Taking Liberties

Taking Liberties.

By Philip Jones 14th April 2009

"How to catch wild pigs. You start by putting out food for them in the same spot every day. In a few weeks you put up one side of a fence. After they get used to eating next to the fence you put up a second, then a third. Finally you put up the last side with a gate. Eventually, without even realizing it, the pigs have become fenced in and dependent on you for their food and protection."

Building Fences.

All around us today, governments are building invisible fences. Constructing our `open` prisons and erecting those fences around us while we sleep walk into servitude. Of course there is nothing new in this, and from a modern standpoint, the beginnings of our incarceration can be said to have truly begun with the creation of that most deceptive of social `innovations` the Welfare State. The caption above outlines the methods used to create our mass dependency very adeptly, so I see no reason to embellish such a concise summary of our plight with unnecessary verbosity. Suffice to say, we are proverbially `up a creak without a paddle`.

So what is the answer? We cannot reasonably expect now, this late in the day, any sudden interest in individual rights by either government or the opposition parties, as without exception, all are `up to their necks` in it. Sponsored, controlled, and mere puppets of their Illuminati masters, they have been chiseling away at our personal freedoms for years, and therefore have, if they ever had any in the first place, lost all credibility.

Taking my own sad country as an example, the root of the problem is that we British are no longer masters in our own land. Only a complete withdrawal from the European Union could now restore at least some of those freedoms taken from us. We are told repeatedly that such a course of action would harm our trading relations with the Europeans, wreck our economy, and cause massive unemployment etc. But would it? Norway and Switzerland enjoy excellent trading relations with the EU and so would we. And there is still an English speaking world out there. A world with vast trade and commercial possibilities and with which we have far more in common, than we do with our artificially created relations with our European neighbours.


Having established the Luciferian's goal of creating a One World State in my previous article `The Global Coup d'Etat` (see reference) and that the European Union is a major stepping stone towards that goal of world government, then it can be asserted that in order to avert such a disastrous outcome, exiting `Europe` is a prerequisite in order for the British people and those of the other member states to avoid complete and total enslavement in the very near future.

But such a move would entail boldness, courage, imagination, patriotism and integrity along with the will to undertake such a historic mission.

Sadly, the collective leaders of the UK and the rest of Europe for that matter, are of the same ilk, Europhile, Federalist and in the final analysis, `One World Illuminist` traitors, in thrall to Lucifer and his promises of wealth and advantage. It is therefore unlikely that we can expect anytime soon national politicians, corrupted by the lure of financial inducements and the promise of jobs in Brussels, which pay lucrative salaries far and above that which they receive at home, to lobby for the exiting of their country from the twenty seven headed monster known as the European Union.

Deeply Marxist in ideology, the federalists use the `Frankfurt School's` Critical Theory strategy in order to vilify those who are opposed to continued membership, labeling them as `anti european`, xenophobic, and ironically, dangerous, fascist and nationalist, thereby quelling open debate. This is a common and well worn Communist Ruse to suffocate free speech. These ideas have been internalised by the Illuminists, and in it's attempts to silence all opposition, the EU is knowingly following a script which runs parallel to the party line laid down by the Moscow Central Committee in 1943:

Members and front organisations must continually embarrass discredit and degrade our critics. When obstructionists become too irritating, label them as fascist, or Nazi or Anti Semite...The association will after enough repetition become fact in the public mind”.

Within a so called free society such as the UK, one might expect the Judges to have stood as the defenders of liberty, but sadly, that has not been the case. Many if not most of them have been carefully selected and are of the same mind as those other purveyors of treachery in the House Of Commons, who together with Brussels are making all those intrusive laws which are destroying `piecemeal` the ancient liberties the people of Britain have taken for granted for centuries. Liberties quite foreign to those in mainland Europe. By allowing judges to determine the moral and social framework of people's lives, instead of relying on the precedents of the English Common Law, together with their `lordship's` implementation of foreign legislation such as the `Human Rights Act`, utter confusion and a forlorn sense of demoralisation is engendered amongst the native population, who feel ever more helpless and friendless, in a world gone mad.

Up until recently, there was one body at least which seemed to have the wisdom, experience, independence and broad perspective to act as custodians of the people's liberties and here I speak of the House Of Lords. However, since that once esteemed house's abject desertion of the British people in 2004, when contrary to all the promises given to the thousands who wrote in begging they refuse to pass the severely draconian `Civil Contingencies` Bill, pass it they did. The writing was on the wall. The people were left defenseless as even that last bastion of British democracy fell to perverse forces.

Democracy or Theatre For The Masses.

What passes for democracy in the West should not be confused with true democracy where people have a meaningful say in their lives and those things that affect those lives, as in the Swiss Cantons for example. The so called democracy we see throughout the EU, the US, Canada and the other developed nations is nothing more than `Theater For The Masses`. Every four of five years, we the people are asked to choose between political parties of the liberal center, all with communitarian credentials, all at the leadership level dedicated to the Illuminist Agenda, committed to high taxation in order to bleed away the individual wealth of the private citizen, and to a large degree of state interference in people's private lives.

Taking this into account, along with the fact that most `democratically elected` governments win office on less that fifty per cent of the votes cast, laws that interfere with personal liberty should be kept to a minimum.

