The Relentless March Of Danish Communism/Feminism.

By Philip Jones May 5, 2008


This morning, a highly politicized and thinly disguised Feminist `Action` paper (PDF File attached) was delivered in the mail along with the rest of the day's post.
The paper is entitled `Support Us` and it calls for strike action on behalf of those who work in the Danish Social Welfare Industry.

Even though men also work in these occupations, the overwhelming message is stated boldly and clearly on the front page; `Give women the salary they deserve`. But this `strike` is not about women claiming equal pay, they have had that for decades. It is nothing more than a demand for a pay rise and should be presented to the public as being just that. But the text of the eight page paper reads like yet another `Crusade` for women's rights, in order to gain support and sympathy from a population which for decades has been drenched in feminist propaganda and therefore sees society purely in those terms. The photographs on the front page of the paper are more or less a `who's who` of Danish `Power Women`.

The almost total and absolute takeover of all the public institutions by feminists here is on a level perhaps equalled only in the other Scandinavian countries. Even though the same route is being followed by most if not all other western nations, here, it's success is unparalleled.

In Denmark, this `long march` through the institutions began back in the sixties during what is generally referred to as `The Second Wave Of Feminism`. The Social `Democratic` government at the time were quick to adopt absolute `equality of the sexes` as party policy. (It should be noted that women in Denmark had achieved political equality back in the 1920's) but we are talking now about the total levelling and corrupting of natural genetic truths.

This ideological stance was then placed onto the school curriculum, which helped to secure national acceptance of the idea. At an early age, conventional ideas of gender roles were reconstructed. Boys were taught to cook, girls to saw wood. `Equality` (actually identically) was taken to it's logical conclusion. Children were indoctrinated with this notion, and told that both males and females must work.

This was in great part intended to destroy the customary belief that a woman's duty was to be a wife and mother, and substitute the idea that her place was beside her man in office and factory. The State controlled media played it's part in this too, and what was dubbed `sex role discrimination` was officially banned from children's programmes initially and throughout programming shortly after.

The effect of this social engineering can clearly be seen here in Denmark today, more so I believe, than anywhere else. Of course, it has happened throughout the west, but everything seems so exacerbated, extreme and highlighted here.

During the 1960's women began entering the Danish labour market `en masse` and at this time , a radical group calling itself the `Red Stockings` movement, came to the fore of gender conflict in Denmark. They were clearly inspired by the works of Gloria Steinem and Betty Frieden along with home grown ideologues like Lisa Norgaard, who had harshly criticized `pro family` associations attempting to raise the profile and official status of `housekeeping` as a profession, in line with other trades. Ms Norgaard saw this only as a ` devious male strategy` to keep women `enslaved` in the home.

The Red Stocking's movement peaked in the 1970's and it's virulent anti male, anti family ideology became incorporated into an `Official` Equality Policy in which State, local authorities and political parties and trade union organizations took over the role from `women's organizations`. This led to what is today openly declared as being `State Sponsored Institutionalized Feminism`.

The `Red Stocking` activists of the 1960's and 1970's, are now in positions of extreme authority throughout Danish public life, and continue to exert their malevolent influence on the whole of society. The extent of this influence cannot be overstated or exaggerated. It has been a gender `coup d'etat` of the most fantastic proportions.

So why has this unnatural creed been able to insinuate itself so completely here, in comparison with other societies? I believe the answer lies in the fact that until quite recently, Denmark like Sweden has been relatively isolated from the mainstream of European life.

Therefore, the State has been able to exercise a disproportionate amount of intellectual control over a population starved of any real outside influences. The relationship between the media and the education system for example is quite unique in so much as that back in the sixties and seventies, both were controlled by the Education ministry, and unofficially likely still are to a lesser degree today.

Together, these vital channels of information, under official direction have been able to `guide` the population in increments, into accepting an ideology of extreme gender interchange ability, whilst at the same time ensuring that any `outside` influences were censored to ensure no unwanted contradictions or ideas were allowed to hinder or detract from their agenda. By the time that Satellite TV and the Internet came along, these ideas were so firmly entrenched, that only minimal `damage limitation` was necessary, and anyway, by that time, the rest of the industrialized world was also firmly in the `velvet grip` of the `Femi` Brigades and their sponsors.

A walk along any Danish street will quickly reveal that there is something quite odd about the place. Initially, it is difficult to pinpoint. But it doesn't take too long to work out that women here do not look as they do elsewhere. They make little or no effort, dress appallingly even by western standards and have an attitude bereft of any `feminine` whiles whatsoever.

We have a long way to go before the injury caused to humanity by the `false gods` of Feminism in particular and the `Great Work of Ages` in general can begin to be addressed and then reversed. When it does begin, It won't start here and that's for sure.

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