The Global Coup d'Etat

The Global Coup d'Etat.

By Philip Jones 8th April 2009.


The term "New World Order" refers to the advent of a Totalitarian World Government. The current push towards achieving this nirvana has at it's core, a powerful and secretive group known as the Illuminati, which has been conspiring to take control of the the world for millennia.

They aim to do this by the introduction of an autonomous Global State, which would supersede and replace the sovereign nations of the world. Most if not all significant occurrences in politics and international business are manipulated, orchestrated and designed by this extremely influential cabal operating through many front organisations, such as the Bilderberg Group, The Club Of Rome, The Royal Institute For International Affairs and a plethora of others, all of which connect at the very top of the Illuminati's symbolic pyramid.

But the idea of such a `One World State` is not new, and the origins go back into the very shadows of antiquity, and to a presence that has been a constant thorn in the side of mankind since it's very beginning.

The One World State and the Temptation of Christ.

The Bible tells us that the concept of a `One World State` was put forward by Satan to Christ as one of the `Temptations in the Wilderness`. We are told that it was firmly rejected by Jesus. Whether one accepts the Scriptures or not, it cannot be argued that Christ's teachings, which involve personal freedom and free will, are totally incompatible with the concept of a `One World State` which would mandate and coerce diverse peoples and cultures into a centralised dictatorship. Satan's offer was conditional on Christ's worship of him. This temptation has been put to men throughout the ages, and it is not surprising to discover that many of the most influential men throughout history, and enthusiastic advocates of world government, have been Satanists. I speak of men such as Marx, Bakunin, Moses Hess, Stalin, to name but a few, together with a near full compliment of the more recent crop of Satan worshiping world `leaders` such as the Bush's, Clintons, Blairs and the current `Saviour` of the `Free World` along with them.`

The outlines of the centuries old conflict between good and evil were laid down in the Gospels in as much as `God is the god of truth`, while Satan is the `father of lies and there is no truth in him`. And still on yet another level “You must serve God or money. You cannot serve both.”

The present drive towards the setting up of a World State, that can increasingly be seen to be not atheist in construct, but Satanic and Anti God, has it's origins in Ancient Babylon, with the coalescing of the `Kabballah`, but which in it's modern form can be said to have begun gaining impetus in the 19th century, with the advent of Marxist Socialist theory, together with the growth of International Banking:

Marxism you say is the bitterest opponent of Capitalism, which is sacred to us. For the simple reason that they are opposite poles, they deliver over to us the two poles of the earth and permit us to be it's axis. Within these two opposites, we find ourselves identified in the Internationale. And these doctrines of the two poles of society, meet in their unity of purpose, the renewal of the world from above by the control of wealth, and from below by revolution”. The Comte de Saint Aulair in `Geneve contre la Paix` Libraire Plan, Paris 1936.


Among the requirements outlined in the `Communist Manifesto` for the establishment of a One World Dictatorship were:

1.The abolition of private property;

2.The abolition of the family;

3.The abolition of countries and nationalities;

4.The abolition of religious liberty and freedom of conscience, together with all religion and all morality.

In the context of the above, the word `Communist` is in many ways interchangeable with all those who aspire to a One World State, including Marxists, Zionists, Fabian Socialists, The United Nations, The Parliamentary Group for World Government, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Bilderberg Group, and even the World Council of Churches, plus a plethora of fellow travelers.

Marx formed the first `Internationale` with Mikhail Bakunin, the `God Father` of Anarchism who wrote:

In this revolution, we will have to awaken the devil in people, to stir up the basest passions.”

Doesn't this describe the world we live in today? All around is social decay and chaos, intended and designed to create the desired response in the people, that `something must be done`. We see violence, pornography, gambling, alcohol and drug abuse, all the vices extolled and normalised, together with the perverse promotion of homosexuality as a `valid lifestyle choice` and extreme feminism, disguised as `women's rights` being used to socially and morally emasculate men, turning God's natural order on it's head, and weakening that element in society most likely to become an obstruction to the plan. More recently, the European Union tabled a motion to legalise Pedophilia. How far down this road do we need to be driven before people say enough? The Masonic Motto `Out of Chaos Order` aptly applies to our world today, and Satan appears to reign supreme.

When Satanists are initiated into the seventh degree, they swear that their overriding principal will be, “ Nothing is true and everything is permitted”.

Is this not indicative of the attitudes and conduct of our leaders and so called celebrities today? Whether they be Bankers, Politicians, Senior Police Officers, Professionals, Bureaucrats, Pop Stars or Film Actors, I believe that even the most cursory examination of all or any of the most prominent individuals active in the above spheres of influence will show that they are deeply connected to both Freemasonry and Satanism, and are working knowingly or otherwise, to bringing their `Master's` goal of a tyrannical world state into being, and sooner rather than later.

