waste of time, or even harmful, without universal consciousness. The human race barely cares about people let alone plants and animals. Those with separate self-consciousness will defend their views with twisted logic. 

It all depends on what our separate selves consider extensions or relations of themselves, or have a selfish stake in. All these expansions of consciousness are steps toward the ultimate expansive and caring consciousness, universal consciousness. But they are still all variations of separate self-consciousness - limited by so many constraints, destructive and riddled with mistakes. Oh, how many tears have been shed in the wake of things going wrong, and the cry is echoed, "But I was only trying to help." The fact is, all things in the universe are essentially made of the same stuff and are totally interdependent and connected. 

So we cannot be truly separate from the rest of the universe; we can only be a part of it all (apart). But we can think we are separate. We can believe we are separate. And then we can act like we are separate. Having separate self-consciousness doesn't mean you are really separate, but that you have a total illusion of separateness from everyone and everything else in the universe. And when a person truly believes they are separate, they naturally focus on themselves, which naturally leads to selfishness. 

This is very important, so pay close attention. This is the big issue. The biggest problem of all problems. The only real problem. As silly and simple as it sounds, it is serious - simple selfishness is the root of all problems and evils that exist on Earth. This is one of the greatest, most important teachings to understand.  Where there is such separate consciousness as humans have, everyone perceives everyone else in an us-and-them way, and a me-against-the-world fashion. When this occurs, which it naturally must with separateness, there will be attempts to get, or take, from others, and keep others from getting what you have. It is perfectly natural, and in its own warped way, logical. And where does this all leave us? 

Where there is separateness and selfishness there will be strife, discord, injustice, taking from others, and harm to other beings, creatures, the environment etc. So, when someone says something about the problems of the world being due to political parties, greed, money, power, war, lust, vanity, carelessness or whatever, what do you say? That they are only branches of selfishness. The root of all problems, all evil, all suffering, is selfishness. And why is there selfishness and thus all these evils? Because it is the natural outcome of separate self-consciousness, of thinking you are separate from the Universe, and therefore all things in existence. And so what is the only cure for evil, suffering and all problems?

We have to lose the separate consciousness and selfishness by regaining Consciousness of our oneness with everything. The Universal Consciousness. And how can one regain Universal Consciousness? Through unselfish love, self-sacrifice, caring, giving, seeing the illusions of self-consciousness that we carry with us in our mind and breaking them. Don't let the teachings that promote oneness be misunderstood as promoting a one-world religion or government where oneness and peace are enforced by human rule or dogma. Nothing could be further from what we mean to convey. 

We are, first of all, proponents of freedom and free will. We are talking about an internal way of being, a consciousness, that includes sensitivity, compassion and freedom, and caring about all people, creatures, all creation, as much as you do about yourself.   When you stop and think about these things it is easier to understand that there will only be peace, harmony and freedom from tyranny on Earth when all people have universal consciousness, and everyone is primarily governed from within by the Universal Spirit.

Outside the Earth, the entire Universe functions in a beautiful, orderly, harmonious flow. On Earth, humans with separate self- consciousness are the only things that are out of step with the flow of nature and the universe. The results of this have been disharmony, disruption and destruction. That's why this script promotes the attainment of Universal Consciousness by any means that works for you. The difference between having separate self- consciousness and Universal Consciousness is like night and day. 

Consider an environmentalist who has expanded his/her separate self-consciousness to include concern for ecology. This is good.  And if being aware of the flow and balance of Earth's nature is good, imagine the significance of being really aware of the flow and balance of all things - of the entire universe?

And if being concerned about all humans on Earth is good, what about being devoted to caring for all life within the entire universe? A person who has attained Universal Consciousness has transcended separate self-consciousness, and thus sees infinitely more, understands infinitely more. Imagine being able to see the outcome of many of your actions in advance or, whether or not you see the outcome, being able to know if what you are doing is really going to ultimately help or harm.

What if you really had an awareness of being one with everything - even God, even all other separate selves? How would you see things then? And how would you treat everyone and everything? If you absolutely know that every person you are dealing with is you, just in a different form, how would you treat yourself (others)? Is there any point in stealing from yourself? Hurting yourself? Is there any point in being tyrannical with yourself?  

