Their World Is In Your Head.

Their World Is In Your Head.

By Philip Jones 31.3.2009

“The Luciferian Principal is the art of concealing darkness in light, war in peace, and finally bondage in liberation from self restraint. In this way, people are seduced into embracing their own destroyer” Eliezer.

A friend of mine, another expatriated `Brit` here in Denmark, whose fortunes have paralleled my own these past years, called me recently for one of our regular `in depth` discussions. He is like myself a keen social observer and a rather harsh critic of Danish society. He mentioned that an acquaintance of his had begun to berate him summarily for being too `negative` and thereby attracting to himself the very things he was `complaining about`, namely, the xenophobic treatment he is subjected to daily by the natives, which he believes with some justification, to be due to his Jamaican decent. She had read a book entitled, `The Secret` and her attitude towards him had begun to change as she progressed through it's pages. I hadn't heard of the book, and inquired as to what it was all about.

He had told me previously that she was very `New Age` and that even before she had read the book, she was quite deeply immersed in the whole `New Age` scene. He continued that she had started advising him that only `positive thoughts` brought forth `positive fruit` and that thoughts created reality. So, his constant `observations` of an acerbic nature were in affect attracting his own bad experiences.

Now, this `struck a chord` with me, and I recognized some of the same themes as I had read in David Icke's work. The whole `Infinite Consciousness, Body Computer, Holographic Universe` thing, which to be honest I had struggled with, and still do.

Anyway, as life often has a habit of doing (perhaps I attract such happenings), around the same time, another `friend` of mine began to speak about a film entitled `The World Is In Your Head, What The Bleep`, which by all accounts expounded themes if not identical, then very like those my other friend had ascribed to the aforementioned `Secret`. She also mentioned how her employers had issued copies of `The Secret` to their staff. Now, anyone understanding the `Danish Way` would know immediately that there had to be some ulterior motive behind this as Danes don't as a rule, give anything away. But what really got me interested was that I knew that those same employers were not only Freemasons, but `connected` sufficiently to be invited to dine with the Prince Of Wales himself. The plot began to thicken?

This `Secret` sounded like yet another way to control, by convincing people that by thinking positively, and maintaining some form of `contentment` and refusing anything remotely negative, especially the obvious `truth`, then they will be easier still to manipulate and control. Then cause them to believe that in order to ensure they are surrounded only by positive `vibes`, they must distance themselves from `negative people`, namely anyone of a critical and questioning nature. Like myself for example.

The advantages of such a workforce to any employer are manifest.

An Hypothesis began to coagulate in my often overactive imagination, which seemed worthy of further investigation, but before outlining this, it will be helpful to recap, hopefully briefly on some of my previous work, if only to place what comes next into context.

Happyland Revisited.

"The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawarely enslave themselves." Dresden James

In July of last year in response to yet another `The Danes are the happiest people in the world` propaganda piece, I wrote an article entitled `Happyland` in which I showed clearly that this was certainly not the case, and that the reality here was in fact to the contrary. That the Danish concept of happiness was more to do with their social security `net` than any form of bliss. Danes term this security `tryghed`, and the need to feel it is intrinsic. Even though as one walks along any high street here, one will rarely see a smile, or hear any laughter, Danes maintain that they are happy. Of course what they are is `content in their servitude` as in Huxley's `Brave New World`.

Like all modern regimes, the Danish Government has utilized many subversive methods in order to program and indoctrinate it's citizens. It should be clear to anyone who has read Aldous Huxley's novel `Brave New World` that the planners and designers of the `New Denmark` after WWII were certainly familiar with Huxley's themes, and I would hazard a guess that the infamous `Tavistock Institute in London had it's `greasy paws` in there somewhere too.

At any rate, the success of their little experiment here in Denmark must have had `them` patting each other heartily on the back`.

Having used with expert skill the full compliment of `mass indoctrination` techniques, such as State Education, The Mass Media including Television, Radio, The Movies, Popular Music, Newspapers and Women's Magazines, the manipulators have created a serf class which in it's unquestioning gullibility, acquiescence, compliance and conformity, is a sight to behold. For those not familiar with Denmark, yet old enough to remember the TV series from the 1960's `The Prisoner`. Those circumstances prevailing in the quaint village settings in that rather strange series are if not exactly representative of life here in `Old DK`, the similarities are startling. The very large `bubble` chasing would be escapees in that series, might easily be associated with the Danish version of what is known elsewhere as the `Tall Poppy Syndrome`. Here they call it the `Jantelav`, and it is all pervasive in this society. Even those Danes who recognize the roll that this rather sinister self imposed `mental prison` plays in their lives, seem still unable to escape it's characteristics. Having written at some length about this previously, it will suffice to say here that the `Jantelav` dictates that nobody think themselves anything, or dare to shine out from the group.

So in summary, it is my contention that Denmark is a primary `Test Zone` for the proposed Federal European State in the first instance, and in the second, for the Illuminati's planned `World State` to be inaugurated upon the total collapse of the world financial system some time in the near future.

My Hypothesis:

`That the Danish inclination towards the `New Age` is acknowledged, promoted and fostered by the Dictatorial State Apparatus. That Denmark is a Luciferian Society constructed on Secular Humanist lines, whose reputation as being a bastion of freedom and liberal thought is nothing more than `doublespeak`, self propagated and false. That `The Secret` and or `What The Bleep` are being pushed by Tavistock trained and connected controllers onto a naive and dumbed down population so accustomed to acquiescence and conformity anyway, that this, in combination with the massive prescribing of Psychotropic Drugs might be the final stage in achieving Huxley's `Brave New World` here in Denmark.`

The Secret.

Essentially, `The Secret` claims to be the `Law Of Attraction`, and propagates the idea that you become or attract what you think about the most. It is presented as literal truth, in the same way for example as the `Law Of Gravity`, and the assertion is made that it is constant and that it “ works every time”, without exception.
So then, we can actually create our experiences and achieve our goals by thought alone. And that as our expertise increases, so will the success rate of our results. Furthermore, the claim is made that the world `elite` have known about this for Millenia, and that is why they are successful (Nothing to do with Bloodlines whatsoever) ? Images of Knights Templar excavating beneath Solomon's Temple flash across the screen tying it in with Freemasonry and the other arcane mysteries.
Anyone who has any knowledge whatsoever of the `Hidden Hand` or `World Elite` as they put it in the film, would know that the mass of esoteric and ancient occult arcane knowledge once available to mankind has been systematically hoarded, collected and taken out of circulation by that very same cabal of would be `World Rulers`. I find it implausible to say the least that having done so, and with the `lock down` monopoly they have over all avenues of the media and information, that such a wondrous `Secret` would ever be allowed to even see the light of day, let alone be given access to such mainstream Illuminati vehicles of misinformation as the `Oprah Winfrey` Show. By the way, Oprah's a big disciple and advocate of this `Secret` Of course she is !!
The film gives several banal examples : A man worries that he will be late, and because of this is caught in a traffic jam. Another is shown locking up his bicycle, and we are given the impression that he is concerned that it might be stolen. Of course, he returns later to find it has indeed been stolen.
We are meant then to believe that the traffic jam wouldn’t have happened if it were not for this one man worrying about being late? What then were all the others stuck in traffic at the same time thinking about ? Were they all worrying about being late? Were none of them feeling positive that day ? Were there no `positive thinkers` in the vicinity, sure they would arrive on time, because surely, if there were only one who felt good about his or her chances of making it on time, wouldn't that make an absolute nonsense of “it always works every time”?
Then there's the cyclist. Should we assume that if somebody else had left an identical unlocked bike at the same location, the thief would still have stolen the locked bike of the person worried about theft, just because he was worried? I have attempted to find a controlled study on this, not surprisingly without success?
As with `What The Bleep` there is a strong and unambiguous implication that these revelations are supported by science. Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith states;
"It has been proven scientifically now that an affirmative thought is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative thought."
This is not the case. There is no such evidence, at least not that I could find.
Newton’s Law of Gravity is absolute and universal; drop an object and its acceleration will be exactly as the Law predicts, and it does work every time. The “Law Of Attraction” doesn’t work that way. Of course, having a positive attitude, being confident, believing in your own success etc. is a definite advantage, and will attract others to you. But it is neither absolute or universal and it does not work every time.
Basically it's the old adage; “laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone”, made into a `science`.
It is important to be aware of the tendency towards equivocation here (A statement that is not literally false, but that cleverly avoids an unpleasant or inconvenient truth). Being positive, confident etc. as discussed above, may cause people to react more positively towards you, and tend to make you more successful. But the film makers are equivocating about aspects that do not in any way support the “thoughts become things” and “it always works every time” themes being so wildly propagated.
So called `Experts` John Hagelin and Fred Alan Wolf are present as they are in `What The Bleep` lending supposed credibility. The “you create your own reality with your own thoughts” is again the theme. The whole `ruse` being depicted as being supported by quantum mechanics. But Quantum Mechanics does not teach that this is the way the universe works, nor does the `Copenhagen Interpretation` either.
What the Bleep ?
Is essentially more of the same and further represents this latest in a long line of contrived and manipulated `New Age` deceptions, cleverly devised to `program` and fool the multiplying number of no doubt well intentioned, but gullible devotees, to the notion that thoughts create the universe and all experience, and that any form of negativity will attract bad experiences and `vise vis` a bad life.
Having spent hours reading and researching the machinations of the Tavistock Institute, and their part in the mass mind control of the populations of this planet, I smell their `hidden hand` in this for sure. Why not? They have been behind most if not all the methods used by the CIA/MI5 etc. to `Brainwash` the masses` into `consumer compliance`, apathetic acquiescence, a multitude of manufactured ideologies based on Luciferianism, all being marketed as one or another `New Age` revelation along with the collective abdication of social and political responsibility to political leaders in thrall to the Illuminati this past half century.

