Anarchy or Tyranny : Is This The Most Pertinent Question Of Our Age

anarchy_imgres.jpgBy Philip Jones 16th January 2009.

"Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom" John F. Kennedy.

Revelations and Awakenings:
2008 was the year I finally saw, in all it's ugliness, the `prison` I had inhabited for the fifty years of my life. My journey towards this discovery took some ten years or so and the shocking truth hit me like a hammer, that since the day I was born (1958) and for long before that, a conspiratorial group of super rich and powerful individuals, dedicated to the imposition of a Global Dictatorial State, had been working behind the scenes, manipulating the events which shaped our lives, creating chaos all around, causing reactions from the unsuspecting majority which in turn enabled them to advance their agenda by responding with their `ready made` solutions.
By making diabolical use of the Hegelian Dialectic, or what David Icke has termed `Problem Reaction Solution`, these conspirators have slowly but surely brought us all to the point of no return. The decision is ours now. Do we stand or do we fall?

For most of last year, as the information and knowledge which finally put most pieces of the puzzle in place, came to me like an avalanche, I strived to disseminate that knowledge by writing articles. Many articles, which, through Henry Makow and, along with some local sites, were, judging by the international response I received, read by many across the globe and to a lesser degree, here at `home`. My writing brought me into contact with some exceptional and gifted individuals, nowhere more so than in Denmark, the small Northern European Country which has been my home for eleven out of the past thirteen years.

As our local and international correspondence grew, we began to `feed` off each other, sharing ideas and possible solutions. This `group` of individuals, coming from very diverse backgrounds and international in it's makeup, attempted to spread the `word` far and wide. Since then, we have been working quietly via the Internet, email and private meetings to alert our fellow citizens to the `clear and present` danger approaching us all.
Late last year, we conducted a `leafleting` campaign here in Denmark, in an effort to inform people about what those strange `cloud formations` in the sky really were. I believe that over ten thousand were delivered by volunteers. As I awaited the `fallout`, expecting at least some mention in the local press, it became after some weeks apparant, that there would be none. Either people had simply ignored the information on the excellently designed and printed `flyers`, ( or the media had put a `lid` on it as usual.
As the old year ended and the `New` one approached, I began to ask questions of myself and take stock of what I had achieved during the past year where this particular `hobby` of mine was concerned. It dawned on me that for all the research, reading and writing. For all the correspondence and networking, I/We had achieved very little. The sheer scale and impact of this realisation was staggering. Another year done, nothing changed. The EU well on course for Federalisation, the Global Financial Crisis, `mopping` up countless small banks and companies. State `Mafioso` style taxation removing ever more the private wealth of citizens globally. Wars of aggression still raging, Chemtrails across every sky, Tetra Masts everywhere, ID cards introduced, and the surveillance industry booming everywhere as even our private phone calls and emails are monitored ever more closely.

In essence, the NWO `Gravy Train ` just kept a` rolling` and what did `we the people` do about it? Not very much. Most just sat in front of their TV screens and `sucked up` the official lies as they had been doing all their lives. In the movie the Matrix, the Morpheous Character says this;
"The Matrix is a system, Neo, and that system is our enemy. When you are inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters, the very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are part of that system and that makes them our enemies. You have to understand most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many are so...hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it." Exactly!

So for all the hard work and information gathering, the `enemy` was still firmly and overwhelmingly in control of the `high ground` if not morally, then strategically. More and more the feeling that positive action was needed, and this view was shared by some if not all in our group. A section of our associates still believed that an `awakening` would happen spontaneously and that all that was needed was more spreading of information. My friend and associate Peter Clement, an active worker in the fight for freedom here in Northern Europe also believes that action is required. In response to the use of the term hero by some in our group, even though well intended, he writes;
” We are no heroes, we are just ordinary people. A hero is somebody who comes into a situation where he or she does something extraordinary, puts somebody elses life above his or hers own. You don't know if you are a hero, until the moment arrives. Be humble:-)".
How many of us involved in this area of research have experienced hostilty when attempting to pass on information we know to be true?
Next up, we have the `New Golden Boy` as President, and even if his strings are invisible, you can be sure whose pulling them (Mr Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski), and absent a `false flag` event, this `man of change` will on behalf of his masters do everything in his power to force through the final stages of their `work of ages`.
So, going back to the turn of this New Year, I began trying to find Allies. People who although might not have exactly the same idealogical stance as myself, and those of my `comrades`, still wished and more importantly, worked for freedom and an abolition of Governmental control from their lives.

