Euthanasia, the real scoop


Euthanasia, the real scoop. By Rene' Descartes, June 2009

What really happens when you die is the question we have to ask.

Some people believe that the light goes out when you die and that it is the end of everything, other people have religious beliefs to hold on to. Others have some philosophies or misunderstandings, about what happen when a person dies.


The old Vikings believed that their Soul went to Valhalla.

The Christians believe that their Souls go to heaven or hell.

Jehovas witness, the Talmudic followers and some barbarians believe that dead is the end of everything, so let's not explore the nothingness any further because it is nothing but an empty page. Since the philosophy of nothingness is highly unlikely, let's look at the other option.

Churches and synagogues have been udder failures in enlighten the people on what happen when the body dies, and the psychologists have been failures as well. None of them has any clue about the reality of dead. Is there an after-life of some sort, or is it just wishful thinking. Do we have a Soul Consciousness that continues in one way or another when our body decompose and get eaten by worms? To look in old books and scriptures, can help you learn from other people's many failures or few successes in the past, as well as a few words of wisdom that are cleverly interwoven into the many otherwise unenlightened streams of useless information and lies, misinterpretations, mistranslations, misunderstandings, superstitions, outright deceits and misprints, that so many scriptures entertain, both old and new scriptures.

Do you really know what you are? Not who, but what? Do you know what it is that dies? Do you know if you are a Soul or not? Also, do you really know what you are supposed to be doing with your Soul or whatever you are, in this life? Of course not. So, you are ignorant.

Many intelligent people think that it is the survival of the genetically fittest. Well, it isn't. Both intelligence and genes are mortal and finite, and will not survive dead. It is plain stupid to believe otherwise, specifically for the people who wrongly amplify their intelligence and family genes. They think that they (hopefully) live through their children. What rubbish. They justify their denial or their indoctrinations with this argument instead of the reality. (I must stress that this script is not about New Age or Religious mumbo-jumbo, it's about the reality, logic and reason, but unfortunately, I had to use some religious terminology). Let's assume for the sake of argument or clarity or just for fun, that the concept of soul does exist, that your soul is some sort of individual entity, and that the soul continues in some form after your body dies and goes somewhere or does something. Well about 98 % of all people on earth believe that the soul survives the body's dead and is somehow immortal. (However, as I said, Talmudic Jews, Jehovas Witnesses, all heathens and few Barbarians do not believe in any form of after life).

If the question (What am I?) is answered with "I am soul" then what "Soul" is, must be explained in detail since people don't know what it is. Even more importantly, have you ever wondered when did that something, or Soul, enter the body? Or where it came from? What prerequisites are there to enter a specific body, or is it perhaps accidental? Or is the Soul created when the body was conceived? Or when is the soul borne? You truly must find out what a soul really is, because that is what you appear to be!

Surely you are not your brain, that mushy grey matter between your ears and under your hat. Your physical brain will decompose one day, as does everything you have learned and put in your brain, including the memory stored there. As do all the genes of your body. In fact, the only things left after your body dies and decomposes are the fillings in your teeth, your glass eye - if you have one...and your soul.

Just for fun, let me tell you what you really are. You are Soul consciousness, pure free-willed individual consciousness, which uses and inhabits, temporarily, a genetically modified primate called Homo sapiens. When the individual, free-willed Soul you are, manifests in the primate/Homo sapiens body, it is called man. There are no missing links. Your consciousness is what you are. Your conscious awareness (Soul) is that which continues when the primate body dies and decomposes. You can call it your soul or your spirit, your ankh, your Kahuna, or whatever. That is what you are. The primate body of Homo sapiens only becomes man when an individual soul is in it. The primate body of man is one of the most marvellous tools on Earth, but it is only a tool, and you only use that tool temporarily.

The paradox is that the religionists are basically correct; we do possess a soul that separate from the dead physical body, even though they don't understand or believe that the soul came from somewhere and can come back for a second time just as it did the first time. It's the intellectuals, the materialists, who are desperately wrong. Orthodox scientific teachings start from the false base that the mind and brain are the same - that conscious awareness and thinking is the same - and that dead therefore is the end of everything. These materialists think that matter has created consciousness instead of consciousness creating matter.

What a sad state of affairs, what an unthinking arrogant and selfish intellectual superiority mentality.  

Your soul consciousness exists in or out of the body, but your body decomposes when your Conscious Soul leaves for other dimensions.  When your body dies, your Soul is also released from the limited intellect in your brain. That Consciousness which you are is here on Earth, in the three dimensions, in a primate body for a reason, it has a specific purpose and a mission. And to evolve you need a primate body, and the experience of pain and other  sensations, to self-motivate your development. That is the reason you are here. Basically, you have to re-learn to get the reasons for the creation. 