Pseudo Science.

The notion is that Quantum Mechanics dictates that `consciousness` is necessary to create reality, and the conclusion is we create our own reality with our thoughts. The opportunity for mass manipulation now becomes obvious; We are told that in order to lead a happy and successful life, all complaint must be extirpated, and any negativity is to be frowned upon and complainers ostracized, or better yet, re-educated into the new `thinking`. A uniform conformist `Happyland` of positive thinkers, who do as they're told without question, because `negative thoughts` bring negative experiences. This is Huxley's Brave New World and there's no hiding the fact.
But the theory of quantum mechanics this is not. The film makers are deliberately confusing the scientific theory with what is only their own highly dubious interpretation of quantum mechanics, but leading the viewer to believe it is literal Scientific fact
Professor David Albert of Columbia University physics department featured in the film, says this;
I was edited in such a way as to completely suppress my actual views about the matters the movie discusses. I am, indeed, profoundly unsympathetic to attempts at linking quantum mechanics with consciousness. Moreover, I explained all that, at great length, on camera, to the producers of the film ... Had I known that I would have been so radically misrepresented in the movie, I would certainly not have agreed to be filmed.”
Then they offer the below examples to support their theory;
  1. When Columbus arrived in the West Indies, the natives were unable to see his ships, because they had never seen ships before, so ships did not exist in their reality.
  2. Describes the supposed “Maharishi Effect.” They claim that in 1993, violent crime in Washington D.C. was reduced over a two month period, by 4000 people practicing Transcendental Meditation in concert. The `Sceptic` in it's expose maintains that in fact, the murder rate rose during the period in question. And reduced in comparison to what? How do we know what the crime rate would have been without the mass meditation exercise? All the members of the supposed “independent scientific review board” were followers of the Maharishi. The reviewers were not independent, and the experiment was clearly erroneous.
  3. Then we are shown the work of Masura Emoto, who tapes words to bottled water. The water is chilled and forms into crystals descriptive of the words used. For example, if the word “love” is taped to a bottle, beautiful crystals form; if the word “hate” ise used, ugly images appear. We are not told though that Emoto knows the word used, and looks for a crystal that matches that word . To demonstrate a real effect, Emoto would need to be blind to the word used. These experiments have not been performed to a scientific protocol and have never been independently replicated. 
We are then presented with an individual claiming he literally creates his day with his thoughts, along with some typically banal `New Age ` piffle about `god` and the self. The film concludes with the main character in the film throwing away her prescription medicines because, since she creates her own reality, she no longer needs them.

More Experts.

If we are to judge the film on the credibility of it's experts, the inclusion of `housewife and cult leader` J Z Knight should set the alarm bells ringing. She would have us believe it is not she herself speaking on camera, but `Ramtha` a 35,000 year old warrior spirit from Atlantis, channeling through her.
In the `Sceptic's review of the film, Knight and Ramtha are `outed` thus:
Ramtha is a 35,000 year-old spirit-warrior who appeared in J.Z. Knight’s kitchen in Tacoma, Washington in 1977. Knight claims that she is Ramtha’s channel. She also owns the copyright to Ramtha and conducts sessions in which she pretends to go into a trance and speaks Hollywood’s version of Elizabethan English in a guttural, husky voice. She has thousands of followers and has made millions of dollars performing as Ramtha at seminars ($1,000 a crack) and at her Ramtha School of Enlightenment, and from the sales of tapes, books, and accessories (Clark and Gallo 1993). She must have hypnotic powers. Searching for self-fulfillment, otherwise normal people obey her command to spend hours blindfolded in a cold, muddy, door less maze”.
The `Sceptic` further reveals that the films’ producers, writers, directors, and a number of the featured “experts” are all members of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment. Yes, that's right, the film is a propaganda piece for a cult.

The Pied Pipers.

I am convinced that there is much more to all this than meets the eye, and I believe that the `Hidden Personalties` now propagating the misrepresentation of `Quantum Physics`, whether it be via `The Secret`, `What The Bleep` or the plethora of other sources now springing up, are the usual suspects; namely, the Illuminati Brotherhood`.

All one has to do is ask this simple question; “Who benefits”. Who benefits from a population of mesmerized distracted souls, following their own `Pied Pipers` who lead them away from recognizing the blatantly obvious and daily accelerating implementation of Totalitarianism in their lives, by telling them that it is in effect their own fault. That they are creating that reality. Don't blame the Government, or some abstract `Conspiratorial Secret Society` that supposedly controls the world. No, it's their own fault and all they have to do is think it away. Be positive, don't complain, smile and be happy, and it will all become better.

By presenting Quantum Mechanics as `The Law Of Attraction` and marketing this transparent ruse via attractively presented `New Age` vehicles such as `The Secret` and `What The Bleep`, the would be `Lords Of The New World Order` are delivering what might be termed the `sucker punch` to a populace metaphorically `stuck on the ropes` in the twelfth round, with little resistance left to counter the final onslaught about to be unleashed upon them. Time to wake up people! The Enemy is not only inside the gate, but inside your head as well.

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0 #1 Johnny Vulcan 2009-03-31 23:31
There is an intense passion carrying the logic and "red thread" in Philip Jones latest works. I agree to the mistake of thinking the area of quantum mechanics and that of consciousness to effortlessly glide into each other; there probably is several subtle levels between them;nature is working with very exact parameters and tolerances.Huxleys "Brave new World" is to a high extent,the most important extent, the mental,realised in Decay; one thing is lacking though, SOMA: the perfect drug. They are solving that problem by making ALL drugs easily avaialable and cheap now by legalising it all,suggested from many sources, with the cover of " fighting the mafia -the only profiter of criminalisation", so they need us even more fucked up ,brainwise,on top of the global crisis,looming wars,Gaza-atrocities! They must be really desperate to go to such measures.Maybe due to some or many, working-class-heroes?
0 #2 Guy Reid-Brown 2009-04-01 13:22
Philip says:

'Now, this `struck a chord` with me, and I recognized some of the same themes as I had read in David Icke's work. The whole `Infinite Consciousness, Body Computer, Holographic Universe` thing, which to be honest I had struggled with, and still do.'

Thanks Philip - this, and indeed the whole piece, is EXACTLY what I needed to read at this time - because I have sort of half swallowed/half struggled with these concepts myself and needed a bit of clear daylight thrown onto them.

The reality is bizarre enough without confusing it with cunningly adapted quantum hypotheses.

With all the talk of Growing Awareness going on, there might even BE such a thing but the effects have been greatly ameliorated by a Right Brained Statist Education system (amongst a myriad dumbing down distractions, drugs) that has knocked peoples' capacity for rational thought and argument for six.

This sort of sober, non-emotive writing on such an important subject is worth a thousand sweary stream of consciousness conspiracy blogs.
0 #3 Barbara Lofara 911 Truth 2009-04-02 22:27
Dear Mr. Jones,

Re-reading my e-mail to you I realized that I failed to bring up the real reason for my contacting you which was to ask if you've ever been to New Zealand?

I spent a month there not too long ago. I was stupefied when they sprayed us, before we left our seats in the plane, with "eco-friendly" germicide or fungicide or what have you. Stupefied.

I stayed with a fairly wealthy NZ family, who were kind and generous to me. Nevertheless, I couldn't deny the powerful impression there was something overly passive and conservative not only about this family, but New Zealanders, in general.

