A Rainbow Warrior Shows His True Colours

Jonathon PorrittA Rainbow Warrior Shows His True Colours.

By Philip Jones 19th April 2009
In a recent article in the London Daily Mail, Jonathon Porritt, the British Government’s ‘Green’ adviser, was reported as having said that couples who have more than two children were being ‘irresponsible’ by creating an intolerable burden on the environment. Mr Porritt's short statement underlines the `Greens` deep seated phobia of the human race, and shows that Britain's top environmental `Tsar` turns out to be not so much a friend of the earth as an enemy of humanity. (Picture: Jonathon Porritt)

Mr Porritt believes that restricting population growth via contraception and abortion must be at the very heart of government policy in it's crusade against `man-made` climate change. The reasoning behind this according to Porritt, is that people must now accept some form of State imposed responsibility for their total `carbon and environmental footprint’.

Even though scientifically unproven and much discredited, the ruse of `Global Warming` is being used by the Illuminists, the New Age, and their puppet `Greens` to psychologically terrify and bludgeon the world's population into accepting ever more infringements on their personal rights and liberties, all in the name of saving the planet.

The God given blessings of a large family and the contribution that it makes to posterity, prosperity and progress don’t count at all in Porritts warped `New Age` mind. Rather, the importance of families and the number of children they have, is to be now measured solely by what he sees as their burdensome impact on the planet.

This sinister and dehumanised mindset should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed Porritts career thus far. It is no coincidence that he is on record as saying that the country which comes nearest to his ideal society is Communist China, which imposes a harsh and cruel policy of restricting families to one child apiece.

When a member of a sitting government openly expresses an opinion with the full and complete backing of that government, that it is a burden on society and the environment to have more than two children, then it is time the alarm bells started ringing. We are talking about a `depopulation agenda` here`. Nothing less. The UK reproduction rate at present, according to a 2008 United Nations study stands at 1.80, and the native population needs 2.4 children per woman of childbearing age in order to replace itself, and Comrade Porritt knows it, and so does the Labour Government.

Reproduction is humanity’s strongest instinct. To even consider interfering with this most God given and inalienable of our freedoms and desires is nothing less than Totalitarianism. Jonathon Porritt, like most of the demagogues in the upper echelons of the New Age Movement is undoubtedly aware of the agenda behind his words. He will have us believe that he possesses some kind of `inspired` and unique insight into the needs of our world which is denied to us lesser mortals. This is just another example of the monumental arrogance and contempt with which humanity is being treated by these `green` coloured propagators of Lucifer as they seek to eradicate vast swathes of humanity via the legislating of our natural reproductive rights and by yet more menacing means, in order to usher in their `Dark Age Of Aquarius`— it is also akin to the grandiose delusions of totalitarian tyrants from the Babylonian Nimrod, to the likes of Attila The Hun, Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

But then the Satanic New Age Movement, often dressed in it's office clothes of secular liberal humanism (code words for Luciferianism), is thoroughly Totalitarian in outlook, and the `popular front` that is the Green Lobby mirrors this in it's intolerant authoritarian global view, which it seeks to impose upon the whole world . It sees people as a nuisance in need of constant management and control. And now, it intends to put the final nail in the coffin of western civilisation by making official the restricting of human births.

Having implemented a multitude of furtive means of preventing and discouraging people from reproducing themselves sufficiently, including feminism (career first, men are bad, small family, more money), contraception, readily available abortion, together with a `kaleidoscope` of vaccines which are proven to lower the fertility rate, they appear ready to execute the next phase in this war against people.

Intentionally or otherwise, in his comments about what he calls the population `ghost at the table`, Porritt has revealed environmentalism’s true colours and they are not green, but bloody red. This was not some `loose cannon`, or some maverick sounding off. Porritt was expressing views which are mainstream within the Green Movement, endorsed entirely by the British Government, and those views are most definitively reproducing themselves at an alarming rate, even if people are not.

Recently, an international campaign was launched called, ‘Global Population Speak Out’ to publicise the supposed link between the size and growth of the human population and environmental degradation. The whole bases of it's message was scientifically erroneous and without any validity whatsoever. Yet it attracted massive media coverage, schools were involved, the usual celebrity `muppets` grabbed their chance at some cheap publicity, and once again, the whole `Green Circus` proved to be entertainingly effective in co opting the masses into believing the lie and accepting the `guilt trip` laid on them by Porritt and his ilk.