Societies consist these days of vastly different types of people, and demanding conformity and uniformity of thought and action should be seen for what it is, abhorrent and fascist, but increasingly, laws are being passed which do just that, controlling and boxing people into a desired, designed and conformist way of life. The law is there for us, not we for it. Provided we don't harm others, it should leave us alone. But it doesn't and it won't.

Democracy is generally regarded as the safest form of government, but it is not sufficient in itself to protect the liberty of individuals. There must be a vast reduction in the power of government to micromanage our lives. It is clear that the tyranny of the mob can be as harmful as that of a despot. As President Thomas Jefferson once remarked, Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner”.

Any government, no matter what form it takes, must above all else give respect to the liberty of the private citizen, and recognise that that a person's private life is above and beyond it's auspices, except in the most extreme of circumstances.

Tolerance must be the guiding principal in a diverse and democratic society, and there must be no place for the social engineering instincts of the communitarian's and liberals who are so expert and well versed now in dictating to whole populations how they should think and behave. People must learn once again to take responsibility for their own lives and wrench it out of the hands of government.

Any decent and just society must be a well informed and free thinking one. But with their `lockdown` control of all the organs of the state, and by the no longer subtle indoctrination of our children in the classroom, combined with incessant programming of all our minds by television, radio, newspapers, pop music and a multitude of other means, the Illuminists are able to twist people's minds to their own perverse agenda, closing down the ability to think critically and thereby making any semblance of what's left of democracy in a given society little more than a charade and meaningless.

I know of no other country in which speaking generally, there is less independence of mind and true freedom of discussion than in America”. Alex de Tocqueville 19th Century writer.

The Home Of The Brave.

One wonders what de Tocqueville would make of the present situation in the `land of the free`. The almost addictive watching of `mindnumbing` television glorifying all manner of corruption, perversion and violence. The millions being unwittingly programmed and conditioned to think a certain way by fraudulently based psychiatric `mumbo jumbo` and `fleeced` of their hard earned dollars by psychiatrists and psychologists who in the whole history of their so called `science` have never been able to record a `cure`. When combined with all the impediments to free thought that are caused by Political Correctness, we are looking at a `dumbed down` and `cowed` society the like of which could never have been envisaged only fifty years ago. But it is erroneous in the extreme to point the finger at America, and single out that proud land and people as being alone in all of this. The situation is endemic throughout what we call the Western Nations and all of the above conditions are more or less universally present.

Out Of Chaos Order.

In our 21st century `democracies`, issues are simplified and made superficial,

hence the ruse is propagated that there is a clear demarcation between the liberals on one side and the conservatives on the other, whilst both sides seek to use the law to impose the same narrow Illuminist agenda on the population. As the saying goes; “
No matter whom you vote for, the Government always gets in”.

In this apparent struggle between two intolerant `opposames` , there is no consideration for the rights of the citizen, who finds himself/herself bullied by laws made only to further the Illuminist Agenda. And while to the bewildered populace, who are told by the `legislators and politicians that these laws are made to reform the law in order to ostensibly better their lot, it appears that they are in reality enacted for the sole purpose of ramming one or another dogma or prejudice down the collective throats. Both conclusions are however incorrect. When one becomes aware of the deceptive tactics employed by the Illuminists, it is all so clear. As the Freemasonic Motto goes, “ORDO AB CHAO” or “Out Of Chaos Order”.

What is happening is no evolutionary social phenomenon. It has been in the works for centuries, even millenia and is now approaching it's intended realisation.

What is so dangerous about the current model of democracy or as it should be termed `social democracy` is that people are indoctrinated into believing that they are a part of the process, when in truth, the only role they play in the drama is to cast their vote once every four or five years in a fake contest between political parties that are is essence almost identical. It is this charade which enables the State to pass the increasingly draconian laws that violate personal freedom. A politician, bureaucrat or judge who uses coercive authoritarian laws to subdue and oppress a citizen is no less a tyrant for being invested with a `democratic` mandate for doing so.

The place to begin the liberating of the people is within the mind of each individual. Men and women must be true to themselves and not the state. It is time for people to wake up and realise that there is no longer any correlation between legality and morality. We live in an age when it is perfectly legal to murder a baby in it's mother's womb, but a crime to smoke a cigarette in public. It will soon be legal (if it isn't already) for fourteen year olds to practice sodomy, but not to learn to drive.

Our dictatorial regimes, for that is what they are, give out the message that murder is alright in circumstances which do not offend the liberal conscience, which explains why the likes of General Pinochet are hounded and arrested for acts allegedly committed in Chile, whilst Marxist Dictators like Mugabe go free and unmolested. The `law` is little more than total moral confusion, which is as it is intended to be. To this writer and surely to those able to see through the mists of propagated confusion, the only force behind the law which remains, is as `Austin` wrote “purely physical not moral”.

An example of this lack of a moral compass is the case of the anti abortion activist who some years ago shot dead an abortionist in Pensacola Florida. The State demanded the death penalty for the crime. In this sad and tragic case, there were three killings, two legal and one illegal. The abortion is deemed legal. The murder of the abortionist illegal, and then the state slaughters the activist which again is considered legal. But there is a bizarre aspect to this when one considers that the abortionist killed for a living and often, whilst the activist killed only once for a cause believed to be just. I do not condone the killing of anyone, but there is an element of moral imbalance here.

