The Tyranny Of The Law

The Euro Gendarmerie and the European Arrest Warrant.
Philip Jones 29th Sept 2008

eu-gendarmeri.jpgAs we sleep peacefully in our beds at night (some more than others) the drip by drip introduction of the Federal Soviet European Superstate continues apace. Regardless of the Irish `No` vote on the Lisbon Treaty last June.
The existence of an armed European Gendarmerie has been denied and refuted by the Europhile press and mass media across the member states and dismissed as a "Europhobe's Scaremongering Nightmare".

Well, a nightmare is exactly what it is, but we didn't dream it up, they did. Its existence is a fact, documented from EU sources. But throughout the EU there has been a almost total news blackout regarding it’s inception. To my knowledge the only mention of it in the European media was a full-page article by Jason Groves in the Sunday Express in September 2007 and a passing mention in the Telegraph by Philip Johnston in February 2008. It was also the subject of several columns during the Lisbon debate in the House Of Lords (Hansard, col.s 1103-1110, 14/5/8).
At present, the Euro-gendarmes are training, in Vicenza, Italy. But since it is a Pan European Force and the Treaty of Velsen has given it a legal basis under clear EU auspices, it is not going to remain forever in North-East Italy.
In the UK there are serious rumblings of discontent amongst it’s citizens as slowly they begin to feel the effects of what has been a massive `Europeanising` of the country’s system of justice over the past ten years or so. These `changes` have been introduced under the cover of what is known as `Statutory Instruments`, which simply put is law introduced, and which does not require parliamentary debate.


The countries of continental Europe not only have a tradition of criminal justice that is completely different to that of the UK (no habeas corpus, no trial by jury, etc.). They also have a totally different tradition of policing. The Police Forces of Europe are based on a common "military root", and the EU gendarmerie displays this proudly in its emblem, with a flaming grenade.
To the British, this is a very foreign ideal and not one which would be likely to sit well with a population more prone to acts of heated demonstration. The potential for massive civil disorder is obvious. The moment these Gendarmes take to the streets of Britain, confrontation will be inevitable.
These officers will look like soldiers to the British public, with their battle helmets and their heavy automatic rifles. Police in mainland European countries are routinely armed and carry lethal weapons at all times. British Police Officers are generally unarmed.
Police in many if not all European countries are organised very much like the Military with similar Officer ranks such as `Colonel` and `General`. The command and control structure is national and centrally organised by the national government. Officers are transferred to parts of the country other than their own place of origin, so each city will be patrolled by `strangers` with no ties to the local community. The British Police are by tradition locally recruited, and locally accountable. The primary duties of a UK Constable are `The protection of life and property, the prevention and detection of crime, and the prosecution of offenders against the peace`.

The Euro-gendarmerie practise street-fighting tactics in battle formation. They can fire tear-gas grenades over the heads of, or straight into, a crowd to disperse them, or utilise rubber, or more usually lead bullets, with lethal effect. Random deaths from police gunfire have occurred over recent years in Italy and in Sweden during G8 and other protests. When ordered the Gendarmes will charge forward swinging their batons and anybody who gets in their way is likely to be seriously injured. European police forces are not so familiar with the concept of "policing by consent".
The fact that they have different nationalities drilling side by side is intended to `harmonise` the national forces, creating a unified European Service. The primary function of this new Gendarmerie will be uphold the authority of the EU State. It is based on that operational section in each continental police force which specialises in crowd control and dispersal. `Upholding the authority of the State` means primarily putting down manifestations of civil unrest and dealing with protests and demonstrations.
Of course the big question is; "Will they ever be deployed on the streets of the individual members states“? And this is where all Europhiles and Eurosceptics go into denial. Of course they will. Perhaps not yet, but come the day when Federalisation is forced upon the citizens of Europe, you can be guaranteed that they will be out in force and if you live in Denmark for instance, don’t expect to be dealing with a Dane, because just as illustrated above, the individual officers will be moved, not to another town, but another country or EU region.
As things stand at present the EU could not deploy them, because Justice and Home Affairs is still a member state's prerogative - what is called a "third pillar competency". If the EU tries to legislate on the matter, each member state can wield a veto. But this will change if the Lisbon Treaty is finally ratified. With that most erroneous treaty in place, justice and home affairs throughout all member states will become an EU competence, like practically everything else. And let us not forget that justice and home affairs are the heart of state power, for it includes the right to use physical force on the citizens, to put people in prison and take away their liberty. When the EU assumes this power, it ceases to be an association of sovereign states, and becomes at last a state in its own right, with powers to repress directly all behaviour it considers or legislates as being undesirable by citizens of any member state.

_eu_gendarmerie.jpgThroughout the EU, deceitful and lying Europhile politicians are saying that they have obtained certain assurances safeguarding national autonomy . But several of the `bloc’s` senior international lawyers still left with a conscience, have said these `assurances` will not be worth the paper they are written on. They will be subject to the interpretation of the European Court of Justice and an opt-out can be readily turned into an opt-in with no need to go through a parliamentary debate and vote. The various parliaments will hand over supreme authority to Brussels. Once that has happened there can be no going back under EU legal doctrine.
Article 6.3 of the Treaty of Velsen allows the EU gendarmerie to be deployed in another EU State with the simple "consent" of that state. The presence of the Euro-gendarmerie within the once sovereign borders of any or all member states will be what makes the whole EU process physically irreversible. It will not be enough for the once democratically elected national governments to pass an Act repealing the ECA72 and then to simply "tell" them to go. By that time, they will be subject only to Brussels, and will obey only decisions taken there and decisions taken by majority voting. It would require physical force to eject them. The peoples of Europe must be warned.
Another little `bi product` of all this is the `European Arrest Warrant` which means that if you are found guilty in your absence by a court in any EU member state, your government will have no option but to extradite you to serve your prison sentence there. A measure passed by the European Parliament some weeks ago, would mean that no member state could refuse to extradite an individual sought by another member state - even if that individual had been sentenced after a trial at which he was not present, and could not defend himself, and may not even have known about. The right to defend yourself in person is "not absolute", says the new regulation, so the EU has decided it can be dispensed with, when doing so increases "efficiency".

The perceived and falsely propagated threat of terrorism has been diabolically successful in getting countries to accept Pan-European steps to integrate procedures for criminal justice. The `planners` behind 9/11 and the bogus war on terror could hardly have dreamt how much their machinations and manipulations would achieve in such a short space of time.

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