A `Green` MD, Dr Pippa Hayes, says she will actually refuse to offer fertility treatment to women who want to have more than four children, because she believes that this places an ‘insupportable burden’ on the earth’s resources. Where is her proof? On what science does she base her conclusions?

This writer finds it highly disturbing that a medical doctor should not only have such anti-human views, but then seek to impose them upon her patients, refusing to act in their best interests, which she subordinates to an abhorrent and spurious ideology, which if one cares to play the detective can be traced back to such notables as Madame Blavatsky, Alistair Crowley and Alice Bailey, the late founder of the Lucis (Lucifer)Trust and major mover and shaker in the advancement of all things New Age and Satanic including the United Nations Organisation.

Surely, we should be able to expect our doctors to support, sustain and propagate the renewal of human life. Isn't this their duty? Isn't it why many conscientious doctors refuse absolutely to perform abortions. When a doctor, as in the case of Pippa Hayes, regards herself as some latter day ‘conscientious objector’ for wanting to reduce human life, she turns not just medical ethics but also the foundation of our common humanity on it's head.

It’s not so far from that point, to where we reach the stage of regarding human beings as some kind of disease. In fact, the “We humans are like some cancer on this planet` catchphrase is becoming increasingly popular as dinner conversation here in Denmark where I live, and more so amongst what would be considered the intelligentsia. I hazard a guess it's not much different elsewhere either.

To emphasise my point here, another prominent establishment `Green`, the former diplomat Sir Crispin Tickell — who has said we should be pursuing policies that would reduce the UK population to 20 million, or one-third of its current level — remarked recently: “Someone has said that constantly increasing growth is the doctrine of the cancer cell. You just get out of control.”

From this contemptuous attitude, it is but a short step to seeing people as mere objects to be disposed of. Then when coupled with the unspoken but often implied view that the populations most in need of control, are those from the developing nations, it becomes outright racism, and can result in a not so unconscious blind spot occurring with regard to genocide. When mass slaughter took place in Rwanda in 1994 and the world stood by and did nothing, there was much talk about how this was inevitable because of the high population density that was causing land shortages and poverty.

One can see a direct correlation between the modern environmental movement and the anti-human mindset of population control. It is a fundamental tenet of `Green` ideology that human consumption is not just irresponsible and destructive, but a form of evil. Human life itself is viewed as a cancer or pollutant, and not only in relation to that `Holy Cow` of the New Age, `Man Made Climate Change`, but by the nonsensical idea that we are generally consuming and producing too much and thus eating up the planet like locusts.

The roots of this thinking go back to the 18th century British Scholar, Thomas Malthus. Malthus came to prominence for drawing attention to the potential dangers of population and stated that population growth would outstrip the earth’s resources and would lead to famine, starvation and death on a monumental scale.

Despite the fact that between Malthus' time and the mid twentieth century, the world population increased massively and resources expanded accordingly to sustain it, Malthusian beliefs persisted in progressive circles and led to eugenics and thence to fascism. Such beliefs persist to this day and can be found alive and well in the `New Age Movement` and it's respectable face; the Green Movement, along with the UN, EU and most if not all of the national governments of the west.

It is undeniable that there are places in the world today where people are starving. But it has little or nothing to do with any lack of natural resources. It is the callous and inhumane tyranny of the Illuminati, the UN and the World Bank and all those `sub agencies`, working for and on behalf of this nefarious cabal of conspirators which keeps the peoples of Africa, much of Latin America and vast expanses of Asia subdued and impoverished.

Actually, Comrade Porritt’s proposed two-child limit is almost surplus to requirements as far as the UK is concerned, where few families are having more than one or two children anyway, with the result that the birth rate amongst the indigenous population is now well below replacement level. In fact, last years much publicised rise in Britain’s population can be attributed in the main to the large immigrant contingent now domiciled in the UK.