Sadly, dog eats dog, and I personally don't like to neither do the eating nor be eaten. But we're all at Cinderella's ball and have till midnight to leave, or turn into pumpkins and lose everything.

Conscious awareness is the works of the Soul; intellect is purely primate brain power and sensory input, both the right and the wrong input, including all your misunderstandings and superstitions. It is, however, very difficult not to lose your humility when you are, or perceive yourself to be, intellectually superior.

When the body dies, so does the intellect, and all the memory cells, and all the genes, and all the information in your brain. All of it will decompose and get eaten by worms. Count on it. And it doesn't help to mummify the flesh or use cryogenic freezing. What is clearly a problem for intellectuals is the fact that the strongest bodies and brains will not survive. All bodies will die and all souls will survive as a conscious awareness, and be accountable in some way or another. Intellectuals can only regurgitate what their brain have absorbed. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and just because the reaction might sometimes be slow in coming it doesn't mean that it won't come. Just because they refuse to live by some of the universal laws and principles doesn't change or alter those laws. Many intellectuals truly believe that they descend from the apes, and regrettably, they act and think as such.

Almost everybody believes that the Soul goes to heaven or hell when the primate body die, but hardly anybody asks ‘where does the Soul come from?' or ‘Why are some Souls in female bodies and some in male bodies?' This is exactly what the Religious leaders and teachers should have told you about, but didn't.

What are the answers to these questions? You really don't know anything about yourself; you don't even know your Souls origin. Do you? Some assume that the Soul enter the body at the first breath, some assume it is at the conception, others assume some time in between, some primitives assumes that the primate flesh body have created our individual Consciousness, again others don't think that we are Souls, but none of them know the truth, they only assume that their explanations is the truth, well, that, as you shall se, is rarely the case.

All are happy to tell you about hell and condemnation, or heaven for that matter if you have faith in what they tell you, but what ‘you' really are, and why ‘you' are here, have totally escaped them, well my dear readers, if you don't know these answers how can you get anything right in your life?

When someone asks you to have faith in something, be cautious. Faith assumes the possibility of doubt; but knowledge implies certainty. To hope, really bad and sincerely, that some teaching, dogma, or concept or belief system is the real and indisputable truth is what is called faith. It has nothing to do with knowledge or understanding what-so-ever. It may be truth, or it may not be the truth, but to hope really badly that something is the truth, is simply not good enough and it certainly does not make it the truth. In fact it can stunt you development to a large degree. Faith is a form of wishful thinking. For anybody, to specifically choose faith, instead of knowledge and understanding, is somewhat like escaping reality. They dear not ask the necessary questions, or they fear that the answers could possible make them feel foolish. Any way, it implies doubt and hope, both of which are levels of ignorance and uncertainty. They also hate to admit their own ignorance and they don't have all the answers, so faith is the cheep way out. If a Pastor or Politician asks you to have faith in something, it generally means that he cannot explain the subject due to his own lagging knowledge and his own doubt. If they could tell you the truth, I am sure that they would, in which case, no faith is needed, but sadly many times, a pastor or politician will assume that something is the truth, and then tell his assumption to his congregation as if it were the truth, instead of telling that it is only an assumption. Some of the craziest utterances throughout mankind's history were done in assumptious faith, not with knowledge. When the Witches were burned it was done in faith, and they assumed they were Witches. It was clearly not with knowledge. The question is: Isn't it better to have knowledge and be certain of your insight, than whishing and hoping really bad that it is the truth?? 

We know that physical matter cannot create or has evolved into any Conscious awareness, not even a little bit, ask any evolutionists, or scientist, but Conscious awareness can create matter. A clear deduction can be drawn from all this that are highly properable. And that is, that the Soul Consciousness entered the body at some specific time in the body's development, which may vary from body to body. That a body can create Souls every time a body is created is simply not logically or reasonably or possible. Flesh is flesh, and Spirit is Spirit. Soul is spirit. A computer cannot create the Nerd, but the Nerd can create a computer.

The Soul is also responsible and accountable. All the physical effects are only the effects of the thoughts of your Conscious mind. So-called sins and evil are not in the action of what your flesh body do, but in the thoughts that come from what you think. Your Soul is accountable and will reap its own harvest. All the actions and words of your body are the effects of your thoughts. You are not your body. You are using a body. What you look at in the mirror is just a genetically modified primate in a suit or mini skirt. Never forget the truth that flesh is flesh, and spirit is spirit. Your Soul is spirit, using a flesh body. Flesh have intelligence but no conscious awareness, Souls do.