In `On Hegel`, Marx wrote:

Words I teach all mixed up in a devilish muddle. Thus anyone may think just what he chooses to think.”

And that is exactly why so many have followed `the yellow brick road`, towards the Dictatorial One World State that the followers of Satan advocate. They have been duped, confused, mesmerised. They have not thought out what it means to lose one's freedom and national identity, or that the diabolical depopulation agenda is real and evidential and that the slaughter of millions is a very real possibility, to be achieved via a bewildering array of means not least of which might include a `stage managed` Third World War. The `FEMA` camps in the US and the massive number of similar installations throughout Europe attest to the deadly seriousness of the situation. The `Dark One` is playing for keeps this time.

The Genetic Requirements.

For the establishment of a World Dictatorship, there were three main requirements. The Communist and revolutionary teachings of Marx and associates must be integrated, disseminated and universally accepted. The destabilizing of nations morally and financially with the draining away of money and assets outside of the control of any nation would have to be achieved, along with the provision of a `Master Race` to provide the dictators and rulers.

In his book `Terrorism and The Illuminati`, Canadian Author David Livingstone describes such a `race` in the clearest of terms thus;

The Illuminati represent the descendants of the Fallen Angels who inhabited the lost continent of Atlantis. These Fallen Angels interbred with humans, to whom they taught the Ancient Wisdom. Therefore, throughout the centuries, the Illuminati have been carefully intermarrying with each other, to preserve their “sacred” bloodline, handing on their esoteric knowledge from generation to generation. For this reason, they also refer to themselves as “the Family”.

There are thirteen core bloodlines at the top of this `Family` and it is these `people`, who allegedly trace their lineage back to Babylon, and beyond into the distant past, who intend to become `Again as Gods` once their `Dark Lord's` World State becomes at last a reality. From one of these lines of decent, believed by many to be the Merovingian Bloodline, will come it is said, the supposedly beneficent `World Leader`, sometimes referred to as the `Anti Christ`.

These people or rather `things` see us as cattle, for culling and they have been very busy doing so throughout history. But today with the weaponry, medicines, vaccines and poisons available to them, it is difficult to see how their `Agenda` can be halted. Particularly when one considers the levels of apathy prevalent amongst what they term `The Sheeple.`

The British writer, `Bertrand Russell` had this to say back in 1954:

“Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rule:s and ruled will continue until they become separate species. A revolt of the plebs against the masters would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.”

Mr Russell wasn't so far `off base` as a walk down any City High Street these days will confirm. However, knowing how deeply `connected` Bertrand Russell was, I am convinced he knew that the `rulers and ruled` have always been different species.

In `Treason at Westminster` Kitty Little writes:
“By 1963, the UN Convention on Racial Discrimination had provided for the massive movements of population that would in turn provide for the interbreeding of genetically incompatible races, and for the positive discrimination against the native populations of European decent who were considered to be the greatest obstacle to their plans. A parallel UNESCO Convention against `discrimination` in education had provided the impetus for race, sex, parentage, local and national loyalties and all forms of religion as well as ability, to be regarded as forms of `discrimination` and therefore to be abolished. Children were deemed to have a `human right` to be protected from religious indoctrination. All this, in addition to the encouragement of oral contraceptives (that lead to physical, mental and moral degeneration) vasectomy, drug abuse, and the current fashion for genetic engineering with artificial insemination and `test tube` babies, was designed for the debasing of the human race.”

Financial Requirements.

Taking financial control out of the hands of national governments was an absolute requirement if the Global Dictatorship was to become a reality. This was seen as a preliminary to the operation of a system of credit whereby only those in good standing with the `World Government` would receive the means of subsistence. Hence the fact that the EU, the prototype for World Government, has concentrated it's focus on undermining national industries, taking control of food supplies, and by dictating farming and fishing policies, ensuring that the member nations remain dependent on the centralized European State for essentials.

Another example of how the `One Worlders` coerce and manipulate countries economically is the way the World Bank discriminates in favour only of those nations who comply with it's genocidal depopulation goals, mandating the use of `family planning` via contraception, and implementing compulsory vaccination policies on whole swathes of people in the developing world, resulting in the mass sterilisation of native women as a primary goal, and chemically induced miscarriages as an important secondary `failsafe`.

The fanatical opposition to South Africa, before the takeover by the majority population can also be placed into context when one comprehends the `Agenda`. South Africa had and still has the largest gold reserves on this planet, and without taking control of that, the credit trap could not be sprung.

Development of the Plan.

