The EU Communitarian Agenda and The New Feudalists

euccp300x.jpg By Philip Jones 26th October 2008

"Communitarianism is a collectivist philosophy that explicitly rejects individualism. It does not merely relegate individualism to a subordinate position, but is openly hostile to it. It is an ideology of 'civic society' which is nothing less than one version of Post-Marxist collectivism which wants privileges for certain wealthy and influential organized groups, and in consequence, a renewed feudalization of society." Vaclav Klaus.

Communitarianist Ideology:

The European Union is a major aspect of the `New World Order` and the so called `sustainable development` movement. The main objective of the Federal European State to be, is absolute social, personal and economic control in a collectivist and corporatist society. The philosophy behind the EU is a strange mixture of Capitalism and Communism - a form of Euro Marxism which owes much of its dogma to the Pre World War II Italian Marxist Philosopher, Antonio Gramsci.. The nearest ideology to that practiced by the EU is something called `Communitarianism,` or what Tony Blair called the 'Third Way.' 
We are talking of a dialectical trap here, with Corporate money funding Socialism as Thesis, ideological Socialism as Antithesis and Communitarianism or the `new imperium` as Synthesis. Money grabs and concentrates power, whilst State Socialism promises the total redistribution of ownership and wealth. This contradiction provides an almost irresistible dynamic.
Communitarians want to create a post-modern, post-democratic feudal society run by a small number of rich and powerful people with everyone else working as peasants. In order to achieve their objectives they must destroy the middle class and the nation state. Can anyone deny that their goals are firmly on course.

One of the most mysterious aspects of the European Union from a `lay-man’s` standpoint is the decision making process. Even with only the bare minimum of research, it becomes clear that we the people have little or no influence on any of the decisions reached in our name and the subsequent diktats which inevitably follow. In this article/essay, I will try and identify the ideology and aims of the key socio- economic decisions that drive the EU, and how because of these decisions, our lives are increasingly no longer our own.
The socio political economic agenda of the EU is carefully and intentionally buried beneath myriad layers of tedious and unintelligible `newspeak`. Despite this, in recent years, as the pace of so called EU 'reform' has quickened, many researchers like myself have begun to expose and unravel this intentionally obtuse and often ambiguous jargon and reveal it for what it really is: A tool of confusion and misinformation intended towards the enslavement of the peoples of Europe by the rule of diktat and economic servitude..
Once the spotlight of investigation is shone directly at `the beast`, what emerges is a Communitarian Agenda driven solely by corporate interests. Monetary Profit is to be the `bottom line` on everything from public services to defence to the very useful environmental `Trojan Horse`. High sounding `non descriptions` precede cleverly worded specifics that determine that the one and only benchmark be an economic one.
The truth is of course that if the people of Europe themselves were to engage in setting the EU agenda, the current programme would almost without question be reversed. Instead of the `Mammonistic` ideal of profit before all, we would most certainly witness an agenda dominated by life quality issues like real un-politicised education for our children, and a healthcare service not tied to the pharmaceutical conglomerates, and free of political restraint, with a remit to provide the very best treatment available, whether it be of the traditional or alternative varieties.
The Roots And Goals Of The New Feudalism:
Anarchists would probably say that the basis of the EU agenda rests squarely with the ruling classes, but although in actuality correct, sooner than leave it at that, it is useful to unravel the `ball of string` by which the `Union’s` decisions are formulated, created , morphed into diktat and then monitored. For what appears from beneath the shroud are the most corrupting and powerful corporations in Europe. `Greed` entities with no pretence of any mandate beyond their combined annual turnover of €950 million and the fact they employ only around four million workers on a Continent inhabited by almost 500 million people.
Much of the ideological base for the EU Agenda can be found in the works of Count Count R. N. Courdenhove-Kalergi
Richard Coudenhove Kalergi
Richard Nicolaus
Coudenhove Kalergi

who is justifiably regarded by many as the `God-father` of the European Union. It was his suggestion that Beethovens hymn be the EU's Anthem, and he was extremely active in connection with the design of the EU logo. It was Coudenhove who founded the Pan European Union in the early part of the 20th century. It is interesting to note that his successor in the movement was Otto Von Hapsburg, an honorary professor of the University of Jerusalem, and recipient of the 'International Humanitarian Award', of the 'Anti Defamation-League' (ADL) of the Jewish B’nai B’rith Masonery Lodge. Coudenhove Kalergi's father was a close friend of Theodor Herzle the founder of Zionism.
Coudenhove’s vision for Europe was of a vast feudal fiefdom, where a small group of Money Aristocrats ruled a population of Serfs through a plutocratic {plutocratic = rule or power through wealth} false democratism which we see today holds thrall over the whole of the continent. His vision was shared, funded and sponsored by the `bloodline` and moneyed families of both Europe (Rothschild’s) and the USA(Rockefellers). In fact, since the end of WWII, the major dynamic behind the Federalist vision has come not from the European side, but from the Eastern Seaboard `establishment` families such as the Rockefellers, Harrimans, Morgan’s, Dulles’ and Bush’s.
Theatre For The Masses:

The plan, I think, is the old one of world dominion in a new form . . . the money-power and revolutionary power have been set up and given sham but symbolic shapes ('Capitalism" or "Communism') and sharply defined citadels ('America' or "Russia') . . . Such is the spectacle publicly staged for the masses. But what if similar men, with a common aim, secretly rule in both camps and propose to achieve their ambition through the clash between those masses? I believe any diligent student of our times will discover that this is the case.-- Douglas Reed
This theatrical struggle between Capitalism and Communism over the inheritance of their `bloodline` aristocracy is a fratricidal war of the `blood` aristocracies a fight between individualistic and socialist, egoist and altruist, heathen and Christian ideals. The `Generals` in this make believe battle of both parties are recruited from Europe's Secret Societies and Brotherhoods, who can all be canopied beneath the metaphorical tarpaulin of the Illuminati.
Both Capitalism and Communism are rational, mechanical constructs. The time of the Old Military Caste nobility has passed. The effect of the `synthesis`, and it’s power, namely the belief in it, along with the hope that it’s time is nearing, is now growing exponentially, and with it the audacity and arrogance of the `New` Aristocracy. Through their puppet politicians sitting furtively in National Parliaments, The Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and the plethora of other `front` organisations, their European `Project` appears close to becoming a reality, a first step along the road to the New World Order.
At the fourth annual conference of the Institute for the Scientific Study of International Relations at Copenhagen in June 1931 which was published in the magazine of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in December of that year, the following Statement was read out ;
“We are at present working discreetly but with all our might, to
wrest this mysterious force called sovereignty out of the clutches
of the local national states of our world. And all the time we are
denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands, because
to impugn the sovereignty of the local national states of the world
is still a heresy for which a statesman or a publicist can be,
perhaps not quite burnt at the stake, but certainly ostracized and