The New Age's `Green Movement` has been utilsed to great effect by the Illuminists, and has provided a cover of respectability for their `depopulation agenda` and the population control movement as a whole. Few today are aware that organisations such as `Planned Parenthood` are simply a continuation of the Eugenics program which was widespread throughout the US during the years between WWI and WWII, and many of the ideas put into practice by the Nazis had their origins in London and New York, not Berlin.

Returning our attention to Comrade Porritt, we discover that he is a patron of the UK's `Optimum Population Trust`, which bemoans the erroneously held fact that every baby born in Britain will burn a carbon equivalent in quantity to an area of woodland the size of Trafalgar Square. Another of the Trust’s patrons, the environmental `guru` Paul R. Ehrlich, predicted in his 1968 book `The Population Bomb` that during the Seventies and Eighties hundreds of millions of people would starve to death — about 65 million of them in the U.S. — and that by the year 2000 ‘England will not exist’.

But then the whole man-made global warming theory has turned out to be just as absurd. As Britain and the rest of North West Europe shivered in one of the coldest winters in years, atmospheric data shows that the earth is getting colder, not hotter, the ice caps are becoming thicker not thinning and sea levels are more or less normal.

Yet despite the patent absurdity of these predictions of environmental catastrophe, this thinking has become internalised and now dominates political and public life totally. The reason for this is that those who operate behind the scenes, moving in and out of the shadows, whose vice like grip upon politics, the media, education and all the other channels of influence and information, are manipulating events to further their own ends and controlling our lives in order to reshape society in their `Master's image.

In all corners of everyday life, from state interference in parenting, to telling people what they should or should not eat and drink, from local government `snoopers`, to idiotic health and safety rules, the aim is to control and change the way we behave, by micromanaging our lives. They get us with the insignificant and the petty first, and then when we acquiesce and accept their little diktats, they turn the screw just a little tighter, one turn at a time until they have us. Does anybody recognise the theme ?

The `Green Movement` cloaks this sinister tendency under the cover of what they lead us to believe is an urgent necessity to save the planet. But with people like Jonathon Porritt apparently believing that the only thing wrong with our world is the human race itself, the question begs to be asked who it is he is actually trying to save it for?

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The Death Of The West : Sen. Patrick James Buchanan.
Global Tyranny Step by Step : William F Jasper
Eugenics and the Welfare State : Broberg and Roll Hansen.


0 #1 Bill 2009-04-20 19:49
Nice article Philip!!!THEY are the cancers, viruses, bad bacteria and parasites of the earth and WE are the lymphocytes which ultimately will have to attack them just as our immune cells and antibodies function in our bodies.Satan is the evil alien beast and does want our souls.But he can only get them via our free will which many will give when accepting the chip after being subjected via their insidious poisonings.Perhaps we should just make intimate love (fxxk) them out of existence/off our planet by raising the quality of our gene pools through assured loving marriages arranged/encouraged through loving parents.The DNA difference between Palestinian and Israeli is so minor it is ludicrous. But THEY worship an alien and perhaps have their genes?NEVER GIVE UP THE FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE!!! Good luck!!! Bill
0 #2 JDV 2009-04-20 21:39
Hi Phil! Thats a good one...and a good question in the end. Kissinger forgot that we are not only "eaters", we allso have arms! They can be used for many things...JdV
0 #3 Guy De Simon 2009-04-20 22:32
You hit it on the head,Phillip.Lord Porrit is such a shit.
How did you get on with the site?
I find that the further I go the more I return to what I spurned,early Christianity.
Regards ,
GuyP.S. look at the Goldman Sachs items on our happening /muse room page.They are unbelievable.
0 #4 Dr. Ken Simpson 2009-04-21 00:42
Your recent article "A Rainbow Warrior Shows His True Colours" was just excellent. I wholeheartedly agree with you. These crazies are worshipping the creation instead of the Creator. This of course is the exact opposite of what our Maker instructed. Woe unto them.
Dr. Ken Simpson
0 #5 Barbara Lofara 911 Truth 2009-04-21 21:48
Great work! I thought you were perhaps referring in the title to the rainbow-coloured coronas around the sun which signify the intense spraying of ethylene dibromide by the "sky-spiders" on any given day. I may be wrong, but I like to think that's what you meant.

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