Since the launch of World Communism, the Illuminati's plans have developed and matured. In 1928, the Communist Internationale presented a three stage plan for achieving World Government:

  1. Socialise the economies of all nations.

  2. Bring about the regional unions of various groupings of these nations.

  3. Amalgamate all these groupings into a final World Union.

In 1942 Stalin, in cooperation with Western Marxists was intent on laying the foundations of the UN. He defined the necessary goals for the final World Coup d 'Etat as:

  1. Confuse, disorganise and destroy the forces of private capitalism.

  2. Bring all nations together into a single world system of economy.

  3. Force the industrialised nations to pour prolonged financial aid into the developing countries.

  4. Divide the world into regional groups as a transitional stage to total World Government.

As any informed observer must be able to see, the plan is far advanced and in it's final stages. Can anyone argue that goals one and three have not already been attained. Number four is partly fulfilled in the form of the European Union, and plans for a North American Union are beyond the planning stages. The European Single Currency or Euro is a `stepping stone` towards the World Currency, to be possibly called the `Phoenix`, symbolising Satan rising from the ashes of the old order to establish the new.

Working on the assumption that the point of no return would be reached with the establishment of European Union, the Illuminati in their obsession with all things Satanic, created a symbolic `Monetary Snake` that would penetrate into the heart of nations and undermine their power. They saw it primarily as an encirclement of Europe and in as much as, “When this ring closes, all the States Of Europe will be locked in it's coil as in a powerful vice”.
This statement was made in the 19th Century and it was considered that by enchanting` Europe, it would ultimately encompass the whole world..

The current manipulated global financial crisis is a ruse to achieve a universal system of money, and with it, World Government will be achieved by `hook or crook`, by financial or murderous means. Either way, the point of no return seems long past.

The United Nations and The European Union.

Together with UNESCO, the UN has insinuated itself globally into the very fabric of nation states, corrupting and undermining them at every turn. In the field of education for example, the intentions of the `One Worlders` who controlled UNESCO (and still do) were:

  1. To deride, ridicule and destroy any feelings of patriotism or loyalty to their country amongst the youth.

  2. Instill in the youth an outlook of internationalism that could easily be reconciled at a later date with the concept of a One World Dictatorship.

  3. Indoctrinate the youth to embrace Marxist Socialism (under different labels such as Social Democracy for example) as being the correct social and political outlook.

  4. Neutralize the youth against the religious influences in the home along with all concepts of rigid morality.

The establishment of a European Union has been critical for the Illuminati's plans to create a `World Government` and the formation of the UN was seen as a necessary preliminary, in the same way as the EU and NAU are seen as stepping stones to World Government. When the UK entered the EEC back in 1973, the British people were told deliberate lies about the intentions and significance of that move. The now familiar deceits were new back then, the primary `mother of all lies` being no loss of sovereignty. The Treaty of Rome empowered the Commission to formulate Directives which took precedence over national laws. There was no requirement to make these laws public, even though they had to be implemented.

Since then, with each treacherous treaty signed, the peoples of Europe have been lead by the nose ever closer into a Federal `Rat Trap` from which there is no way out. Jean Monnet, the so called `father` of the EU put it like this;

Europe's nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.'

Last years Irish referendum debacle exposed the EU for what it is; A Totalitarian State in the making, albeit of the `drip by drip variety`. It's refusal to accept the `democratic` will of the Irish people is little more than a precursor of what is to come.

The Treaty of Lisbon had been absolutely critical for the Illuminati/Communist plans for the World Dictatorship, and having come thus far, it was clear even before the Irish Referendum that the `Euro Marxists` would not allow something as insignificant as Democracy to get in their way. But the question begs to be asked; “How on earth have they managed to come this far without detection ?

The research of Dr Kitty Little back in the 1960's and on through the 1980's describes how the activities of the members of a nameless subversive organisation at Oxford University back in 1940 set the agenda for how the goal of a Federal European State would be achieved. In her pamphlet, `Treason at Westminster, she writes;

At a meeting in Oxford in 1940, the head of the political section of the subversive organisation described it's intentions, and MI5 received a report from Moscow the following year outlining the same plans. Members of the political section of the subversive organisation were to infiltrate the Political Parties. Those in the Conservative Party would lean to the left, those in Labour to the right. The reason being that the British it was said, distrust extremists. Those infiltrating the Conservatives were to be responsible for the `financial smokescreen` that would conceal the changeover from democracy to a Marxist Dictatorship. The description given fits entirely the manner in which the Heath Government took us into the EEC and explains the Tory party's support for the Treaty establishing European Union.”

Throughout, the method has been infiltration from the top. Although the people of a `member state` may continue to vote in national elections, the candidates are chosen by a very small select number of people, and since WWII, large numbers of the subversive organisation have entered the various national parliaments. I think it is now safe to say that this insinuation of subversives is mirrored globally and particularly throughout the west, and since the great weakness in the `party` system is the manner in which candidates are chosen, this provides fertile ground for subversive activity. A further weakness in the electoral system of the UK for example has been the `packing` of marginal `seats` where strong Anti Marxist candidates are standing, with immigrants who vote the way their own `bought and paid for` leaders tell them. Thereby circumventing true democracy, and undermining those prepared to make a stand against the subversives bent on achieving the Federal Superstate as the initial goal, and the `World State` as the final solution to the `democratic question`.