The Methodology of Communitarianist Fascism:
The EU project has up until recently been subtle in the extreme. Step by laborious step, one treaty after the other, they have hidden their true intentions behind an economic smokescreen, aided by a population who have abdicated responsibility for the decision making in their lives to liars, cheats and degenerates who whilst masquerading as elected representatives of the people, have conspired to disenfranchise them completely. Now, as we writhe and squirm amidst the worst economic crisis in living history, the Corporate plan for total control of the continent in the first instance, and the planet in the second, is nearing successful completion. What amazes this writer is that there are still those `amateur` researchers, who although far more informed than the average State/Media programmed `resource` still cannot understand that these are not chaotic times. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The `project` is completely `on track` and nearing it’s conclusion. So arrogant are the `Lord and Masters` now, that even a minor detail such as the Irish Referendum `NO` vote does not deter their ambitions. So how were a relatively small cadre of conspirators able to achieve this astonishing level of supremacy over a population of almost 500 million people?
A detailed dissection of this question is not feasible in an Essay of this kind, but an examination of the above diagram will help us understand the main instruments of control by which all the countries of Europe (even those outside of the bloc still incredulously clambering for membership) have handed over control to the European Federalists.
The Centre
An illegitimate money power without any public mandate drawing it’s strength from Usury, Monopoly Capitalism and the Industrial Military Complex.. The source of all great power in the 21st century and the 20th before it is money. And the root and base of this power is Usury, that is the issue of money as interest bearing debt. Since the 1980’s, banks and lenders have seemingly been falling over themselves to lend money. Now as we try to ride out our present woes, we are told that money is scarce. Why is it scarce? Because the same people who were lending it so willingly are no longer doing so. They `create` money as figures on a screen in the form of loans. It is money out of thin air, backed by nothing other than the people’s taxes, and a belief that it exists and that it has some worth.
In this way, they have enticed millions of people to sign their freedoms away for the promise of a new home, car, kitchen or bathroom. Then when the time was right, NOW, they started calling in unpaid loans, manipulating prices, raising interest rates and destroying jobs and manufacturing production in the process. Then, with the people in fear for their existence, and terrified of what the future might bring, demanding naively that something be done, they come up with the solution they had planned all along; More centralisation of bank ownership. State and Corporate mergers through `Government Buyout` packages and the call for a uniform across the board single currency not only for Europe, but for the whole planet.

When the dust settles, we will see that the middle classes have been so badly damaged, that their political and economic power base will be no more. This is how `fiefdoms` and servitude is established.
The Corporate Media
Supplied with unlimited funds and control over the mass media, the `New lords` of money have been able to dictate what is given to the public by way of knowledge and information. Through television and radio, they use subliminal messaging technology to entrap and entice people into exchanging their identities as individual human souls for that of `consumers`. They manipulate all avenues of `News` reporting ensuring that the `Third Way` consensus is consolidated and maintained. The European Ideal is paramount and our children are indoctrinated into it by the most subtle and non subtle of means. Popular music and movies, loaded with trigger sounds and words have created a `dumbing down` effect across the continent which is matched and exceeded only in some respects by what can be found in the same media forum across the Atlantic. With a owned and controlled compliant press in tow, which simply repeats and enlarges upon the lies of the Six O’clock News from the evening before, it is little wonder that the vast majority’s idea of reality is totally askew.
The Financial control and manipulation of politics along with the concerted undermining of private enterprise capitalism combined with a progressive programme of State (EU) interference in all aspects of private commerce, has all but destroyed this once proud and independent feature of the European way of life. The mystery of 21st century European politics is the little understood relationship between `Monopoly Capitalism` and Marxism. Two irrefutable facts of 20th century history, although not generally known, is that without huge financial support from the west, the Russian Revolution would not have happened, and that the Industrial and Military strength of the USSR was almost entirely a creation of the West. Inside the EU, precisely the same techniques and motives have been powerfully at work, undermining systematically the individual member state’s private enterprise capitalist system, substituting in it’s stead elements of pure Socialism and not surprisingly, the EU Commission can be seen to have been implementing in many ways Marx’s own ten points, which are calculated to bring the whole Bloc under a `Socialist` Corporatist Imperium. Namely a Communitarian New European Order. The Canadian Professor and author, Henry Makow puts it this way, “The Illuminati’s `revolutionary goal` is the New World Order, or authoritarian socialism run by monopoly capital. It is big government in the service of big business. The Left in the service of the Right”.
Foreign Policy
The European Unionists see their project as a revival of Ancient Rome. A New European Order along the lines of The Roman Empire. A `Pax Europa` if you will. This `vision of a Pan European Superpower has always been the `endgame` and disciples of this ideal have been growing in both support and popularity within the inner sanctum of the Commission over past few decades. The view is that only within the scenario of "Superpower Europe" will "Greater Europe" achieve its rightful world-power potential. Therefore it is rationalised that the "final goal of a European state" should be pursued. All central political competences (interior, foreign policy, defence, social and economic policies) must be Communitised. The EU, already developing in the direction of "Superpower Europe", would always be capable of accepting new members . Thus it would be "globally the only system which could continually expand its territory. Then the great political and economic power potential of the EU would achieve parity with the USA" .
It is necessary to understand that this emerging `superbloc` is only truly relevant in the context of any future World Government Organisation. A `Superpower` only in as much as it forms one regional supranational entity as would a North American Union, and an Asia Pacific Union, all subordinated to the World Government and Army.

