Benign economics

Benign economics - Composed by Rene' Descartes 2009                                    

This short script is not about New Age mumbo-jumbo or intellectual discombobulating yak dung, this is the new fiscal philosophy that are coming, shortly, in the very near future, either you like it or not. Simply because, if it does not come, then most of humanity will cease to exist as loving and kind human entities, and instead become beasts of burden for the reptilian minded Jerks.

How can anyone defend this old and decaying financial system that creates wealth by making the majority poor? That is exploiting the unaware, the unsophisticated and the foolish. It is totally amoral, to believe that the "end justifies the means."  But Money naturally attracts itself to evil. It is this scripplers opinion that we are led by abject and career criminals, who also happen to be well connected to a network of global wealth siphoning financial systems.
In fact, if you compare what is really wrong to what they say is wrong it is not an exercise of apples versus oranges.  It is more like trying to compare a Pet Rock to a Pinia Colada.
But we the people are now right awake.

The simplest truths are sometimes the hardest to recognize.
Anybody who benefit from War in any way, what-so-ever, financial, political, corporate, fame or position, ARE WAR CRIMINALS, who commit crimes against humanity, and should be stopped, and exposed whenever possible. Wars could clearly not be started if nobody financed them. Wars could not be started unless the power mongers decide to start them. Who do you think financed and decided to start the French revolution, the Russian revolution? The First World War? The Second World War? In fact in all the wars in the nineteen and twentieth century? And in fact financed both sides in all the wars?

More money has been made on war and the financing of it, than anything else in recorded history, and who benefited? Ask yourself that. In all crimes the question is always 'Who benefit' (qui bono)
The only real weapons of mass destruction are money, and Power. And the real criminals are the people who use their financial power to finance wars and destruction, and those who make money on other people's misfortune.

This sickening concentration of power over the people by the corporate structures and politicians, and the sickening concentration and control of asset and wealth in the top corporate management and Banks that are so perfected in to-days world, is the very thing that are going to destroy our civilization. In fact they have destroyed it already. Anybody who thinks that they create something out of nothing thinks they are God.

Below are some debatable numbers, however it is very close.
At present the riches 10% of the people on earth owns 99% of everything, and the top 1% own 70% of all assets on earth, they se the rest of us as useless eaters. Explained in an other way. If you have 10 people and $ 100 to share, then One person owns $ 99 and the other 9 have $ 1 to share. Explained in another way, the Poorest 5 have less than 10 cents to share, out of $ 100.

Multigenerational wealth is one of our biggest problems. With it, People get the feeling of entitlement and loose the creative drive to produce. In reality, if you make money with money you benefit from others sweat, toil and creativity. Multigenerational wealth is a sick and un-ethical Royal leftover.

To make money with money, say on the stock market, only means that the people who actually create the wealth by their sweat and hard work, are at a distance in the factories and offices, and are not on Wall Street.  

By looking back into history we find that 1000 years ago approximately 1% of mankind was living a full and healthy life and in relative happiness. The rest was borne in pain; they lived their life in a lot of pain, and in pain they generally died, and very young at that.
By 1900 aprox 35 % lived a full and healthy life, and by 1960 +/- 50 %, of mankind was sort of happy and lived full and happy lives. Since then the % has dropped dramatically, and the only reason is power and greed. By 2009 only about 32 % lived a healthy and full life with some happiness.

How can one defend a system that creates wealth by making the majority poor?  That are exploiting the poor, the unsophisticated and the foolish. It is totally amoral, to believe that the "end justifies the means."  But Money naturally attracts itself to evil. As Makow said, if a woman prostitutes herself she may receive a great sum of money, but who will pay her for keeping her virginity or her dignity? Or If you are a hit man a large amount of money is yours if you kill your target, who will pay you if you would miss your target?

Greed will be recognized for what it is, a PSYCOHTIC, mental illness, a delusion of grandeur in those who benefit from it, and love it. It is a mental illness that is hurtful to the vast majority of mankind, as we so clearly have seen.