I agree, one month is not long, but it was long enough for me to yearn for my return to Montreal. A false "utopia" is in full swing there as well, Mr. Jones. People are politically correct to the umpteeth degree, no speaks in a loud voice and certainly not about politics, very little, if any, bursts of laughter and so on. Clean, staid, conventional, boring...

The family's eldest son took me on extensive road-trips (I took his mother to visit) and the father treated me to golf and sailing. No reason to complain, eh?

They often referred to me as a "man's woman" -- explained as being a woman of vast interests, brave and unafraid to take on challenges and so forth.
I was regarded, Mr. Jones, as some sort of pleasant oddity or excentric.

As a matter of fact, and relating to the "conservative" note: I was asked (the wife lent me her golf equipment) to please return each ball to its original place in the holder, after the game. What golfer in his right mind does that? Unbelievable!

Anyway, I think Pavlov, that sadist, must be rejoicing in the hereafter, seeing NZealanders' adaptation and obedience to the sound of bells and buzzers.

Every street corner has lights, but with an extra; bells/buzzers go off when the light changes. This is for blind people to cross in safety. Reasonable,perhaps, but it certainly affects an eerie influence on the non-blind.

I observed people waiting to cross the street and they stood like statues, no one bothered to actually look at the color changes. In unison, like automatons, they responded to the bell/buzzer instead.

I could go on and on regarding the utter mind-control exerted over New Zealanders who happily and unquestioningly embrace it.

Although it is true that I don't care for the company of women, I am gregarious, I travel more than most, and I thoroughly enjoy interacting with varying cultures. New Zealand was an enlightening experience, though I wouldn't want to go back.

As you describe the Danes, so are the New Zealanders, another "test" area successfully taken over by the global elites.

With the hope you will drop me a line, I remain,

0 #4 Bill 2009-04-02 22:35
Dear Mr. Jones Thank you for your spectacular insights concerning new age drivel and mind control generated from Tavistock. However, I would like to know your opinion of Michael Talbot's "The Holographic Universe" (1992) and whether you think it would be in the same category as the other works you mentioned?I read Talbot's work and thought it was quite scientifically insightful and certainly not of the sad ilk you so masterfully pointed out.THANKS!!!Bill
0 #5 Rob Hay 2009-04-02 22:36
Their World Is In Your Head;

I agree with what you said in your article. We have to keep an open mind concerning how we are being manipulated into slavery. It is truly insane what they have gone and done to us. I wrote a book that might interest you, The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite. It has much of the same approach to what is going around us as you have in your article. You are not alone as it were. Part of the problem is that people believe that they live in Countries when in fact they don't. However we are allowing these imaginary things to control the monetary system which binds us too them. In terms of law, which was what my book was focused on, it leaves the entire LEGAL system in disarray and shredded to pieces on the theater floor. Once you understand how the game is played there is no game, however many people are still controlled by Religion and shifting their thoughts about what Religion truly is, another mode of enslaving people, is a hard shift for many, even though they can't prove what they have been spoon fed is true or not, mostly not.
0 #6 Ms. Jeannon Kralj 2009-04-02 22:36
I just wanted to comment you on your excellent article.

I will now find and read your other articles.

I am a Christian and I think it would be interesting to contrast
what the bible says with what The Secret says. The bible does say our thoughts are important and does tell us to think on pleasant things, but it does not tell us it will bring any kind of experiences to us. Also, the matter of simple faith and trust in Jesus Who is Truth expells the need for "fulfillment" or "prosperity" and it also dispells fear with love of God.

Warren Smith has written a couple of books on this subject from a Christian perspective and he says the top people in the New Age just say that the masses of people who will not adopt the new consciousness must be eliminated to further the world evolution. Yes, we can already see the "be positive, damn it" behavior toward us in our lives, but the truth is, they probably already are killing off people who put out too much truth in this world.

Anyway, thanks for your excellent article.
0 #7 Michael J Lemetti michael_j_lem 2009-04-02 22:38
Good afternoon, sir

After reading your article on " The World Is In Your Head " I was blown away with your research and it's confirmed "deep down" what I felt about the whole Secret teachings in the first place. Now it explains why my subconscious smelt a rat, hence my book of the "Secret" is lying some where gathering dust

Fantastic work and kudos to you
0 #8 Douglas Faulkner 2009-04-02 22:39
Dear Sir:

While I was reading your column on Rense, I was relating it to David Wilcock's DivineCosmos website dealing with "Ascension, The Science of Peace". He essentially claims the good times are just around the corner. 2012 is almost here. The Earth will go through the equivalent of some kind of "Cosmic Fairy Dust" and we will all go through this glorious age of peace and enlightenment! We will all easily perform the miracles of Jesus!

I think you must have written with someone like him in mind. His website though does present a lot of information and "evidence".

My big concerns are that he calls Ascension, "The science of Peace ", whatever, "Ascension" is; that some of his "evidence"is based on channeling from the Law of One Series, that he is totally uncritical of Obama. If you bring up anything negative, to him, you are labeled "Chicken Little"
I would not have expected sarcasm from a so-called "enlightened person" and "psychic".

I see this "Science of Peace" to be similar to Chamberlain's "Peace in our time" pre WW2 remark.
We are all just supposed to accept all this crap we are getting from our business and government elites. We are all supposed to be positive, happy and complacent. No need to be a thinking person and question authority. As long as we are at least 51% positive (according to David Wilcock) we will make it through this long prophesied Ascension in 2012!

Your last two paragraphs really hit home. Namely who benefits. The elite. Being too positive or too negative, can lead to complacency and blind acceptance and plays into the elite's hands. Mr. Wilcock generally seems sincere, at least on his website, but I find it very hard to believe that thousands of years of human negativity and separateness will all come to an end in 2012. As an aside, and get to be so negative at times, I sometimes feel that nothing can be done. This also plays into the elite's hands.

Please look over Mr. Wilcock's website and give him a rebuttal on his blog regarding his "Pollyanna" views. Not that anything will change.

Douglas Faulkner
Greendale , WI
0 #9 Patrick Hedemark 2009-04-02 22:41
Hey Phil
Loved your article today on "It in your head".

All of these nonsensical offerings from the New Age or merely "old wine in a new bottle".

In fact - little secret - INDIA was the most powerful nation on earth during the period of Chandragupta Maurya and his son Bindusara - but with the arrival of Chandra's grandson Ashoka (who is falsely known as the greatest of all Indian Emperors) Buddhism was introduced and this subtle form of nihilsm and its later antidote - mayavadi phlosophy (everything is one and thus "the same" - lead to the acceptance of inferior culture replacing the common sense of the Vedic model.

All form is repugnant to them who have embraced the so called superiority of "formlessness" and all these programs like the Secret are merely the ancient "mayavadi" nihilism - but packaged for modern consumption.

America is now being "taken down" by means of the same "softening" approach; freedom and slavery is the same. Birth or Abortion - really what is the difference? Sex with the opposite sex - sex with the same sex - what is the difference? Money or Credit - what is the difference? Good or Bad - who cares" What is the difference? All this will one day be posed like this - Dead or Alive? What is the difference? Who cares? Would caring really matter? Victory or Defeat? Who cares? Why bother? Is all this real or unreal? etc etc

in such a befuddled state - the masses will quite willingly 'board the train" with enthusiasm - for the final ride on the government's dime - to their final resting place in an oven!

Some version of this is coming for sure.


Patrick Hedemark
0 #10 Barbara Lofara 911 Truth 2009-04-02 22:41
Dear Mr. Jones, I hope this missive reaches you. Thank you for your splendid piece into that insidious book propagating this New Age order pap and the film doing same.

I've noticed that many of my "friends" and neighbors are being drawn into this New Age mindset, especially the women. I don't get along well with women anyway. One reason is that women make up, I believe, the largest chunk of the audience held in sway by brainwashing masters like Oprah and her ilk;TV/radio "personalities" are to me, repugnant beyond measure.

Lately, and most regrettably, the very few women I sometimes engaged in conversation have begun yapping, glazed look in their eyes, about "The Secret" etc. Nothing I say seems to reach them. Reality is theirs to invent and they preach, as you state in your article, that I must change my negative attitude for the betterment of myself and society. I am a "negative" influence, you see.

Impatient by nature and not one to suffer fools lightly, I promptly end the conversation and walk away. Consistent with this is that my "few" women acquaintances are quickly steering away from me. No matter, it's no loss.

These books/films are terrifyingly effective. Convinced that "positive thinking" makes everything alright they lose the ability to do anything constructive. I mean, without critical thinking there would be no change, would there?