The subversion of national culture, including literature, art, music and the undermining of institutions and traditions, church, family and morality was a prerequisite to establishing the Communitarian Supranational State. Only by severing the people’s roots to these aspects of national life could the conspiratorial goals be realised. Organ transplant surgeons encounter a problem called `rejection`, whereby the organ receiver’s body, programmed by nature, rejects the new organ because it simply does not belong. Similarly, before a population can be expected to tolerate any new system of control, means must be found to reduce said populace to a condition of `apathetic servitude.`

Winston Churchill showed his understanding of this when he wrote back in 1922 that there could be no World Government as envisaged by Marxists except on the basis of an induced state of universal arrested development. Since the end of WWII, the peoples of Europe along with the rest of humankind have been, through various means, reduced to exactly that state. This has been achieved via a diabolical program of culture distortion, using subversive genre’s of popular music, ever more degrading and perverse forms of pornography, theatre and cinema themes which distort reality and show an inverted and corrupted ideal of all that is natural, moral and good, together with the encouragement of decadence in every possible form. Briefly put, the substitution of a people’s own indigenous culture with forms of `entertainment` contrived to instil confusion on a mass scale, and paralyse the collective will at source. This undermining and subversion of the culture is openly promoted and encouraged by the media whores of the New Lords Of Money, with the most degraded, drug addicted so called `artists` being touted as role models for our youth.
Science must be controlled and manipulated in order to prevent any obstruction being placed in the way of the Communitarians. For sake of necessity, there must be truth at least in some of the academic disciplines such as maths, physics, chemistry etc. These the money power need and must have for patently obvious reasons. But it cannot allow at any cost a truth or truths which at last gives pure knowledge to mankind and allows the `useless eaters` to liberate themselves from the millennia of deception they have been subjected to. Scientific truths about the `heavenly bodies` during the renaissance were nowhere near as suppressed as are the genuine products of scientific research today in all those fields of inquiry which cause man to explore his own self, such as anthropology, genetics, psychology and history. The persecution and defamation of those who refuse to accept and conform can be traced back time and again to the illegitimate money power, which in reality always decides who is appointed to a teaching post at a university and who is not. Whose work and research is published and whose is condemned to obscurity.
The falsification and suppression of history (especially recent history) goes hand in hand with the falsification and suppression of news. People will lose all confidence in the media if they discover that they have been lied to or denied the truth. This holds true whether we speak of events today, or fifty years since. The control and manipulation of more recent history has become a primary factor in modern political warfare. Unless people know the truth about the past, they will not be equipped to understand the present, and without a clear understanding of this fact, will have no way of helping determine what will occur in the future. As George Orwell wrote, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past”. Control of the study of history, especially of the past 100 years is exercised by a system of `Intellectual Terrorism` intended to suppress knowledge which will arm our minds against an enemy whose greatest power lies in it’s capacity for deception.
The West has been crippled by a corrosive and corrupt ideology-morality that causes our political elite to declare themselves in sympathy with, and in support of the very elements that boldly proclaim their goal to be the destruction of the nation states of the west”. Richard Clarke.
Nowhere is the merging between the Capitalist super rich and the Marxist `supposedly` anti-capitalists more clearly established than it is in `Brussels`.
As Nikki Raapana, considered by most to be the authority on the subject writes:
"The `Communitarians work behind the scenes. Elite communitarian 'thinkers' quietly slide their new laws inside projects and programs few regular people will think or dare to question. And, just so you won't look any closer, (or open your mouth to ask one dumb question) the communitarians mask their fascist programs behind all kinds of lovely phrasing. The new phrases work so well that if you do stand out and speak up with a debateable question, it means you don't want to live in a safe and healthy community. And since everyone has to agree in order to reach communitarian consensus, you will be shunned and excluded from the decision making 'councils' . Go ahead and try, but the shifty Communitarians will NEVER debate you because their programs are based entirely in a lie called Communism".
There is no doubt in the mind of this writer that the most powerful source of resistance to the `illegitimate` power will be found in a people’s religion. I will state quite clearly at this point that I myself am irreligious, and that is quite likely to be to my detriment in some ways. But I have, through recent close contact with Christians, Muslims and one Buddhist come to realise that through faith comes resilience, determination and strength. The central purpose of religion appears to be a means of giving to the individual a spiritual and intellectual base from which that individual can make relative all the stressors and influences he/she encounters and thereby secure a grounded sense of purpose, direction and belonging. Religion, whichever form it might take must forever be at the core of the culture, sustained by and sustaining the arts. Corruption of religion by powers whose intentions are anything other than religious will have the most destructive of consequences for society in general. Within the EU bloc and further afield,. the result of this corruption has been a secularization and politicisation of the `Church` along with the creation of the `World Council of Churches`. As the American Ezra Pound once said, “There is no medieval description of hell which exceeds the inner filth of the mentalities of some of the ministers and prelates for whom every species of cruelty and villainy is condoned, even incited, if perpetrated under the banner of the universalist political objectives prescribed by the money power.”
The Communitarian Supercapitalist Nexus
 “The world is governed by very different persons to what is imagined by those who are not themselves behind the scene.” Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister to Queen Victoria.