Here in Denmark, perhaps more than anywhere else in what we term the `industrialised world`, life is micromanaged down to the finest detail. This is as my previous articles have outlined at great length, a model society for the coming EU Superstate, and although the prison doors may be transparent, they are there all the same and Danish citizens are more than happy to lock themselves in nice and tight. They call it `tryghed`, meaning to be secure. That they are and then some.
What Americans term `Big Government` has been developed to it's logical conclusion in Northern Europe. Big Government equals `Big` Control. This is achieved by absolute State/ Corporatist hegemony over all the avenues of information, so called education, and by the people themselves whose self regulation has to be seen to be believed. Conformist and Corporatist. That's Denmark, and it is leading it's citizens to a technological and idealogical oblivion as depicted in Huxley's novel, `Brave New World`..

I don't want to live in any such `Prison Society`, no matter how `cozy` it might appear on the surface.
"So go home then", I hear the cry from all those Danish People's Party supporters. The problem is, it's now a Euro Wide phenomenon and will soon be World Wide unless something is done to stop it.

So what can we do? Edmund Burke wrote this over a century ago on the subject of State Tyranny;

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
Prophetic words and particulary pertinent to the age we now live in. Have people ever been more apathetic, more indifferent to their fate than they are today? Locked into a `mind prison` created by the illusion of affluence and instant gratification, humanity, at least here in the west appears to have abdicated all responsibilty to the `Professionals`. The Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, Bankers, Doctors and Professors, and look where this irresponsibility has led us. On the brink of a `Fourth Reich` much more terrible than the previous attempt at World Dictatorship, as it has been done with the apparant consent of `we the people` in the guise of democratic ellections. We have actually given our enemies permission to go ahead and enslave us.
Collectivism or Cooperativism; Is there a difference?
In his book, `The Robot's Rebellion` (1994) David Icke speaks of the need for people to form `Cooperatives` (not to be confused with Corporations). The Anarchists advocate the setting up of `Collectives` So is there any fundemental difference in the two. The Meriam Webster Dictionary defines these two terms thus:
A Collective: A political or economic theory advocating the collective control especially over production and distribution
A Cooperative: An enterprise or organization owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services collectively.
In `The Robot's Rebellion`, David Icke describes his own vision of the futurein some detail.
”It is difficult to predict with any accuracy what will happen next, because no-one knows in detail what the future will bring or how humanity will use its free will to react. But if we are to end the power of an economic elite we need to move from the big to the small; from central control to community and individual control; from humans serving technology to technology serving humans. People who realise what is going on around them, although still small in number are beginning to see that dramatic change is necessary when the world economic order crumbles as many forecast it will soon enough. There is going to be a great deal of reacting to events and we will have to move very quickly. We will see that we all depend on each other, and community spirit is going to return in a very big way. The focus will be on communities coming together to supply their own needs, and not being dependent on a system over which they have no control. Self-reliance and self-sufficiency in all necessities will be the basic model of economics, because that decreases dependence and gives power back to people. In the `New Peoples’ economics we will need local cooperatives and community-owned companies for food distribution. It is simply daft for food to be grown in one area and sent long distances to other communities while those communities send their produce in the other direction. Food cooperatives will have the role of collecting the food from local farmers and growers and distributing this to the local shops and markets.To be truly responsive to local needs, these cooperatives should be controlled by representatives of ALL the community, not only the farmers and growers. We will require community organizations, again with all views and needs represented, to coordinate the production and distribution of the necessities of life to everyone in their community".

Does this sounds like a `Collective`?
He then goes on to propose the following measures of passive resistance:
  • A boycott of all banks which create money out of nothing and charge interest on it. I hope people will withdraw their money from these banks and even refuse to pay interest on their loans. The latter decision needs to be well coordinated so that millions do it at the same time.

  • Support for community banks and ethical banking which invest in projects designed to benefit people and the planet.

  • Withdraw all support and investment in the major banks and Support for community banks and ethical banking which invest in projects designed to benefit people and the planet.

  • A refusal to cooperate with and in schools, universities and government departments in every country, until we have the free flow of information about what is really going on in secret and all the knowledge available.

