British State Sponsored Homosexualising

British State Sponsored Homosexualising and Corruption of Children Steps Up A Gear.

But to What End?

By Philip Jones 17 Sept 2008.
This morning, I was reading through the daily `Rusepapers` and happened upon an article in the London Daily Mail which simply defies belief. The headline read;

`Teach the pleasures Of `Gay` Sex to children as young as five say researchers`.

The article then goes on to explain that it is proposed that, “Children as young as five should be taught to understand the pleasures of gay sex, according to leaders of a taxpayer-funded education project. Heads of the project have set themselves a goal of 'creating primary classrooms where queer sexualities are affirmed and celebrated'.
The ambition was revealed in documents prepared for the `No Outsiders` project run by researchers from universities and backed with £600,000 of public money provided by the Economic and Social Research Council. The stated purpose of the project - which is operating in 14 primary schools - is to stop bullying and prejudice aimed at homosexuals. However, at a seminar at Exeter University tomorrow, supporters of the group will go beyond the anti-bullying agenda and discuss 'pleasure and desire` in educational contexts'.
A document prepared for the seminar and couched in convoluted academic jargon says: 'The team is concerned to interrogate the de-sexualisation of children's bodies, the negation of pleasure and desire in educational contexts, and the tendency to shy away from discussion of (sexual) bodily activity in No Outsiders project work.
At this point, I have to say that my own reaction to this torrid project is one of utter revulsion. The worse is of course is that they will get away with it. Totally unaccountable to the children who’s minds they will corrupt and pervert, or the parents of these children who are going to be left picking up the pieces of their `young one’s` shattered innocence.
This has to be said; the `Gay` Lobby and agenda is out of control and wholly without conscience or principal. It is a malevolent and vicious programme designed and intended to destabilise and deconstruct Western Societies. People must begin to look beyond the `equality` racket. Just as feminism has nothing to do with `women’s rights`, the relentless promotion of homosexuality as a valid and natural alternative to normal human relations has nothing to do whatsoever with preventing prejudice against those so inclined towards such a `Homosexual` existence. At this point, it is usually time to write something along the lines of, “well of course, not all homosexuals and lesbians endorse this kind of thing, and so long as what people do in the privacy of their own home etc. etc.”.
But not this time, because this has gone too far and it is time people just said `NO`. Let’s not mince our words here. Where are all the `decent` Gays and Lesbians? Why aren’t they speaking up about this abuse of trust. We who are not `that way` inclined are now served up a daily dose of it wherever we look. It’s in our books, in films, TV series, cartoons, on the news, in the streets, in our schools, and it is undermining the universal and natural order and all our civilisation once stood for.
The `Neo` Labour Government is the most appalling set of rogues, scoundrels and perverts ever to sit in the House Of Commons (which is saying something), and since that sorry day they took office back in 1997, they have proceeded with a programme designed to break apart the ancient `Act of Union`, to dissolve the United Kingdom and have it absorbed into a European Communitarian Federal State where concepts such as the individual, democracy, liberty, equality, fraternity and basic right and wrong, good and evil will be considered not only irrelevant, but dangerous.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Said;
“ It is almost a joke now in the western world to use words like good and evil. They have become old fashioned concepts. But they are very real and genuine concepts. They are from a sphere which is higher than us, and instead of getting involved in base, petty and short sighted political calculations and games, we have to recognise that the concentration of world evil and the tremendous force of it’s hatred is there, and is flowing from there throughout the world. And we must stand up against it and not hasten to give to it, give to it everything it wants to swallow”.
This latest assault on our children and the moral fabric of the United Kingdom is supported by the most evil of intentions. There is much more to this than the promotion of an alternative lifestyle. It’s not even about co-opting infants who would naturally and almost without exception become heterosexual adults into a deviant life choice.
As David Icke would say, you have to connect the dots. The highly regarded Roman Judge, Luccius Cassius would ask, “Cui Bono”, or “who benefits”? Who then benefits from teaching five year old children about the wonders of Sodomy? Not they themselves for sure. Nor their parents, nor society as a whole, as one thing is absolutely non debatable about the `Gay` lifestyle. It is not procreative.
Over the last few years, as I have become more and more embroiled in researching the ever more apparent Global Conspiracy to create a One World State, one issue keeps cropping up. No matter from whichever direction one investigates, it is the undeniable and increasingly overt `Depopulation Agenda` which appears as the common denominator. Whether it be Feminism, Planned Parenthood, Abortion, Vaccination, the AIDS scam (and more recently the HPV agenda), the increasing and contrived contamination by PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) in our food and water supplies, (causing a myriad of side effects including sterility), Euthanasia, War, Famine, and the incessant promotion of a Homosexual `life choice`, the desired result is the same; Death and depopulation.
The simple fact is that the Elite families and the `shadow creatures` controlling them intend to introduce a post-modern, post-democratic feudal society run by a small number of rich and powerful people with a vastly depopulated serf class working as peasants. In order to achieve their objectives they must destroy the family, the middle class and the nation state. They are using `Tavistock Institute` Frankfurt School ideological methods of psychological warfare against whole populations, engendering feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, confusion and demoralisation. By targeting our children, they are assaulting one of the primal instincts of humanity; the defence of one’s offspring. When we instinctively know it is wrong to instruct children in the ways of perversity, and yet are powerless to stop it, the affect on our ability to stand up and be counted is shattering. We become socially, politically and psychologically impotent. Putty in the hands of those who despise us.
This corruption of our young is only one of the battlefields in the Illuminati’s War against humanity. But it is a most torrid and terrible one nonetheless.
Postscript: In the Sumerian Tablets, we are told that as the last great flood became imminent, Enlil, commander of the Annunaki forbade any of the `Gods` to advise humanity of it’s approach, wishing man destroyed. His brother Enki however, having pity on mankind instructed Zuisodro (Noah in the Biblical Tale) to build the Ark. After the Flood abated, Enlil was in fact pleased that not all of humanity had perished. He realised that he needed some humans, to do the servile and menial tasks. Could it be that these `Gods` do not intend to make the same mistake twice and know exactly how many of the intended `serf` class to keep alive?
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