Even a cursory investigation of the forces shaping our current woeful situation, creating a socio-political climate described by `Spengler` as “Anarchy become a habit” would be incomplete, without a more informed look at those two supposed `arch` opposites, Capitalism and Communism. The key word here is Capitalism. This oft used word actually has two very divergent meanings. In order to grasp why a Supranational `would be` Federal State such as the EU, representing ostensibly capitalist interests, would adopt social policies which are in almost every way imaginable Communist, we must first understand the two meanings of this word; Capitalist. Actually, we are speaking here of two words in affect;
1) Capitalism, meaning private ownership of property and resources and competitive free enterprise in the supply of goods and services.
2) Super-Capitalism, meaning a highly concentrated finance capitalism which is not only apart from capitalism, but it’s antithesis and which sooner rather than later acquires the characteristic of being actively `anti-capitalist`.
It is not possible to continue to concentrate ownership and control of property and resources without simultaneously reducing the number who own and control said property and resources. Similarly, there can be no concentration of Corporate Ownership and control, without a corresponding inhibition and suppression of free enterprise. What has happened within the European Union is a progressive degeneration of Capitalism into a form of `Super Capitalism` or what should be more properly termed `Anti Capitalism` which resembles Capitalism less and less and Socialism or Communism more and more. 
The bare minimum of `bona fide` capitalist values have been allowed to remain in order to confuse the picture and create difficulties for most people to identify that their traditional economic way of life has in fact been replaced by this new `Money Concentration`. Capitalism serves only as a means of camouflage for an all encompassing and omnipotent `Anti Capitalism` dominating both economics and politics. The modern `Supercapitalist` EU has more in common with the former Soviet Union than anyone not involved in this area of research would ever imagine to be the case. Yes, there are differences and opposing spheres of interest, but these become insignificant in comparison to what they have in common. Both are virulently antagonistic towards Nationalism and are therefore revolutionary in principal, setting themselves as they do in fierce opposition to Nationalist aspirations which are essentially evolutionary. Nationalism, a much maligned and misrepresented political credo is inseparably connected to a people’s culture and traditions. This causes it to become the mortal enemy of the `Supranationalists` whose goal is the Superstate.
The reason that this `Supercapitalism` lives in eternal dread of Nationalism can be explained by examining the fundamental issue of whether there should in any state construct be an authority superior to economics. Which shall govern, politics or economics? Through ethical nationalism, in spite of it’s inherited ailments, the will of the people is made vital, which causes politics to become the master over economics, which no matter how important it might be, is then relegated to it‘s morally natural subordinate status. Since there is no way that Communism, or more correctly in this the first decade of the 21st century, Communitarianism, can be resisted except by nationalism, it is of no surprise that the `Supercapitalists` have for the past fifty years and more been ruthlessly dedicated to destroying the nation state and severing from it the love and loyalty of the people.
The Communitarians understand that their only weapon against Nationalism is Marxist theory, and that in itself marshals all the forces of the underworld along with the `rootless` academics using them as a `siege gun` against any or all nationalist targets (see the murder of Austrian Politician, Jorg Haider).
The European Federal State will usher in a new age of Feudalism for the people of the old continent. The technological advances in recent years have enabled the `designers and planners` to construct a `Grid` around people’s lives, using insidious database technology combined with despicable propaganda and pernicious surveillance of all and every aspect of a citizens life. Yet still, we the people do nothing. There are reported to be around 50,000 concentration camps already in place earmarked for EU dissidents ( The Military is still on the streets of Italy, and the Euro Gendarmerie is ready to be unleashed. During the 1930’s, even though all the signs were there , people refused to recognise them. Are we going to once again fail to learn from our history.
Jean Monnet, the so called ` founding father of the EU did everything but paint us a picture when he wrote “ Europe’s nations should be guided towards the Superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation “. (Letter to a friend 30th April 1952).

Now is a time for `Heroes` and time is short.
This Age Of Confict - Ivor Benson
The Biggest Secret - David Icke
The Cruel Hoax - Henry Makow
Stop Common Purpose - -
The reference base for this article regarding what Communitarianism is and who Communitarians are can be found at
Nikki Raapana is the foremost researcher in this field and I apologise for my oversight in mentioning this fact in the initial draft of this article. There was no intention to claim credit on my part for her excellent work.
More thanks to the Stop Common Purpose Team for their invaluable resource.


0 #1 Johnny Vulcan 2008-10-27 07:37
In the future, when we need to correct the falsification of Europes history by the Orwellian "Departments of truth"-and inform the humans of all the thousands of relations that main-stream media made itself ir-relevant by NOT reporting; Philip Jones shows that it is possible to understand and dissect the lies and propaganda. They will never be able to say, that they are smarter than us, we know what they are doing, who they are - and who they are loyal to - and we will stop them. Johnny Vulcan
0 #2 Steen Julius 2008-10-27 17:48
Dear Philip. As usual, you see very clearly what really is going on. Time is running out! If someone is able to tanslate this fine article into danish, i would be very happy to pass it around, to wake people up, since the main-stream media is controlled and of no use what so ever...

Best wishes!
0 #3 Deltager 2008-10-27 18:48
Superb analysis. Well done, Philip!
0 #4 Carol 2008-10-27 22:57
.....One buddhist. Thank you.
Superb and so eloquent.
Very good, clearl summary of all our miseries.
I wish too it could be translated in french so I could be able to send it to my friends in France.
0 #5 Pervaiz Jamal 2008-10-27 23:33
Philip has managed to screw down the whole rotten mess. His depth of research for such an article is something to behold. As a non westerner, it has always confused me how European countries appear to be set up as so[censored]t societies on the one hand, yet when you look at the way the commerce and industrial sectors `blur` at the edges when they come into contact with government, creating a monopolist mafia which dominates the lives of the people so totally, that any idea of what freedom actually is has been lost in the psychological makeup of the pople themselves. Another well researched and written essay brother.
0 #6 Pervaiz Jamal 2008-10-27 23:38
Assalama Aleikum Brother.
You nailed the donkey to the cart with this one. They have even linked you on the Stop Common Purpose Website. Keep it up and at this rate, you'll be spending your'e winters in a Gulag. Just fooling with you. This one has it all, and will definitely find it's way around the various sites and circulars proliferating at the moment. Nice Ivor Benson summary too. Wasalaam old friend.
0 #7 Crystal1949 2008-10-27 23:54
This article is also on Rense and is causing a real stir. It was debated for hours on his radio show last night. Looks like someone from little old Denmark let the cat out of the bag and had the guts to write what's really going on in Brussels
0 #8 Deltager 2008-10-28 03:13
Informative? Yes. Original? No.