The Damage Done.

Over the past thirty or so years, the primary objectives of the EEC Commission has been to pave the way for the Treaty Establishing European Union, and thereafter the creation of the Federal Superstate. The laws emanating from Brussels have seriously damaged the industry and defenses of member states and have introduced many changes needed for the smooth transition to a dictatorship. The significance of handing over vast sums of taxpayers money to the EU, only to have them returned, should not be overlooked. The money returned is spent according to the wishes of the Commissioners , mostly on altering the infrastructure of the nation that it may more easily be split into smaller administrative units, thereafter to be more easily absorbed into the Federation..

In all of this, the complicity of national governments has been imperative, and the levels of treachery unprecedented in human history.

The Penultimate Step.

Later this year, the Irish will be coerced into another referendum, and this time, there will be nothing left to chance. One way or the other, the Communitarian's of the EU will fabricate their `yes` vote and with the Lisbon Treaty finally ratified, it will be full steam ahead towards the Supestate.

Within it's murky pages, the Lisbon Treaty holds no provision for the continuation of the Monarchy (not that in this writer's opinion that is any great loss, considering who and what they are) or National Governments. The Commissioners would become absolute rulers, with a Presidential `Puppet` fronting the tyranny. The Nation States of Europe will be divided into geographical regions divorced from all historical and traditional reality. The Map Of The Superstate to be, shows ten such regions in Britain including Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland, and four in the Irish Republic. It rejects entirely the existence of England.

The European Union is the `prototype` for the other world `Super Regions` intended to become a reality in the near future as illustrated in the diagram below.

The Final Solution.

The current financial crisis is intended to terrify the people of the world into accepting World Government. The calls for `New World Order` and for `global solutions for global problems` are increasingly being heard and transmitted across the airwaves by the media sycophants in thrall to the Globalists.
Meanwhile, the political puppets are playing their part as dictated to them by their Illuminati masters, and although the `economic` route appears to be the chosen vehicle to attain World Power for now, does anyone doubt that if they feel it expedient, they will launch a global war on a scale hitherto thought unimaginable. We are not there yet, but the world situation deteriorates daily.

This intended `Coup d' Etat` with the installation of Satan's' World State the intended `Final Solution`, is by far the most far reaching and sweeping change seen in human affairs in millenia, yet we have not been told about it by our elected leaders. The reason for this deafening silence is quite simple. The `Family` controls virtually everything it needs to ensure that the secrecy of the `Great Work` remains hidden, right up until that time, when like all conspiracies, it must raise it's head above the `ramparts` for all to see. This is happening now, but the mass of humanity is still in total denial, and seems to prefer to stick it's collective head in the sand and hope all the bad things just go away. There are comparatively few involved in this criminal conspiracy and if all those who are unconsciously helping them stopped doing so, the plan would collapse.

As Kitty Little wrote, “Publicity is what they fear most and it will defeat them”.

Further Reading:

Treason At Westminster by Dr Kitty Little

Terrorism and the Illuminati by David Livingstone. (vital reading) the parallels are frightening.


0 #1 Johnny Vulcan 2009-04-09 03:58
0 #2 Rene\ Descartes 2009-04-09 09:21
To prophesie about the future, is to evaluate all actions corectly and then project what the comming reactions will be. I agree that the facts are as you write, mostly. However, the reactions is our real concern. Will 'THEY' reap what "THEY" have sown? or not. And the answer is yes 'THEY' will. The law of sowing and reaping (Karma) cannot be avoided. We are our brothers keeper. All human nature has one thing in common; they only operate at full potential when their concerns are directed away from self-preoccupation and towards the assistance of their less fortunate brothers. Hence 'THEY' will never succede. Their greatest power is their primate brain (intellect) they use, which is mortal, at the expence of their conscious awareness which are immortal. The rest of us only reap what we sow, and if we do nothing to stop the reptiles, we then reap the consequences. Thank you for your exelent script and the publicity it gives [smiley=think]
0 #3 Peter Clement 2009-04-10 03:30
Just read your article...fantastic! what more can you say....
0 #4 Barbara Lofaro 2009-04-10 03:31
I'd say yours is the MOST SUCCINCT, ARTICULATE, INTELLIGENT of articles on the NWO and I can only repeat how very, very well you write, and how very, very glad we have become electronic penpals.