  • Constant sit-ins, peaceful occupation and mass protests at government headquarters in every country, particularly the key players like the United States, Russia, Britain, Australia, Japan, the European Community and the United Nations.

  • The peaceful disruption of all occasions of state in every country until we are told the truth and the closing down, by mass sit-ins, of roads and entrances to parliamentary buildings.

  • Mass peaceful resistance to projects that harm the environment. If they face such protests everywhere, the authorities will soon have to re-think and listen.

  • The boycotting of all court proceedings that may arise from such actions and mass sit-ins at the court buildings to disrupt them, also.

  • The bombardment of phone-in programmes and audience participation programmes with questions and information about the secret government and what people can do to stop its manipulation.

  • Protests and sit-ins at the headquarters of media organizations until they refuse to be Brotherhood poodles and start to report the truth to people. Boycotts of system-serving newspapers.

  • The same at the headquarters and branches of the Freemasons in each country and district and the immediate resignation by all members of the Freemasons and other secret organizations who no longer wish to be used as a front for the manipulation of the world.

  • A refusal to vote for or support any politician who refuses to disclose whether he or she is a member of a secret society or closely-connected to anyone who is. A refusal to support any politician who is a member of any Brotherhood front organization, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission or, in London, connected to the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Is this `Anarchism` ? Let's read on.

The Robot's Rebellion was first published back in 1994. It was in this writers opinion one of Icke's best. Since then, few have done more or worked harder to expose the Illuminati and their project than he. David Icke is a `soldier` for freedom. Albeit a non combative and passive one. The above ideas on how to break down the `Prison Cells` we inhabit are in the main common sense. Icke's books sell well enough. He has toured the globe speaking and giving presentations. Yet nothing has changed. Well very little at least. The above methods have not been adopted, and the `Agenda` moves ever closer to achieving it's ends.

Some months ago, I happened upon a website called `Anarchismo`. Like the title suggests, it's subject matter is `Anarchism`. Now like with most people, the very word brings forth images of men in `Top Hat and Tails`, throwing small grenades and the like sometime around the turn of the Twentieth Century. But having almost exhausted my interest in what I was already aware of, I decided to have a read. `Shock and Horror`, I was surprised to discover that there was much that appealed to me therein. At the top of the page I found this statement;

”Anarchists believe in a revolution by the working class which will overthrow the bosses and their governments, and create a society run and controlled by those who actually produce the wealth of the world. We believe that it is possible to live without government and to put in its place councils and assemblies where the "ordinary people" can decide what happens to this wealth. We believe in the equality of all and that maximum solidarity is needed between workers and other oppressed groups if we are to defeat those who live off our sweat”.

So, how different is the above statement in sentiment to that of Icke's some paragraphs previous. Not very I would suggest. So is David Icke an Anarchist? Well, on the face of it, I would venture to say that he is, of a sort at least. What's more, so am I then. There are some idealogical differences and the emphasis on the `collective` can create certain reservations, and yet a more comprehensive look at their written material clearly distances them, the Anarchists, from all the various forms of Marxism. In effect, they are striving for a society without Bosses. A society where ordinary people work together in concensus, without any form of authoritarianism at all. Handing back, or rather taking back responsibilty for their own lives, to live as they themselves want to live. This is very similar to what Icke proposes and what I have come to believe is the only chance humanity has to save itself from slavery. Overthrow the rulers. Deconstruct all the symbols and `fortresses` of government. Destroy centralisation, and dethrown what has become the very instrument of tyranny, `Legislation` and the legislators. The idea of the `Collective` is a good one and a fair one, and providing it is protected from the abuse of those who would restore `order`, then it might possibly be our last best chance for freedom.