One full paragraph in Jone's article can be found at the Anti-Communitarian League (ACL) website on a page called:

What the Communitarians Stand For

Niki Raapana
Anti-Communitarian League
0 #9 Philip Jones 2008-10-28 12:42
Yes, absolutely correct. Nikki Rapaana is the foremost Researcher on Communitarianism. The paragraph she refers to is from the Stop Common Purpose site and as can be seen at comment # 3 they are very pleased that I have done so. I am very careful to cite refences and give credit where it is due. (Anyone needing more information on Communitarianism need look no further than Nikki's site as listed above). This my latest article is a twelve page document and there will inevitably be some `crossover` between research and resource. I do of couse apologise for any injury caused to Ms Raapana, and will adjust the credits accordingly.
0 #10 Deltager 2008-10-28 13:49
Philip, I am very happy to have this resolved so quickly and appreciate your respectfuly redressing my grievance. If only our elected public officials had the fortitude and character that you've shown in upholding a basic US First Amendment Right.

Your perspective is a much needed contribution to exposing the communitarian agenda, and I hope you can accept my apology for not assuming you were a decent person. This work has taken the life out of me, and truthfully, I'm relieved that someone else besides me and Bobby Garner is taking such a keen interest in the topic. May all your future articles have the same impact this one has.

You have my full support (for what that's worth now :-) and maybe you'd be interested in writing a Danish contribution to our book, 2020: Our Common Destiny. I'm hoping one of the guys from Stop Common Purpose will write the British Perspective, and maybe your work will reach other EU states and we can find people who will add their national perspectives from all over the world.

I can't believe I thought you were a Fabian. I'm so sorry for that! I can't imagine what you thought I was. heh. It's all good. Thank you for reminding me we're all just human.
0 #11 Philip Jones 2008-10-28 14:39
Dear Niki,
Your work is critical to our situation here in Europe. Maybe more so than it is in the US. Your investigation and research has led `laymen` such as myself to the truth, and for that I am eternally grateful. I am honoured that you would consider me as a contributor to your book and will correspond with you personally on this matter. After having just read your most recent email, it is clear me that we are kindred spirits. With regards to what I imagine you to be; I know you to be a force for freedom and feel humbled that you would take time to review both my work and correspond with me personally. I believe we have found ourselves to be friends. Sincerely, Philip
0 #12 Deltager 2008-10-30 00:31
Your item on E.U.communitarianism is a splendid analysis Phillip. Alas it won't reach the masses and even if it did it wouldn't make an iota of difference.
Unlike yourself i have faith(not belief for they are as different as light and shadow) and know that of what you forewarn must first come about before it is overthrown! It is there in the appocalypse(revelations)
Before dismissing me recall your writing that "As you pursue the nature of reality, you will find there are fewer and fewer people that you can talk to, and the more you advance, the more you will be tested".
Did you go to Sandown school?
+1 #13 Tim Clements 2008-10-31 00:55
Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

Phillip - another excellent article that complements all the others you have published in the past year or two and yet another one that should be used as full-blown wakeup material for the growing number of "TV news sceptics". You articulate the reality in a similar manner to Icke - understandable and written "for the rest of us". Your writing pinpoints the absurdities around us without the risk of being tarred with the crackpot/fruitcase/conspiracy theorist brush.

I have forwarded links to your work to many I know who are still sleeping.

Keep up the excellent work.
0 #14 Guy Reid-Brown 2008-11-03 17:14
This is squaring the circle alright - none so blind as those who will not see, and the great mass of people still do NOT see that Capitalism is Super Communism and vice versa. They vote for 'Left' & 'Right' Parties and will not grow up or out of it. I suspect that the masses will not wake up in sufficiently large numbers in time to prevent what is planned to happen. I am totally in sympathy with Philip's analyses anyway but for me the most important new wrinkle is the emphasis on Religion - like Philip, I do not have Faith myself, and yet it is probably the most effective aid that people can utilise in these times (and so the previous 'Guy's comment [29-10-2008 23:31:48] has the ring of true sense about it) Always the paradox at the centre of things!
+1 #15 2008-11-04 19:30
Philip, another very informative and important article from you. You have brought it all together as a whole in this one article, which is what is needed with the masses of information out there at the moment. This brings it all straight to the point and is written in such a way that it can be easily identified in what is taking place right now.
The trouble is that so many people, even those who are aware of at least some of it, do not seem to know exactly what we are heading for, or even that it is actually happening right now in front of our faces. Much of it has already happened, while the public sleep or are distracted by the media.
Also I have found with my own research and a recent experiment I held with another person, that the saddest thing is people react more to being told that their governments will waste the people's money, than they do about a government or organisation taking away their basic human rights and freedoms. The outcome of our experiment showed that the sad thing is people value money much more than they do their own and their family's freedom.
Real education of real value has become a thing of the past. What you are saying about the distortion of culture is spot on. It is used to manipulate divide and control. To cause problems, to cause uncertainty in ourselves as individuals, and uncertainty in each other. The grand plan is that the only certain solid thing in people's lives will be the World Government, those few that rule the rest.
I have many things to say on this, but I fear I will end up writing a book!
Keep up the good work Phillip. It would be nice to see a translation software on this website so that people can click and translate the websites content into whatever language they prefer as what is contained in this the affects the world and needs to be seen and understood by as wide an audience as possible."
0 #16 Deltager 2008-11-04 21:55
Den kommunitaristiske dagsorden og de nye feudalister

Af Philip Jones

"Kommunitarisme er en kollektivistisk filosofi som klart og tydeligt afviser individualisme. Den henviser ikke blot individualisme til en underordnet position, men taler frit om fjendtlighed mod det. Det er en ideologi om 'borgersamfund', hvilket er intet mindre end en version af post-Marxistisk kollektivisme, der vil have privilegier for bestemte velhavende og indflydelsesrige organiserede grupper, og som følge, en fornyet feudalisering af samfundet." Vaclav Klaus.

