Video: EUROPA - The last battle

europa-video-serie.jpg Historien om Europa i fra omkring 1750 om frem efter og hvordan Jøder har spillet ofre, selv om Det modsatte er virkeligheden.

Hvordan Socialisme / Communisme er Jødiske styre systemer, der gør alle andre end Jøder til slaver for Jøder.

Hvorfor vil Jøder udryde næsten alle hvide menneske og gøre alle andre til slaver for Dem?


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Video: How the Globalists Stole Our Home

UN Forced Migration, into Your home.

+ Furture laws, making it illigal to speak against migration.

UN Migration Pact

Video length: 11 min.

Video by: Way of the World

Way of the World has done alot of good videos, in his way, understanding and explaining - The way of the world. Your should check them out, you might learn something you did not know about the world.


Skyscratch - The Geoengineering / Chemtrail Cover Up (Full, HD)

skyscratch.jpg Skyscratch

Video about Geoengineering from 2014, still just as relevant and getting more and more relevant.
As you can see in this video the chemtrails are visible in the public weather radar images, if you look today at public weather radar images, the chemtrails is now being erased from the public radar images.

Video length: 55 min.

Video by: thepaulstalservice

Eva Bartlett speaking about Syria and Aleppo

aleppo-eva-bartlett.jpg What is going on in Syria and Aleppo

Eva Bartlett, Freelance Journalist from Canada - Tell her story.

Mainstream Media keeps lying, so maybe you should ask the question - Who control the mainstream media?

I have allways been told: Don't believe everything you read/hear on the NEWS.
Im sure many more have been told this, so think about what stories You have read/heard/seen - That are NOT true. Anything comes to mind?

Video length: 18:34

Video source:

Video clip uploaded to youtube by: Peekay Truth

This video clip contains questions from Christopher Rautenberg from Aftenposten ( - Though I have not been able to confirm this information, given by the Man asking the questions.

Freemasons and Mossad agents working in cahoot

freemasons-and-mossad-agents-in-cahoot-m.jpg Clear as daylight

Here is a little clip where we clearly see Freemasons and Mossad agents working in cahoot, trying to obscure the quistioning about one of their many "drills" propagated as reality, used as fear porn for the populace.

Video length: 5:37

Video by: Dana W

There are no forests on Flat Earth Wake Up


There are no forests on Flat Earth Wake Up

Video Author: Ð?Ñ?дин Рɣси

Video length: 80 min.

The spoken language in this video is english with russian accent, still comprehensible.


Thank you Ð?Ñ?дин Рɣси for this great work.


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