I printed your "Global Coup" article for safekeeping should the day come we lose our Internet privileges.
BRILLIANT! I sent it out to dozens of people I know.
0 #5 Robert Cinque 2009-04-10 03:32
After reading your essay on the Global Coup d'Etat, it is clear to me that you are a major voice in the preservation, protection, and liberation of humanity.
0 #6 Bill 2009-04-10 20:16
Hi Philip:Hope all is well in hiverslandic Denmark!Thanks so much for the incredible world situational summary. Especially appreciated the temptation of Christ via NWO; a really exceptional spiritual insight.While I agree they fear publicity, they know it would not get the sheeple to act as per the pathetic worldwide hive psycho injections we receive daily via various insidious poisonings. Until the sheeple realize that the real battle is for our souls (ourselves), the NWO gleefully marches toward their soul harvest. Their chips will have our bodies and brains and even work on our minds. Next will be our spirituality and then they finalize their soul harvest perhaps to be used for battles elsewhere. Maybe this a boot camp for interstellar zombie chipped soldiers (Soul/Sol diers). Hopefully, we will realize they cannot have our souls or any part of us for that matter, unless we free will it. Perhaps this a universal law applying to sentient beings with souls? Most are about to free will it by succumbing to their monetary/chip system. However, true souls will have NO FEAR!!! They do know this which is why they kill those that achieve the no fear zoneand then take significant action.Surreal: Kind of like the movie Matrix where if one is part of the system then they are my enemy, which becomes quite disconcerting, eh?Anyway, I had what I considered a spiritual insight regarding derivatives the other day. My theory is that we the sheeple are the major portion of the derivatives value as commodities.We truly are cattle and our total value would justify the derivative values that are being tossed about.I am forwarding another email just after this one which will have the info.In the meantime, here are some unverified numbers from one of the articles which was pertinent.U.S. annual gross domestic product is about $15 trillion*U.S. money supply is also about $15 trillion*Current proposed U.S. federal budget is $3 trillion*U.S. government's maximum legal debt is $9 trillion*U.S. mutual fund companies manage about $12 trillion*World's GDPs for all nations is approximately $50 trillion*Unfunded Social Security and Medicare benefits $50 trillion to $65 trillion*Total value of the world's real estate is estimated at about $75 trillion*Total value of world's stock and bond markets is more than $100 trillion*BIS valuation of world's derivatives back in 2002 was about $100 trillion*BIS 2007 valuation of the world's derivatives is now a whopping $516 trillion I hope some of this material helps you in some way. Thanks!!!!Bill
0 #7 Kathleen Beatty 2009-04-10 22:02
I read your article on yesterday -- thank you for explaining the European aspect of the NWO takeover so clearly and so succinctly.
I'd come to the computer this a.m. intending to share the following quote with you, from a book published during WWII, 'Athene Palace,' written by Countess Waldeck, a journalist writing from Europe as Hitler took over:

'These European people themselves had become increasingly indifferent to democracy, which was advertised to them in intellectual terms of freedom of thought and freedom of speech, but which in terms of their daily experience meant chiefly freedom to starve. I saw that not more than ten percent of the people on the European continent cared for individual freedom or were vitally enough interested in it to fight for its preservation...Hitler's revolution, it seemed to me, was the answer to what Ortega y Gasset called "the formidable cry rising like the howling of innumerable dogs asking someone or something to take command, to impose an occupation, a duty"...t was hard for an intellectual, vitally interested in freedom of thought and speech, to find that so few people in Europe were similarly interested. I viewed my diagnosis of Europe with the agonized fascination that a doctor turns on the X-ray plate of his own deadly cancer, always hoping that the diagnosis will prove wrong...'

Too many parallels with what is happening on a global scale today -- I foresee food supplies being curtailed or cut off in 'developed' countries as it is now in so many 'Third World' ones, and then the 'formidable cry' will rise all over the world. Here in the USA the new president is answering that call as it begins to howl...Lately I have become close to despair over my failure to wake up the people around me to what is happening -- I can't even get them to look at chemtrails smack dab over their heads, let alone get them to see the NWO shaping up here. The Waldeck quote at least taught me that my fellow USAmericans are not unusually willfully ignorant -- it seems to be how most human beings are.

Back in '98 or '99 I woke up during an abduction by a reptilian -- fought them and their grey flunkies off for several weeks afterwards, finally getting victory by calling on the Name of Christ Jesus-- I try not to get too angry at the millions --billions-- of sheeple, because up till then I had been a left-leaning liberal, reading the NY Sunday Times every week in my attempt to be a well-informed person (actually I was always a bit confused re the world situation as presented in those pages) -- it wasn't till I got online and began trying to understand what the abduction was about that I began to wake up. However, I seldom meet a human being who wants to wake up. This is very distressing to me.

There is a LOT I could comment on in your excellent article -- like about feminism, as i went to the first 'Womens Lib' public gathering in Philadelphia in '70 --walked away wondering why they were all so angry, and why they wanted men's power when when women's power was fine --and ESPECIALLY why they wanted to go out and get slave jobs! And seeing men through the years following becoming confused and weakened --Boulder, where I live, is a NewAge center --many 'sensitive' men in touch with their 'feminine' sides --kind of creepy. i raised a son (till his death in '87) and a daughter, and came to the conclusion that it is far more difficult to be a man in today's world than it is to be a woman.