The fact is, that all Souls will survive, and all bodies will die; the strongest will not survive.  The real question is, what is the condition of your Soul when your body dies? And your body will die, for sure - guarantied. Only Consciousness can create a world of matter. The intellect needs a world to exist before it has a body and a brain to manifest in.  As an intellectual you may be aware that some people are suffering, and do nothing about it, but if you are Consciously aware, then you have to do something about it and partake with compassion. Consciousness gives us impulses to indicate what to use our free will for. Your Soul does not have genes. And your body, even though it has intellectual brain memory just like most animals have, does not have any Consciousness when your Soul has left it. It is then totally unconscious (dead). ............

Your Soul, that Consciousness which you are, is that which have a temporary physical experience for its own development. The primate body you now use have a Conscious experience. But you are that Consciousness. Your real concern should be where your Soul will be after your physical life, because you may spend a lot more time there than you do here in your body in the physical world. Is it what they call heaven or is what they call hell? If that really exist? Dead is only separation of the soul from the body. Intelligence may make you smart and successful in today's understanding, in a temporary embodiment, but your eternal Soul makes you good, wise, loving, kind, helpful, harmless and compassionate. Mankind not only expects life to be just; he expects it to make sense. If man has no divine spirit (soul) then we are, ipso facto, no more than advanced animals, an evolved race of intelligent primates. We would, in a word, be civilised animals, and that is all. Life would be much ado about nothing. If we were simply educated animals we should have all the animal instincts and little else. Life would be ruled entirely by the law of the jungle; muscular strength and shrewdness would be the only things that mattered (actually, it sometimes appears so). There would be no reason for law and justice, decency or search for the Divine. There would be no compassion, no morals, no ambition, no inventions, no trust, no music or creative art, no worship of the unseen. If man has a soul, a spirit, then he must be of spiritual origin, and there must be an origin, or a universal force, being or consciousness. There must be a Creator, for the created demands a Creator. The universal laws and principles require a lawmaker.                     When a soul enters a body it becomes incarnated and cannot, generally speaking, leave until the body dies. In fact the body will die when the Soul leaves. The entry of the soul into a body is truly immaculate every time, and for everybody. For this, no sex is needed, only a useful primate body.

The immaculate entry is done when the physical body of the baby is ready to house a soul. The physical body of course needs sex to create a baby body. But conception is another matter. This occurs in all animal species equally, as well as the Homo sapiens primate. There is nothing immaculate about conception. It is the natural law of attraction and evolution. The divine and immaculate aspect is consciousness entering into matter. It is only because we have been ignorant about the laws of this, that we squander three-quarters of our lives trying to impress others, pretending to be what we are not. Aren't kindness, harmlessness and compassion the ultimate currency? When the time comes for you to die you surely will think they are - count on it.  (Read this again.) Keep in mind that, it is totally un-natural for a soul to be using the primate bodies made of flesh, when you se it from a universal point of view.  But since you are, make the best out of it. This world is a corpse eater, a gene and brain eater, but it doesn't eat Souls; it can't. It will eat all finite parts of your body, but the infinite part of you, your soul, is untouchable in this world. Death is a totally painless process. The body may be in pain before dying due to sickness, broken limbs, old age or whatever, in which case death is a great relief. And dying itself is totally painless. When you go to sleep, your physical consciousness/intellect is in an unconscious state, and your subconscious is in charge, like when you are dreaming. In fact, when you go to sleep you are experiencing dying or you are unconscious about your physical body while still being conscious. So, falling asleep is like the shadow of what is called dying. And if there is no judgment, what are there to be fearful about? Well, you can only reap what you have sown, so why be fearful? Just be nice all the time, and then you will reap that. Actual death is truly a peaceful experience. When your soul first leaves the body, it hovers over the body for a while. If you have been sick, suffering or have been afraid, the pain will be gone. Or your soul may leave while your body is having a peaceful sleep. It will hover over the body longer for some than for others, depending on the kind of attachments you have to the body, or the things you have loved and been in possession of in this life. Then a journey, without any fear whatsoever, begins toward a point of light. When you reach this point, you will be met by some of your loved ones who have passed on before you. These will be family and friends or lovers in their astral bodies like you, not their physical bodies. They will then show you your life, with special emphasis on the feelings you have created in other people along your life's path. You cannot fool anybody or yourself. Sometimes the remorse is overwhelming. This too can be truly hell for some, and for others it is paradise. This is why we are told to love one another. This will be followed by a short period where you basically sleep, to acclimatise and condition yourself to the new reality of you being in the spirit world. It will range from one week to three months in Earth time. When you are awakened, you soul will proceed to where your vibrational frequency levels of consciousness are together with other souls of similar development and level. If you are a jerk, you will be with all the jerks, and that can be real hell; and if you are kind and loving, then you will be with them. You see, you are your own judge, jury and executioner. God can neither denounce, sit in judgment, condemn, mete out punishment, be flattered by lip service (praising, adoration and worshipping is actually idolising) or award a special dispensations to His favoured brats (like the Talmudic rabbis have indoctrinated their flock to think). God relinquished all these privileges when He gave every soul freedom of action, of choice, and of decisions. Now, He can only wait in patience and genuine compassion for the souls to decide how soon they will use their free will to return to Him, once they have conceded that He makes a better creator than they do. This of course leaves the intellect in the uncomfortable position of having nowhere to pass the buck; and selfishness depends, for its self-preservation, on the illusion that it is more sinned against than sinning. The biggest question that most people are concerned about is if Euthanasia, is murder or suicide? Or is it a sin? Well, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Wanting euthanasia is a Conscious Soul that wants to leave a flawed and painful body and be released from the discomfort. Euthanasia can also be done by a person that want to release the Soul of a loved one from the physical imprisonment, like if a Souls physical body is in a Coma or in pain for a long period. That is a decision done in compassion and love, not as an act of killing. Imagine a thinking Conscious Soul that is imprisoned in a flawed body, in a Coma or in severe pain, what would you do? Would you help him out, or let him suffer? What would you do if a person was in a burning car? Would you release the person and let him out? Or would you leave him there to suffer more? To be in a coma is like being buried alive, you are conscious but incapable of moving and expressing your self and motivate some one else that you want to leave this world. People being kept alive by machines are in extreme solitary confinement and soul torture, Please, let them go.