In the coming world system, after the collapse of the present system, and after the soon coming world changes, it will become an established fact that power and greed in all its shades and appearances, is a un-natural, evil and a psychotic ailment based on total selfishness that do a lot of harm to others.
That the Power and Greed mongers are Psychotic mental cases is clear, since they have absolutely no empathy for the suffering and hardship of the people they exert their power and greed from.

Greed and power hunger are psychotic conditions that were tolerated previously, but is now clearly seen as evil and a mental illness that were harmful to an awful lot of people. It is psychotic to want more than one can use, to live a full, healthy and comfortable life in happiness (without addictions).
This psychotic greed mentality is exactly what is destroying our civilized world system now, and is the same cause that has destroyed so many civilizations before us.

The way to contain this shallow mindset is not necessarily to outlaw it, but Greed and Power requires definite limitations, firm guidance and at times total separation. The majority of people really struggle financial and has very little freedom and power to remedy this, but the earth changes will.

The problems are obvious even to the slow and simple minded.
Capitalism has now shown itself to be a simply tool for greedy and selfish people, and just like people playing poker, the winner takes all. Capitalism has also truly shown itself to be a form of plunder. 
It is more predatory that a dictatorship. It is more unethical than Genghis khan and Attila the Hun, more hurtful than Pol Pot and Stalin, and less accountable than my pet gold fish.
It was truly a stupid plunge into the ethical darkness of greed and power when capitalism was adopted and accepted as the norm.

The communistic system metamorphosed into a system where the old money elite and their descendents, took control over the mob using political means. Everybody became equally poor except the ruling elite. The capitalistic system metamorphosed into a system of corporate Fascism and the old money elite took control over the mob, using financial means. They are truly equal in many ways.

As this continues, more and more wealth and power are ending up in fewer and fewer hands (The same hands). Everybody is becoming equally poor except the ruling elite. The socialistic system was a dream for the financial control freaks, where the people give up all their freedom willingly and for the most part knowingly to gain some false security. The world elite had to totally disgrace communism as being unethical, (Which it was) to get people to worship and adore the equally crocked Capitalism, (which some still do). In reality they are exactly the same, only the names and tools differs.           
The final result of both of them is that only a select few will control everything in the end, while the 'mob' gets screwed royally in both scenarios. True, isn't?  The winner takes all.
The mob gets next to nothing.

To day the top manipulators choose the low profile, they try to remain mostly hidden from view behind corporate structures, or in the many religions, in the Banks in Basel in Switzerland, in Dubai, in the City of London and Royalty, so as not to become a target when the dung hits the fan, and it will soon be coming flying, and they know it. They know that they simply over-did-it, and what is even worse, they don't think that they are accountable, or that they will have to harvest any of what they have sown and that some other sucker will bear their burdens.

Well, well, they are sadly mistaken. For every action they have been part of, there will be an equal and opposite reaction, for sure.

What kind of sick idiot would want to control the world, or most of the money in it?  To the detriment of the many? What kind of mindset do they have? What kind of sick idiot would want to own everything, or most of it? To the detriment of the many?
Let me tell you, only selfish psychopaths.
Well there are plenty of them. And they are sick in their minds, and they are truly psychopaths. The people in this decaying western civilization, who are in power and their bankers, are truly sick in their minds. Just look around. Open your eyes.

It is psychotic to want more than you can use, to live a full, healthy and comfortable life, trust me. It is also psychotic to control other people by using your wealth and position, trust me on this too.

They are basically all nuts. And they are, like all serial killers, without doubt, very harmful to the "normal" people in the world. The greedy ones have killed a lot more people in their wars and disputes than any serial killer ever has, and that is a fact. They will soon be brought to justice for their psychotic decisions and actions. (By God, I hope).

Greed and power hunger, like jalousie, is evil; it is simply the darkest branches of selfishness, and it is truly evil, real evil.

When the human species evolve its consciousness, we will look back in history on the Capitalistic/Fascistic system as the most predatory and destructive period of mankind's development or call it the anti-renaissance.