As they are reduced to a quasi-vegetative state, their social fabric falls into chaos, the NWO agenda remains on track, the Luciferians near their goal of global enslavement; yet, the "Secret" adepts see nothing, hear nothing, speak nothing, other than their happy, sappy bullshit.

Anyway, your articles are always fascinating and informatiive. I simply wanted to share my thoughts on this additional disingenouos and dangerous manipulation of the population and encourage you in your writing.

911Truth (Usrael)
0 #11 Karen E. Silberstein ND, PhD 2009-04-02 22:42
Dear Mr. Philip Jones, Regarding your article that went up today on Rense, well, good one! I have saved it and will be passing it along. Thanks for helping to cut through the illusion. There is also the spiritual reality that this is a season of the universe marked by quarrel and hypocrisy, and that as this age (Kali Yuga) progresses, there are more and more atrocities and hardships. The real positive thing is that in this age, self-realization can be achieved easily by the chanting, or glorifying, of the names of God, however that is culturally acceptable to the individual. The books and films that you cited have most definitely helped to keep people with their heads in the sand and created useless bickering and speculating among many of those for whom there might have been a possibility of realistic action . They have created an inner turmoil for anyone with a hint of awareness, and without deeper knowing and a spiritual basis in reality, hastened the way to hellish existence. What a diversion it has all become. I hope that you will also look into the powerful spiritual possibilities that have been offered in this age. There is a web site with which I have no personal affiliation that offers some really interesting literature. If intelligent and influential people such as yourself see the higher values, this can go far. Site is I wish you the best. Thank you again. Sincerely,Karen
0 #12 Justin polic 2009-04-02 22:43
Hi, I just finished reading your rense article, about the illuminati and movies like the secret and what the bleep being illuminati propaganda. You made some interesting points....I was wondering where you stand as of belief....Are you a part of a certain religion? Or are you agnostic or atheist? And if society is being brainwashed in to being a consumeristic society....what shall we do to change this? Wouldn't we need some degree of spiritual motivation? I understand where you are coming from with "the secret" and "what the bleep", I never really trusted deepak chopra.....I don't really trust james randi or Richard Dawkins either, lol. But I was wondering your opinion on what to do to better this world. Have you heard of David Wilcock? Do you believe he is just another new age spokesman?
0 #13 Sean Dix 2009-04-03 00:49
Hello Phillip:

Great article, thank god someone still has their critical thinking skills working properly. I have included a few articles about my plight to expose the crap that would have us all accept the total loss of our freedoms with a smile.

Sean Dix
0 #14 Luke Villers 2009-04-03 00:55

I don't want to take up much of your time, and I can guess that you will have many mail to read now that your article is posted, but I needed to take just a second to tell you that I think you nailed a huge topic right on the head.....

personally I have had a couple people tell me about the secret, and when my mother purchased the book for me, I couldn't even finish it.

They were quite obviously spinning a great truth.

They are in effect attempting to steal our real powers.

your article also struck me especially because I have seen this attitude arrise in many people who otherwise could be a great asset to the good fight.

0 #15 Carano, Chris 2009-04-03 01:06

I live in the U.S. and I must say you are dead on regarding how many people believe in all this. I have seen the DVD 'The Secret'. And I must say it was convincing. And now there are more and more people writing and posting on the subject...

I would like to add, I felt something was wrong with the whole picture about 'Thoughts become things'. I felt that if this were the case people would be even more messed up than they already are because we know how people all have very ugly thoughts at times.

I couldn't put my finger on it, but believed it not to be true and certainly had trouble putting it into words. But you have done a fantastic job of putting in writing how I felt about the whole thing.

Now I have a question for you...What if 'The Secret' were true and it leaked out of the elite's control against their wishes...So they formulated a plot to discredit it so people wouldn't use it. Now they select one or more people to disseminate the false propaganda, one of which just happens to be you, how do I then know which is true? The Secret or you? Hmmmmm....just food for thought.

Once again, great article.

0 #16 Sean Langford 2009-04-03 01:11
Dear Mr Phillip Jones.

I just wanted to say to you that I agree with you on your article the "Their world is in your head" about the law of attraction and quantum mechanics. I liked the way you said that when columbus arrived at the shores of america the natives did not see the ships because the ships did not exist in their reality..... class..... even a dumbed down can understand that.....
I'm interested in alternative energy sources such as windpower solar,
Please keep in contact on the above email addy.....
0 #17 Susan Zahedi 2009-04-03 01:23
Hi Philip

I can't agree more on what you have written in :Their World Is In Your Head. It is so true. That movie the Secret was the biggest piece of crap that I have seen
recently, and as you say it is another way for the Illuminati/Satanist/Secret societies to manipulate us.
It is so transparent and clear , but most people seem oblivious to it, nobody wants to wake up.
I also have read your article about Denmark and Jantelav as they say in Danish. I am an Iranian who has been living in Japan for the last 25 years and a very similar
thing is operated here to enslave the Japanese and make them all behave the same, and nobody toes the line.
Itis slightly different here as the orgin of this pod mentality is an ancient Jap. thing. But the methods are the same world over. Teh dormant fascism and also
as yousayin Denmark nobody smiles down the road not do they laugh, it is pretty much the same here, they are very stern and dark people the Jap., no sense of humor.
Well I put my 2 cents in and please keep on writing and telling the masses to ake up and stop the tyranny.

All the best to you
0 #18 pim wever 2009-04-03 01:29
To Philip Jones, I've read your article partially, and I do agree that, besides the positive thinking, it's nessecary to keep your eyes wide open.Altough it's all a little misty in my head after a sleepless night, I had to think of the scientifically proven 'placebo-effect', while readingabout the Emoto-part. This is funny, isn't it? Ofcourse it never has been the 'rulers' intention, to prove this, and let the people think about it's further implications.Most people don't, stupid enough, they do not make the connection. When I read or see something about Emoto, I always think of this placebo effect, the more expensive the pills, the better the effect..., doesn't this show thatsuggestion does work, and must influence something in the body...? And the human body mostly exists out of water. And what to think about this Reiki thing? I was sceptic, the first time I heard about this, but later, I was thinking about this reflex, that every human beingseems to practice. When you are hit by something, wich causes pain, the first thing you want to do is to rub your hand on the painfull area. Why do we do this,and what exactly do we do?
0 #19 Richard Moore 2009-04-03 01:32
You are exactly right!! Thank you for the article
0 #20 Tony 2009-04-03 01:38

..ciao my friend just wanted to say hello!! your article is brilliant...

0 #21 Astraea Goddess of Justice 2009-04-03 01:47
Philip Jones,

Read your article on "Thoughts create reality" critique, "Their World is in Your Head".

The problem is that the thesis, "Thought creates reality", omits the most important aspect (deliberate equivocation?) which is the subconscious. The subconscious contains the Words, thoughts, and emotions of OTHER people who think about the person as an individual or a class. Words, thoughts, and emotions travel through time and space to the subject to create their reality.

Deep breathing accesses the subconscious, but can make a person empathic - literally feeling those Words, thoughts, and emotions, which is torment. And the thoughts of certain others are mostly up to no good which negates the power of positive thinking and creates THEIR reality as demonstrated by the "reality" in which we live. Since most people don't know the contents of their subconscious, they cannot remove its influence from interfering with their own reality creation. Bringing the subconscious Words, thoughts, and emotions into consciousness by deep breathing and deciphering the contents deactivates their subconscious influence on the individual.

But we still need a critical mass to change the reality thought up for the masses by the few who work tirelessly at it (call it black magic) while we work to make them richer (more black magic). The problem is that most people do not even think in the terms in which the powers that be think, like deliberate destruction of fill in the blank; so, their positive thinking does not negate the destructive influence of the powers that be's thoughts in the world.

"Words" is capitalized because, "In the beginning, was the Word. And the Word was God." Reality creation consists of interacting and intersecting thoughts by everyone. The issue is deciphering the evil thoughts and returning them to sender as they have mass and weight that needs to go somewhere and not into the collective unconscious where someone can unintentionally walk into them like TV waves. Verbalization directs them.

The subconscious influence is what the powers that be use to create their reality for us. That is black magic. Negative thoughts of others can also cause illness which positive thinking does not overcome because the negative thoughts still exist until they are returned to sender and/or made conscious. The body reacts to the contents and is using "body language" to tell the conscious mind. The body has a consciousness of its own that communicates to the mind. The mind can learn to communicate with the body: ask for a thumbs up for a yes and no response for a no. The body will answer in yes or no; it will often answer with a physical reaction (which demonstrates how they influence behavior) when the exact contents are deciphered by the conscious mind. The body also has access to the collective unconscious and the universal mind. Some clearing of the subconscious may be necessary first to get a response. Ask the body what is wrong and then use "20 questions" to identify the cause. When you get the physical response, go on to the next issue. Until that, the thumbs up is just saying, "yes, getting warmer." The exact contents need to be verbalized. Reality is a mirror of the thoughts as a clue to the "20 questions" one should ask. (I don't know if it works without deep breathing first.)