Going back to our small group here in Denmark, there are those with grave doubts about our aligning ourselves with the `A'chists`, as images of `mad bombers` persist, even though all evidence is to the contrary. Having spent some weeks reading various essays on the subject, I will summarise my own impressions in the following Paragraphs.
The Quest For A Free Society and World:
”When we read or hear about Anarchists, we are led to believe that they are mad bombers. The myth is perpetuated that they believe in violence for the sake of it. The other myth is that Anarchism is chaos. This idea is propagated by politicians, bosses and their `puppets`in the media, stating that if there was no government there would be chaos. But did you ever wonder about society today and come to the conclusion that perhaps we are already living in chaos?” Anarchismo
We who are familiar with researching the machinations of the Illuminati and their `fellow travellers` are more than aware of what the aims of our `manipulators` are. But so it seems are the Anarchists, who spell it out clearly. They say it more bluntly and perhaps more simplistically than we do, but they have identified at least one major aspect of the Agenda; PROFIT! And why not put it simply. If we want to get the message across to people generally this is what we need to do, and the Anarchists understand this. They realise that at the moment we live in a society in which there are two major classes - the bosses and the workers. The bosses own the factories, banks, shops, etc. The Workers don't. The only resource people have to bargain with is their labour, with which they make their living. Workers are compelled to sell their Labour to the boss for a wage. The boss is interested in squeezing as much work out of the worker for as little remuneration as possible so that he/she can maintain high profits. Thus the more wages workers get the less profits the bosses make. Their interests are in total opposition to each other. Production is not based on the needs of ordinary people. Production is for profit. Therefore although there is enough food in the world to feed everyone, people starve because profits come first. This is called Capitalism.
The State:
For the needs of people and the workers to be fully met, the Anarchists maintain that we must get rid of the bosses. But this is no easy task. The bosses are organised. They have the media, the police, the army and the courts on their side. In effect, they have the full support of the State, and all the resources that go with it. We are of speaking about the merger of State and Corporate interests here, ie. Corporatism, or as Mussolini put it; ”FASCISM”.
The State (i.e. governments, armies, courts, police, etc.) is a direct result of the fact that we live in a class society. A world where the 225 richest people have a combined wealth equal to the combined annual income of the world's 2.5 billion poorest people.

The state is there to protect the interests of this minority, if not by persuasion then by force. Laws are made not to protect us but to protect those who own the property.
The Lie That Is Democracy:
People in the west (and especially so here in Scandinavia) have bought into the lie that the state is run in our interests. There are elections to ensure that any government not behaving itself can be brought to task? But of course, in truth, their democracy is about ticking boxes. We are given a choice all right, but between parties who all agree with the system of a tiny minority ruling the country. Check how many of the leading politicians from whichever political party in your country, are members of either the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commision, Council For Foreign Relations or one of the plethora of similar organisations all dedicated to the Globalist Agenda. Again, the Anarchists are in complete agreement. They can see how `Electioneering` inevitably leads to people forsaking their principles. These `political` men and women, perhaps initially of good intention, go along with whatever is popular and ensures they are elected. This becomes more important to them, than any idealogical motive. It also means that they look on the mass of voters as mere spectators. People are seen as voters, not as people who can be actually involved in politics and bringing real positive change about. But as I have written above, in the west, the populations, lured by the promise of instant credit have just handed over all political responsibility to those who would enslave them.
Real Freedom and political responsibility cannot come through Parliamentary means. The Anarchsmo Website explains ”If we look at a country like Chile we can see why. In 1973 the people elected a moderate socialist government led by President Allende. This democratically elected government was toppled by a CIA backed military coup. Repression followed in which the workers movement was smashed and thousands of militants lost their lives”.
Central to the Anarchist is the belief that it is the people who must make the revolution. In other words, take back responsibilty for their own lives. Every member of the working class (workers, unemployed, housewives, etc.) has a role to play. Only by this participation can it be ensured that Anarchism is made real. They believe in a revolution that comes from the bottom up, and is based on factory and community councils. They maintain that Freedom cannot be given, it has to be taken. As each week passes, and nothing changes. As the New World Order becomes more of a reality, I have to agree with them. I cannot see how intellectual dissemination of the `truth` alone will prevent our `prison` becoming a reality within the next decade.