It is clear that the existent financial fundies who has manipulated, massaged and perverted this dieing Capitalistic system are the predators, and are therefore incapable of solving the problem they have created for other people. It is also clear, even for stupid people, that the top 1% people have no intension of alleviating the discrepancy, therefore the rest will do it for them, and they are not going to like it one bit, but they blew it. And just like some rich people on the Titanic with Gold in their pockets, they will just sink a little faster.

The western civilization is finish, and what we have now is just some minor 'rigor-mortis'. And just like in the Roman, Aztec, Inca, Egyptian and Persian civilizations of old, this Capitalistic failure will surely pass away. The present civilizations will go down in the annals of human history as abusive and unjust to its own people. Why and how we got to this predicament is not a matter of opinion any longer, we know it as a fact. The beauty of hindsight is that it is mostly 20/20. This inherently flawed system we have is busy self-destructing. And don't worry. Just read the writing on the wall. They simply squeezed the lemon to dead, and they didn't make lemonade.

The two most used ways to gain wealth under capitalism has always been by overcharging whatever you wanted to sell, and underpaying for what you want to get, basically, hence the nice guy always gets screwed and the bullies prosper. Most wealth has been made this way. But the end never justifies the means.

Individual corporate identity is another of the big business frauds of our time that feed their cravings. It makes the owners and managers irresponsible and careless as reason history has so painfully shown. You should never have to only sue a company if one of their employees or director makes a decision or reason for you to sue them. The legal entity of corporations is a truly evil scam. Companies must be financial responsible with the directors. The people, who run the companies and make the decisions, will also become personally responsible and accountable in bankruptcies, as are the share holders who chose the directors. Nothing dead can be a legal entity; it is a con game to fool the ignorant mob. Do you remember ENRON, (It wasn't my fault) I mean, how stupid can you be, to agree with this bull?

Multigenerational wealth and more important, Multigenerational Debts will not exist in the new time. If somebody borrow, they alone are responsible. Not their Country or their Children.
And if somebody lends money to an African Dictator, (who steel the money and leave them in a Bank in Basel or Dubai) then don't expect to get re-paid by the people of the country when the country change government or becomes a Republic or whatever.

Ownership is not a justification for wealth by any philosophical stretch. Genghis Kahn proved that. He stole it all. Possession does not indicate ownership. If you make money on the stock market you create nothing what-so-ever. The people working on the floor in the companies controlled by the stock market are the creative and productive ones. The creativity and productivity of an individual is the only real and honest justification for what he owns. People must clearly be paid for what they are worth, for what they produce and create.

The leveling in our society is fast approaching, for sure.

As Capitalism is failing, it will be this Scripplers pleasure to tear this dieing system apart and jerk every body's chains by proposing a new and more ethical monetary philosophy, where everybody becomes equally rich, instead of equally poor, as is happening now, under the Predatory Capitalistic system, as well as the communistic and the socialistic systems.

The soon approaching system will do just that. Let me stress that many people are power mongers that do not necessary want to own the assets that they are in charge of, as long as they "control" the assets. Like many CEO's as well as Politicians that control the different government departments, structures and land, the military and so on. They are simply (poor) control freaks who love control, but they do not own.

Let the system crash, and start from scratch again.
The Earth, being a closed system in general, is being destroyed by excess ownership and excess control by a few.
This is reality, so take note of this problem and lets look a the real answers. I choose to call the solution the Benign Economics (BE).
(To BE, or not to BE, that's the question), or something to that effect.

We should all ask ourselves the following questions and really be cognitive of the answers we find.

How much Capital, Property, and other Assets? (CPAX) will a person need to live a full life, a creative and healthy life, and a happy life, in security, and in freedom and peace? While being totally harmless towards all other beings?
Simple, isn't it.

This will be the Bill of Rights in economics.
Excess wealth and selfishness are the only real problems.
Excess wealth, is if people have more than (CPAX).
And ask yourself, why would anybody want more than that?
And if they do, to the detriment of most other people, then they are clearly psychopaths. That's what is wrong, isn't it?
And these psychos have been running things until now, haven't they? And now they are trying to fix the problem they themselves have created, don't they? The inmates are truly running asylums and nuthouses. Is that a smart thing for us to let them do? Well no, it isn't.