About gold -- i understand that it is vital to the physical or psychical functioning of the reptilians in some way -- that is why it is considered the most valuable metal, I think --silver or turquoise or quartz or any other pretty sparkling thing coming from the Earth could just as well have been made the economic standard.

I don't think your articles are grim --they are excellent expositions of Truth. the Truth is grim, for sure.
0 #8 Ms. Jeannon Kralj 2009-04-11 00:47
Again, so excellent.

I wonder if the

"nameless subversive organisation at Oxford University"

is the Round Table Groups set up by Cecil John Rhodes about which Carrol Quiqley wrote in Tragedy and Hope .
I think that John Ruskin was a professor at Oxford where Rhodes attended and I think Ruskin was very powerful and influential and Satanic.

I am spending my time exposing the calculated evil doing I see all around me. I do not have my head in the sand, but I do not think reacting to and protesting in the politically correct ways is what is the right course of action now. I have always had a hard time fighting within groups so I expose the evil on my own. I will not be a groupie and do what they tell me, which is to be polite and go and grovel at the feet our our elected officials and stand up for my three minutes of "citizen communication" or "democracy theater."

I have listened to Dr. Stan Monteith of for about 13 years so I am well informed regarding the things you write of. What has been done to form the European Union is exactly what they are doing here in the USA. One of the major tools they have used against us is to not control our borders and to allow millions of undocumented foreigners to sneak in and injure our economy. Another tool they have used is "we must wage war on terrorism and terrorists" since the Brotherhood of Darkness's useful operation on 9-11-01.

God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ Who is Truth.

Ms. Jeannon Kralj
0 #9 Cedric Hamilton 2009-04-11 02:06
Hi Philip,
I read your article. Man, you are phenomenal! I learn something new every time I read your work. Most of this is what I learned some time ago but I am always striving to learn more and your works are educating me much further! I was at my favorite bar yesterday and was talking with a buddy about the economic collapse and the ensuing plan of one world govt. when this pilot interrupted me by saying that there is no economic meltdown and all is well. At that moment I thought about you and the message that I wrote to you expressing my frustration with the Americans here who are very apathetic to everything and call us nutjobs. I didn't bother engaging this gentleman in a debate. I simply told him that most people don't want the truth, they simply want to be entertained, thereby making them the perfect slaves. He just stared at me like I was crazy and decided to leave. Some of these people out here haven't a clue! But I am glad that you wrote that piece. I am going to take it to my favorite bar this weekend and show some people what it is that the informed few really know! Good job buddy!
0 #10 pdhedemark 2009-04-11 18:47
My Friend Philip,

I am most happy to hear from you and this letter comes at an appropriate moment.

I read with keen interest your most recent article you sent me here published on

This has to be one of the most excellent of its kind I have ever encountered for the reason of of its concise and clear revelations of fact.

John Adams - one of the early Presidents and Founders of Britain's Republican Colony - the United States - once argued in court "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence."

Facts speak for themselves and you have set down the cold hard facts in a simple sequential fashion that leaves little doubt as to the nature of the pickle we are in.

I want to offer a few comments to all you have written - however today being Saturday - I cannot.

I do want to say though - that I feel you have hit on the key to solving the dilemma you so nicely illustrate in this article.
0 #11 susan zahedi 2009-04-11 18:54
Dear Philip
Thanks for the well written article, I couldn't agree more about the 1 world government & currency coming down.
I am not sure what a Satanist is , but I sure think that yes, the bankers, politicians and all those who influence the
public thinking are part of the same race or cabal.Or they are Satanists in your opinion.
I am not so familiar with Christian literature but I know how they have been planning for the coming of the Christ, Maitreya or the Mahadi.
It means so little to me as i don't believe in any kind of organized religion.
All I can say is that pepole in Japan seem so asleep and even the ones that have a brain, don't see what is coming.
I teach and do have a lot of contact and opportunities to discuss with Japanese people and most of them don't have a clue to what is happening.
Keep up the writing and all the best to you.
0 #12 Luke Villers 2009-04-11 19:22
Hello Philip,

Let me start by saying thanks for careing about my opinion at all. I would like to think that you recieve so many emails from people like us that you can't respond to them all......that may be wishful thinking.

I saw your article when it first showed up and I read most of it, but I check so many articles that I admit I didn't finish it.......Simple because I couldn't agree more......and for those of us who have eyes to see will know that your right on target.

I just finished rereading all of your as to give you my opinion.

My opinion is simply that you nailed's sad to say really because the assesment is very bleak to say the least.......but still very accurate.