Getting Away With Murder;

Recently there have been several reported cases of women killing husbands and then receiving only short suspended sentences. For any wife who kills her husband, it would appear that the trick is to claim persistent violent abuse on the part of the deceased, who being dead cannot defend himself. The almost certain result will be that the court, completely in thrall to feminist dogma, will conclude that the long suffering wife had sufficient reason for her actions. Then with her husband conveniently gone, and with freedom hers to enjoy, she is able to marry her boyfriend, or considering the strange and perverse times we live in, her girlfriend. A half century ago, she would have hung for her crime, but today, the courts are intimidated and cowed by the knowledge that even a custodial sentence would unleash a venomous attack from feminist journalists and notables nationwide. Who says crime doesn't pay?

Within two years of July 1998, the British government released it's full compliment of IRA murderers. The then Prime Minister, `Phoney` Blair justified his actions on the shoddy grounds that it would ensure peace in that troubled province. Well, that `peace was shattered well and truly in Omagh in August of that same year. But, in the `New Order` of things, if the politics are right, anything is justifiable.

Morality versus Legality.

Our Secular Laws are now so far removed from moral considerations, that the time has come for people to again turn to the Holy Scriptures, and then take moral guidance from it's pages as to what is right and what is wrong. I have long believed that this breakdown in our moral order can be clearly attributed to the loss in faith and belief in Christianity throughout what was once called Christendom, and that only a rebirth and flowering of this belief in the great wisdom provided by the Bible will prevent an apocalyptic collapse of our civilisation. Love of liberty must prevail over an indoctrinated and misguided respect for authority. As Lord Devlin, a former British `law lord` stated, There is no longer a moral obligation to obey the law in all circumstances”.

The Designed Imbalance

Throughout the West, we see a complete lack of equilibrium in the relationship between crime and punishment. Petty and ridiculous misdemeanors carry heavier penalties than serious felonies in many cases and this has resulted in a breakdown in respect for the law. With the awesome powers which have been handed to the Police this past decade, they are now more feared than respected.

As a former Police Officer, who retired thirteen years ago, I speak from experience. Edmund Burke said, “Good Order is the foundation of all good things”, and he was right. But over the past quarter century, it has become apparent that disorderly, immoral and violent behaviour has been fostered and nurtured by successive governments for a reason. When they had the opportunity to do something positive to combat the rise in crime and decline in morality, governments sat back and did nothing but talk about what they were going to do. Remember the Freemasonic Motto, “Out Of Chaos Order”. This is the Hegelian Dialectic in full flow. Sponsor a situation that will demand a response, then give that predetermined response, or as David Icke terms it `Problem Reaction Solution`, and this has been `in play` for as long as I can remember and certainly during the fifteen years I served in the force.

The lack of any obvious reason for the mass of laws flowing from Brussels and elsewhere around the world has alienated millions. The more rules and regulations which violate people's freedom, the more the law will be broken. It is inevitable. One can barely sit at home in one's armchair these days without impinging on some petty diktat or another. In effect, as stated above, governments will be faced with a situation of widespread disorder, even anarchy, which will be of their own creation, and which as the creation of the `Euro Gendermerie` proves, they expect and are ready for.

We must combat State interference in our lives on all fronts. Our liberty, or what remains of it, will only continue if the general and guiding principal against the intrusion of law into private matters is acknowledged and enshrined in acceptance universally. We cannot be selective in this matter. Our cause will not go forward if on the one hand we say we do not want social workers to have the power to force entry into our homes and dictate to us how we raise our children, but yes, we do think it okay for Police to break down doors in some alleged search for weapons, explosives or drugs.

That is how we are divided and ruled. They play us off against each other so that we just cannot see the bigger picture. We must always remember that laws are not made for our benefit. Their primary purpose is to control our lives increasingly whilst taking away ever greater portions of our personal wealth and property. We must not identify ourselves with the state. It is and has always been them and us. We are forever being told that laws are for the greater public good. All tyrannies throughout human history have used terms like this to justify the implementation of laws hostile to individual rights. There is a defined conflict of interest between `community interests` and individual rights.

Abstract Rights.

We are today bombarded by `rights`. These rights rarely if ever apply to the majority population and are designed to cause further division, fracture and resentment in society. This explosion in “rights” has eroded to an amazing degree personal liberty, and created an atmosphere of suspicion and fear in the normal interactions between citizens. These rights come in all shapes and sizes and include `the right to choose`, minority rights, women's rights, gay rights, and any other `rights `they can think of to further beat down the majority into submission. The `chattering class` liberals so fond of promoting these rights, have little or no idea of their true purpose, and in their mindless enthusiasm ignore all practical consequences. And of course, the louder they talk about these `rights`, the less of them we seem to have.

I maintain here and now that we the people have an inalienable right to be allowed to live in peace and make our own decisions affecting our lives, without state interference.