To be in severe pain will also motivate the Souls themselves to exit the body, and rightly so. Give them their freedom.

Suicide and murder is an other matter. To create an untimely dead for your self or for somebody else is a sin in no uncertain terms, Whatever the motive, be it revenge, hate, jalousie, self-pity, hurtfulness, selfishness or branches thereof it is a sin. Love is the glue of the Universe. Without love the earth and everything on it will die. And there isn't much left of it anymore. It is totally unnatural for a soul to be using a body, but while you do, do the best you can, and when you cannot achieve what you were ment to achieve in a body, leave it.   

"Cogito ergo sum"

For more insight read "The Force of Destiny"


0 #1 Philip Jones 2009-06-11 02:17
It is good to see Rene getting his work posted. The man is considered and thoughtful, and I respect his right to hold certain views which contradict everything I know to be true. Lets be clear about this, down here on planet earth, Euthanasia is another tool of the Illuminatis Depopulation Agenda and anyone who thinks it isnt is naive and delusional. Dead is dead, and thats the end of it. The increasing acceptance of voluntary Euthansia amongst western people is indicative of their loss of faith and lack of mission. I mean no disrespect, but this is the promotion of an absolutely poisonous doctrine which if taken to its logical conclusion will eventually play into the hands of the Illuminists and governments will take into their hands the authority to decide who lives or dies. This is indeed a slippery slope towards catastophy and it angers me to think that anyone would ever concur which such ideas; But they do and increasingly so. What is it about the New Age and its desciples that makes them so keen and eager to die? Well, I recommend the author of this essay have a good read of Alice Baileys, `The Externalisation Of The Heirarchy` and then write again about Euthanasia.
PS. I have had to remove the apostrophes or the `engine` wont accept my comment.
0 #2 Rene\ Descartes 2009-06-14 09:47
[smiley=wink]Thank you Philip for your constructive criticism. It is always nice to se that peoples chains are jerked. You write that 'Dead is dead, and that is the end of it'. well I humbly disagree. But then again I may be wrong.
Let me also comment that both Blavatsky and Bailey were love children of the Illuminati and would write many made-up stories interlaced with some truths, to make their writings acceptable for the seeking masses. Well, the New Age philosophy was the brain child of 'the powers that be' and has long since outlived its usefulness. The fact is that people are not followers of anything anylonger, the dogma, theology, and faith and other stories, achieved nothing lasting for anybody, and turned out to be only some other peoples power structures, so now, 'the truth' what ever the subjec may be, is all that are acceptable for the thinking public, and many have evolved enough intuition to discern themselves, I think.
Again thank you for your comment and you exelent articles.

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