The Silence Of The Lambs. (the true story)

By Philip Jones 29 Oct 2007.
This past weekend, MSN has been running a `Forum` entitled 'Should the 24 week Abortion Limit be reduced ?' referring to UK guidelines on the time limit up to what point an Abortion may be carried out. This `timescale` has been in effect since 1967. Pro Life campaigners in the UK are saying that owing to medical advances, babies of 24 weeks have a better chance of survival and this upper limit should be reduced. It also publishes a thought provoking statistic; 186,000 `legal` abortions were carried out last year in the UK.

In his book` The Death Of The West` Sen. Patrick Buchanan states that between 1973 and 2000, 40 million legal abortions were carried out in the US, and a third of all pregnancies now end up at the `clinic`, making Abortion the most practiced Surgical procedure in the US.
I went and made my own contribution to the `forum` whilst it was at a fairy early stage. What  shocked me is the arrogance and vehemence of the `Pro Choice `comments. Then there are the `Apologists` for Abortion with remarks like ' Isn't it better for the foetus to be aborted, rather than be born unwanted, or in bad or poor circumstances.' I wonder if they would feel the same if their parents had had the same idea. But then, they wouldn't be here to make such banalities would they.
What is evident throughout, is that no matter which way people view this subject, almost none have any grasp of the `Big Picture`.
In 1960, People of European stock constituted a quarter of the Earths Population of three billion. By 2000, whilst the World Population doubled, the `Euro Stock` had stopped reproducing. Only Albania in Europe maintained a replacement level birth-rate. Between 2000-2050, the world population is expected to rise to nine billion. This increase will come almost entirely from the developing world, while 100 million people of European decent will die un-replaced. By 2050, Western peoples will make up only 1/10 the world populace and will begin to feel minorities in many of their own cities.
This decline has awesome implications for the West. People there will be faced with stark choices; import millions of immigrants to work and pay the taxes needed to support a burgeoning elderly population, or keep on raising taxes, and push back the `retirement` age ever further.
Together with the Contraceptive Pill, `Planned Parenthood`, and the almost maniacal promotion of Feminism and Homosexuality throughout all avenues of the media and state education, women in the West have been indoctrinated into believing that a valid life can only be attained via career, and that marriage and motherhood is somehow a poor choice.
One of the most staggering factor's in all this is how selfish and callous many women have become. Now, one can almost hear the `Feminazi's` preparing their `Men should step up to the plate and take some responsibility` tirade. But hold on a minute. These are the very same types, who have been encouraging males to `get in touch with their `feminine side` for decades. After being `Nanny'd` much of their lives, is it any wonder that young men today are unable, or at the very least reluctant to take on the burden of a family. More to the point, even if they so desired, where would they find a young woman so inclined.
The `Pro Choice` lobby cannot be taken in isolation. It is part of a long running and long term UN coordinated war on population. The contention that the Earth is overpopulated is one of the great `hoaxes` of the past 100 years. Overpopulation is a crucial link in the `One World `agenda, which the UN uses to justify far reaching controls over economy, environment and our reproductive lives. `World Bank` loans are given to `developing` nations on the condition that they partake in `family planning`, and `Third World` country's have suffered greatly from this ideology, along with the economic exploitation of their peoples and natural resources.
Convincing women in the west not to have babies has been easy. The full spectrum of the mass media has been coordinated to ensure that the Feminist view is always given the fullest and most positive coverage. In education, films, TV and Popular Music, nowhere is Marriage and Motherhood encouraged.
Young women are told `behave just as the boys do`, practice `safe sex`, and if all goes wrong, well there is always the Abortion Clinic. Many women treat their wombs like `trashcans`. They show no regard for themselves, nor the life growing inside them. Then they moan that modern men have no respect for them. Little wonder that the relationship between the men and women has never been more strained. But of course, this is exactly what the`Lords Of Money` want. A strong family, is a `bulwark` against their plans for the world control of sad and isolated people.
Divide and rule is an age old song, and the feminists have danced well to it. What will happen to all the Ms' when they have served their purpose, (having largely assisted in the depopulating of our planet, the emasculation of the male, the alienation of millions of young men and women, who will never know how it is to find lifelong love and companionship, and the needless and malevolent slaughter of the innocents growing in the wombs) and find their services `no longer required` when the Draconian State, imposed with their complicity, drags them back into a new `Dark Age`.
The saddening aspect in all of this is how effective the whole thing thing has been. Mention   Abortion, or marriage or family to the vast majority of women and the almost `robotlike` response is so uniformly predicatable in it's support of the `feminist ideal` expounded by Ms Frieden and Co. Women are of course among the primary victims in this `Scam`, together with those helpless souls who have no voice, nor say as to whether they live or die. Millions of them sentenced to death for the crime of being concieved.


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Not a single Soul waithing to incarnate, will ever agree with its parents desision to abort the body of the unborn. But then again, the Souls choose its parents.
I am
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