Micro Chipping The `Met.`

police_bobby_man.jpgBy Philip Jones 12.4.2008

As a former Metropolitan Police Officer, it was with great concern that I read yesterday's announcement by Sir Ian Blair, The Police Commissioner of London, that every one of the 31,000 serving officers will be `Micro chipped` so that their `movements` can be monitored more effectively. The new device called the `Automated Personal Location System` or APLS will mean that Officers will `never` be out of range of supervisors. This massive invasion of the `last frontier` of human privacy (a person's self) is being sold as a means by which better protection can be afforded patrol units. What nobody, including the Police Federation seems to understand, is that once `embedded` into a person, the potential of this `chip` goes much further than merely being used as a tracking device.

The `Personal Microchip` is the Illuminati's `icing on the cake` where social control is concerned, and the key to the global control of the planet's population. If this `mandatory` chipping of London Police Officers goes ahead, the precedent will be set, and how long will it be before the `Armed Forces`, and other `Emergency Services` follow suit ? Furthermore, with the Police already `fitted out` with this new `wonder chip`, it won't be too difficult to `sell` the `APLS` to parents already whipped into a state of `terror` by sensationalised reporting by the Mass Media of every new child abduction case. 'If it's alright for the Police, well it must be a good thing then' ,will be the likely consensus.
    It is an accepted fact that the UK is the surveillance capitol of the world, and it's people are sleepwalking headlong into a `Big Brother` Totalitarian State, the monstrous proportions of which even George Orwell could not have imagined.

    As mentioned above, the `tracking` ability of the APLS is only a minor aspect of it's sinister potential for human control. Over the past twenty years or so, Credit and Debit cards have largely replaced cash transactions on the high street. The imminent introduction of the national ID card system in both the UK and US would facilitate the `phasing` out of Credit/Charge cards as personal information and financial details are embedded onto the ID card's `chip`. This in due course would accelerate the disappearance of `cash` altogether. The question begs to be asked; If there's no cash alternative, and the chip in your card has been switched off because you wouldn't `conform` to their new World Order, what are you going to do ? There you have `their` recipe for the complete economic and social enslavement of mankind.
    This is even more the case with personal microchips, and the with speed technology in this field is now advancing, the introduction of the APLS could literally `leapfrog` over the National ID card, and the trickle of public acquiescence would become an avalanche, as more and more employers insist on their workforce accepting `voluntary` chipping as a precondition of employment. Information stored within the `Chip` could be easily accessed via a Central Computer, and sold to private companies by government agencies. So, they'll decide whether you work or not, and whether you will have the capacity to purchase food and everything else needed to live, or not.
    The Book of Revelations foretold of these developments long ago, ' And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond to receive a mark on their foreheads, or upon their right hand. That no man might buy or sell, save he had that mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who hath understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666'.
    The chip placed in the back of your hand will be the mark of the beast.
    With everyone's complete personal `portfolio` registered on a National database (to be transferred to the Global Computer when the time is right), the dignity of human kind and the concept of the individual will disappear. I recall watching an episode of `Star Trek, The Next Generation` a few years back, and an Alien Race known as the `Borg`. The Borg were part organic, part cyborg, and were all linked to each other via their central computer. Unless we wake up and stop this relentless march towards totalitarianism, there is your picture of the future.
    In the words of George Orwell, 'If you want to know what the future looks like. Imagine a boot, stamping down onto a human face forever'.
    The British Police Service is a ready made `easy target` for this pernicious and ominous attack on personal liberty, thinly disguised as being a means of safeguarding patrol officers. They have weak representation and no trade union. Unless their members stand firm and refuse this grim proposal, the above scenario becoming a reality is almost inevitable.
    As CS Lewis put it, 'When the Round Table is broken. Men must choose Galahad or Mordred. Middle things are gone.


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