The Force of Destiny

The Force of Destiny
The truth about dieing

What your priest or rabbi would never tell you,
Or didn't know.
And would definitely not like to tell you if they did.

There is no philosophy, science, or religion greater than the truth.
And the truth never fears investigation,
Only lies do.

I am
Rene' Descartes.

This book will really upset some of you, for sure..!!!!

But it will also be the second to last book you ever need to read.

Few books in the world will force you think, more than this one.

With this book, all secrets are revealed; the only thing left to be revealed, are the deceptions.


Due to the inter-connectedness of the following information, the scripting method may seem disjointed, but truly, we had to consider some peoples very limited attention-span. To us this is not a novel, but you can read it as such. Please note, that it is the information scripted herein that is so important, and not the method of scripting or the scribes. Some of it is translated and transliterated by yours truly. So forgive us for the sometimes archaic or cryptic organization. Some concepts presented herein seem to be repeated, it is not. There are many different sources, but the information is similar. When you have read it, make up your own mind, and think for your self,… for a change.

"If you want to heal the body,

you must first heal the mind."


For, not only must the information be instructive and enlightening; it must also be a PRACTICAL thing in the experience of your own self and in the experience of life of your fellow man. Not only must the information be informative in nature, but it must also be that which is constructive and understandable;


What you are about to read on the following pages has been composed by many different people over the centuries. Some short bits of it may be considered plagiarism and it truly is, but all the truth must now be revealed, and to all the sources we give thanks, from the bottom of our hart. The fact that some of it has already been written is irrelevant. Ours is an attempt to bring you all the relevant information together that is so dearly needed in this time and space. The translations are, as far as possible, translated in today’s lingo.

To understand The Force of Destiny you need to ask yourself the four questions Plato had the insight to suggest that mankind ask themselves. --What am I? --What am I doing here or what is the purpose for living? --What is my actual origin? –And, --What is my true destiny? And then, get answers.

Other authors have magnified the teachings of genetics, religion, philosophy and mysticism, and many have been feeding you confusion, narcissism, entertainment and deceit. The results are horrendous. Just look at the world today and you will see that much have been a total waste of people’s time.

Over the centuries people have found small bits and pieces of the truth in different religions, philosophies, mysticism and from wise men. They then ran off with what little they had, and assumed that they had all the marbles, which they obviously didn’t.

The confusion in people’s minds comes from the time period when the information was scattered all over. It was specifically scattered to stop anyone misusing this information through the Dark Ages, yet still keeping it available so that future generations (this one) could find it and use it to uplift one another. Approximately 1000 souls on Earth have always been in possession of this insight, although now there are only a couple of hundred of them left.

Rarely before has all the information been made public, but the teachings about what you really are, and what you are really doing here in this world, have to be revealed, and the time is right…now.

Books such as The Da Vinci Code and The Holy Blood and Holy Grail (and many others in the same genre) are merely attempts to glorify the genetics of some specific primate bodies of the Homo sapiens species. Specifically the bodies being used by some of the so-called favoured families and, supposedly, according to themselves, God’s favourite brats. (Royalty, Tribes, Master race, The Elite, The Chosen, Supremacists, etc.) All of which, clearly, are forms of narcissism, with an apparent disregard and contempt for the ‘mob’ While at the same time denying or minimising the true individuality of each conscious entity who temporarily are using those primate bodies. The books about the Knights Templars, Holy Grail stories and adventure mysticism keep the unenlightened readers focused elsewhere. What are hidden from the masses are man’s true individual identity, and his real purpose for being.

Stuff  Da Vinci and his secret code, that is, if he really had one.

Da Vinci was a highly intelligent man who designed many weapons for human destruction, in his time. On the other hand, Saint Francis of Assisi was highly conscious. He was aware of the fact that healing and helping the poorest of the poor people is the only thing that is an apparent secret. Do you see the difference?

The powers that be, and their ilk, delude themselves (and many ignorant people) by insisting and/or thinking that those of the right royal genetic bloodline or tribe are God’s chosen, have divine rights to rule, and are better than the mob. They are plain and simply psychotic Supremacist. Well, they are in for some surprise. It’s an indoctrination scam, and for that scam to succeed they had to hide the truth and reality about what you, mankind, really are, and what your true purpose for being is.

By keeping you busy with the trivialities and/or the importance of some genetic bloodlines, big architectural mysteries and golden treasures, you don’t have time to focus on what really matters in your life. Genetics and family bloodline mean absolutely nothing. The individual entity/consciousness that uses the primate body means everything. The character and the development of the individual and what it does with its free will to improve life for itself and others, when it temporarily uses a primate body, are what really matters.

What the Knights Templars were looking for in the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem was supposedly the universal truth about man’s real being; if they did find it they clearly proceeded to keep that truth hidden until this insight was penned below. The power of their information, that is, even if they pretended they had it, gave them to a large degree control over people and satisfied their endless greed, as history so sadly has witnessed. They did not reveal the truth; they hid it, as did all the others who followed in their footsteps. Power and greed have ever been the motivating factor amongst the highly intelligent but un-enlightened.

We personally think that they only had a few of the marbles. It will be our great pleasure to burst their bubble.

And jerk your chain.


You can read the rest of Rene' Descartes book, from this pdf file: The_FORCE_OF_DESTINY_by_Rene_Descartes.pdf filesize: 750kb

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