But, and this is a big one, the `Law` no longer allows us to do this. For us to keep what's left of our dignity and independence of thought, we must keep our eye on `the ball` and not mistake the signals coming from government, nor the lies that are used to justify their nefarious attacks on our personal liberty. We cannot afford to look at law in isolation as each new piece of legislation is just another step towards the `open prison` our lives are becoming.

Those who make the laws have but contempt for the individual but maintain a certain regard for the `Herd` providing it does as it is told. The private citizen is just someone they bleed dry through taxation and the multitude of pernicious `fines` for petty traffic offences etc.. He/she is someone to strip of his/her rights, to be used as `cannon fodder` in wars of aggression against innocent people in far off lands and then deceive with more lies come election day. Every little law passed is part of the whole, with the ultimate goal being to reduce the individual by both legal and technological means to a passive thoughtless compliant zombie to be controlled and manipulated.

Centralisation and Globalisation.

As we move ever closer to a Federal European State, North American Union and an eventual World Government, we see an ever increasing drive towards standardisation and centralisation, masked as an administrative necessity. It's main effect is to further enslave and anaesthetise the private individual. The idea is to make everyone more or less the same worldwide, so that the Illuminists, through their puppet politicians, judges, bankers and media whores are able to control the global population. This enables the `House Of Rothschild` together with the Rockefellers and to a lesser degree, the likes of Rupert Murdoch and Bill Gates to manipulate whole markets and economies. This drive towards the One World State is the ultimate enemy of individualism and freedom.

Taking Responsibility.

Averting disaster will not be easy. It will mean every person taking back complete responsibility for his or her own life,which is not as easy as it might appear. The writer, George Bernard Shaw said, “ Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it”. The notion that it is only government which can guide, ban, encourage or regulate our lives must be treated with utter contempt. Such a concept is unfit even for animals. People deserve better than to be bossed around and herded like sheep. The dependence which has been engendered in us by the dreadful `Welfare State` whereby we look to governments rather than ourselves for solutions and inspiration is the ultimate denial of our humanity.

Slogans and Spin Doctors.

Western socialist governments, cloaked in the respectability of liberalism, promote abstract notions such as `inclusion` and `diversity` as being intrinsic to a decent and humane society. But this is just a subtle and sinister way of forcing everyone into a conformity of thought and opinion. Using slogans rather than reason, they defame anyone who thinks freely, and this rare individual will experience an intangible pressure to conform to the accepted wisdom. These slogans are always diabolically clever in construct, crafted to appeal to the superficial rather than the profound. The minds of people who have been subjected to the mass programming and propaganda of the architects of the New World Order these past fifty or so years are little more than putty in the hands of these master manipulators.

The control over our minds is all the more effective due to it's sophistication and subtlety. As `de Torqueville` wrote “Democratic despotism degrades men without tormenting them”.

Unlike Dr Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister, the Illuminists have used a form of seductive mass mind programming utilising all the modern means of information. They own the newspapers and television stations, record companies and film studios. They have introduced a mind bending curriculum in our schools indoctrinating our children with a `Neo Liberal` viewpoint on abortion, race, sex education, feminism, pacifism, colonialism, and the rest of their insidious, self righteous and devilish agenda.

Network Solutions ?

If we are to take back our freedom before it is too late, we must learn to rebel. To express our individualism in the face of the globalist conformist tidal wave which threatens to engulf the whole of humanity. If we continue to acquiesce, we will be `hammered` into conformity and obedience by a brutal, fascist and impersonal apparatus which will allow no dissent.


The peoples of the western nations are being lead by the nose into a Police State. We are being bound and fettered by an endless barrage of intrusive and restrictive laws coming at us from every direction, or so it seems. But in reality, this attack on our lives is organised and orchestrated from a central point in the City Of London.

The oppressive trend of government interference in people's lives is now universal and is top to bottom in scope; from the false and degraded `let's all be friends` tyranny of the United Nations Organisation, down to the local social worker and the whispering `nosey` neighbours. If our short lifespan here on earth is to be lived in unmolested peace, we must not be slaves of the state. We must stand firm, united as one and take back our lives, become responsible for ourselves and those we love and just say NO.

Further reading and reference:

The Global Coup d'Etat


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The Nylon Man


Global Tyranny Step by Step byWilliam F Jasper

The Great Deception by Booker and North

The Holy Bible.


0 #1 Jeannon Kralj 2009-04-15 17:37
Phillip, I am thinking I had better save all your essays and keep them ready for reference.

I thought I read somewhere that you do not profess to be a Christian, but your writings certainly support the Christian heart.

I think that we have all become pleasers of men (politically correct) rather than individual pleasers of God. We have lost our consciences and no longer can think with the help of the Holy Spirit, which is the illumination that is available to all of us.

I feel very frustrated as I see that all the groups in my country and state and city, in their purported fighting against the system, seem to ordering people to be politically correct and play the "angry righteous citizens" role, which is nothing but the dialectic.

The dialectic was clearly evident in the Garden of Eden narrative. "Hath God said?"

God bless you and thanks for your latest writing.

Jeannon Kralj
Austin, TX
0 #2 Bill 2009-04-15 18:26
Hi Philip:

Hope all is well!

Your article is excellent with many insights for those not in the choir!