Kommunitarisk ideologi.

Den Europæiske Union er et stort aspekt af 'Den Nye Verdensorden' og bevægelsen for den såkaldte 'bæredygtige udvikling'. Hovedformålet med Den Europæiske Forbundsstat, der er på vej, er absolut, personlig og økonomisk kontrol i et kollektivistisk koncernsamfund. Filosofien bag EU er en underlig blanding af kapitalisme og kommunisme - en form for Euro Marxisme der låner de fleste af dens læresætninger af den før-Anden Verdenkrigs italienske Marxistiske filosof, Antonio Gramsci.. Den ideologi der kommer nærmest på den, der praktiseres af EU er noget betegnet som 'kommunitarisme', eller det som Tony Blair betegnede som den 'Tredje Måde'..

Vi taler her om en dialektisk fælde, med koncernkapital der finansierer so[censored]me som tese, ideologisk so[censored]me som antitese og kommunitarisme eller det 'nye imperium' som syntese. Kapital rager magt til sig og koncentrerer den, mens statsso[censored]me lover den totale omfordeling af ejerskab og rigdom. Denne modsigelse giver en næsten uimodståelig dynamik.

Kommunitarister vil skabe et post-moderne, post-demokratisk feudalt samfund styret af et lille antal rige og magtfulde folk med alle andre arbejdende som bønder. For at opnå deres mål er de nødt til at tilintetgøre middelklassen og den nationale stat. Kan nogen benægte at deres mål er på fast kurs.

Et af de mest mystiske aspekter ved den Europæiske Union fra en 'lægmands' synspunkt er beslutningsprocessen. Selv med kun den mest grundlæggende undersøgelse, bliver det klart at vi, folket, kun har lidt eller ingen indflydelse på nogen af de beslutninger nået i vores navn og de efterfølgende ordrer som uundgåeligt følger efter. I denne artikel/afhandling vil jeg forsøge at identificere ideologien bag og formålene med de nøglebeslutninger angående socialøkonomi som driver EU, og på grund af disse beslutninger, hvordan vore liv i stigende grad ikke længere er vore egne.

Den socialpolitiske økonomiske dagsorden i EU er omhyggeligt og bevidst begravet under utallige lag af kedsommeligt og uforståeligt 'nysnak' [propagandasprog der fordrejer ords sædvanlige betydning]. På trods af det, i de senere år, som tempoet af såkaldt EU 'reform' er steget, er mange forskere som mig selv begyndt at afdække og trævle dette bevidst tunge og ofte uklare uforståelige sprog op og afsløre det som det, det i virkeligheden er: Et værktøj til forvirring og misinformation beregnet på slavebinding af Europas forskellige folk ved hjælp af ordrer og økonomisk slaveri..

Når først efterforskningens lygte skinner direkte på 'bæstet', er det der dukker op en kommunitarisk dagsorden ene og alene drevet frem af koncerners interesser. Financiel profit skal være 'bundlinjen' på alt fra offentlige tjenester til forsvar til den meget nyttige miljømæssige 'Trojanske Hest'. Velklingende 'ikkebeskrivelser' går forud for dygtigt sammensatte detaljer der fastslår, at den eneste målestok er en økonomisk en.
0 #17 Deltager 2008-11-04 22:01
Sandheden er selvfølgelig at hvis Europas folk selv skulle beskæftige sig med at sætte den europæiske dagsorden, ville det nuværende program næsten uden spørgsmål blive sat i bakgear. I stedet for det 'mammonistiske' ideal om profit fremfor alt, ville vi helt bestemt blive vidner til en dagsorden domineret af spørgsmål om livskvalitet såsom reel upolitisk uddannelse til vore børn, og en sundhedsplejetjeneste uden forbindelse til de farmaceutiske kæmpekoncerner, og fri af politisk bånd, med beføjelse til at levere den allerbedste behandling tilgængelig, hvad enten det er af traditionel eller alternativ variant.

Den nye feudalismes rødder og mål.

Anarkister ville sandsynligvis sige at grundlaget for EU dagsordenen støtter sig direkte op af de herskende klasser, men selvom i virkeligheden korrekt, før vi forlader det der, er det nyttigt at trævle 'garnnøglen' op hvorigennem 'Unionens' beslutninger bliver formuleret, skabt, gradvist forvandlet til ordrer og så overvåget. For hvad der dukker frem under sløret er de mest moralsk fordærvende og magtfulde koncerner i Europa. 'Grådigheds'-væsener uden påskud for noget mandat ud over deres samlede årlige omsætning på 950 millioner € og det faktum at de kun har ansat omkring fire millioner arbejdere på et kontinent beboet af næsten 500 millioner mennesker.

Meget af det ideologiske fundament for EU-dagsordenen kan findes i værkerne af grev R. N. Courdenhove-Kalergi

Richard Coudenhove Kalergi

Richard Nicolaus

Coudenhove Kalergi


som af mange med rette er regnet for 'gudfaderen' for Den Europæiske Union. Det var hans forslag at Beethovens salme skulle være EU's hymne, og han var ekstrem aktiv i forbindelse med designet af EU-logoet. Det var Coudenhove som grundlagde den Pan Europæiske Union i den tidlige del af det 20'ende århundrede. Det er interessant at bemærke at hans efterfølger i bevægelsen var Otto Von Hapsburg, en æresprofessor fra Jerusalems Universitet, og modtager af 'Den Internationale Humanitære Pris', fra 'Ligaen mod æreskrænkelse' (ADL) [Anti Defamation-League] fra den jødiske frimurerloge Forbundets Sønner [B'nai B'rith]. Coudenhove Kalergi's far var en nær ven af Theodor Herzle, grundlæggeren af zionisme.

