Dr Stefan Lanka - Measles is not a Virus!

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The Ravensburg local court appointed for the first trial in 2015 an expert in bacteriology (Prof Podbielski), who delivered what was expected of him, in his expertise he stated that "practically" none of the 6 papers for itself proved the existence of the measles virus, but "in the combination of statements from the various papers there is proof that the measles virus exists" ;-) Thus, the local judge ruled in favour of the claimant.
Dr Lanka appealed and in February 2016, the Superior Court in Stuttgart decided in favour of Dr Lanka! The decision was OFFICIALLY based on the wording of the public offer for reward (since Dr Lanka had required that the proof of the existence of the virus AND its diameter should be included in ONE single scientific paper); HOWEVER, the judge also said that the expert's statements had been too vague ("in the totality of the 6 papers there is the proof"), so it was impossible to know clearly where the proof was; the judge also said they would have even accepted a review paper, IF that paper had come to the stringent conclusion "Here is the measles virus and here is its diameter", but "we did not have this here." These are the judge's words exactly.

Here are the 6 original papers presented by Dr Bardens as "proof" of the existence of the measles virus, read them for yourselves:


I read the 6 papers in question and they contain absolutely no proof of isolation or purification of any virus at all. Besides, there were absolutely no control experiments, which makes all the experiments worthless and unscientific in the first place. All those scientists started from the wrong premise that when cells in the test tube die it MUST BE a virus killing them. So the death of cells in the test tube was considered to be the effect, the isolation and the proof of the existence of a virus, while they never isolated and purified a complete viral structure.

You can read more on this subject, with all the necessary explanations, here:

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