So the solution is simple and clear, Benign Economics.
This would remove all the fangs, but leave molars on everybody.
Nobody's money will be taken away. The people themselves have, say 2 years, to give away their excess wealth, and if they don't do it, will it be done for them by others by any means possible for the common good. This new system will hopefully stop the psychopathic decisions of the greedy and power hungry, so that they do not do anything to the detriment of other people any more.
If the (CPAX) amount is, lets say $ 20 million or whatever figure most people can imagine being fair and still be motivating to drive people of the old mindset. This amount will include the value of EVERYTHING an individual who are over 18 years of age can own and control in any way whatsoever.

But there is a catch:                                                                    

Nobody can own more, or have more, or control more movable or immovable assets, than this.
And if you do, you will have to give it to somebody else who has less. You cannot have more assets, or control more or be in charge of more wealth in any form, fixed or liquid.
If you have the (CPAX) Max, then you can choose to retire or you can continue to create more wealth, which you then have to give somebody else or give it to the common Good (Your community).

You can also work for the community as lawyers, Doctors, Councilors etc. for free, or for the less capable, less wealthy or less fortunate if you have (CPAX). Or you can give it to the Lonesome pussycat association. Or to whomever or whatever you chose, but you cannot keep it, or be in control of it. You have to spend it on others, or give it to others with no strings attached, or it will be done to you.           

The top 0.1 % (one tenth of one percent) of the riches people on earth, (about 6.5 Million people) owns or control 60% of all wealth on earth. They clearly, will not like Benign Economics, and will do all they can do to se that this is not implemented in any way or form, but we must be realistic, the system we have now does not work satisfactory for more than 99% of mankind.

If people dies, their wealth will go to their children, say topping up their wealth until they have (CPAX) the rest will go to the common good. This would stop the multigenerational mega wealth problem that is so detrimental to the majority of mankind.
The common good, will be things like health care, education, water, electricity, energy, housing, food etc. 
If anybody refuses to comply and maintain their harmful status, they will have all their wealth confiscated by the community,
less $ 20 mill.

What would be the contentious part of this would be the CPAX figure. That, can of cause change from time to time depending on the value of money and the assets held by the poorest people in the community. Using this system (CPAX) everybody on earth will get close to equally rich within two or three generations. At present there is enough wealth and assets on earth to make every single adult millionaire, (in South African Rand) if that is what they want.

There will of cause be some fine tuning and relevant massaging to perfect this new system, however this is the real and only workable concept on the table, taking all the peculiarities into consideration.  

Real wealth is created by human labor and ingenuity applied to the resources of the earth using energy that derives from nature. Wealth ultimately comes from productivity gains. Those gains, in turn, hinge on advances in technology and on a more efficient allocation of global capital.

The legal system does not create wealth in any way as well. By instituting the new law of "Harmlessness" you can delete most of the written laws on the books, as well as the Lawyers. The Law of Harmlessness will be the ultimate judge of everything. Wrap your mind around that one for a minute, if you can?

The ultimate freedom of all individuals will be their freedom to do whatever they like, as long as they are totally harmless towards everybody else. The more freedom people want, the more responsibility of them being harmless they will carry. To be totally free does not mean that you can be anarchist, a destroyer or similar, because to be free also include allowing others to be free. Harmlessness is the common denominator that makes freedom and responsibility one. In this new system of harmlessness there will be no victim-less crimes, because if it is harmless it is victim-less as well. If it is victim-less it is harmless as well.

Harmlessness is the answer, but that does not mean that we should not defend the innocents and less fortunate. You will have to put your foot down at times, and try to be less gullible and trusting as well. Excess has a price. The more of it, the greater the price become.  And our "civilization" has an ocean of it. Sooner or later there comes a time for payback. Things that can't go on forever won't.

We must all, individually, ask, and find the answers to the two following questions, I dare you.
What am I? (Not the who, but the what) and,
What am I doing here? (Your purpose for living or being?)
Then the rest become self-evident.

I am conscious therefore I am.


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