I feel you getting a little more spiritual with the Lucifer versus Christianity (Makow) slant. I totally agree with morals being lost with the Luciferian degradation of Christian principles and the allowance for the insane legaleasing us into embracing our sublime servitude. However, the Bible is not the ultimate singularity that most Christians see it as.

Keeping things simple with the two greatest commandments from Christ negates all of man's attempts, even back to the Noahide laws which I think the New Zionista Order wants to reinstall for us serfs to function for them. Humans are wretched sinners albeit much of our sins are caused by Lucifer's temptations the most wretched of which is excessive fiat debt with compound interest usury.

Christ has redeemed us with his blood and previously gave us the message when he threw the money changers out of the temple.
Isn't that all we really need to know.
In a previous email I think I asked you if you were familiar with the monetary redemption that is a very complex process that some have used to escape financial entrapments. Also, I think I am correct concerning the derivatives including us human cattle as one of their commoditites.
The Jesus is Savior site is also a loaded rabbit hole of good stuff.
Anyway in the interest of brevity LOL, great article, hopefully you will awaken many souls!!!>

As the liars (Aussie for lawyers) would say and I agree whilst I continue my battle against usury:

Talk 2U suin' LOL
0 #3 Sam 2009-04-15 18:29
As usual, you have an excellent grasp on the world situation. There are many points on which I agree with your essay. It is very well written and erudite.
0 #4 Linzi Peynado 2009-04-15 19:13
Hi Philip,

many thanks for sending me your latest article. I have to say your work is very thorough and rings oh so true with me. I've been delving into this "stuff" for a few years now. Ever since i was able to grasp that something very wrong and sinister was taking place on this planet.
I went through four years of hell in University, i graduated in 2007 with a degree in Law and American Studies. I absolutely loathed it. Purely parrot fashion brainwashing mis education. But, like many young things i was "brainwashed" into higher education by the school system. It was repeatedly pumped into us that if we didn't go to University we would effectively become bums.Being young and naive, i believed them. Well... here i am now, effectively £20,000 in debt.but A LOT wiser... Lol! I'm glad at least i was able to see it now... maybe a little late but better late than never.
It's horrible watching the world spiralling downwards into "hell." Every day our freedoms are rotting away in the name of "terrorism" or some other farce like that. There are so many layers of control and manipulation its unbelieveable.... even down to the genetic level and more than likely beyond that too. No doubt that behind the puppets in suits there's something altogether more sinister and dark. I've found that when we take the "red pill" so to speak, the rabbit hole goes on and on and on.... and, truth becomes stranger than fiction. Of course thats a whole other story, but i feel it's a very important one.
Most people around me don't want to hear about the world, they believe things will carry on fine for them as it pretty much has. But things are changing rapidly, and things we've come to rely on can and most probably will, be taken away in a heartbeat. What will people do then? All i have to say is thank goodness for folks such as yourself who are able to unravel layers of deceit. I really enjoy your work.All i have to say is thank goodness for folks such as yourself who are able to unravel layers of deceit. I really enjoy your work.
One thing is for sure... be damned if i have to grow old in a world such as we're seeing coming to light... or to darkness perhaps i should say. I'll fight for my existence as a free individual, and i hope as a species we can all do this, because time is running out. Of course, i know you know all this! But it's nice to rant now and again. Lol.
Well, thanks for your article. I look forward to your new work too. Take care now.

0 #5 Jean Bush 2009-04-15 20:31
Utterly brilliant and completely perfect, Philip. It's the best I've seen from you so far.

Frankly, I am awe struck. I can't think of anything to say right now. So I will let you get back to work.

Thank you, Philip

Sincerely, Jean
0 #6 Patrick Hedemark 2009-04-15 21:31
Dear Philip

I first want to say "Thank You" again for taking the time to formulate such a concise essay. Much obliged.
Thank you for this one - very much.

0 #7 Deltager 2009-04-15 21:48
"Then with her husband conveniently gone, and with freedom hers to enjoy, she is able to marry her boyfriend, or considering the strange and perverse times we live in, her girlfriend. A half century ago, she would have hung for her crime, but today, the courts are intimidated and cowed by the knowledge that even a custodial sentence would unleash a venomous attack from feminist journalists and notables nationwide. Who says crime doesn't pay?"

Could you give me some links, to back up that statement?

Do you think ill about the homosexuals?

0 #8 Stephanie 2009-04-16 00:35
Pretty impressive Philip. I agree with most of what you are saying and where I might question your view it does not diminish in any way what you have written.

I know how dumbed down North American society is. Canadians are a bit better off than Americans but not by much. From a personal point of view, I am really quite angry about the shortcomings in my own education and all that I should know and don't. I have been amazed at this over the years. I was lucky compared to most as I attended a good boarding school as a child and therefore received a far better education than average in the basics, including a bit of the classics. I did not attend university but overall I have far more general knowledge than most people I meet including many professionals. This is only because I read a great deal but also because I have a tendency to hang around with people far more knowledgeable than myself. I am truly impressed with people who have knowledge. I am never impressed with people because of money but knowledge and brains....yes.