For instance, how can a football game be very interesting when competition is senseless to you because you know we are all one, you know we are God; and worse, you know the game are actually reinforcing separateness and hostility? All you see from your universal viewpoint is a bunch of "we" who don't understand who we are, attacking themselves so some "we" can win and feel superior, and some "we" can lose and feel terrible. When you have universal consciousness, you take everything much more seriously, and not seriously at all.

A being with Universal Consciousness loves everyone unselfishly, and is (Within the needs of universal flow) giving, kind, compassionate, caring, knowing and harmless (that doesn't mean incapable of defending the innocent, or putting your foot down).

It is similar with people at any level of consciousness. A basically decent person is not just trying to be basically decent, moral or law abiding. It comes somewhat naturally, depending on what they have made of themselves throughout their lifetimes. And they can and will tend towards greater selfishness given the right situation. Everyone manifests the level of his consciousness. For most it moves in a certain range, wavering between selfishness and unselfishness, and shifts at different times in their lives depending on the circumstances they are subjected to. It is as natural for a person with universal consciousness to be totally giving, as it is for a person with separate self-consciousness to be selfish. 

A person with separate self-consciousness is inwardly focused, and is like an energy vacuum, a black hole, or Cancer, always trying to get energy. But someone with Universal Consciousness is outwardly focused, and is like an energy beacon, a sun, always giving energy.

Therefore piercing this illusion of separation, and attaining Universal Consciousness, is the answer to the entire world's problems. If everyone had Universal Consciousness there would be no need for the kind of governments we have now, for everyone would be governed as one from within themselves. Just imagine a world in which everyone is conscientious, caring and responsible. And where such behaviour is not enforced by threat of prison or death, or even by being convinced by others. No need for religions to try and influence people to behave morally. No need for police, armies, governments etc., because unselfish love and service to universal will are within every being - what paradise! 

We may never achieve this on Earth, but then again, we may. 

The closer you are to attaining Universal Consciousness, the greater your point of view will be, and the more you will intuitively see the whole picture or whole situation. 

The attainment of Universal Consciousness is quite dramatic though, and you can't help but see all these things and be aware of them. 

We (our souls) separated ourselves from the universal consciousness by using our free will in a way that reflected innocent ignorance, rather that ill and rebellious intent. We were attracted to the physical world and the sensations it offered; it was a free choice. We desired to experience the physical sensations; we wanted to smell the flowers, experience sex, listen to the wind and oceans, feel the pain of matter, taste the monosodium glutamate in Kentucky Fried Chicken etc.

Unfortunately, as the souls entered into matter to experience the sensations, we lost the purity of the Universal Consciousness. And by encasing ourselves in the flesh, the primate lost the purity of the animal consciousness. We then, as individual entities, got a new kind of consciousness, which was apart from the Universal Consciousness we had before that time.

This new consciousness, called separate consciousness or physical consciousness/intellect, is of a fixed focus nature and reverse polarity in comparison to the Universal Consciousness we came from. This was the so-called fall; the fall was in consciousness. The souls lost their awareness of the Universal Consciousness from which they came. And with it, they lost their memory of the Creator as they became encased in matter by their own choice and desires, purely to experience the sensations. From then on, the intellectual knowledge/physical consciousness, which the ape brain had, gave them the information that the free will needed for making choices. And if these choices were in harmony with the laws and principles of the Universal Consciousness and in tune with the universal principles called the will of God, then their consciousness would be expanded. But if the free choices were out of harmony with the universe and expanded the separateness or the selfish desire or self-righteousness, then the universal consciousness in them would diminish.

Intellect/physical consciousness has control over the brain, your selfish selves, your desires and your emotions etc. It works with the knowledge in your brain. It has control over most people's entire lives. Only your free will can change it. However, you have to want to, and know how to.

To have universal consciousness means that you have access to all the information in the world, all the wisdom, which is how some of this information has come about, in case you want to know. You are capable of everything, and can do it all. Omnipresent, omniscient, creative and loving. The greatest miracle in the world happens to be a changed mind. If you want to walk on water, well, you can; but right now you don't know how to, because you simply don't know that you already have the universal consciousness that it takes.  

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