Not Marxists, Anarchists:
Anarchists disagree with what is called the "revolutionary left", who still hold to the belief that a Political Party is necessary to make the revolution for the people. Marxist Socialists base their ideas on Marx and Lenin who believed that workers were only capable of achieving what they called "trade union consciousness". Both believed that a party of professional revolutionaries was essential to make the revolution for the people. What happened in Russia was nothing to do with true socialism. Power remained in the hands of a tiny party elite. The state was the boss and the workers were still exploited and told what to do. Most familiar with the activities of `The Rothschilds` and Wall Street around the time of the October Revolution will be aware that the so called `Socialist Revolution` was financed by the very same people who were the supposed `arch enemies` of Communism, namely the Capitalsts of Wall Street and The City Of London.
Making The New Society:
The Anarchists therefore maintain that it is up to ordinary people to create the `New Society`. The question begs to be asked; ”Would it not be chaotic?" Who knows? But what would you call our current world situation. The Freemasonic Motto `Out Of Chaos Order` is being well applied by the `puppet masters` at present, as our world decends into their manipulated economic chaos. This is clearly designed to provoke the people into demanding `something must be done`, and then they can implement their ready and waiting planned response. As things stand at the moment, Capitalism would collapse without the support of the working class, who produce everything, and therefore all the wealth. Like Icke, I agree as do the Anarchists that it is possible to organise production so that the needs of all are met. It is also possible to create structures that allow everyone to participate in making the decisions that affect them.

The Anarchists propose that Society would be based on factory and community councils. These would liase or `federate` with each other so that decisions could be made covering large areas. Delegates could be sent from each area and workplace. They would be accountable and `recallable`. With the new technology now available, it would be much easier to involve people in the decision making process. Within such a society there would be genuine individual freedom. Individuals would have to contribute to society but would be free to the extent that they do not interfere with the freedom of others. Fundamentally Anarchists believe that people are good and if they won freedom would not easily give it up or destroy it.
Avoiding Previous Mistakes:
History is not neutral. What we learn in school is what is necessary for the perpetuation of government, rulers and capitalism. So called education is one of the major means by which we are controlled, indoctrinated and deceived. What they do not teach us though is that throughout history, it has been shown that organised government is not necessary. People are not inherently bad. Given the right conditions a spirit of mutual aid and co-operation can and will grow. The lessons of our past shows us that Anarchist ideas can work. A new society can be forged with ordinary people in control (the frontier pioneers in the US did very well without government). The Anglo Saxon Tythings were devoid of heirarchical `government` save the `Warlord` who was impotent without concensus, and operated by such oncensus for almost two centuries.

But such a society won't happen spontaneously. It must be planned, built and created. - We must organise for it. Still, many in our small group here in Denmark cling to the belief that sometime soon, a great awakening will occur amongst the people. This awakening, will then as if by magic grow into a worldwide movement for peace and love and that a whole new ideal will be born out of it. David Icke most certainly has believed in and propagated this idea for almost twenty years. Icke is a visionary. A great man, and one of the finest writers in his field. But he not only has been proved to be wrong in this assertion, he is being proved wrong right now as as I write, the Illuminati `Golden Boy` is being sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. He will vow to uphold the constitution in front of Billions of people, knowing full well that he has no intention of doing so.

There will be no spontaneous awakening. That is why the Anarchists maintain and I have to agree with them, that we need revolutionary organisation. An organisation that draws together all those fighting for freedom and an end to tyranny. An organisation that gives us the chance to exchange ideas, experiences, and to learn from the lessons of history. An organisation that facilitates our struggle together for a new society. An organisation that sets aside petty differences and pseudo intellectual ideologies and as Henry Makow put's it, ”Focuses on what we have in common”.

We do not need more`leaders` and their passive followers. We do need an organisation working towards mobilising the masses of ordinary people in the process of making the `revolution`. I conclude this call for people to revolt, peacefully yet assertively, against the machinery erected and fortified ever more each day to enslave them, with a paragraph from the `RAK` (Anarchists Copenhagen) site which I feel explains very well how a fair and free society could and should be constructed;

”An anarchic society is in our opinion, overall, a socially organized community of free people without state capitalism, hierarchies and privileges. This community will be based on decentralized organization and consensus decisions. This organization is our declared goal. To achieve this goal we will use the funds and methods available which are consistent with our position. Activism is not in itself enough to create an anarchic society. It is important that we come together in our common WANT and NEED, rather than what we share idealogically. It is very important that members share this view and make no distinction between individuals based on their ethnicity, gender, etc. and or their personal lifestyle orientation,religion, diet, etc.. The RAK (Anarchists Copenhagen).

David Icke : The Robot's Rebellion. Children Of The Matrix.
Nikki Rappanna : What is The Hegelian Dialectic ?