Coudenhove's vision for Europa indebar enorme feudale len, hvor en lille gruppe pengestormænd herskede over en befolkning af stavnsbundne fæstebønder gennem en plutokratisk {plutokrat = regering eller magt gennem rigdom} falsk demokratisme, hvilket vi idag ser holde hele kontinentet fanget. Hans vision blev delt, finansieret og sponsoreret af 'slægtslinje' og velhavende familier fra både Europa (Rothschild'erne) og USA (Rockefeller'erne). Faktisk siden slutningen af Anden Verdenskrig er den afgørende dynamik bag den føderalistiske vision ikke kommet fra den europæiske side, men fra østkystens 'etablissement'-familier såsom Rockefeller'erne, Harriman'erne, Morgan'erne, Dulle'erne og Bush'erne.
0 #18 Deltager 2008-11-04 22:03
Teater for masserne..

"Planen, tror jeg, er den gamle om verdensherredømme i en ny form . . . pengemagten og revolutionsmagten er blevet stillet op og forfalsket bortset fra symbolske former ("kapitalisme" eller "kommunisme) og skarpt definerede højborge ('Amerika' eller 'Rusland') . . . Sådan er den flotte forestilling iscenesat for masserne. Men hvad nu hvis lige mænd, med et fælles mål, hemmeligt hersker i begge lejre og har i sinde at nå deres ambition gennem sammenstødet mellem disse masser? Jeg tror på at enhver omhyggelig studerende udi vores tidsalder vil opdage at dette er tilfældet. -- Douglas Reed

Denne teateragtige kamp mellem kapitalisme og kommunisme om arven af deres 'slægtslinje'-aristokrati er en krig med brodermord blandt 'blod'-aristokrater, en kamp mellem individualistiske og so[censored]tiske, egoistiske og altruistiske, hedenske og kristne idealer. 'Generalerne' i denne 'legen krig' bliver fra begge grupper rekrutteret fra Europas hemmelige samfund og broderskaber, som alle kan lægges ud under Illuminati som en metaforisk skærmende presenning.
0 #19 Deltager 2008-11-05 21:13
Både kapitalisme og kommunisme er fornuftige, mekaniske begreber. Den gamle militære kastes storhedstid har passeret. Effekten af 'syntesen', og dens magt, navnlig troen på den, sammen med håbet om at dens tid nærmer sig, vokser nu eksponentielt, og med den vovemodet og arrogancen af det 'nye' aristokrati. Gennem deres marionetpolitikere siddende hemmeligt i nationale parlamenter, Bilderberg-gruppen, Den Trilaterale Kommission, Rådet for Udenrigsforhold og overfloden af andre 'front'-organisationer, ser deres europæiske 'projekt' ud til at være tæt på at blive til virkelighed, et første skridt på vejen til Den Nye Verdensorden.

På den fjerde årlige konference for Instituttet for det videnskabelige studie af internationale forhold i København i juni 1931, hvilket blev offentliggjort i magasinet for Rådet for udenrigsforhold (CFR) [Council on Foreign Relations] i december det år, blev den følgende erklæring læst op ;

"Vi arbejder i øjeblikket diskret men med al vores magt, på at vriste denne mystiske kraft kaldet suverænitet ud af kløerne på de lokale nationalstater i vores verden. Og hele tiden benægter vi med vores læber hvad vi laver med vores hænder, for at betvivle suveræniteten af de lokale nationale stater i verden er stadig kætteri for hvilket en statsmand eller en pressesekretær kan blive, måske ikke ligefrem brændt på bålet, men helt sikkert udstødt og miskrediteret."

Kommunitaristisk fascismes metode.

EU-projektet har indtil for nyligt været ekstrem diskret. Møjsommelige trin efter trin, én traktat efter den anden, har de skjult deres sande hensigter bag et økonomisk røgslør, hjulpet af en befolkning som har givet afkald på ansvaret for det at tage beslutninger i deres liv til løgnere, bedragere og degenererede individer, som mens de udgiver sig for valgte repræsentanter for folket, har rottet sig sammen for fuldstændigt at tage stemmeretten fra dem. Nu, hvor vi vrider os og spræller i smerte og under den værste økonomiske krise i historien [den levende historie?], kommer koncernplanen for total kontrol af kontinentet i første omgang, og planeten i anden omgang, tættere på vellykket gennemførelse. Hvad der forbavser denne forfatter er, at der stadig findes disse 'amatør'-forskere, som selvom de er langt mere informeret end den gennemsnitlige stats/medie-programmerede 'ressource' stadig ikke kan forstå, at disse ikke er kaotiske tider. I virkeligheden kunne intet være længere fra sandheden. 'Projektet' er fuldstændigt 'på sporet' og nærmer sig sin afslutning. Så arrogante er 'Herrene og Mestrene' nu, at ikke engang en mindre detalje såsom den iriske folkeafstemings 'NEJ'-stemme afskrækker deres ambitioner. Så hvordan var et relativt lille hold af sammensvorne i stand til at opnå denne forbavsende grad af overherredømme over en befolkning på næsten 500 millioner mennesker?

En detaljeret kortlægning af dette spørgsmål er ikke mulig i en afhandling af denne slags, men en gennemgang af diagrammet ovenfor vil hjælpe os med at forstå de vigtigste kontrolredskaber hvorunder alle Europas lande (selv dem udenfor blokken som stadig skeptisk klatrer for medlemsskab) har overrakt kontrollen til de europæiske føderalister.
0 #20 Deltager 2008-11-05 22:11
Centeret : En ulovlig pengemagt uden noget folkeligt mandat henter sin styrke fra åger, monopolsk kapitalisme og det industrielle militære kompleks.. Kilden til al betydelig magt i det 21'ende århundrede og det 20'ende før det er penge. Og roden og grundlaget for denne magt er åger, det vil sige udlånet af penge som rentegivende gæld. Siden 1980'erne er banker og långivere tilsyneladende faldet over hinanden for at udlåne penge. Nu hvor vi prøver at komme igennem vores nuværende lidelser, får vi at vide, at der er mangel på penge. Hvorfor er der mangel? Fordi de samme folk som så villigt udlånte dem ikke længere gør det. De 'skaber' penge som tal på en skærm i form af lån. Det er penge ud af den blå luft, støttet af intet andet end folks skatteindbetalinger, og en tro på at de findes og at de har nogen værdi.

