Problem, Reaction, Solution : Versus The Silent Threat.

1984 vs Brave New World.

By Philip Jones 14.1.2008

The United kingdom is sliding inexorably into Fascism. Of this there can be no doubt. The `land of my father's` seems today in many ways like a foreign country to me . The once friendly and helpful `Bobby on the beat` is no more to be seen. In his place are legions of surveillance cameras (6,000,000 to date with thousands more planned), many fitted with loudspeakers to terrorize and shame pedestrians and shoppers publicly into abject conformity. Around the `Mother Of Parliaments`, an area of one square kilometre has been declared a `no protest zone`. This would have been unthinkable only a few years ago.
Barely a road is devoid of the hated `gatso` speed cameras. Council Tax Inspectors can now demand entry into houses in order to `assess` the `taxable` value of homes, and take photographs of personal belongings. The Police are turning into a military arm of the state. They can `gun down` innocent people (as in John Menezes), shoot them eight times in the head at point blank range and go unpunished. Unmanned `Drones` fly over the London skies with intrusive camera equipment and microwave weapons on board. Peaceful protesters are battered with `nightsticks`, and then arrested for their trouble. The ancient right of trial by jury is under constant attack, egged on by the `Code Napoleonists` in Brussels.. Is this really the country of Byron, Shakespeare, Bronte and Charles Dickens ?

Then there is the `Biometric ID Card`, a thing nobody wants, but they're going to have to have it whether they like it or not, and pay for it, and carry it, or suffer the consequences (such is the 21st century variant of Democracy). This card comes complete with a microchip, which will carry all a person's personal details and financial information. Worse still, it will be connected to a hugely intrusive national database. It will become impossible to function in the UK without it.

But it is doomed to failure, and so it is meant to be. People will lose them, and horror stories will abound about how personal details and identities have been stolen. This will result in the public demanding that something be done about it, and that something will be the `under the skin microchip`. The propaganda machine will crank itself into overdrive, and the `big sell` will be on.

I can see the Public `Infomercial` now, probably with some attractive female TV personality, who is totally `on board` presenting the lie on national prime time.
'Your details will be completely safe. No more worrying about lost cards, or even money, because all your bank details will be on the chip. In fact, cash will become a thing of the past. There won't be any need of it. Then there's the children. Never worry again about where little Johnny is. You can track him yourself, via his chip. It's a great idea and all for the best'.

Alright then I can hear all the relieved parents and forgetful types saying. But there's a catch. The Microchip is not so innocent. It can be programmed to resonate at a frequency identical to human electromagnetic brainwaves. In other words, it can affect your thoughts and feelings. Yes, that's right, you'll become a robot. They can programme you. There will also be nowhere to hide, ever, because you can be tracked via GPS.
Then there is the other matter. At present, if your credit card won't function or is refused, you can always use cash. But when cash is gone, what are you going to do then ? They can switch you off, well, the `Chip` anyway, and you will become in a micro second `persona non grata`. Unable to purchase or sell, or eat. The ultimate vehicle for total human control. Your life in their hands.

In the Bible book of Revelations it says , ' And it puts under compulsion all persons, the small and the great, the rich and the poor, the free and the slaves, and they should give these a mark in their right hand, or upon their forehead, and that nobody might be able to buy or sell, except a person having the mark, the name of the beast or the number of it's name. Let the one having intelligence calculate the number of the beast, for its is a man's number and it's number is 666.'

In other words, no chip, no food. No prizes for guessing the name of the beast. It's the `New World Order` and it's coming to a town near you very soon.

Now, all you Danish readers might be thinking, well yes alright, the UK's become a nightmare, but what's all this got to do with us ? Well the thing is, Denmark is a member State of the EU. In fact, let's get real. The nation states of Europe are a hop, skip and a jump away from Federalising. It could happen as soon as 2010, but my guess is 2012. Our `governments` no longer govern. They do as they are told by Brussels, and that's not a point of viable debate. It's a `fait acompli`. So where goes the UK today, so follows Denmark and the rest tomorrow, and Vice Versa.

There are two modern variants of the totalitarian model. One is the George Orwell `1984` boot on your face variety. The other the far more insidious Aldous Huxley. `Brave New World` variant. There can be little argument that the UK is being used as a `Test case` for totalitarianism using the former. This is necessary as Brits `kick up a stink` when things don't go their way. So it's the `jackboot` for them, along with the Taser stun gun, pepper spray, the Microwave Pulse Anti Personal Weapon` (MPAPW) and of course, that old favourite, the Nightstick.

Here in Denmark, things are different. It is my thesis that the Utopian Danish Social State is actually something very different from that which on face value at least, it appears to be. It is not about Welfare, nor has it ever been. Welfare was the `Carrot` and now `the Stick` is being used to beat the Danish people down economically, having installed over five decades, deep within the national character, a complete dependency on the State apparatus.

As I have said previously, the nearest example to this is Huxley's nightmare novel, `Brave New World`. Denmark' prosperity, comprehensive social welfare, relative neutrality (until recently) and corporate efficiency, are I would suggest products not of enlightenment, but of a profound insecurity and uniformity in the Danish character. The Social Democratic party, at least initially not only successfully undermined the role of the Danish Parliament and substituted a vast bureaucracy that has contrived a firm pact between labour and the establishment, it has also presided over a process by which the Dane has become the obedient and malleable item in a `town planners` or sociologist's dream.

For the better part of my adult life, I have watched as successive British `Governments` have allowed violence and criminality to proliferate on the streets of our towns and cities. They have done nothing whilst paedophiles prey on our young children, leaving every parent a feeling of despair and desperation. The family unit has crumbled, with the apparent support of the state. Children are growing up without any `Male` role models except the images broadcast into their living rooms by the purveyors of evil in Hollywood and closer to home. In other word, while paying `lip service` to law and order, it seems to me now that it is the British State which not only stood idly by whilst a once proud and decent nation fell into degeneration, but actively encouraged the `problem`. And with each manufactured problem, the people have demanded a solution. Problem, reaction, Solution. Create the problem, get the people to demand a solution, then give it to them, and then some.

People in Britain are tired of the chaos and lawlessness and are demanding something is done. Enter the `Civil Contingencies Act of 2004` by which the government can declare a state of emergency and enforce Martial Law for as long as said emergency exists, and that its at the prerogative of the Prime Minister. In Spirit and detail, this is a copy of the `Nazi Enabling Act` of 1936 and the `US Patriot Act` of 2001. Similar legislation is being introduced across the `Western World`. The EU is watching to see how goes it in the UK.

At present, there seems no reason for such measures here in Denmark. The `Silent threat` is enough for the present. The incessant economic turning of the screw is doing it's job well enough for now. But, I just wonder how many turns are left before Danes wake up and `smell the coffee` or should I say `Kaffe`.

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