Please address comments to; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


0 #1 Deltager 2009-01-22 11:26
The Anarchists propose that Society would be based on factory and community councils. These would liase or `federate` with each other so that decisions could be made covering large areas. Delegates could be sent from each area and workplace. They would be accountable and `recallable`. With the new technology now available, it would be much easier to involve people in the decision making process. Within such a society there would be genuine individual freedom. Individuals would have to contribute to society but would be free to the extent that they do not interfere with the freedom of others. Fundamentally Anarchists believe that people are good and if they won freedom would not easily give it up or destroy it.

We do need an organisation working towards mobilising the masses of ordinary people in the process of making the `revolution`.

I totally reject this kind af assesment. How can you say already before even starting anything what THE PEOPLE (the masses - revolution : horrible words [smiley=angry]) wants????? Here we go all over telling the people what to do and how. Starting controlling them once again. Saying my idea is the best. What???? This is again the road to tyrany and dictatorship. The revolution doesn't start by imposing views on people. We are unique beings. There are no new models. The old models are made of word straight from the hegelian dialectic. I am sick and tired of this. Because we have some knowledge, some kind of "awakening" it implies in our little mind that we know better than our fellow human beings. The latter don't have the priviledge to be introduced to the truth,and then we decide how they MUST live they life? Not good to me at all. How do we know if we are not ourselves in total deceit????? How? See, with me, it doesn't work. I am a black sheeple. Already duality. How many outthere will react like I do when hearing and reading about councils and factory, masses and revolution.....This vision is a definitively not one I will ever consider. Then come the argument? what else? What are the others solutions? We are moving fast to a different world. Sure actions must be done, but I do firmly believe we must be careful not to impose some idealism of ours with the job. This is a very dangerous trap. Opening the door for misunderstandings, abuse, and again dualism. Yes, be a difference, yes engage in actions. But letting idealism, rules, strategies behind us. We are on the treshold af something new we never ever have had the occasion to deal with before. Trusting is a big key. Advancing, moving ahead, taking actions yes, but let the process do its job please. By defining the goal in advance we bring about limitations. This attitude comes from a deep fear that we will all die and not prevail. This is the old way, the old obsolete world. How the new world will look like? I don't know and will never pretend I know. I rather choose the path, anyway for me, to do and let it go. There lies the difficulty, letting ones jugments, ideals, beliefs, feelings aside, just accepting and trust the flow. There is much more in this world than Illuminatis, corrupt politicians, secret societies and other bunch of lunatics. The majority are sleeping entities with tremendous power. When they wake up, who tells they will listen to you??????
0 #2 Philip 2009-01-22 15:53
Dear Anonymous[smiley=happy]

As the individual leaving the above comment doesn't see fit to identify `herself`, it is a little difficult for me to address each issue. I will try do do so anyway:

1)I totally reject this kind af assesment. How can you say already before even starting anything what THE PEOPLE (the masses - revolution : horrible words ) wants?????

Read paragraph one again. Noone is telling anybody what to do. As there would be no government to control people, it would be left to each individual to choose his or her own path. Those chosing to be a part of any `collective` would be expected to contribute, but live free of any authoritarian control. Those not wishing to contribute would be left to make it on their own.

As for any roads to tyranny. Where do you imagine we are at this point in tim?

I know who you are, you betray yourself by your writing style. That's okay, you are entitled to your own ideas. But understand this now. There will be no `awakening`. There will be no spontaneous movement for peace and love. "2012` will not bring about any magical new world. The only `process` is what we ourselves create and push forward. I have read all the blather about infinite conciousness and the world entering the age of Aquarius etc. I'll tell you what we are entering; The age of the prison cell, The age of the microchip, The age of World War 3, the age of the `Illuminati`.

I challenge you to write an essay `debunking` my own (remember that word) and instead of spouting off about things which have no substance, no basis, no evidential value at all. Give me some cold hard facts to deal with. Show me `infinite conciousness`. Prove to me that there are 4th Dimensional entities behind the conspiracy. Icje based his whole Reptilian ideas on the words of a fraud, the so called `Arizona Wilder`.

Produce a` spirit creature` which controls our lives. Read this carefully; Those who seek to enslave us are flesh and blood as are we. They are greedy `bluebloods` who believe themselves decended from the `marriage` of Persian blood with that of Alexander the Great. What is known as the Luciferian Line. Forget Reptiles and underground bases for now. If they exist, what can we do about them? Let's face our enemies face on, instead of watching videos, writing articles, making videos sending emails and on an on and on.