There are many layers that need to be peeled away one by one. You may feel them peeling away when they return to sender. Once the body is familiar with the conscious contents, one can sometimes return to sender the next thought that is the same as one previously identified without conscious identification. Until then, the body needs the mind to know the conscious contents. There is much repetition in black magic.

Astraea Goddess of Justice
0 #22 Blair B 2009-04-03 01:48
Hello Philip

I enjoyed the overall theme of your article.
I did not start waking up to how the world works until about five years ago.
Since then I have come to look closely at numerous so called harmless fads or popular pursuits.

One that really made me connect with your article was the author Eckhart Tolle.
I read his first book 'The Power of Now' and enjoyed it without taking it too seriously.
His latest one, 'Harnessing The Power of Now' is classic New World Order indoctrination.
It is an assault on the individual, a primer on so many levels for getting people to accept the coming changes. Looking back, so was his first book.
It was also promoted by Oprah as the second coming or better.

Nice to see you thinking hard about all of the clever ways that NWO scum can hide messages inside of messages inside.....

I will make sure to read some more of your writing.
Keep up the good work.

0 #23 Dave Garry 2009-04-03 01:55
You wrote here:

I especially like this passage:

"The mass of esoteric and ancient occult arcane knowledge once available to mankind has been systematically hoarded, collected and taken out of circulation by that very same cabal of would be `World Rulers`"

I have always believed this. I bet that's why they burned down the ancient library in Alexandria. And that's why you have to get to like the 33rd degree in Freemasonry before they actually tell you what it's all about.

Keep them coming! Great observations!

0 #24 Jean Bush 2009-04-03 02:04
Well done, Mr. Jones, about time someone put it all together for us. With your permission, Sir, I'd like to print it out and give it to a few dolts I know. May I?

Keep up the excellent work.

Jean Bush
Hollywood CA
0 #25 Bill 2009-04-03 02:08
Dear Philip:You sir are pure genius!!!I apologize for not first reading the three links at the end of your rense article. You have infinite depth of insight!!! WOW!!! Those three articles are so great!!! I will be reading everything you have written and hope you come out with a book soon as I did not yet see one.Also, thank you so much for your fast reply and your excellent perspectives in your email reply.My interface has been from the monetary and finance, government accounting/auditor and large corporate systems analysis perceptions. I have known since 1980 about the frauds of the WB, IMF, BIS, FED, defunct BCCI, City of London, elites and their various secret orgs/psyh ops (perhaps all Satan worshipers as per Henry Makow) and their monetary, medical mafia/pharma poisoners, Tavistock/CIA etc. plans.I too think Icke's research is fantastic.Having read three of his books (Children of the Matrix, Tales from the Time Loop and Infinite Love Is the Only Truth/Everything Else is Illusion), I too thought he was supplying the solution with the raising of our spirituality. However, it is so difficult to shun the great morals of the world's warring religions which appear to have been infiltrated and degenerated to the advantage of the elites (aliens/demons/Satan worshipers?). I get real paranoid and sometimes think that all the research I have done on Life After Life, OBE, Soul, etc... could even possibly be fraudulently presented as per the controlled publishers. That is why I love to read internet writers such as yourself. You ARE FREE, not just one who thinks he is free. Years ago I did a lot of Scuba diving and realized the immensity of life just on this little planet revolving around an insignificant star. Also being an astronomer wannabe, photographer and video producer I have always looked for the good of man's explorations but have been so disappointed by the restrictions placed on what Henry Kissinger referred to us as "useless eaters". Perhaps we should eat them via the Soylent Green movie.I do not recall who said/sang it but somebody said something to the effect "Eat the Rich". Rich to me means those that have in excess of $10 Million and are not offering at least 50 percent of their accomplishments for the good of mankind.Please forgive the length of this email but it is extremely rare for me to get to get with a getiter, which is a word I just created to describe those like yourself, rense, icke, makow, mullins, etc... those who GET IT (The Fraud System on Earth). Didn't the word system come from some Latin meaning sewer?I guess my conclusion at this point is that we are truly being hived or have always been so, our queen has just been away for a long time, eh?Perhaps our souls ARE in fact being harvested through a long insidious process far beyond our comprehension. Thanks ever so much!!!I will be reading everything you have written ASAP!!! Ensoulingly yours, (if it isn't a word, it should be!!!LOL)Bill
0 #26 Sean Dix 2009-04-03 02:13
Dear Philip:

You deserve all the support you can handle for speaking truth to power when so few do. There are unfortunately lots of journalists even in the alternative media that push the elite propaganda in different forms which makes coming across real journalists like yourself like finding light at the end of a tunnel. Keep up the good work, I will look forward to reading more of your work. Take your time if you have any questions or comments I have been battling the powers that be for the past 15 years so I'm not going anywhere in a hurry.
0 #27 John R. Gomez 2009-04-03 02:17

The Secret is trash that easily, times 10 to the 23rd, works on the naive and deliberatly dumbed down....
Brother, we in the world are in trouble...

We who see thru it all are in a seriously small minority.
And its coming fast especially in light of one you mention and recognize, and his age points to
an imminent storm.

Thank you for taking the time to write your piece.

0 #28 Galen 2009-04-03 02:18
Great article, friend, and so needed at this time of great following and declining critical thought. I recently wrote this to a friend:

When you mention your concern about my being in a "negative darkness" my response remains the same as I mentioned before: to look into the heart of the beast is actually extremely positive, for one is then moved from ignorance and denial, and therefore able to plan solution.

I call myself a recovering New-Ager. Years of being programmed to look away. You're right: to Om in the hot tub will not stop fascism but will instead, put us right where they want us, that is to say, ignorant and compliant. To my New Age friends who avoid me like the plague I ask, when we plant a tree, do we just think happy thoughts, or do we give it all it needs to thrive, like water, sunshine, fertilizer, etc? Positive thought without positive action is like a beautiful ocean with no shore. Almost useless to us. And for activism to be fully positive it has to be awake and that means facing what is, head on.

Anyway, thanks so much for your article. I have a hunch this will become a more hot-button item in the years to come. Brainwashing is so hard to undo, especially when it's disguised as unconditional love.

Peace To You,

0 #29 Andrew Mackinnon 2009-04-03 02:26
Dear Mr Philip Jones

Thanks alot for your outstandingly good article titled, "Their World Is In Your Head", which I read today on Rense.

I have long had an uncomfortable feeling about 'The Secret' and about 'The Law of Attraction' but I haven't really had the chance or even the means to deconstruct either of them. We are really being bombarded with so many different deceptions that it's absolutely invaluable that a person like you is able to come along and deconstruct a single one of them in clinical detail for the benefit of us all. Without the kind of first-class analysis that you have provided here, it would be much more difficult to mount an effective resistance.

Thank-you so much for penning this brilliant assault on these ridiculous vagaries.


Andrew Mackinnon
0 #30 Shant Norashkarian 2009-04-03 12:00
Thanks for a great article. I believe you are absolutely right!
0 #31 Richard 2009-04-03 12:02
Well said my friend, I feel the same as you.....
Richard Thompson
0 #32 Kathleen Beatty 2009-04-03 12:17
Thank you, Mr. Jones, for your article 'The World Is In Your Head.' Up until recently I was a moderator on the prepare4contact forum, and I had many heated discussions with followers of 'The Secret' and similar books. I call them the 'It's all good' crowd. One thing I learned about this way of thinking is that compassion for others begins to wither and shrivel up. It is basically a form of magical thinking, and, for those who are Christians, as I am, it doesn't fit too well.

