As You Sow So Shall You Reap: The Rant!!

As You Sow So Shall You Reap : The Rant.

By Philip Jones 19th May 2009.

In my original article `As You Sow So Shall You Reap` first posted here on 28th April this year, I told of the sad and very unfortunate story of two children, `Alfie and Chantelle` who hit the UK headlines when it was reported that 12 year old Chantelle Steadman was pregnant supposedly by a 13 year old boy whom she named tentatively as being Alfie Patten. 
 It now transpires that young Alfie is not the father after all, and today, the morning papers throughout the UK ran the headline `Alfie Patten 'not father of baby'.

We now know that Alfie was told he was not the baby's father back in March of this year. Alfie, who lives with his mother in Eastbourne, had upon originally discovering that he might be the father told The Sun `Newspaper` "I thought it would be good to have a baby".  If schoolboy Alfie had been the father he would have made Chantelle pregnant at the tender age of 12.

The various UK `daily's` told how Teenager Alfie Patten was "extremely distressed" to discover that baby Masie was not his. It appears that after all the trauma and publicity, a paternity test had showed that it was in fact another local boy, 15 year old, Tyler Barker, who was in fact the father.

Apparently young Tyler had told the Daily Mirror that he had had sex with Chantelle during a one-night stand last May after spending the evening drinking at her home ?

He said: "I did not use any contraception but Chantelle told me she would take the morning-after pill. I thought she would take care of it. Her mother knew I was going to sleep with Chantelle. The next morning she even asked 'Did you have a good night?' It was routine for boys to stay over with her in her bed."
I am sure that I am not the only one wincing and cringing at that last statement. What sort of society (or mother) allows, nay, encourages such depraved behaviour? Well actually most Western lands have their own Alfies and Chantelles to deal with, but the situation in not so `Great Britain` is clearly past the point of rescue. Can there be any doubt in the mind of the reader that Lucifer is the God of that system of things?
I am able to reveal the test result here only after East Sussex County Council had failed in an attempt to ban reports of the case. Why would they want to have such a ban in place? Because they are ashamed or embarrassed at their own professional ineptitude?  I doubt it. It is much more likely that they want to just keep things ticking along as they are at present, with the whole of UK society imploding into utter chaos, from which they, the Masonic Masters can impose their own version of order.
A judgment, made last month by Mrs Justice Eleanor King, said the girl had been called a "slut" by four people she did not know. The teenager said: "I was crying a lot every day" and feared that the insults would "go on forever".
Now here's where we see Lucifer at work and play. Contrary to all the evidence (and there's lots of it) that Sex Education in Schools has actually increased promiscuity, sexually transmitted disease, and unwanted pregnancy amongst teens, this sorry tale has `surprise surprise` renewed calls for better sex education in England, which has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in western Europe, along with all the accompanying social and moral ills such as abortion and the interconnected physical and psychological trauma which goes with it.
It is an incredible fact of life now, that as the Socialists, Secularists, Feminists, Humanists and other assorted `enlightened` types, watch their inept, perverse and degrading ideas fail constantly to do anything but make all matters worse, their `default` response is to force ever more of the same insidious and pernicious bile ridden ideology and dogma down the collective throats of the bewildered masses. It seems clear to this writer that the only hope left for those dwindling numbers of humanity, who still have any moral decency and integrity left, is to rise up and throw these `creatures from hell` back where they came from, wherever that may be, and sooner rather than later.


0 #1 Bill 2009-05-20 17:04
Hi Philip:

Hope all is well!

Your last paragraph of the Rant was the most succinct diagnostic summary of what has been happening on this planet for what seems forever.

It should be carved onto all the great monuments and ALL government buildings of the world and signed WARNING! KEEP OUT!

Maybe satan will just die of his own cancerous insidiousness and we can all just grow our own food, tend our own sick and get along with each other through barter without money, eh? I guess we just have to go through this tribulation before THE SON OF GOD COMES, eh?

However, I fear NOT YET! Man is being transplanted and indoctrinated into a manchinised manster insidiously infected with the cancers sent down from the above illnesses and diseased mountaintop of the psychopathic aluminumistic insatanity warshiping elitist multibillionaires. Perhaps some of the elites do not worship insatanity and are trying to do the will of God but they are very few.

It isn't sanity it; it is insanity! Money, Money, Money!

Good luck!

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