The Danish Intifada.

Enemy Without Distracts from Enemy Within.
By Philip Jones February 21, 2008


There can't be too many people who consider themselves to be politically `aware` who have not seen, read or heard something about the `Muhammad` Cartoons, published a couple of years ago by the Danish `Newspaper` Jyllandsposten.

At the time, I was incredulous as to why a major national daily would commit such a provocative act, considering the tense relationship between the Muslim community and the host population here in Denmark. The presence of `taking a stand for free speech` certainly made me suspicious, as any non-Dane who has lived in Denmark will know; free speech is reserved for Danes only.

Today, I fully understand the thinking behind those ridiculous caricatures; Provocation ! Muslims in Denmark are treated very differently to those living in the UK or Germany for example. Their attempts to build a Mosque have been thwarted time and again by the weight of Danish bureaucracy. In 2008, there is still no purpose built Islamic house of worship in Denmark, nor for that matter, any dedicated Muslim cemeteries either.

Unlike in the UK, Muslims are kept out on the fringes of Danish society, and looked down upon simply for being different. I have many contacts within the local Islamic community and there is a sense of desperation. They feel socially and politically impotent. They are relegated to the lower end of the Job Market and are victims of a form of social injustice which is intensely xenophobic.

The current wave of unrest was sparked by Police Officers in Copenhagen who treated an elderly Palestinian man in an aggressive and unjust manner. Now the question is, was the subsequent reaction by the Muslim youths in that community a spontaneous outburst of frustration, or something more sinister?

Those who have taken an interest in the post 9/11 world will not be surprised when I say that these riots bear all the hallmarks of a `state sponsored` agent provocateur operation. In the aftermath of the `French Intifada` a year or so back, the OAS (French Intelligence) may have played a major role in stirring up racial and social hatreds. This is almost certainly the case here in Denmark, although I have no proof of this, the whole thing stinks.

Recently, two Tunisians were arrested for supposed threats to the `cartoonists` responsible for the Muhammad drawings, and are I believe to be deported. Reportedly, a third who is thought to be a `Danish` citizen will have no charges brought. I wonder who he's working for ?

The daily `ruse paper` Politiken has now come out in support of it's `sister` journal, Jyllandsposten supposedly in a show of solidarity for `Free Speech` in relation to the cartoons. Why has all this been rehashed now ? The world is drawing seemingly ever closer to a financial crash and the possibility of global conflict, the so called `Clash Of Civilizations`. What does this have to do with little Denmark ?

Both Politiken and Jyllandsposten are `Bildeberger` connected. Anders Eldrup, the Chairman of the Danish company `Dong` has been a regular attendee for the past five years. His wife, Merete Eldrup is the managing director of both publications. A further `participant` Toger Seidenfaden just happens to be Executive Editor in Chief for Politiken. Is this all a coincidence ? Fleming Rose, the Editor of Jyllandsposten conducted a highly one sided and uncritical interview with Mr Daniel Pipes, a major Zionist propagandist and `Neo Con`, a la Perle and Wolfovitz. In typical `doublespeak`, this `Hawk` is a member of the US Institute Of Peace.

Since Politiken `bought` the Jyllandsposten, that paper's drift towards the Zionist position has been marked. In a world where nothing appears to be what it is, the Muhammad Drawings and the current provocative coverage by both these editorials on the `Muslim` question in Denmark, should be viewed with suspicion. Weighted from the top with Neo Con Bildberger types, how likely is it that the Muslim side of the story will ever get a fair `airing` ?

It is now my belief that the sole purpose of importing millions of Muslim people into Europe, was to destabilize the continent. I do not believe for one minute that the architects of the European Super state did not foresee the tensions which were bound to be caused when introducing a deeply alien culture into countries such as Denmark, which had always been highly homogeneous and somewhat isolated from the European mainstream. It has been done for a reason, and I fear we are beginning to see the true face of that reason.

The State in whatever form has always justified it's existence and domineering of it's citizens by the ever present threat of an external foe. With the `Cold War` filed away in the History Books, and no would be aggressors anywhere to be seen, it was necessary to invent a different kind of threat. Enter the `War on terror`. A war without end as it were. Is it purely coincidental that the very multitude brought through the gates of the Western Citadels, is now identified as this new threat.

What we are seeing in Denmark is an orchestrated means of instilling fear into the citizens of this small country. This will in turn give justification for the implementation of ever more restrictions on personal freedoms and the introduction of ever more Draconian legislation in order to `protect` the people.

Why change a winning formula ? We have seen this time and again with Pearl Harbor, 9/11, 7/7 et al. And through the manipulation of the public consciousness, the media whores of the likes of the Jyllandsposten advance the cause of the EU Superstate, and thereafter the New World Order, and the population, now immune to common sense, free thought and the truth, will be led by the nose into the Totalitarian future planned for them.

The Muslim boys running around the streets of Denmark are mere pawns in a deadly game. Some of them, creatures of the Intelligence services will know this, and profit greedily from it. Most will not, and have no idea that their own frustration and visible violence will be used to eventually crush them.

The Muslims are ironically being set up as the `New Jews` of Europe. An archetypal scapegoat. It seems that history is about to repeat itself once again.


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you said all, a very intelligent view, why is it so hard for others to see this? it's the most important mystery to find out and eliminate it.
I'm glad to find a wise, courageous and righteous writer.

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