Peace, Kathleen Beatty
0 #33 Sedrick Hamilton 2009-04-03 12:36
I absolutely see your point on that as well. As a former U.S. Air Force officer, I can tell you that it sickens me to think that all that time I thought I was serving the Constitution of the U.S. and protecting the people of America, only to find out that my service, without my knowledge, was to an tyrannical group of megalomaniacs who are now putting the finishing touches on turning my country into a communist state using their hand-picked puppet
(B. H. Obama) and his "savior" facade to deceive countless millions of Americans, both black and white! I know in truth that all they are doing is putting a black face on the NWO agenda. There is no doubt that our views on this matter are closely aligned. However, once again, as I gather close to like-minded individuals who share the same concerns for Earth and its inhabitants, all of whom deserve to live in freedom, I cannot help but to think that if we, as the group outside the herd of sheep (I prefer to call people like us the pride of lions due to our ability to not fall prey to the massive brainwashing agenda by the media whores) can maintain our efforts toward combating this vicious and deceptive nest of elitist scum, while keeping our vision of a world without their controls and games, I think that they will undoubtedly crumble under their own weight. Lastly, I believe that they ARE crumbling under their own weight. The truth is out now and they are running like roaches after the light switch is flipped on. Have faith that their days are numbered, ALL OF THEM! In the end, when the dust settles, the people will be victorious and rejoicing! Sorry to get so long-winded but that is the vision I have seen for the people on this planet. By no means is it gospel but it is the hope that I, as one hopeful person, have for all of humanity that is cast under this illusion. Anyways, sorry for the long message.

Take care buddy,

Sedrick Hamilton
0 #34 Diane Huntoon 2009-04-03 12:40
Dear Philip,

Thank you for writing back. I looked at your site and, believe me, I am with you and I am aware.

Please don't think that I am "lost" in my own happyland. I won't even get on Facebook cause i know who is behind it...also, being from the USA,,,look at all the fascist laws that have been passed. Obama is no better. Why do so many of my European friends think he is great? Because they have been "sold." Obviously, he is in on the plan and won't/can't change a thing.

Well, it is a pretty big one world machine rolling along...what can we do to stop it? I would like to learn from you how and what steps we can take. Any ideas?

I live in Hong Kong and became a permanent resident recently. It is very free here but we do have cameras everywhere and national ID.

I am concerned about my family in the USA...they don't even have passports...

Thanks for sending your link and all the best in your effort to inform.

0 #35 Bill 2009-04-03 13:02
Dear Philip:You sir are pure genius!!!I apologize for not first reading the three links at the end of your rense article. You have infinite depth of insight!!! WOW!!! Those three articles are so great!!! I will be reading everything you have written and hope you come out with a book soon as I did not yet see one.Also, thank you so much for your fast reply and your excellent perspectives in your email reply.My interface has been from the monetary and finance, government accounting/auditor and large corporate systems analysis perceptions. I have known since 1980 about the frauds of the WB, IMF, BIS, FED, defunct BCCI, City of London, elites and their various secret orgs/psyh ops (perhaps all Satan worshipers as per Henry Makow) and their monetary, medical mafia/pharma poisoners, Tavistock/CIA etc. plans.I too think Icke's research is fantastic.Having read three of his books (Children of the Matrix, Tales from the Time Loop and Infinite Love Is the Only Truth/Everything Else is Illusion), I too thought he was supplying the solution with the raising of our spirituality. However, it is so difficult to shun the great morals of the world's warring religions which appear to have been infiltrated and degenerated to the advantage of the elites (aliens/demons/Satan worshipers?). I get real paranoid and sometimes think that all the research I have done on Life After Life, OBE, Soul, etc... could even possibly be fraudulently presented as per the controlled publishers. That is why I love to read internet writers such as yourself. You ARE FREE, not just one who thinks he is free. Years ago I did a lot of Scuba diving and realized the immensity of life just on this little planet revolving around an insignificant star. Also being an astronomer wannabe, photographer and video producer I have always looked for the good of man's explorations but have been so disappointed by the restrictions placed on what Henry Kissinger referred to us as "useless eaters". Perhaps we should eat them via the Soylent Green movie.I do not recall who said/sang it but somebody said something to the effect "Eat the Rich". Rich to me means those that have in excess of $10 Million and are not offering at least 50 percent of their accomplishments for the good of mankind.Please forgive the length of this email but it is extremely rare for me to get to get with a getiter, which is a word I just created to describe those like yourself, rense, icke, makow, mullins, etc... those who GET IT (The Fraud System on Earth). Didn't the word system come from some Latin meaning sewer?I guess my conclusion at this point is that we are truly being hived or have always been so, our queen has just been away for a long time, eh?Perhaps our souls ARE in fact being harvested through a long insidious process far beyond our comprehension. Thanks ever so much!!!I will be reading everything you have written ASAP!!! Ensoulingly yours, (if it isn't a word, it should be!!!LOL)Bill
0 #36 Greg Fegal 2009-04-03 13:35

Thank you for your kind and prompt reply to my email.

I agree with you about David Icke. Often he impresses me with his wide knowledge and keen insight into worldly affairs, but when he talks about shape-shifting reptilian aliens who have infiltrated human society, I am not convinced and I turn away from Icke to look elsewhere for something truly informative to watch or read.

While David Icke warns of hostile space aliens among us, Eric von Danikan and others have speculated that space aliens brought advanced culture to the earth.

People who entertain such ideas should consider this logic: evil attitudes and advanced culture had to originate somewhere, so why not here? Why should we assume that evil attitudes or advanced culture had to come from another planet?

I have spent many years studying world mythology, ethnology, anthropology, archeology, archeoastronomy, and human paleontology, and I have seen nothing that could not have originated here on earth. I see nothing in human history that calls for an explanation of extraterrestrial visitors. Although astronomical statistics suggest the possibility or the probability of other inhabited worlds beyond our own, we have not found their footprints here.

Thank you for the interesting communication; I shall be looking for more of your articles to read.

Greg Fegel
0 #37 Deltager 2009-04-03 13:44
Hej Philip.
Another excellent article, featuring the stuff from your latest mails. I can follow you the whole way. Meanwhile, when I'm finished, there's still an open door. I agree that all this new age stuff is a diversion. Yet, I also think that these "laws of the universe" - like law of attraction - may have a true core. My question is: Is the law of attraction real but just used by the dark people to confuse the sheeple? It is harmless to launch "The World Is In Your Head" when you know that people's heads are empty or filled with garbage. The world in these heads will be a parody anyway.

I'm looking for a comparison. Another example of an idea, basicly true, but being abused in the same way. I can't recall any now. But I'm suspecting there are many.

As I see it, it goes back to the cartoon box metafor. I have clearly grown up in a cartoon box and I still live in it. My world is concrete. Mostly rational (hø-hø). But at least I leave the flaps open, still looking out to see what is there. I can't say I have much of a clue, but the idea that there is a whole universe is thrilling. I will never close the box.

By the way, being in Africa further inspires to that attitude. There's a lot of magic here. Maybe I will be able to say more about that later.

0 #38 George Isaac 2009-04-03 13:46
Hi there,

Loved this article I found on I was wondering if you were familiar at all with David Bohm, the physicist, or with the book “The Holographic Universe”, by Michael Talbot. The material in that book is quite grounded and not at all ‘woo-woo’ in regards the investigation into consciousness and quantum physics. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

I have had a very unusual and extraordinary life, especially regards the ‘paranormal’ or spiritual side of things. In the mid-1990’s I underwent what is classically known as a ‘kundalini’ awakening, and my entire life was transformed. In the wake of that I began to have communication and interaction with what I will term here as ‘other dimensionals’, and began to see auras and began to channel, etc. Anyway, through these experiences it was inevitable that I would be drawn to the New Age camp. However, once I was close to that crowd, the more I wanted to get away from it. Even my own cadre of ‘other dimensionals’ kept my on alert and on my toes for chicanery and general fuzzy-headed thinking. Pretty bizarre for my mind to cope with at times, but I definitely experienced some of what could definitely be called ‘creating my own reality’, and yes, it was amazing and wonderful when it worked, and damned disappointing and depressing when it didn’t. Overall though, I can see how so many are duped by the spiritual materialism as peddled through “The Secret” and similar theories. I also know first hand many Lightworkers that have put themselves out on a limb financially, while at the same time desperately waiting for their spiritual ship to come in by using the Laws of Attraction. In fact, one ex-lover and dear friend of mine was so caught up in that whole thing, that she almost bankrupted herself, while at the same time going through a string of abusive partners, and then ended up dying of bone cancer. I was a bit devastated by her passing, and the manner of it, and thought, “gee, she did all the right stuff, said all the right things, and worked on herself…what the hell happened?” I now understand how the power of the unseen beliefs within each person’s subconscious can actually ‘run the show’, no matter how many positive affirmations are utilized, and then New Agers wonder why their lives aren’t like their idols (Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, etc.), or why the world situation only seems (appears) to get worse and worse. It’s like a alcoholic careening down an alleyway full of muggers, and all they see is the bottle of booze waiting at the end of the alley.

