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By Philip Jones 3rd September 2008.

On the front page of MSN UK this morning is the below article. Please note the happy faces of the three pretty young girls. I’ll wager my house that following the three shot Gardasil vaccine programme being advocated to inoculate against this `killer` virus, they won’t be smiling so heartily.

This MSN article is typical of the mainstream media’s whorish slavery to the State/Pharma Nexus.

 There is barely a word of truth contained in it’s shoddy and poorly researched text, and yet the same rubbish or similar will be reproduced indiscriminately throughout the UK media, and believed without question by the vast majority who read it. Together with what can only be called a `Mass Marketing Campaign` for Gardasil and Merck, the Corporate Beast which produces it, it is difficult to see how one can even make a `dent` in the number of innocent young girls, whose lives will be forever affected by their parents decision to accept the Governments propaganda, and allow their daughters to receive the course of `jabs`.

The nature of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) and Gardasil has been expertly covered on this site previously by Dr Tim O’Shea (HPV The First Cancer Vaccine 10-6-7) and should be read in conjunction with this article. What I want to try and illustrate here is the stranglehold that the modern Corporate State has on it’s people, and how completely `plugged in` to it’s `Matrix` those people are. So `plugged in` to the point where many parents in the UK for example have totally abdicated responsibility for their children. Handing them over `lock stock and barrel` to the State machine.

Before we proceed, this is what MSN has to say about HPV and the government programme associated with it: - 03.09.2008 09:01
`Cervical Cancer Jab Roll-Out Starts.`

The latest campaign to drive young girls to have the cervical cancer jab:
"The Government is set to officially roll out its campaign to vaccinate young girls against a virus that causes cervical cancer. Social networking sites have already been targeted in a bid to encourage girls to have the jab which helps protect against human Papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is a sexually-transmitted infection that causes most cases of cervical cancer. Schools across the UK will start vaccinating pupils aged 12 and 13 (Year 8) from this week onwards, with about 300,000 girls receiving the jab in England alone.

By July 2011, more than two million girls will have been offered the vaccine, including those up to the age of 18 as part of a catch-up programme.
The Government's campaign for England, which is launched later, includes online, press, TV and radio advertising. A series of `road shows` will also be held in shopping centres across the country.

The Government's main campaign will run this month and next, with some follow-up advertising in February to remind girls not to miss their third and final injection. Girls aged 17 and 18, who form part of the catch-up programme, will be the target of a different advertising campaign in October. The HPV vaccine protects against over 70% of the strains that cause cervical cancer, which accounts for around 1,000 deaths a year in the UK."

What I will now do is debunk this piece of `hokum`, quoting real experts in the field who are in no doubt whatsoever about what the true purpose of this pernicious campaign is all about.

The Lie : HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that causes most cases of Cervical Cancer. The HPV vaccine protects against over 70% of the strains that cause Cervical Cancer.

There are over 100 strains of HPV, only 30 of which are theoretically linked to Cervical Cancer. HPV is present naturally in at least half the population without ever causing any disease whatsoever. HPV has never been proved as a pathogen for any disease. Merck, the marketers of HPV are making the ludicrous claim that the virus just happened along and attacked some healthy cells causing them to mutate and begin replicating out of control, and that is now happening on a mass scale, even though it has only recently been discovered, and that a vaccine can somehow neutralise that attack on normal cervix cells. We are in the realms here of `Junk Science.`

Merck the said Pharmaceutical Industry giant originally claimed that, “ There was a strong connection between HPV and cervical cancer“ . Somewhere along the way, that became “is the cause of” without any medical evidence to support this claim. This is clearly more about sales and marketing than science. The vaccine itself `Gardasil` has no competition in the field and consists of `virus like ` particles from four strains of HPV. With no clinical studies whatsoever, two of these `strains` are now being touted by Merck as being responsible for 70% of all cervical cancer cases, as so erroneously quoted in the above MSN text. The insert for Gardasil makes the unproven claim, “ HPV cause squamus cell, cervical cancer.”

The market demographic Merck chose was pre teen 12 year old girls. But wait a minute, the average age of women who contract cervical cancer is 50 years, so why target 12 year olds. And even Merck themselves openly state that the efficacy of the vaccine is only 5 years, making it worthless by the time the subject needs the immunity, I.e. around her fiftieth birthday. Any claimed protection will have worn off long ago.

An established risk factor with cervical cancer is the number of sexual partners a woman has had. So who do you imagine will have had more, a 12 year old or a 50 year old. There is something seriously amiss with anyone who selects the former. So why are they so intent of giving it to 12 year olds, rather than what would be the correct target age if the vaccine did have any protective vale, namely women in their forties? Merck say it’s because the vaccine hasn’t been `safety proved` for women above 26 years of age. So as Dr O’Shea sardonically puts it `better give it to young girls then.`

The number of vicious and painful side affects to this vaccine programme are little short of frightening, and include fever, nausea, pharyngitus, dizziness, gastroenteritis, appendicitis, bronco spasm and many more. In other words, real side effects in exchange for unproven immunity (Please see the Google Videos on the link provided below).

There is even a strong probability that this under tested and unproven drug might be carcogenic in it’s own right. We are dealing here with a vaccine which claims to prevent cancer by imitating a pathogen which causes cancer. Merck say about this:

“Gardasil has not been evaluated for carcogenicity or impairment to fertility.”

The Reasons For The Lie :

It is in the above statement that I believe the true motives behind this programme lie. To cause sterility and or cancer in young females thereby enabling a massive advance in the Illuminati’s depopulation agenda. It can be the only logical reason as to why governments in the service of the `hidden masters` would either encourage, coerce or mandate such an unsubstantiated vaccination regime and apply it to 12 year old girls when the risk group are women in their fifties, who for the most part are well past the age of conception. Furthermore, the Pharmaceuticals will once again make a fortune off the back of human suffering.

What is so worrying is that with all the mainstream avenues of information secured, and with the huge financial recourses of `Big Pharma` to drive it along, and the seemingly limitless ability of the mass of the population to just comply, comply, comply, it is difficult to how this exercise in evil can be thwarted.

Ref: Dr Tim O’Shea : HPV The First Cancer Vaccine 10.6.7 `Pharmageddon The Global War Against Women` by Kjeld Heising.

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