Mathematics : The Final Frontier In The Feminists War Against Boys Part Two.

By Philip Jones 26th July 2008.

Recap : Last week, The `Associated Press` proudly reported that in the `largest` study of it's kind, a survey found that girls are now as `tough` as boys in the field of Mathematics. and that this, the supposed last bastion of male dominance in education had been breached. Janet Hyde, of the University of Wisconsin Madison, who led the study said, " Girls have now achieved gender parity on standardised Maths Tests".
The relentless war on all fronts against the masculine has been raging for many decades now, not least in our schools and universities. It really doesn't take too much research and investigation in order to identify the whole movement as being one part of a cynically orchestrated `Psychological Operation` against all things male specifically, and humanity generally. This `Psy Op` although once highly covert has now become overtly obvious in it's aims, at least to those of us who have been able to see through it's facade of `righting wrongs`.

So what are the goals of 21st Century Feminism in the arena of education ? It would be easier to state what it's goals are not. Equality in it's true sense is most certainly not a desired aim. If it were so, then the `ideologues` would be as concerned with the opportunities of boys as they claim to be with those of girls. Creating a stable environment for learning is clearly not a part of their agenda either, nor is the nurturing of young people, or the encouragement of any natural balance between young males and females during their formative years. As for facilitating the increased possibilities of girls opting for careers in Engineering, Science etc. enabled by any betterment of Mathematics standards, does anyone really `swallow` that one.

I would suggest that the continued propagation of gender chaos is the primary reason that this `study` was commissioned, in the same way as all the others before it were. To `hit home` another nail in the coffin of masculinity, and further demoralise the human male psyche. Just as the `Feminazi's` have misled, manoeuvred and manipulated young women into believing that a career in the Military was a positive and viable option, now they are similarly luring girls into a career choice in the Science and Engineering fields for which not only are they mostly unsuited, but which few would even consider as being something they would naturally want to do.

This relentless campaign is not about advancing the cause of women, nor some utopian ideal of equality. It is about destroying the `masculine` by the use of vicious anti male propaganda and vitriol, designed to deconstruct the masculine consciousness, especially in the fragile young , engendering feelings of confusion, inadequacy, failure and thereby emasculating boys entering their prime years. This in turn causes resentment and levels of implied misogyny, via pornography and other forms of disrespect towards the female, unknown, until very recently. For their part, young girls become confused as to what is expected of them. Their instinct and natures are constantly suppressed by feminist teachers agitating on behalf of a sinister ideology born (not conceived) half a century ago on the back of `Big Money` funding hateful and deranged `women` like Betty Freidan and Gloria Steinham.

This latest `victory` in the seemingly ceaseless and overwhelmingly one sided `war of the sexes` is almost certainly not the last which will be publicly heralded as yet another vindication of Feminist theory. So now, we are told, girls cannot only `Kick Ass` as good as if not better than the boys. They can `add up` too. Does anyone else sense the condescension here ?

Having discounted above what the `She Devils` agenda is not, let's identify what it is. Well, there can be no doubt that these `banshees` will stop at nothing short of total victory coupled with unconditional surrender. We are looking down the barrel of a `Fem Dom` artillery piece here. All around is chaos, and as the Freemasonic Motto goes, out of chaos comes order. Their order not ours. The goals of Feminism are the goals of the New World Order. Feminism is their `Fat Boy` and Education is the `Enola Gay` they have used to carry it.

They say you can tell a tree by it's fruits. For goodness sake people, apply that little piece of wisdom to your lives and wake up. The enemies of good knew that in order to deconstruct western society, they would need to `steal our children` and fashion them in their image not ours. Now, the Feminist `Tree` is dropping it's fruit all around us., Apples of distrust, resentment and animosity. Acorns of divorce and fatherless children. Berries of resentment, hostility, animosity, misogyny, and Pears of depopulation and a decaying civilisation. These are the fruits of Feminism, and they are bitter indeed.
Divide and Conquer has been a proven technique of control down the ages. The Feminist Agenda is the `sharpest blade` in the Illuminati's Arsenal, they have divided man from his mate, and can anyone truly deny that `we the people` have been conquered.`

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