Thanks for listening to my ramble, and thanks for the clear and lucid writing. I’m an American expat, married to a Scot, and living near Glasgow. We’ve got our place up for sale and are planning to relocate temporarily in Holland. So, perhaps we’ll be neighbours soon.
0 #39 Dee Nicolson 2009-04-03 13:58
Dear Philip,

Thank you for a great read. I almost could have written it myself, as I completely agree with your analysis of the Secret, the Law of Attraction, and the (overt) takeover of the ancient earth religions under the rubric of "New Age". They're all adding that garbage into their repertoires, the wiccans, the shamanists, the Buddhists, because it appears to fit so well with their own teachings. It doesn't, but they don't get it.

I recently lost a friend because his once-critical thinking has been twisted into that modality, and have had a number of people do the "lala-lala-lala, I can't hear you, lala-lala" thing to me because I happened to mention something happening that smacks of impending slavery, and tell me to stop creating it. Like I bloody well had anything to do with creating an octopus sucking the life out of the world, and my noticing it has something to do with maintaining it!

I know of one controlled-opposition agent who pushes the Secret: his name is Major General (Ret.)
Albert N. Stubblebine, of the Natural Solutions Foundation. Former (?) Military Intel, reputed to be "learning to walk through walls"; follower of "Beloved St. Germain" and "Ascended Masters": practising Druid (the dark variety); all-round nasty bastard. That was a clue, before even learning what it was about, that the smell of rotting fish was not in my imagination.

Of course you know there's an "on the other hand" about to pop up here, or I probably wouldn't have bothered to write. I just want to mention that there are a few quarks of truth being used in this game of mind control, which is leading towards a One World Religion (World Council on Religion, chartered in 1962, I believe, under the UN). Given that I am a metaphysical healer-type, I have seen many examples with my own two eyes of things healing 'spontaneously' because emotional issues have received the attention they required. One such event was rather spectacular and nobody expected it.

This does lend a bit of credence to the Secret stuff, until one realizes that what these mindbenders have done is to take something that is known to many people, and embellish it, spin it, and turn it into something that will lead somewhere they want us to go.... which is precisely where you said it is going. So in fact it's a bit more complex than you actually painted it, but you really did hit the nail on the head in terms of how it's all used.

I think it all goes back to an adage I learned a very long time ago: "Every good lie needs a piece of the truth for a handle." I forget who said it, but that statement taught me a lot about not taking things at face value.

I suppose now I will wind up being rather solitary, given that I find it increasingly tedious to make small talk with people who bleat; as Ayn Rand said, "Those who deny reason cannot be conquered by it".

Oh well. I apologize for ranting, but it felt good. Thanks again.

Toronto Canada
0 #40 Leland Hosford 2009-04-04 10:50
Mr. Jones, I found your article "The World Is In Your Head" very interesting, especially what you had to say about the various distortions of quantum mechanics in our modern day. Whenever I hear of some of the absurd interpretations of it being put forth today, I can't help but begin thinking of Ptolemy's epicycles. The error of the men of his day was "Earth is the center of the universe." The even grander error of our modern day is "I am the center of my universe." That error allows people in their conceits to take a simple observational deficiency of quantum mechanics (the uncertainty principle) and use it to try and twist reality to fit their world view, just as did those in the days of Ptolemy with epicycles. It is all just circular reasoning and I suspect that, until people begin to understand that, there will be few real advances in the understanding of reality in our day. Those who say things such as "perception becomes reality" or "our thoughts form the universe" are not trying to change reality, they are trying to obscure it so as to trap people in the perceptions they are imposing upon them. Thanks for a thought provoking article. Leland Hosford.Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA.
0 #41 Anne M Berg 2009-04-04 11:10
Dear Philip

Thanks for writing this eloquent article. I'm an expat from Norway now living in USA and previously in Toronto and London. Recently I watched "The Secret" out of plain curiosity and saw the New Age/Tavistock MO all over it.

I believed that America was the most successful experiment in mind control, but as time goes by I realize that Scandinavian countries were propagandized too, but in a different way. I am fond of saying that the experiment here is to see how little a population can receive back from its taxes and labor and still believe they live in "the best country in the world" - a mantra I still hear - or how much welfare they can bestow on a population (like Norway) in order to pacify them into unquestioning obedience. Denmark is no exception.

I have friends in Norway tell me this and that can't be so, because they are avid newspaper readers and watch TV news like a sermon and never see or hear anything about a new world order, yet they are already living it. Trying to convince someone that the real news are reported elsewhere (if it's not onTV screens and front pages it can't be so) is akin to what you wrote:

1. When Columbus arrived in the West Indies, the natives were unable to see his ships, because they had never seen ships before, so ships did not exist in their reality.

Anne M. Berg
Valencia, California

Not long ago I bought a complete set of "The Prisoner" on DVDs. Seeing these episodes for the first time was as entertaining as eye opening. They told us back then of things to come, but is such a clever way. Just like Hollywood does today.
0 #42 Marcus Moxon 2009-04-04 11:13
Dear Philip,

I just finished reading your article on Rense (I know, a bit behind!) and I just wanted to say that I found it very thought provoking, so wanted to thank you for writing such a sensible piece. I'm not sure whether all the emails you've had on the subject have been quite so polite as this as you seem to be opening up a whole new arena on the idea of control, but it makes a lot of sense.

I saw "What the Bleep" before it was on general release or DVD (went to the preview) and considered it to be very enlightening and absorbed the points made into my general "world" (more like "universal") view of the way things are and have made some of the points it raised the mainstay of my expressed opinions for the past few years (I've also read lots of David Icke and many others besides, so have a pretty broad perspective on things). Looking back, you mentioning Ramtha did strike me when I saw it as being a pretty odd inclusion.

Now I've read your article and can see another side to the reason for there being such a plethora of films and books on the subject. Not having seen the "Secret", I can't say for sure, but what I've heard about it is that it encourages peoples' greed in that "I want it, so I can have it" type attitude, but at a consumer level rather than in any way being beneficial to mankind as a whole - that to me, if there is such a thing, is mis-using the power of the universe! If such power existed, then any benevolent "power" would have it used for the benefit of all and not "me" at the expense of everyone else. This sucks of the Taverstock Institute to such a level, that the points you raised should have been exposed before.

I hadn't considered Masura Emoto's experiements as anything but genuine and even David Icke quotes them as a way of exposing our own power over our existence, but, again, now you make me ask questions - who gains?!? [What David Icke doesn't do, though, is buy the consumer crap or stay quiet and subservient, as we all know!!]. Now I can see who would gain from our acquiescence to the point where we accept the system as it is because otherwise we'd be expressing negative thoughts and thereby becoming negative ourselves - therefore, the best thing to do is remain positive even if that means shutting off from all the crap that's happening every day of our lives!
You've made me start thinking which I thank you for!
Anyway, all the best and kind regards,

0 #43 Sedrick Hamilton 2009-04-04 17:56
You are right once again. However, did you notice along the way that most people you try to warn about what is happening only look at you sideways, then talk about you when you leave? That is a huge problem here in America. During the entire Bush administration, I told friends and others that America has seen its last great days (if there ever was any) and that we are heading toward so[censored]m, if not outright communism. Some of these people, because they had the nice house, car, and food on the table would respond sarcastically and poke fun at something so serious. I would then get really offended and call them as the sheep that they were. I am serious when I tell you that this whole fiasco used to have me throwing up at night. So I had to learn to divert my attention to something more positive. It is really bad when you question whether you are insane or is everyone else! I share your sentiment, buddy! My hope is that there are enough good people in our world who seek well-being for all (including the ones who think that we are nutjobs) to affect change for the better. Because I don't believe that it is meant to end this way. I meditate a lot and one of my visions in meditation showed me the collapse of this NWO and people being set free one at a time. Call it wishful thinking but it was as real as the keystrokes I am making to type this e-mail. If that is the case and we are witnessing the decline of this order of robber-barons and the freeing of humanity, then I look forward to one day sharing a few rounds of beers with all of those who are doing their part to contribute to that end (first rounds on me)! Take care buddy!

"Rather than accept the circumstances of life, choose to ponder the possibilities of existence".

Sedrick Hamilton. "Ascension, Memories of a Journey to Enlightenment". 2008
Now available at and select bookstores!
0 #44 Jean Bush 2009-04-05 01:33
Thank you, Philip, that works both ways too. I'll try not to annoy you too much with my running off at the mouth, but surely you know what a joy it is to talk to someone who actually has a working brain in their head.