I have been spinning my wheels for a very long time and am therefore extremely aware of how little the views of the public count in any manner which may threaten the system or the agenda. Unfortunately, I believe that nothing short of an huge uprising will effect change and even then perhaps not much. The French & Russian Revolutions didn't nor did the American Revolution. These revolutions were planned and controlled. The Russian Revolution broke serfdom though.

Every organization, agency, even most list serves etc. have been systematically infiltrated. Even organized religions, including all new age, and the Dalai Lama are used by the system.

As to the feminist movement....that too was all orchestrated. Gloria Steinem was a CIA operative as was Helen Gurley Brown (Sex & the Single Woman).

I wish I could believe that somehow this world wide financial crisis will not work out as planned by those in control and that people around the world will rise up.....that something better and unforeseen will result.

Your writings make me very curious about you. It is difficult to envision you within a police force where you would have to submit to a very authoritarian and rigid organization. Most police that I have met are also not particularly well informed although now many with degrees are entering the forces in Canada. Still....they are all very well indoctrinated. You should be too but you are not. What what wrong I wonder?

Were you with Scotland Yard? My opinion of Scotland Yard is based entirely on movies, mysteries, etc. I see them as some how being a cut above the rest. Not true I am sure. Proves how powerful the entertainment business is when it comes to our views.

Thanks for sending me this latest writing. I will read it again. It is very good.
0 #9 John St John 2009-04-16 02:56
Philip -

You are, of course, right on target. There is, however, no stopping the NWO agenda: It is already confirmed in prophecy. The point that Christians do not seem to get is this - it is God who brings forth evil men to punish His wayward and apostate people. Just as He punished them through Nebuchadnezzar and others, so also will He punish His people today through the NWO and Antichrist.

Knowing this, I spend my time doing what the Lord said to do at this time: 'Watch and pray.' Last year, for example, I spent over 400 hours in prayer - and much more in study. But I have not been able to find even one 'believer' who is even slightly interested in such a thing; 'No, not one.' They would rather rant against the wicked than to seek after God. Both are toward their own undoing.

Notice, in particular, the section on the 70 generations of false shepherds in the Book of Enoch. It is God who has visited His people with proud boasters and deceivers in the pulpits for their sin of not seeking His face. These pastors and leaders are once again pointing the blind 'believers' in the wrong direction - just as they are intended to do. This is part of the 'great deception' which God is sending upon all His people who 'love not the truth' today.

Yes, I am aware of all these things - but I keep my silence and leave it all up to the others who seem so fascinated by it all. They do not understand the fundamental principles of the Lord; therefore they are deceived. In Ezekiel, the Lord says 60 times that His people will not know that He is the Lord until His judgements are in the earth (against them!). As such, I am quite convinced that no one will either seek or serve the Lord until the fear of the Lord comes upon them suddenly, like a woman (church) in travail. Even then, only 1/3 of them will understand at all. Only 10% are promised to be saved out of it.
0 #10 Luke Villers 2009-04-16 03:00
Well, I read the entire article and have thought about it for awhile now....

First of all I think your information is right on........at least anything that I would know about.

Many of the parts below I find quite intiresting......especially your understanding of the way people are manipulated........

I have talked to a lot of people.....usually about things they don't want to hear.......and it has made the result of the conditioning very obviouse....

There are many types of people and it seems just as many unique ways to brainwash people..

When you talk to people you begin to see the brain shut down and the programming take over.....you have noted those things very well.

For people who might read real history...like you....then you begin to realize that this is just more of the same.........you perhaps will be remembered just like VOLTAIRE is.

NOW< I think your article is covering all the important things......however, in an attempt to be contructive....I want to ask some questions.?

When I read an article like yours the thing that goes threw my head is this........"who is reading this and what are they thinkinig?".......

I wonder about your target audience.....and what type of people should we be trying to reach.

People seem to get almost all of it......or don't want to hear any of it.

To the people who get it.....your article is moral support.....(and a good one)

and to those who don't want to hear...it is nothing they would read.....let alone think about.

This is a very dark hour indead for those of us who know the real news.....

but it has also been bad for so so long......the things controlling us have had the upper hand for longer than I can research.........and they are getting very good at controlling us.

The real question is what can be done.......there are plenty of things to go out and do if a person wants to make themselves feel better.......

but is there anything that people could actually do that would EVER really make a change...

the answer to this scares me.......so I don't answer.

there are things that would make a change...but who will join together and do them...?

I also find it discouraging to play the GAME and try and change things the AMERICAN way.....
like the tea partys today......

I wish I could see it as more than a feel good exercise......in other countries the governments prepare for protest with more guards and guns.....IN AMERICA...they expect you to waist your money and time and stand behind the fence and wave your sign and then GO HOME.......

They are good at what they do......there are more forms of control than I can immagine....

and if we push hard enough they will regroup rethink and come back with a better control...