0 #13 Deltager 2009-04-11 19:44
I have to wonder, where you get the evidence for your suspicions from... I have been searching for a long time now, and know alot about the nwo/illuminati etc. The majority of people who write these things, claim that it is a fight between christianity vs. satanist. How do you know that? Where is the proof? Where is the proof that the 13 bloodlines rule the world, from a satanic point of view. I have seen it in writting, but i can easily write something and claim that it is the truth. The problem i see, is that it all falls down on, if you believe in god and jesus and satan. And do you believe in them? Then whereform did you get knowledge from them? If you got it from the bible, then what will say to the statement that the bible has been infiltrated and changed trough the years? Do you believe the quran? If you dont, then why not?

Im willing to accept that many world leaders are corrupt and evil, but do you really think that all the evil/nwo, spring out of an ancient plan to take over the world, led by the devil?

Regards, Niklas
0 #14 Philip Jones 2009-04-12 13:39
Dear Niklas,
Where do you get your own suspicions from. i have seen life at the `sharp edge` my friend. I have also read countless works including the great and accepted hostories of the world. But none of that is conclusive in itself. What is conclusive is that society, take Denmark for example is riddled from top to toe in Satanistic, Cabalist and masonic doctrines which are in every way the product of a sense of all pervasive evil. i am not an orthodox `Christian` per se, but see great wisdom and prophesy within the scriptures, and yes I have read the Koran, and can recite many of it's verses. But the problem there is that as an English speaker who does not understand Arabic, then the best I can get is a translation and we all know about translations. How are opinions and ideas formed? They come from our own experiences, from what we read, witness and discuss. I believe that even a cursory amount of research on your part will show that what I have written here is at the very least circumstantially provable, and without doubt evidential. Whether you accept what I write is up to you, but rather than slamming in the negatives, why not write something which proves me wrong. If you are able to do that, ten I will relinquish my stance and accept yours, but until then my friend, either put up or shut up. And by the way, if I didn't believ it, I wouldn't write it.

Why not follow some of the links at the reference section and do some reading yourself. Of particular value would be this book available online.
0 #15 A liberated soul 2009-04-14 01:30
A very well written article.
I acknowledge your points, though living a life completely without religion, has left me unfamiliar with religous litterature and so forth.

One of the best books outlining what has occured in history is; "Tragedy and Hope, A History Of The World In Our Time" - authored by Caroll Quigley.

The website is offering alot of texts, books and articles. It is worth a while. [smiley=wink]

and as a side note, is REALLY worth paying a visit.
0 #16 Deltager 2009-04-14 10:29
Hi N,

I have read Tragedy & Hope, and religion for me is about investigation and research, goodness as opposed to evil. Having seen the `fruits` of the irrelgous tree, I have come to the conclusion that they are poisonous indeed. Do not presume to think that I find any of this easy. I have deep conflicts within me over many issues. All we can do is seek and hope to find. I wish you luck and fortune in your own search for the truth, and respect your ability to question.

Regards, Philip
0 #17 Dave Garry 2009-04-14 12:25
Marx was a Satanist? Yeah, I can believe that. I was aware that Kabbalah is the original source of most occult practices. "the European Union tabled a motion to legalese Pedophilia"? Good lord, what is next. animals?

BTW, that was another great article.

0 #18 Marcus Moxon 2009-04-14 12:40
Dear Philip,

Thanks again for the link to your article which I read last night. I must say, a very accurate portrayal of the way things are and where we are heading. What scares me most is the Irish vote, as you pointed out. They already said “no” – which part of that do TPTB not understand! The Irish are a sensible lot and given that the situation has only deteriorated in Ireland since the last time they had a vote, they would definitely repeat the no vote. We all know, however, that voting can be rigged and that’s more than likely the scenario planned for Ireland to once and for all pass their Lisbon con – the one we were told wouldn’t start the European federation with it’s own constitution, army, currency, bank, etc, etc, just a tweak to the constitution – what rubbish!!!

I haven’t managed to read the articles on your site yet, but I’m very interested to learn about the way things are in Denmark – I can’t believe that things are worse than here, but I’m definitely open to persuasion, so will pick them up as and when I get a free minute (or ten!).

So when were you in the army? Did you see active service? When were you in the police force? I find it reassuring that there is hope for people in both the army and the police to wake up and see the world for what it is – I thought the brainwashing was permanent! What made you wake up? I have a “normal” office job (work as an IT contractor – as independent as I can be) and rarely speak to anyone in my line of work who has the faintest idea of the level of control and the depth of the conspiracy to which we are all subjected and that’s in an office! I feel it benefits me to see both sides of the picture in that I am apart of the system, but not a part of it because I understand what it’s about. For that reason, I refuse to buy into the corporate crap and climb the ladder, but I have a mortgage to pay and 3 children to feed and clothe, so needs must and all that. But you’ve seen both ends of the spectrum in their entirety which means you know how far it goes!