You have written twice now addressing myself and my ideas in what can only be called `harsh terms`. That's okay, but if you would like to really debate this issue, let's do it at a meeting. You and I face to face in the presence of our `group`. Or write the Essay as suggested above.

We share the same knowledge, but see the way forward differently. That's fine with me. Women don't like battle, nor should they. So whilst you are `connecting` with higher conciousness and waiting for things to just happen. I will, with the help of my `brothers` get my hands dirty. Network with Brian Gerrish (which is already beginning) and make the `revolution` somehow.

We either stand or fall. We cannot chant or meditate this evil away. We need the masses, and you start going on about all you go on about to them, and they will just turn away and look for leadership elsewhere. If Icke couldn't do it, and he failed. What on earth makes you think you can?

Sorry to be blunt, but it's time to leave `fairy world` and fall back down to earth with a bump.



PS. I have had dozens of emails from the US, UK and Canada all agreeing with my stance. Not one who thinks as you do. The Americans and we Brits still have some independent spirit left it would seem [smiley=happy]
0 #3 A liberated soul 2009-01-25 01:32
Dear Philip Jones.
I've read all of your writings, which leads me to answering this.
I would like to recommend a visit to the website of - as an answer to your proposed solution - anarchism.
I honestly believe that Individualism is the way out of this mess.
Greetings, from a dane.

(PS: sorry for being anonymous, but you know... :-)
0 #4 A liberated soul 2009-01-25 01:56
Sorry for the inconvenience,
but the link from the previous post contains an error..
I ment [smiley=wink]
0 #5 Philip 2009-02-13 21:36
Dear Liberated Soul,

I apologise for the very delayed reply, and thank you a) for bothering to read my work, and b) your link to the freedomforce website. Like most people who understand the conspiracy, I am searching for solutions. The `Anarchy` one fell very flat on it's face very quickly. I agree with your comment on individualism, as it is the antithesis of conformity. Let me think a little on this and get back to you. You are welcome to mail me at .

Cheers, P
0 #6 Vulcan 2009-03-13 22:15
Dear Phil; thanks for another very good analysis.As I see it humanity is being drained of life by parasites, most of them human.If you cant live symbiotically with parasites, if they are of no advantage to us, we get rid of the parasites, it would be horriffically stupid to let them kill us if we can avoid it. Ickes conclusions seem to me to be impractical, as they require what we used to call a total "enlightenment" of us all before we can see enough of the "matrix" to be scared enough to act. Even if there are blood-line reptilians, with a huge box of very impressive tricks, the situation on Earth clearly shows that their goals are very material;and very little spiritual; they want our planet, but not us.Now, in the last few months, so much blood has been drained, so unbelieveable much money and property has been litterally stolen from us, that it defies logic that they are allowed to do it without an up-roar from us. I think we should do to these parasites what we usually do , getting rid of them, minute-man-style. But closing our eyes to the presence of the shapeshifters running the show, is counterproductive.I wish I had never seen any of them- and none of their vehicles,UFOs, now I know what their agenda is, but that is not possible. I agree that the parasites have succeeded in making life on Earth into a chaos , on purpose.If we do not remove the "kings or queens" of their hive, they will re-appear shortly and try again, the cancer will spread again, we can not afford to neglect them, as they provide the "brains" behind the scene, Obaaama, Big Ears or AKA as he is allready nicknamed, is a puppet - and the means to control him and any crowd is a technology unknown till now " The sound of Silence-system".That, along with other technologies, is of non-human origin. If we neglect that- deny to see the alien directing of everything on Earth now, a very important aspect, that makes it possible to understand how in hell we ever got into this situation; because, we, humans are not so stupid that we will destroy the Planet we are absolutely depending on for EVERYTHING- and wanting to do that so much that killing most or all humans - is not human. If it is- we deserve what is coming.AN-ARCHOS =no leaders, is good, AUTO-ARCHOS = is another possibility, but to get ther, or anywhere, we have to get rid of the parasites, human or not, before anything can happen. If we let them keep the power They will use it- and we are dead. Parasites go to another planet and start over. This is getting too long, but a last word; my opinion is not based only on what I have been reading of variuos models for running the Planet, but from personally experiencing the reality of the Aliens presence . JdV

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