I supose someday they will control us like they use to.......completely....and then at least maybe the real leader of the world will take a throne again.....so we will have a face to put behind all that is evil and wrong with this world............

in a way people in chains are much more problem matic.....they know there goals and have a very common ground.......instant unity...even the dumbest slave knows he wants out of the chains.................and who put them there......

good luck
0 #11 JDV 2009-04-16 10:48
Congratulations Phil! Rising thou riseth! Just like they have made everybody believe there was no class-conflict! Such articles is what may make a difference; more peoble seeing the whole picture,connecting the dots.JdV
0 #12 Cedric Hamilton 2009-04-16 12:53
Hey Philip,
That is great work! Did you guys see the massive demonstrations that took place in the United States yesterday? Wow, it was amazing! I guess I was wrong. People around the world are waking up fast thanks to people like you! Great job buddy! I trying to get my mind in gear to work on my next book but I am finding it a little difficult to concentrate with everything going on. I think that I may take a three-month sabbatical and join some friends down in Costa Rica. Well, take care buddy and keep the fight going! I am praying for you on this end!

"Rather than accept the circumstances of life, choose to ponder the possibilities of existence".

Sedrick Hamilton. "Ascension, Memories of a Journey to Enlightenment". 2008
Now available at Amazon.com and select bookstores!
0 #13 Tony Teen 2009-04-16 17:00
My dear friend,

I have just finisher reading your article...and it would be too simple to say it is brilliant..I think this is one of your best pieces I have read so far...

Let me tell you a short story.. in Feb 2008 I was in rio de janeiro at the samba parade with some friends and a friend of mines mother she is a psychiatrist in uruguay. She asked me what do you want to do whe you grow up..as a metaphore of course.. I said one day i would like to be the Italian Consul of NEw york.. it would be quite an achievemnt for me to get back to the place where I grew up as the Italian Consul :-) .. well she said to me it doesn't matter if you don't know how to be a consul.. what is important is if you are a "good person".... some moths after I was to meet Yourself via e-mail and of course now i know very well that the only persons that make it to such positions are not fully good persons as much as they are part of some kind of brotherhood..

The second thing that I wanted to tell you is that it is absolutely true that while I was in the US i beleived myself to be in the freest country in the world but when i moved to italy i quickly realied that what i thought was the freest nation in the world was not at all true!!

0 #14 Carol 2009-04-16 21:11
Jordan Maxwell explicitly mentioned exactly this during one of his lectures of how crimes pay. Letting murderers or violent persons having short sentences so peace can be done! getting away with murder or other horrible act. Here I am talking in general, not taking side.

Århus Kommune has created a "Kontrolfri Zone". Quote:
"Arhus Kommune er gået til kamp mod det voksende omfang af kontrol og dokumentation i den offentlige sektor. Dette foregår gennem projektet Kontrolfri Zone i Magistratsafdelingen for Sundhed og Omsorg"

Increase the amount of time dedicated to citizens
Increase "arbejdsglæde"

Asking ourselves questions, like : is it necessary? Is it suitable...?

Quote: End control, mistrust and unduly (unødig) documentation.
Kontrolfri zone challenges the Official sector whole culture. (offentlige sektor)

and more...I found this today at work.
I don't believe there is a real honest intention behind this????
Probably they want us to run even harder if we find better time to the elderly by eliminating some kind of control. You see, in some months from now all Århus social workers will have small like cell/computers. We will have to write the time when we arrive at some place and the time of our departure. 5 min. to fru Jensen, 20 min. to hr Sørensen and so on.. As my french friend put it (clever girl) they are, doing this, only going to give jobs to those who can run. Older, slow (and normal people) won't be employed! And the poor old people, well they will get more pills!

It is all a mess!
Imagine! no rules and regulations (frizone) to force "stress" upon us all.

Few things from my mind to you for the moment.
0 #15 Kathleen Beatty 2009-04-17 21:02
Very powerful, Philip. As vox of voxnyc (the only website i know of raided and shut down by 40 fbi, cia, and special forces agents, in 2001 or 2002) --
as vox used to say 'Get up off your knees and fight back! or they will kill you!'

I've been forwarding your articles to peole whom i think it's time to send a wake-up call to -- old friends whose political apathy and ignorance i've endured up till recently

it does finally seem that people are starting to question, and to listen to what i have to say -- my key phrases are 'the NWO' and 'Big Brother.' i took part in the Boulder Tea Party --only about 50 of us (the young ones off in denver getting some sort of training) --people reading our signs and hearing our chants --i got the feeling they were listening and thinking -- but time is running out -- wake up, folks!!!

i just watched 'Bamkara,' an excellent film set in Mali, explaining what the nwo is doing to African nations and peoples thru the IMF and other predator orgs' debts.

you probably already know, re your newage article, about the Tavistock Institute, and their stated goal of using the newage/'contactee' movement as an entry point to manipulate many minds. i learned from David Icke just how powerful the City of London is in world affairs. And i believe that the British intel system is still one of the best.

as nightmarish as things are getting to be, i have finally learned that it is better to live in hope than in fear --by faith, if one is a Christian, not in fear -- i'm reminding myself of 'Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof,' as spoken by The Man Himself.

something weird: the free daily newspaper here, local news, geared towards kids on the colorado university campus, recently had an article in the grooming/fashion column, stating that it was cool (my words) for men to have their fingernails done, with a clear coat of nail polish on. this just seems very weird to me. the world seems to be getting weirder and weirder in general

please keep on writing!
0 #16 Blair B 2009-04-18 09:53
Thanks Philip.