På denne måde har de lokket millioner af mennesker til at afskrive deres frihed for løftet om et nyt hjem, bil, køkken eller badeværelse. Når tiden så var inde, NU, begyndte de at tilbagekalde ubetalte lån, manipulere priser, hæve renter og ødelægge job og fremstillingsproduktion under processen. Så, når folket i frygt for deres eksistens, og skrækslagen for hvad fremtiden måske vil bringe, naivt forlanger at der bliver gjort noget, kommer de frem med løsningen, de hele tiden havde haft planlagt; mere centralisering af bankejerskab. Stat- og koncernsammenlægninger gennem pakker med 'regeringsfrikøb' og opfordringen til én eneste ensartet mønt over hele linjen ikke bare for Europa, men for hele planeten.

Når støvet lægger sig, vil vi se at middelklasserne er blevet så hårdt skadet, at deres politiske og økonomiske magtgrundlag ikke længere findes. Det er sådan 'len' og slaveri bliver etableret.

Koncernmedierne: Forsynet med ubegrænsede pengemidler og kontrol over massemedierne, har de 'nye pengeherrer' været i stand til at diktere, hvad der bliver givet til folket hvad angår viden og informationer. Gennem fjernsyn og radio bruger de teknologi til underbevidste beskeder for at lokke folk i en fælde til at bytte deres identiteter som individuelle menneskelige sjæle om til 'forbrugere'. De manipulerer alle adgange til 'nyheds'-rapportering som sikrer at enighed om den 'Tredje Måde' bliver styrket og opretholdt. Det Europæiske Ideal er altoverskyggende og vores børn bliver indoktrineret ind i det på de mest diskrete og ikke-diskrete måder. Popmusik og film, pakket med udløserlyde og -ord har skabt en 'fordummende' effekt på tværs af kontinentet, hvilken er af samme størrelse og kun på nogle punkter er overskredet af, hvad der kan findes i den samme medieforsamling på tværs af Atlanten. Med en ejet og kontrolleret medgørlig presse på slæb, der bare gentager og forstørrer løgnene fra sidste aftens klokken 18-nyheder, er det ikke et større mirakel, at et langt overvejende flertals begreb om virkeligheden er total skævt.
0 #21 Deltager 2008-11-05 22:16

just choose language from and to.[smiley=think] ^ that is danish and i dont speak it but read it quite plainly on google translate
0 #22 Deltager 2008-11-06 21:35
Politik: Den financielle kontrol og manipulering af politik sammen med den samlede underminering af det private initiativs kapitalisme kombineret med indblanding i alle aspekter af privat handel af et fremadskridende statsprogram (EU), har alt andet end ødelagt dette engang stolte og uafhængige træk ved den europæiske måde at leve på. Mysteriet om det 21'ende århundredes europæiske politik er det sjældent forståede forhold mellem 'monopolkapitalisme' og Marxisme. To uomstødelige kendsgerninger i det 20'ende århundredes historie, skønt ikke kendt i almindelighed, er, at uden enorm økonomisk støtte fra Vesten, ville Den Russiske Revolution ikke have fundet sted, og at USSR's industrielle og militære styrke næsten udelukkende var et resultat skabt af Vesten. Indenfor EU, har præcis de samme teknikker og motiver været stærkt på færde, systematisk underminerende det individuelle medlemsstats system af privat kapitalistisk initiativ, sættende i dets sted elementer af ren so[censored]me og ikke overraskende, kan man se EU-kommissionen på mange måder have gennenført Marx's egne ti punkter, hvilke er beregnede til at bringe hele blokken under et 'so[censored]tisk' koncernimperium. Nemlig en kommunitarisk Ny Europæisk Orden. Den canadiske professor og forfatter, Henry Makow siger det på denne måde, "Illuminati's 'revolutionære mål' er Den Nye Verdensorden, autoritær so[censored]me ledet af monopolkapital. Det er stor regering til tjeneste for stor forretning. Venstrefløjen til tjeneste for Højrefløjen".

Udenrigspolitik: Tilhængere af den europæiske union ser deres projekt som en genoplivelse af det gamle Rom. En Ny Europæisk Orden på linje med Det Romerske Imperium. Et 'freds-Europa' [Pax Europa] om du vil. Denne 'vision af en Pan-europæisk supermagt har hele tiden været 'slutspillet' og disciplene af dette ideal er vokset i både støtte og popularitet indenfor det allerhelligste af Kommissionen i de sidste få årtier. Holdningen er, at kun indenfor for den mulige udvikling af "Supermagten Europa" vil "Større Europa" opnå dets retmæssige verdensmagts-potientiale. Derfor bliver det logisk begrundet at det "endelige mål med en europæisk stat" bør forfølges. Alle centrale politiske kompetancer (indenrigs, udenrigspolitik, forsvar, social- og økonomipolitik) må nødvendigvis blive kommuniseret. EU, allerede udviklende sig i retningen af "Supermagten Europa", ville altid være i stand til at acceptere nye medlemmer. Derfor ville det "globalt være det eneste system der kontinuert kunne udvide dets territorie. Så ville EU's store politiske og økonomiske potientiale opnå lighed med USA".

Det er nødvendigt at forstå, at denne 'superblok' der dukker frem kun virkelig er relevant i sammenhængen med en hvilken som helst fremtidig Verdensregeringsorganisation. En 'supermagt' kun til den grad, hvor den danner en regional supernational enhed, som en nordamerikansk union, og en Asiatisk Stillehavsunion, alle underordnet til Verdensregeringen og Hær ville gøre det.
0 #23 Deltager 2009-04-05 21:31
The New World Order is PURE NOT-SEE-ISM.

Nothing more and nothing less.

Chai, webmaster,

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