I cracked up when you put "New Age" in quotes in your article; For God's sake, every age is a New age to those that are living in it!! But you know, the term sounds almost like a hypnotic trigger for those that fall for it, and once that switch is flipped, they can be convinced of anything. I don't know what you think of Obama, but there was an article on before the election (isn't that a joke, we all know leaders are "placed in position" to further the wishes of the Elites") that accused him of being groomed and trained in specific hypnotic techniques in order to convince the masses to vote for him. He has a specific gesture he makes when he wants to make a point by closing his thumb and forefinger together and peppering his words with it. Before I read that article, I decided to watch some of his speeches to see what kind of creature he was that had already held so many enthralled. He made that gesture so many times, I got very irritated and declined further ! viewing of him. Found out later it is called "anchoring" in which the audience is pretty much pinned down to whatever the speaker wants.

I have a friend at work who is a nice black lady and she was already for Obama to to "change the world." I tried to talk to her about what was going on with him and she shooed me away saying that she was not going to let my "negativity" bother her. Maybe she read the "Secret" do you think?

Sorry about all that, but no one else seems to get it. I'm sure I've exhusted you. Thanks for your patience.

Good Day, Philip. Get some sun. Regards, Jean
0 #45 Richard Thompson 2009-04-05 11:59
Interesting data. Its interesting that you have data on Robert Menard I live in Vancouver and Am actually seriously considering declaring myself a freeman on the land. I have been to numerous seminars and talks by him. Any way good work
on your site.I personally find that more and more Individuals that I run into are beginning to rebel against the the push of the one worlders. Perhaps Enough
will awaken before it is to late.
0 #46 Jacob 2009-04-07 11:01
hi there

have read your piece

By presenting Quantum Mechanics as 'The Law Of Attraction' and marketing this transparent ruse via attractively presented 'New Age' vehicles such as 'The Secret' and 'What The Bleep', the would be 'Lords Of The New World Order' are delivering what might be termed the 'sucker punch' to a populace metaphorically 'stuck on the ropes' in the twelfth round, with little resistance left to counter the final onslaught about to be unleashed upon them. Time to wake up people! The Enemy is not only inside the gate, but inside your head as well.

one of the most outstnding pieces ever read/written.
i have been struggling with folks locked into this mentality of thought...
never has the revelation of clarity been as well stated as in your piece...

i would very much like to speak with you. jacob
0 #47 Kathleen Beatty 2009-04-08 18:29
Hi Philip -- I posted a clip and the link to 'The World Is In Your Head' on the Open Minds Forum. Thanks for the link to your website -- I can't say i 'enjoyed' your articles, as the increasing in-your-face nature of the NWO is causing me restless nights -- but it is good to know that those of us who are awake and aware are everywhere (I'm in the USA, in Colorado).

Carry on the Good Fight,
0 #48 Stephanie McDowall, Nanaimo, B. 2009-04-08 21:57
Dear Mr. Jones:

I have sent your article out to friends ...especially all those who love "the Secret".

I never did like that book or video which friends tried to foist on me.

I did not have the insight however to see what you see in the Secret and I am therefore very grateful to have come across your essay.

I disliked it primarily because it was so concerned with "self".

I am on a rather large political list serve here in British Columbia, Canada. Most of us are quite active in our local communities and probably would be considered left although why our interests should be labeled as such I have never really understood.

Your essay will soon be reaching a large number of people. here in B. C. and perhaps Canada.

I am writing you to try and find out just who you are. When I Google Philip Jones.....all kinds of people come up but none that I think might be you.

I take it you live in England. Are you a political commentary type?

Now that I have discovered your writing I want to know more about you. I hope you don't mind.

Thank you for writing this particular piece Mr. Jones. I have gained some additional insight..

Stephanie McDowall, Nanaimo, B. C.
0 #49 John 2009-04-14 12:18
Philip -

I read your article at and was both interested and impressed. I also spend a great deal of time pondering today's bizarre world and the psyche of modern man. The deeper I go, the stranger it gets. I was born in 1944 and grew up on a farm and in small towns in the midwest (USA), and I am actually - unlike others of my generation - able to remember when things were much more natural and normal.

One noticable new twist to things is this: At one time, many differing groups thought about things in their own unique way. Today, all the disparate groups seem to have had a 'mind meld' and all of them speak from the same New Age, politically-correct mindset. Not only this, but the weirdness of the X and Y generations has 'backed up' like a stopped toilet onto the Baby Boomers as well. It is like all the vegetables of the stew are overcooking until the whole stew is one undistinguishable mess. Everyone is turning out the same and there are no real differences anymore (other than in their own little minds).

When I was involved in New Age thinking in the '70's, it was quite different that it is today. Many were earnestly seeking their own disciplines and 'paths' in those days, but today it is nothing but a feminized stewpot of mindless notions and warm feelings. Critical thinking, discernment and the ability to reason has vanished from this nation (and probably from all the 'advanced' nations today). I have never been a part of this psycho-spiritual matrix, and when I try to 'unplug' anyone else they become fearful and run to plug themselves back into the universal comfort zone as quickly as possible.

I have finally found 'the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth' because of the truth itself: Those who seek and keep seeking will find. The eternal 'seekers,' however, do not believe in such a thing. To them, nobody is ever able to actually find the truth - yet they continue to play the game anyway. It has become part of their identity, so they seek and seek with no notion of ever arriving at a conclusion to the matter.

I actually found the truth in the last place I looked: the Bible. I have since spent 30 years in deep study, but I have also found that the modern 'believers' actually believe nothing that is written therein. They have a 'cut-and-paste' method wherein they merely choose certain well-worn verses and repeat them endlessly while ignoring 90% of what is written. It doesn't matter if one is an agnostic, a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim or a Buddhist - all alike have drunk of this new spiritual wine and there is no clear thinking to be found anywhere. After 30 years of searching, I have only found two others who are able to see and understand even the basics of reality. There are a very few others who are able to at least hear a little truth, but it goes no further with them. It seems that truth itself is the thing the modern man (and especially the modern woman) fears and avoids above everything else. Everything else, of course, does not disturb their slumber or require anything of them. The Bible calls it spiritual sleep - and it was prophesied to be the very state of mankind at the end of days. And so it is.

I don't know how far you may be willing to look either, but if absolute, eternal reality is of interest to you, I would be interested in pursuing it further. I will await your response.

Best Regards -

John St. John
0 #50 Linzi Peynado 2009-04-15 03:46
Hi there,

i just recently came across your article, and i have to say i totally agree. I have been thinking along those lines for a long time. I've read many books on the same lines as the "Secret" and the only thing it serves to do is cause well meaning people turn a blind eye to the events that are taking place around the world on a daily basis. Channeling books, Law of Attraction etc are all the same.... they catch the more "awake" people. They "net" them in the web... and of course these well meaning people are consumed by this crap and are in turn "switched off." It's very sad to see, but it's also refreshing to see someone write about it. So good for you.

Kind regards,

0 #51 Karla Haas 2009-06-20 01:37
dear Philip,

So what about prayer?

I read your above mentioned article,,,,, hmmmm, I was always wondering why "The Secret" made it to the bestseller list........ Although I cannot say that I totally disagree with everything in that book,,,,,, and I do believe somewhat that what you tend to focus on, very, very, very hard, you tend to attract... (be it good or bad) I can attest to this personally,,,, miracles perhaps?

The question then (and always has been) what about fate/free will/destiny? What about GOD/Creator? If there is indeed "lucifer" and demons (yes, illuminati and demonic possession I definitely do believe in) then there MUST be a GOD/Creator (see, that-s the issue I am truly confused about?) Religion, the Bible,,,,,, I do believe in GOD/Creator,,,,,, but,,,, maybe not the way it is presented?

Also, read the articles about a James Casbolt ( website by Ken Adachi) - in them he (Casbolt) mentions "The Secret" and how it works by you sending "scalar waves" out into the universe?

Yes, things are bad/evil/repressive ....... but? People are waking up; I do believe this is the time now of "consciousness" ,,,,, I have also read David Icke - cannot say I believe 100% in what he says - but I would hate to see him tumble from the pedestal I have put him on...

That-s why there is so much 'disinformation' out there - and I-m talking about the "alternative" websites - don't you think "they" read these articles and websites and are getting ..... concerned? I do..... Perhaps their weakness lies in their arrogance.... I have read that too....... Also the old breed of ''them'' is dying and the new breed is trying to finish up everything at warp speed......look at the chemtrails, food & pharma toxic crap...... "digital" TV (mind control?) ..... satanic rituals, corruption, perversions, etc, etc, etc,
Heck, how do I even know you-re not one of "them"? Has all this been pre-planned then?

It all comes down to this: a battle between good and evil......... I believe that GOODNESS always wins in the end ......
Let's PRAY that that is the truth......

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