A lot of topics covered in your latest.....democracy as theatre for the masses. Yes it is!

Living in Canada, watching my country willingly give up more freedom every day, I can just imagine how things are in the UK. I have been an active world traveler for 20 years, I have met many Brits who are smart, successful yet unaware of so much of what is going on with regard to NWO plans.

The problem reaction solution trick discussed in the David Icke books is so easy to see once your eyes are open. And it is very frustrating to see how many people fall for it, and how they may resist being informed about the true nature of it.

As you well know, the reach and depth of NWO efforts is massive with so many issues.
Ones of particular concern and interest to me at the moment.....

After 10 years of chemtrails, the massive media effort to suppress any and all talk of them...........why this week do we see mainstream media all over this topic?
It is disinformation, disguised as some sort of massive response to global warming, but still a clear change in tactics. Why?

I also see an uptick in mass media references to ET's UFO's and ancient historical connections to them. I have some basic awarness of the Werher von Braun prediction that a massive UFO hoax would be the final card played to fully submit the world to one ruling authority. I wonder what you think abou this. I visit many politics websites, and this week I had a comment censored on this topic by a site that normally does not censor.

The financial crisis and one world currency are clearly part of the same dance, and I am almost sick of this topic. I would assume you have seen a video called 'The Money Masters" but on the off chance you have not, please check it out. It is a great history of the Federal Reserve primarily, but deals with the Bank of England too.

OK Philip, that's it for now.
Cheers, Blair
0 #17 Robert Cinque 2009-04-18 13:28

Having identified the problem well, you say,

People must learn once again to take responsibility for their own lives and wrench it out of the hands of government.

In my view, this is the one and only way for humanity to regain its power and sovereignty. Saying No to abuse is an act of love and health and no one can grow and thrive without this kind of self respect. Degrading us, corrupting and polluting all things sacred, is the Machiavellian method for dominating a society because corrupt people do not revolt, only the virtuous do.

The excitement around 2012 comes to mind here, in which it is imagined that humanity will enter a new domain of evolution and consciousness of unity with all Life. While I certainly hope so, I can say with great confidence that if it happens, it will be the result of a worldwide fiery No to the status quo of state sponsored terror and tyranny. Nothing less will suffice. The moneychangers must be shown the exit door and the Temple restored as a sanctuary for all that is human and divine. This is accomplished by caring enough and loving enough and being angry enough to actually accomplish real change that is humane and life giving.

The world is in such terrible shape because of the endemic belief in separateness from Love, otherwise known as egoity. Truly, there is no actual ego, only an entrenched belief in it, which creates a Frankenstein monster. Every ego is a fascist, a fundamentalist, and an empire builder. The only difference between the State ego and the individual ego is that the one is bigger than the other, but both are fundamentally the same, which is why "security" and the avoidance of death becomes primary concerns to the ego. Thus, do we become easily exploitable animals for the shrewd to manipulate.

I also believe that its a spiritual crisis, it only becomes a political and economic crisis later, which is the inevitable consequence of default on ourselves. Give up your birthright, go to jail. When enough individuals realize this, perhaps we will see real growth.

Be well
0 #18 Richard Moore 2009-04-20 02:11
Another great article and again......right on target. Keep up the good work. I am going to send this around.

0 #19 Kathleen Beatty 2009-04-21 20:03
Hi Philip,

thank you very much for your article-- with your usual forceful clarity you expressed what i see in this world. it is horrifying at times, on nearly every level, in every aspect of society -- what especially horrifies me at times is what is being done to young people's minds, to the children -- the sexualization of them at younger and younger ages, and the perversion of sexuality in all ways along with the early -- way too early -- awareness of sexuality. the mass educational system in general should be called the dumbing-down system --also many many books and movies and video games for young people out now with vampires and werewolves --not good

in the last ten years especially i have become aware of an increasing tho very subtle put-down of Jesus and Christianity in many forms of media. i think i wrote you that Linda Moulton Howe is quoted as saying that ALL ETs have an interest in Jesus -- and, according to my own reading, all ETs say something about Him --that He is another one of those friendly 'ascended masters' hanging around Earth in droves now; or He is an ET, coming back again in a ufo; or He is a myth; etc., etc -- it seems to be only Jesus Whom the ETs feel compelled to talk about -- makes one wonder why? i think i know why -- i think He is coming back soon and satan and his minions know this and are going all out to 'harvest' as many souls as they can before the Final Battle, however that is going to happen. the reptilians/nwo are subtle, and are subtly removing humans farther and farther from any knowledge of Jesus

it is overwhelming to me at times to deal with the level of self-centeredness i find in so many people i meet. one of the tenets of the newage, that we create our own reality, means in essence that we are God. somehow this way of thinking takes away all reverence for the One God, the One True God, the Creator. And of course the main battle is to prevent humans fron knowing the truth about Jesus -- this also leads to knowing the truth about the nwo, the last stand against the victory of Christ. I am convinced that the only way of escape from satan/the nwo's snare is thru Christ Jesus, however one knows Him, thru Name or thru Spirit. there is a war for souls going on right now, and most are sleepwalking thru it. i pray, and continue to talk to others to try to wake them up. and i am remembering 'Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof,' and work to not worry about the future

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