Anyway, all the best to you and, if you don’t mind, I’ll pass comment on Denmark as and when I pick up your links.

Kind regards,


PS Very good site, by the way – all your own work?
0 #19 Jean Bush 2009-04-14 22:56
Dear Philip,

Before I touch on your article, this has some interesting relation to it; I received an email from John in VA and he was complaining about government corruption, etal there, and asked me if I voted and what my politics were. Well, as you can imagine, I really went to town on him; I said I don't vote as the "shadow gov" also known as the Illuminati controls everything and places in position whomever they wish to further their agenda..blah blah, you know the drill. Then I told him to read your above article and get back to me. Usually I get an email in the morning from him, but not yet today. He's probably still thrashing around with it.:-)

Your comment on "extreme feminism" and Little's on "moral degeneration" only adds to my own concept of the purpose between men and women. I firmly believe that women's job is to raise men from thoughtless brutality to the sublime, and has been so throughout history. Women have great power and men have always known and respected it. Women's sovereign right to fashion the world to their highest beingness has made them the standard bearers of civilization and the grand keepers of tradition and morals. The Illuminati knows they cannot break thru this and so in their inane attempts to get a foothold on us have convinced women that they have been oppressed by the very men they have raised upward. Women have lost their sovereignty, not thru bloody battle, but willingly, under thrall of the promise of "equality." And in so doing, have stepped into the gutter with men and have adopted the uncivilized behavior you know that men can indulge in. Now we have lost our tradition and ! morals that have made us invincible, and without firing a shot, the Illuminati has us all under their thumb.

I will stop here as Henry has covered this much better then I, and I do not care to sound repetitive with you. As to the rest of your excellent article, I'm afraid you rather lost me in regards to the Lisbon Treaty and Europe, as I have only studied our situation closer to home. You are lightyears ahead of me, but I hope I have given you some small satisfaction as to my opinion of what you wrote.

I would say more, but the phones are rather "exploding" here.

Well, Philip, had enough?? No? Well, hang on, because later I wish to make a comment on your "Tyranny of the Law."


0 #20 Deltager 2009-04-15 00:48
I must say i felt that this line; "If you are able to do that, ten I will relinquish my stance and accept yours, but until then my friend, either put up or shut up." surprised me, and provoked me. I cannot see what it is you think i want you to accept? I ASK for proof. I do not claim, like you, that i have proof. Therefore it seems silly for me, that you say that i shall prove my stance or shut up. What, questioning your oppinion is not allowed here? I can see that there are alot of people that are very happy for your articles, and i also think that there are some very well written pieces in between. But still, i have questions, and i just lost at little respect for you, because you couldn't handle my questions properly. I have done, a lot, of reading myself. But my problem is this; 1 guy tells me, the bible is false. Another guy tells me, the bible is true. Which one is to thrust? Catch my drifft?

I have just begun reading up on a lot of books that different thruthseekers talk about. Like orwells 1984, books of aldous huxley etc. Because i want to know what it actually is they are writting. Are they really so satanic... Cuz, everyone can claim to speak the truth. And if the only proof is, that it is written in a book, then it is not a solid proof.

By the way my friend, you say you cannot trust the quran, cuz you are english and the translation could be wrong.. The bible were not in english from the beginning, and i have heard several people say that the bible has been infiltrated by luciferians several times, since the early beginning. I can find 2 different versions of the bible in danish, both written between 1900-1999, and from the same "company", and find several passages where the written is completely different. My discovery of this actually led me to wonder, if i could trust any of the written, whomever it came from.

That is a hard question.
0 #21 Philip Jones 2009-04-15 15:01
It was my intention to provoke you, and so I achieved my aim. Now go and find your own truth. But If as you say you are sceptical about most sources, then it will be a difficult path.
0 #22 Michael Lemmetti 2009-04-15 16:21
Good afternoon, Philip

I've just read your article on the European aspect of the NWO takeover. Once more, you've explained and educated myself in highlighting the dangers posed on us by such societies. This is definitely not "scaremongering trash" ( cue Alex Jones ), but a realistic view on the situation and an element of hope emitting through the grey clouds.
0 #23 Guy Reid Brown 2009-04-21 17:34
Hello Philip

Am typing from the straitened circumstances of the library again, and it keeps cutting one off! I read 'Coup D'etat' this morning - as the essay is straightforward Truth it cannot be judged in subjective terms! The last quote from Kitty Little 'Publicity is what they fear most' is so true - it is exhausting when the Conspiracy is a blatant fact in historical terms but the majority of the so-called 'educated' refuse to believe it.

The pessimistic tone of the Essay strikes me as being the right one - I think we have to write off the current set up and gather around us good people.

I look forward to reading your next at leisure when I am back online.

All the best


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